Do You Know Your Cats Meow and Different Expressions ?

I was blindfolded once for a class assignment. My Mother lead me around the farm with my blindfold on. With my blindfold on I identified each and everyone of my outdoor cats by their particular meow. I handed in my report which my teacher read out loud to all of the students in my junior high class. The students did not believe that I could identify my cats my their meow except for one girl in my class who had a cat and was fully familiar with cats different sounds and pitches in their meows. I received an A on my written assignment.


You can tell if your cat is sick sometimes by his meow. Sometimes their meow will sound weak and soft instead of their usual high pitched meow. Your cat may have a sad looking face along with forlorn looking eyes as if to say help me I am not feeling well. A healthy cat usually holds its tail up high. A sickly cat will walk around with it tail drooping or straight down. A cat that does not feel good may be coughing or have runny eyes and dirty inner ears.

If your cat smells something he does not like he will wrinkle up his nose as if to say my that is disgusting you better clean that up right now my human friend. Cats sometimes smell each other and make a disgusting face as if to tell the other cat you better clean yourself better next time buddy.

Cats like to rub against you to put their scent on you and claim you as their own. Some of my cats like to sleep as close as possible to me in bed at night so they can stay extra warm and toasty at night. You can generally tell what your cat is thinking my his meows and facial expressions and the different tones and pitches in his meows.

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