Stores in Stockholm, Wisconsin

I love the bookstore run by Russ in Stockholm. Russ sells new and antique books and other interesting items. Russ is very knowledgeable and he is very fun to visit with. I have purchased a lot of books from him over the years. I love to read history books and non – fiction books.



The Palate is a kitchen store run by Nancy. She has unique and interesting cooking supplies for sale. Nancy has top quality kitchen items for sale in her store. I have purchased her olive oil from Italy and her Lemon Curd. She teaches cooking classes and has homemade scones and more for sale. I love her various soaps and kitchen towels as they are top quality and will last along time.

I like to go to the Abode run by Alan in Stockholm. He has handmade jewelry for sale and artwork of all kinds for sale. He sells gorgeous watercolor paintings and handmade pottery, jewelry boxes and much more.

The Pie Company has sour cream raisin  pie for sale and many other kinds of pie for sale. I love the coffee in the Pie Company. He makes the cappuccino’s just right every time. The Pie Company also sells sandwiches, pop, cheeses and much more.

Stockholm also has a wonderful green house. I have purchased tomato plants and an apple tree and many other items here. There is bakery in Stockholm and she also operates a restaurant with a large variety of items to choose from. I love her Black Bean Soup and Crab Cakes, etc. There is a lovely Norwegian store on the corner, She sells food items from Norway  and much more. Stockholm has an upscale clothing store. I have made a lot of purchases there over the years. Stockholm has a pottery store , a wooden furniture store and other stores. I love shopping in Stockholm, Wisconsin.

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