Traveling in my Convertible

I love traveling in my convertible. The wind blowing through my hair is relaxing and refreshing.

I have taken my convertible twice to Colorado. I drove through Estes Park , Lyons , and Boulder Colorado. Taking pictures while you are traveling in a convertible is quite easy. I just pull over to the side of he road and take my picture and then I am on the road again quickly to my next photo opp. There are breath taking views of the mountains in a convertible that you would totally miss if you were driving a sedan. I love the flatirons in Boulder , Colorado. I never get tired of taking pictures of God’s wonderful majestic masterpieces that he has created for us to look at in Colorado and all over the World.

Sara and I were in my convertible recently in Ohio. The weather was perfect for our trip. We took pictures of wonderful old majestic lighthouses. You could really see the lighthouses well in my convertible. Backing up in a convertible is very easy  and safe because you do not have any blind spots with the top down.


We drove to Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island before we got on our Ferry at each destination. The drive to this area was gorgeous. I loved looking at the fields of oats and he old windmills. Travelling in a convertible is a wonderful way to enjoy and see the great outdoors. You can hear the different sounds in nature that you would miss if you were driving in an ordinary car. I enjoy listening to the various birds that each different location has to offer.

My convertible works good for two people traveling. The back seat has no room what so ever for adults to be sitting in he back seat. I use the back set for extra storage while I am traveling. Do not miss out on God’s majestic Creation and travel in a convertible on your next travel adventure.

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