Bargain Hunting

I always go to the manager of the store if I want to ask for a lower price on the item that I am interested in purchasing . The workers at the store never seem to have the authority to lower the price on any items in the store.

When I buy litter boxes or heated beds for my cats I check out several places on the internet for the best price I can find on that particular item. Buy the heated cat beds out of season for the best possible price on them.

Conrad in a heated bed

When I purchase carpet I always buy a full roll  of carpet because their is more wiggle room for them to lower the price on the carpet. I have a few rental homes so I will use up the roll of carpet eventually. If an item is damaged in a store I always ask for a discount on it. Buying paint in five gallon buckets will generally save you the price of at least one gallon of paint. When I purchase a car without a trade in I can save from one thousand to two thousand dollars off of their asking price. You can always sell your old car on your own and get more money then what the car dealer has offered you for your old car. If the car dealer will not negotiate on the price of the car ask for a new set of tires for the car you want to buy or an extended warranty on the car. They can buy the tires at wholesale price. You will likely get a new set of tires thrown in for the car you want to purchase from them.

Antique dealers will generally take 10 % off of their asking price. Furniture stores have taken off 10 to 20 % on the new furniture in their store. Jewelry stores will normally take 20% off of their higher priced items.

You can save a lot of money buying items on line. You don’t have to spend money for gas for your car or waste time going from store to store looking for the item you want to buy.

I hope this will help you save money on your future purchases down the road.

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