What Irks My Cat

My cats do not like to listen to loud music of any kind. My outdoor cats are upset if a new cat enters their turf. All of my cats like gradual changes in their life. Putting a new piece of carpet in your home can irk your cat. The new piece of carpet may smell like glue and your cat can get sick just by smelling your new carpet.


My cats do not like to go to the veterinarian for their yearly shots and checkup. My cats seem to know that I am trying to catch them to take them to the vet. I put their back end in the cage first and than I shut the door on the cage quickly so they cannot make a quick escape from their cage. If you try to put their head in he cage first you may get bitten or scratched up. Cats always seem to know what our intentions are no matter how well we plan things as far as they are concerned.

My cats do like any changes in their dry cat food. When I put out a new cat food I mix the old with the new cat food. I  have also put out a bowl of their old cat food along with a dish of the new cat food for them to eat.


Cats will get irked if you hold them longer than they want to be held. Cats do not like it if they think another cat in your household is getting more attention then they are. I give each one of my three cats  cat treats  so they know they are getting treated equally. I spend quality time with each one of my cats throughout the day to assure they are happy cats.

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I hope your cats are happy and healthy.

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