Whiskers and Tails

Your cat uses its whiskers to negotiate through small openings. My cat Maggie is pleasantly plump and she uses her whiskers to see if she can negotiate small door openings in the different outdoor buildings. If her whiskers touch the opening of the door she will twist her head to make the necessary  adjustments so that she can enter the building without getting her head stuck in the doorway. Do not let children trim off your cats whiskers as this could result in your cats death. Your cats whiskers are one of their maneuvering around tools that protect and guide them from dangerous areas that they may get stuck in.

Some cats have had their heads stuck in tin cans or glass jars that have not been rinsed out properly. Most cats would lick out a tuna can even if they thought they might get their head stuck in the can. Cats cannot resist certain foods. Be sure to rinse out all of your used tins cans, etc. so no animal has to suffer the consequences of getting its head stuck or suffocating to death.

Cats use their tails to communicate dislike for another cat. If the cats tail is wagging back and forth at a rapid pace your cat is in a bad mood or showing aggressive behavior toward the other cat. If your cats tail is standing straight up or is relaxed your cat is in a good mood.  Your cats tail is like a rudder on a boat as it helps them land on their feet when they jump down from a high place. A frightened cat will have the hair standing straight up on its tail and the tail will look very bushy. An annoyed cat will be switching the end of its tail and its whiskers will be pulled back tightly to its face. A sick cat will have its tail hanging down between its legs, whiskers and ears will remain in an abnormal position for a long period of time.

Remember to always listen to your cats body language. This is the way your cat can communicate with you and other cats or animals. You will know if your cat is happy, frightened, annoyed, or content with life.

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