Cat Eating Behavior

I have had many cats over the years. Some of my cats like to savor every single morsel of their food while others gobble up their food as quickly as possible.

Outdoor farm cats always seem to eat quickly for the fear of another cat getting their food away from them. My outdoor cats have held onto a piece of meat with their claw while they were eating. Cats will also growl while they are eating as if to say leave me alone while I am eating my food. I have had some cats run away with a big piece of food so my other cats would not try to take their food away from them. I had a Tom cat take a rabbit into the far corner of a shed so he could have the whole rabbit to himself.

When I just had one Siamese house cat she took her time eating. She liked tuna canned in water and dry cat food and also cat treats.

I now have three house cats. Conrad is a very lean and fit cat. Conrad is a slow eater and he savors his food. Garfunkel is a medium weight cat. Garfunkel eats his food very fast. Kohl is a little bit overweight but he is a slow eater. When I put snacks out for my house cats Garfunkel always shows up first followed by Kohl and then Conrad.

My cats next door have a definite pattern  in their eating habits. Lorenzo eats a  lot and he is a very fast eater. Russ, Sherlock, Addi and Cali are slow eaters. Mr. Gray and his brother Hilford are fast eaters. Hilford likes to growl while he eats.

Most of the time my cats that eat slowly are not overweight. I do have several cats that are a little overweight that do eat slowly.

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