Albert Lea Christmas Bazaar Located in Albert Lea, Minnestota

I was provided a free pass for a Sleigh Ride at the Albert Lea Christmas Bazaar located in Albert Lea, Minnesota to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.


I enjoyed looking at all of the craft items that were for sale at the bazaar. There were a lot of wonderful Christmas items for sale. They had painted wooden Santa’s for sale that were very attractive. There were a lot of handcrafted jewelry items. I purchased a handmade cloth ball for my cats to play with. She was also selling handmade rugs and blankets.

There was a woman applying face paint to the children’s faces. The children were laughing and having a good time. The photo booth was very popular with the children and their parents. Children were eating popcorn that was freshly popped.


Santa Claus was outdoors greeting the children. The children were very happy to see old Saint Nick. Santa was wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


The stores in Albert Lea were decorated for the Christmas Season. We stopped in a local coffee shop. She was very busy and all of her food looked awesome. She was giving out free cookies and they were absolutely delicious. We stopped in a local jewelry store she was very friendly and accommodating. The jewelry store had a beautiful decorated Christmas tree the moment you entered the store.


There was a line for the Sleigh ride but we got on very quickly. The driver of the sleigh was very friendly and was singing Christmas songs to us as we drove down the street. Riding in the sleigh with the driver singing and the nice blankets covering us as we drove along really put one in the Christmas spirit. The sleigh and the horse’s  were beautifully decorated for Christmas.

I would highly recommend going to Albert Lea’s Christmas Bazaar. If you have holiday shopping to do I suggest a visit to main street Albert Lea.

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