How I Acquired My Cats

I have adopted a lot of stray cats. I found one of my cats in a Perkins parking lot. It took along time to catch him. My friend had a little brick of butter with her. I put some of the butter on the end of my finger and I finally was able to catch him and take him home with me. He turned out to be a wonderful house cat. I found one of my outdoor cats at a Mexican restaurant. I asked the owner of the restaurant about her. He said she had been there for three months and that I could have her. She was a wonderful and loving Calico cat. I found several of the cats that I have now at a cheese factory in Wisconsin. She helps rescue cats and finds them good homes.

I found Cali by answering a newspaper ad. They could not afford to have three cats so they gave Cali to me. Cali is a wonderful Calico cat that is part Siamese. I also got Sugar a purebred Siamese cat by answering a newspaper ad. Garfunkel was living in a families home next to a restaurant where they had placed an ad that he was up for adoption. I adopted four of my cats from a woman that had just lost her Mother and she was trying to find a good home for her Mother’s cats.


We have found several of our outdoor cats as kittens in our field. Flossie my very first cat was found in our field as a kitten by my Grandfather. My Father found a gray tabby kitten in the field in the winter. I gave her a distemper shot to help keep her healthy throughout the winter. She had several kittens that I gave away for adoption into good homes. One of her kittens Sly became one of my house cats.


Most of my cats have been born and raised on my farm throughout the years. Kohl and Conrad were born and raised on my farm along with many more amazing and wonderful cats. My cats that were born and raised on my farm are a combination of Siamese, Himalayan, and domestic short hair.


I am very thankful for all of my wonderful feline friends past and present. I hope you can find and adopt the perfect cat for you and your family.

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