Light And Darkness

Things always look brighter in the light of day. When it is bright and sunny out you feel alive and regenerated and you want to get a lot of things done. In darkness things seem more foreboding and frightening. On dark and dreary days we feel like our battery has run down.

A Bright And Sunny Day

On a bright and sunny day I want to get a lot of things done. I work outdoors, go for a drive and do something with friends. I consider a sunny day a perfect day. Go out for a drive with your family or spend time exploring new places you have never been to before. You could take food along with you and have a family picnic in the park. Take a walk in the park and follow the marked trails and you will see a lot of wildlife and flowers and trees of various kinds. I loved walking in Lime Creek Nature Center located in Mason City, Iowa. The trails are marked and the various trees are identified.


Places seem more scary when it is completely dark out. In scary movies it is generally dark out when the monster comes out to attack someone. On dark and dreary days I like to read a book or do things in the house that need to get done. It is a good idea to get together with a friend on a dark day as you will both feel uplifted at the end of the day. It seems a lot of severe storms happen in the middle of the night which seem to magnify their power. We do not have to fear darkness for God is always by our side.

Evil And Darkness

Darkness is a symbol of evil and fear. Darkness is like a scary monster that is waiting to devour you in the absence of light. The devil loves darkness as he seems to do his evil deeds in total darkness. Do not have dark thoughts as the devil loves to have you think about about  dark thoughts. Remember to always come out of the darkness and look to the light of God to guide you on the rights paths in your daily living. You always have a light to help you find your way out of darkness. We have lights on our streets, our homes, cars, signs and more so we will find our way around even though it is dark out. Jesus is the light that helps protect us from the evil one.

Light Illuminates Your Path In Life

Without light we would be in total darkness. Pray to God to let you always see the light that shines through him. God will be your beacon in the night for all of your days that you feel a little darkness in. Light  makes us feel better  and light helps our crops grow. Remember the song – ” This little light of mine I am going to let it shine.” Let the light in you shine upon those you love and the people you meet along life’s Hi-Way.



Scripture : James 4 : 7

We can have victory over the devil by knowing the word of God. God is light, in him there is no darkness.

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