Maintenance I Have Done To My Rental Homes Over The Years

I started helping my parents with their rental homes when I was 12 years old. I liked to paint the smaller items that needed repainting. As I became older I helped them move things. We started out furnishing are duplexes.  Couches and appliances always needed to be moved or replaced. I would answer the phone and make appointments for people to look at our homes or duplexes for rent. I started painting the homes outside as I love painting outdoors. I would help my Father put up ceiling tile and put new paneling on the walls. I learned how to make plumbing repairs on any faucets in the homes.


What I Learned From My Grandfather And Father

My Grandfather and Father were excellent carpenters and I would always follow them around and watch what they did. I learned all of my carpentry skills from both of them that I have put to good use. I watched my Father fix lawn mowers and now I can make small necessary repairs to the lawn mowers and snowblowers.

Repairs I have Made Over The Years

I have replaced a windowsill in a house. I put a new roof on a garage. I have sawed down many smaller trees with my chainsaw. One day I took 5 pickup loads of branches and trees home to burn. I have cleaned up many homes over the years. I love working outdoors and I have stained many decks and steps. I have put new plugins in several homes and put up new light fixtures. I removed an entire plaster ceiling from a bedroom. I have cut and laid carpet down and I also have installed linoleum. I have removed a lot of worn out carpet from the floors so the carpet layer could lay the carpet faster and I could save a little money also. I have mowed many lawns over the years along with running the snowblower when any home was vacant. I laid down insulation in an attic. I drilled holes in house to insulate it and then I helped put new siding on the house.

Keep A List Of What Needs To Get Repaired

I have always kept a list of what I wanted to get repaired at the various houses and as I completed the repair I crossed it off my list. By keeping a list every year you will not fall behind on repairs and general maintenance. Sometimes tenants will not tell you that something needs repair and when you come to look at the home you have a huge repair that needs attention immediately. I have an excellent roofer, plumber,electrician, and furnace repairman.

I Hire Most Of My Repairs Done On My Rental Homes Now

I loved making the repairs on my rental homes but now I hire most of it done as I am not able to do all of that work anymore. I have an excellent carpenter that has been a God send to me as he is a top carpenter and takes pride in his work. I have wonderful and caring tenants now that have cleaned out houses for me and they have made many improvements to my homes so I could sell them. I sold a lot of my homes because I was having more and more trouble finding good tenants as the years went buy. I am out of the rental business but I still own a couple of places that I will never rent out again. My tenants that are in the homes are wonderful and caring people and they will stay there until they want to leave. My tenants have made many repairs to the homes that they live in and I greatly appreciate all that they have done to make my life a little easier. My tenants I have now have been their for me in all of life’s storms. I have had many good tenants over the years that I really grew close to and we are still good friends.

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