Staying Busy & Relaxing With The Pandemic

I like to stay busy weed whacking around my trees and keeping my yard mowed. I mow once or twice a week depending on the weather. I keep busy writhing blogs and posting them on my website. I  read from a daily devotion book and reflect on how what I read can and will effect my life today. I love to read history books so I have been enjoying reading about the past and how it affects my life now.


I love to work in my garden. I have eaten one egg plant, potatoes, green beans, peas, lettuce and more items will be ready to eat soon. I put wood chips on the ground around my green beans, squash,  under the tomatoes and around my potatoes as the wood chips keep the dampness from giving your plants blight. I will definitely use wood chips from now on as my plants and vibrant and healthy.

Relaxing In A Hammock And Reading A Book

I like to relax and read a book in my hammock that I purchased years ago in a hammock shop in Boulder, Colorado. My hammock is very comfortable and I can watch my birds eating from my bird feeders which hang just beyond the hammock. I love to feel the gentle breeze while I am in my hammock as it is gently swaying back and forth. Relax and eat a wonderful ice cream sundae while you are outdoors.

Drive Around In An ATV

I like to drive around in my Honda Pioneer 1000. I have vents that open in the windshield that let a nice cold breeze flow through. I look at the corn and the soybeans in the fields and I notice that everyone’s yards are mowed to perfection. I have noticed wild turkeys and a few pheasants.

Watch Old Movies With Your Family And Have Quality Time

Watch some old movies with your kids and have some popcorn or a pizza to enjoy eating. Make some of your families favorite foods and sit around the table and truly share quality time with them and ask everyone how their day went. Do not text each other at the table and truly talk over news events and help each other with any concerns or problems they may have.

Walk In Parks And Enjoy The Great Outdoors

I love to walk around in the parks with one friend at a single outing and see ducks, geese and listen to the water that is gently flowing along. I also  notice the different kinds of trees and flowers in the park. The parks are a perfect area for family adventures as you do not meet many people at all in the parks. I like to eat in the parks and have a cold frappe, a fruit smoothie or an iced chai tea. Walking in the great outdoors is truly relaxing and you also get your exercise for the day.

Take Drives In Your Old Stomping Grounds

Take drives in your car and drive around any local lakes that you may have in your area as you can watch the people in their boats and people laying out on the small sand beaches. If you have been yearning to go to your old home town now is the perfect time to go for that short trip and see the old home place again. Drive around and look at houses for that are for sale for something to do. God bless you and your family and stay safe and enjoy each others company while you are busy or relaxing.

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