My Cats Favorite Foods And Cat Treats And More

Cat Foods

My cats love Purina One  tender selects with real chicken dry cat food. I also feed them Purina One indoor advantage dry cat food. The indoor formula has extra nutrients for what your cat may be lacking by being an indoor cat. My cats have bright shiny coats and eyes and are very healthy eating Purina cat food.

Wet Cat Foods And Treats

My cats love Sheba Perfect Portions Grain free multi-pack poultry cat food trays. They lick the trays completely clean. All of my  cats love Hartz Delectables Squeeze Up Variety pack lickable cat treats. Some of my cats let me squeeze the food in right in their mouth. Temptations cat treats and Friskies cat treats are a big hit with my cats. I put the cat treats in a cat treat ball or container and they get exercise along with getting on of their favorite cat treats for their efforts.

Organic Treats

My cats love organic cat treats that can be purchased at specialty shops along with dry and wet cat foods. My cat love to eat fresh catnip or catnip that I have freeze dried for them. I give my cats vitamins now and then.

Cat Litters

My cats like Tidy Cats lightweight cat litter and a clumping walnut cat litter and Arm & Hammer clumping corn cat litter. I was very impressed with a new Naturals walnut cat litter that I started using as it has no lingering litter box odors. I like the multi cat Tidy Cats  cat litter as it is the most effective formula for litter box odors. There was hardly any waste with the Arm & Hammer formula cat litter. My three house cats like their scoop free crystal litter.

Cat Beds

K & H heated cat beds outlast and out perform all of the other heated cat beds by far. I like a cat bed that I can wash easily. If a cat bed is not machine washable it is not worth buying as your cat could have an accident on the bed. When buying a cat tree make sure it is well constructed so it will stand up and not fall apart right away. Garfunkel likes this wicker cat bed.

Cat Toys

When buying a cat toy look the toy over and make sure their is nothing on it your cat could pull off and choke on. Most cats like toy balls, mice, singing birds,fish and toys that are on the end of a string. Do not let you cat play with yarn as he could easily choke to death on the swallowed yarn.

Cat Bowls

Buy food and water bowls that can be easily washed and cleaned with soap and water. I avoid plastic bowls and dishes as they are harder to clean and sanitize as they scratch easily. I buy stainless steel heated water bowls as they stand up for many years.

I hope you have a happy, healthy and contended cat for many years to come. God bless you and your feline friends.

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