Floyd And Leonard Auto Electric Located In Mason City, Iowa

I have always enjoyed going to Floyd and Leonard throughout the years. I first went to Floyd and Leonard with my Father as a young child. They repaired automobiles and more years ago. Floyd and Leonard  now sells Toro lawn mowers and Stihl equipment such as chain saws weed wackers and more. They sell generators, pressure washers and much more.

Everyone that works at Floyd and Leonard is very knowledgeable and accommodating to all of your needs and wants.  I have purchased a Stihl chain saw, pole trimmer, weed wacker, two Toro Personal Pace lawn mowers  and a snowblower throughout the years from Floyd and Leonard. They also sell parts for your lawn equipment and other outdoor yard power tools. They also sell motors for lawn mowers and much more.


I love my commercial Stihl chain saw as it is light weight and is easy to work with. It does an awesome job on tree branches and cutting logs in two. My pole trimmer is very handy for removing branches that are high up in the trees. It has an adjustable length rod with the chain saw on the end. The pole trimmer is much safer than climbing up in the tree with a regular chain saw. My weed wacker has lots of power for getting those extra tough weeds cut off. I truly love my Toro personal pace cast deck lawn mower as it moves as fast as I do. It makes taking care of your lawn very easy.

Floyd and Leonard has serviced all of my outdoor yard equipment and riding lawn mowers throughout the years. They have an excellent and outstanding service department. They figured out what was wrong with my 1993 lawn mower ASAP. It only had a short in it that kept draining the batteries down. I have all the blades for my lawn mowers and chain saw blades sharpened at Floyd and Leonard. I purchased an antique trimmer that was very dull and they sharpened it to perfection and it was like new again. They pickup my riding mowers and deliver them back to me again.

I purchased a 2004 lawn mower that had a lot of different things wrong with it. I looked it up online after I had purchased it and noticed that everyone that had purchased that year and model of lawn mower was having lots of issues. The service department employees got everyone of the issues taken care of and now she purrs like a kitten and mows like a lion, I ended up being one of the lucky ones with that particular model of lawn mower thanks to the employees and service department at Floyd and Leonard. I would highly recommend Floyd and Leonard to everyone that needs quality service in a friendly and kind atmosphere.

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