My Memories of Amy Hild

I am writing a blog today about a dear blogger friend that died in a car accident.

Amy represented Joy,Hope,Love, and Peace to me.

When ever you saw her their was instant in joy in your heart. Her kind smile filled you with joy. Her uplifting personality always gave you a lift.

You always felt at peace when you talked to her. Amy had a very kind and caring nature.

Their was always love in Amy’s heart. She gave her love fully and willingly to everyone she met.The minute she entered a room their was a wonderful feeling in your heart from her presence in the room.

She always gave you hope. If you needed anything Amy was always there for you.

I remember the day I spent with Amy in Hampton, Iowa. She had spun a wheel at a local bank that was at the fairgrounds in Hampton, Iowa. She won a chance to go into their money tent. Amy entered the tent and was full of smiles and laughter as she caught some money that was flying in the air. She was so very happy and vibrant that day.

Amy was an outstanding citizen. She had a heart of gold.

The last thing that Amy ever said to me was I will help you Laura.

I will miss her terribly.

Joy Forever Our Precious Soul.

3 thoughts on “My Memories of Amy Hild

  1. You wrote exactly what we all felt about Amy. She was an amazing woman with so much love and energy and willing to help anyone with anything. She is going to be missed so much. Thanks for sharing her on your blog, Laura.

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