How To Keep Your Cat Lean

Keeping a lean cat can be difficult. Make sure you have plenty of toys for your cat to play with and run after. My cats love to run up and down my stair steps which is a great form of exercise for them. Interact with your cat by throwing a toy mouse or a ball that they can run after.

A lot of cats love to indulge themselves on food at night which really tacks on the pounds in a hurry. If your cat is a nighttime gluten take his food away at night. Never give your cats more snacks to eat then what is recommended on the package. Do not feed your cat wet cat food during the day and then let him eat all the dry food he wants at night. Give your cat a well balanced meal everyday as consistency is important in maintaining weight.

Cats sleep more then half of their life away so they do not get a lot of exercise in one day. I have some snack balls that I put my cat snacks in and my cats have to bat the ball around in order to get their snacks. I have a fish on a string cat toy that my cats leap up in the air trying to get the catnip fish on the end of the string.

If your cat is morbidly obese  feed them a special weight control cat food. There are many different brands of weight control cat food to choose from. Your local vet can give you recommendations on how to resolve your feline friends weight problem.

I am thinking of buying an exercise cat wheel for my cats to run around on as it is like a treadmill for humans. They look like they are fairly easy to assemble. The you tube videos of  peoples cats using the exercise wheel looks very impressive.

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