Kite Flying Feb. 17th, 2018 in Clear Lake, Iowa

I have watched the Kites Flying over the Lake in Clear Lake, Iowa for years. The kites our not our Grandparents kites from years ago. Kites were given away at the clothing stores years ago or you could buy them at the five and dime. Long gone are the days of your just plain homemade kite.

I had a dime store kite and a large balloon kite that I would fly in the country when I was growing up. My Grandfather made an old fashioned kite for me out of small pieces of wood and paper. It worked fine and it had tail feathers on it also. My Father also made kites for me to fly when I was kid. My Father would get free kites from the local clothing stores when he was a kid.

I interviewed a man that was flying a kite over Clear Lake. I told him I was very impressed with his Eagle look a like kite. His kite took off to new heights quickly. He said he started out with a smaller kite but he wants to get a larger one each and every year.

The cost of modern kites is astonishing and has become an expensive hobby for people that they look forward to doing every year. The man I talked to enters competitions for the largest and swiftest and most unique kite. He had come in at first place twice. He had an extra large kite that looked like an old prehistoric bird and also a kite that looked like a movie car that came in 1st.

He told me he had a total of ten kites. If the strings or something else breaks on his kite he has a back up kite ready to fly. He started out with a small kite that resembled an Owl  and he fell in love with the hobby of flying kites.

I bet he wins this years competition because he pays attention to quality and top speed kites and it is his passion and part of who he is to rise to new heights every year of his life.

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