The Wonderer

I have had tom cats and some females take off for a month or more at a time.


I had a female outdoor cat that would go to the neighbors house in the summer months. In the winter she would come back to her heated cat bed in an enclosed building.

I have had many tom cats take off for months at a time. They were probably in search of Juliet. They have generally taken off in the spring and summer months.


Some cats have taken off in the past to live at the neighbors house because he had milk cows. What cat could resist fresh milk everyday.

I had a gray stripped tabby cat for five years. One day I could not find her. After five years she returned. She looked good. After she was here for one month she died. I guess she wanted to come home to die.

Cleo as a kitten

I have adopted a lot of cats over the years. Some have taken off for a week at a time right when I first let them outdoors. They might have been trying to find their way home or just exploring their new surroundings.

I had a black and white female cat that was part Siamese and Himalayan that I had adopted. She lived at my place for quite a few years. I saw her at the neighbors house one day when I was driving by. I found out from  other neighbors that she was now living in their house. I was sad to loose her but at least she had a good indoor home in her old age. She had left me with her legacy of many kittens over the years.

Cats love to explore and roam around. It is a good survival skill. A cat should look for the best source of food in the wild. I hope your cat comes home shortly.

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Cat Hazards

Many cats die from poisoning each and every year. Make sure all of your poisons and hazardous chemicals are stored where your cat cannot get to them.

I will give you a list of poisons and chemicals that may be fatal if ingested by your cat:

  • drain cleaner
  • mouse poison
  • make up
  • perfume
  • oil
  • anti freeze
  • floor polish
  • car wax
  • rust remover
  • glass cleaner
  • medications for humans
  • fertilizer
  • chemicals
  • gasoline
  • diesel fuel
  • and many more

Have a medication on hand that will induce vomiting if your cat has swallowed something that could be fatal. Check  with your vet if he wants you to induce vomiting for your cat. It will depend upon what your cat has swallowed if it is necessary to induce vomiting. If you are not sure if your cat has swallowed a poison but he appears sick call your vet ASAP. Depending upon what type of poison he may have swallowed he could die in a manner of minutes.

Cleo as a kitten

Do not put any mouse poison or ant killer out if you have a cat. if you change your engine oil put the old oil where your cat cannot get to it. Cats will drink anti freeze because it has a sweet taste. Anti freeze will kill your cat. Never, never leave out hazardous items that could kill your cat. Remember to make sure cupboard doors and closet doors are properly shut. Cats can sneak into the smallest of openings and get into trouble very quickly.

Addi on a Trixie hammock

Garbage can be a hazard. Your cat can get his head stuck in a can or a bottle and suffocate. Plastic bags can also cause suffocation if they become stuck in them. Dispose of your garbage properly.

I hope your cat never swallows anything that will harm him. Always be extra careful with all cleaning supplies and chemicals.

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My Cats Broken Leg and His Road to Recovery

kohl is my oldest house cat. He was born and raised on my farm. At the age of four he broke his leg.

He broke his leg on a Thursday evening at 8:00 P M. My cat Garfunkel was walking across the floor at the same time that Kohl was jumping down from a desk. I think Kohl did not want to land on Garfunkel and therefor he landed wrong from his jump to the floor. I heard Kohl screaming in pain. I thought he had stabbed himself. I looked him over and did not notice any bleeding. He ran down to my basement screaming in pain. I finally was able to catch him in a fishing net with a long handle. I then put him in a cage and called my vet.


I told my vet that I thought he may have stabbed himself even though I did not notice any blood. I was frantic with worry. I was talking to my friends through my car speaker phone about Kohl on my way to my vet. I was driving a bit fast thinking he may die before I got there. My vet took him out of his cage and placed him on the floor. It was clear when he tried to walk he had broken one of his legs. My vet gave him a pain pill and then he put him under latter and put a cast on his leg.

Kohl did not put any weight on his broken leg for at least one month. I started moving his leg up and down for him. I would hold him up gently and  help him bounce up and down on both of his hind legs. This seemed to help build up the muscle strength in his hind legs. With my help  he started to use his hind leg that was broken. He made a full recovery.

I hope none of your cats ever get a broken leg.

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How to Treat Your Cats Ear Mites

Ear mites can be quiet bothersome to your cat.Your cat will be plagued with having to itch and scratch at his ears to try to get some kind of relief. If he keeps scratching at his ears they will bleed and bother him more.

The ear mites are light – colored and you need an otoscope to see them. Once large amounts of ear wax and excretions have formed because of the ear mites you will notice brownish and black patches in your cats ears. Ear mites at this stage look like little pieces of black sand.


Ear mites that are not attended to will cause secondary ear infections. Bacteria and fungus can grow in your cats ears because of the ear mite infestation.

Outdoor cats are more pron to getting ear mites then indoor cats. Older or weaker cats can develop a serious condition quickly because of ear mites. If you notice your cat shaking his head you will know he has a bad case of ear mites.

Dirty ears should always be cleaned out. If an infection is treated with appropriate ear drops it can generally be healed.

Cleo as a kitten

Clean out the ear canal with a cotton swab. Make sure you do not place the swab too deeply into the ear canal. It is best to have someone help you to hold your cat securely while you are swabbing out his ears.

If you are not sure of how to clean your cats ears take him to your vet. I buy an ear mite solution  from my vet or a farm store.

If you notice your cat holding his head to the side the infection has spread to his inner ear. Take him to your vet ASAP as you do not want him to loose his hearing because of the ear mite infestation.

Cali on cupboard

Make sure to have an ear mite solution  on hand to take care of infestations before they become a major problem.

I hope your cat never gets ear mites.

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Cats Have Their Own Staff Their Owners

Cats will only come when you call them if they want to come to you at that particular moment in time. My cats seem to always come if I have a cat treat for them or tuna canned in water. I think cats are smarter then dogs are. Dogs always try to be obedient where as cats think for themselves. If a cat is sound to sleep you can call to them and they will just ignore you and keep on sleeping. Our house cat is probably dreaming of a large mouse they just caught and how delightful it taste when we try to wake them from their wonderful dream.

Kohl profile

Cats are very good at letting us know what they want and when they want it. My friends cat rolled an unopened can of tuna off of the counter-top in her kitchen. She opened the can of tuna for him to eat and all was well with him and his mistress. Her cat tipped over his heating pad in the middle of the night to let her know it had become unplugged in the night. She plugged his heating pad back in and all was well.

Cats seem to have a sixth sense about the weather. My friend had a female Siamese cat that would hide under her couch just before the tornado siren went off in her area. Her cat immediately came out from under the couch just seconds before the all clear came from her local weather station.

Addi and her kittens

Cats are excellent at getting what they want from us. My male cats will pour on the charm big time if their is a particular snack or food they want me to give to them.  My cats Russ and Lorenzo will put their arms around my neck and give me a cat hug after they get their cat treats. We love to please our feline friends and they seem to know it and get exactly what they want from us in life.

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My cats are excellent caregivers while I am sick

Garfunkel lays as close as he can to me and he purrs away gently in my ear. Garfunkel also licks my face in the night. He stays next to me all night long and he purrs away quietly throughout the night. In the day time Garfunkel lays on my lap and looks at me very lovingly. He likes to follow me to the different rooms in my house to make sure I am OK.


Kohl  lays on my lap and purrs away in the day time. He makes sure I am never out of his sight. He leads the way to the bathroom and to the kitchen. kohl will generally be fed a snack while I am in the kitchen. He will lay on top of a high object where he can get get a birds eye view of my coming and leaving the different rooms in my house. Kohl also likes to sleep in my recliner at night or next to the heat register.


Conrad is a very shy cat. Conrad finally came out of hiding after two days. Conrad was then very attentive and affectionate to my every need. Conrad would check on me every forty minutes without missing a beat. He would let out a shrill meow  to make sure I was still alive I guess. He would finally lay down by my feet and fall to sleep for the night.


M cats know when I am not feeling well and they are very attentive and affectionate. My cats are kind and very loving feline friends.

Maggie my outdoor cat saw me through my picture window and she starred at me for at least three minutes as if to say yes Mother is really home. Cali, Russ and Bella were delighted to see me. My other cats next door are very shy but they did look me over for awhile.Cats are excellent caregivers.


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Cystitis or Bladder Inflammation and Your Cat

My Russian Blue cat Catrenia had Cystitis. I had Catrenia for about four years before she got Cystitis. She was not as active as usual. Catrenia started sleeping a lot. I noticed her using the litter box quite often. Every time that Catrenia would use her litter box she did not have much of a urine output. I took her to my vet and he said she had Cystitis. My vet gave her a round of antibiotics and some medicine and also a special kind of cat food that helped with Cystitis.


My vet had told me that he would like to have Catrenia if I would ever want to part with her. My vet had told me this about four years ago. I told my vet at that time I did not want to part with her. I was told by two of my vets that she would get a flare up of Cystitis the rest of her life now and then.

I have two other house cats and buying the expensive cat food for Cystitis for all three of my cats to eat was not an option that would  work. I knew that I would miss Catrenia terribly but I thought her best option would be to live with my vet that always wanted to have her. I called my vet up and asked him if he still would like to have Catrenia and he said he would still love to have her. Catrenia lived in the vets office for sometime and she recovered completely by eating her special cat food for Cystitis. She could get a flare up again but now she lives with a vet that can treat her every need. I used to visit Catrenia at my vets office at least once every two weeks. I could see that she was healthy and very contented living there.

2014-01-06 12.10.36

Catrenia now lives in my vets house along with one other house cat that my vet has. Catrenia now can get all the care that her condition calls for 24/7.

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Cat Hierarchy

I have three cats in my house. My cats have a definite order of who is in charge. kohl is my oldest house cat and he rules the roost. If Kohl wants to sit on my lap he give Garfunkel a gentle nip as if to say get off of Mother’s lap she is all mine.


Conrad is my youngest house cat. Conrad will lay down next to Garfunkel and expect Garfunkel to clean him. At least after Garfunkel has licked Conrad’s fur clean he does return the favor. When Conrad is playing with a toy Garfunkel watches his every move. Garfunkel will then play with the same toy improving on the technique that Conrad used.


At bedtime Garfunkel will lay close to my left shoulder. If Kohl sees him by my shoulder he gives him a gentle nip so he can lay next to me. Garfunkel will then lay down farther in my bed. Conrad always waits until Garfunkel is in bed before he jumps in for the night.


My friend has an older male cat and a younger female cat. They will fight over which heated cat bed they think is the most comfortable  in her house. They give each other a gentle nip until it is relinquished to the other cat.

My cat Cali is part Siamese and she kind of rules the house she lives in. Cali is always the first one to greet me at the door in the morning when I feed my cats. When Addi had her kittens she was the cat in charge. Cali did not like this but she put up with it. After Addi’s kittens were about three months old Cali was in charge again.


With cats there always seems to be an Alpha male or female cat that is the head of all the cats in her or his dominion. It is natures way of having a strong leader.

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Getting Your Cat Ready for the Cold Winter Months

Make sure your outdoor cats have a place that is out of the wind. I have a special building for my outdoor cats. I have heated outdoor beds in the building for my outdoor cats. I also have old chicken nest that I have filled with fresh straw. Cats or kittens without any protection from the elements can get the tips of their ears frozen off. My outdoor cats have a heated water dish. It is important that your cat has water available at all times for optimal health.


It is important to check on your outdoor cats often in the winter. In a bad blizzard the opening to their building may get covered over with snow. Your cat may also become disoriented during a blizzard. By keeping alert to your cats well being during a blizzard you might save their life.

I have used a heat lamp to keep outdoor kittens warm. Make sure the heat lamp is away from anything that may catch on fire. Give your outdoor cats extra food over the winter months as it will help them maintain  more body heat. In cold weather they will burn off any calories they may not burn off in warmer months.

My indoor cats have heated beds that they can rest or sleep in. They like to sleep in bed with me in the winter. They like to sleep next to the heat registers in my house. When I run an extra heater I will find at least one of my cats sleeping next to it.


Make sure all of your cats shots are up to date before the cold winter months set in. A healthy cat can stand the cold much better then an unhealthy cat can.

I make sure I have a good supply of cat litter and cat food on hand before it gets icy out. You don’t want to slip on the ice and possibly break a bone trying to bring cat litter into your house.

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Should I Give My Cats Shots for Diseases ?

All of my cats receive their yearly shots. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I live by this saying when it comes to my feline friends.

Distemper shots will save your kitten or cat from a lot of suffering or dying from a horrible disease. Years ago some of our farm kittens got distemper. The kittens would have horrible coughs and diarrhea and runny eyes. A few lucky kittens with a good immune system would survive.


Even if your cat is always indoors I would  definitely recommend a Rabies shot. A rabid bat may enter your house. Bats can come into your house at anytime. A bat may enter your home when you put a new roof on your house. A bat may land on your clothing and when you walk in your house the bat comes with you. Bats are a high carrier of rabies. If your cat comes into contact with the bat your cat could get rabies  from the bat. You would not want to get rabies and go through all of the painful shots humans have to have for rabies.


Feline leukemia can be prevented with shots. I would highly recommend a shot for feline leukemia.

Make sure you ask your vet about Heart worm  prevention for your cat. Your cats heart can be completely taken over with Heart worms without proper prevention.


Take your kitten or cat to your vet and have him give your cat all of its necessary shots. Make sure you keep all of your cats shots up to date. Keep a record book for each cat in your household and keep it up to date. By keeping a record for each cat you will not miss any of their necessary yearly shots.

I hope your cat stays healthy and does not die from any of the diseases I have mentioned.

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