How To Help Your Cat Shed Those Unwanted Pounds


Some cats eat a lot of cat food and night and therefore they really pack on the pounds. Do not overfeed your feline friends. Do not give more than 3 little cat snack pieces to your cat per day. An indoor cat needs no more than 1/2 cup of dry cat food per day. Your cat should eat one small can of wet food for each 3.5 pounds of their total body weight. Take away your cats food at night if the food dish appears to be empty in the morning.

Health Problems With An Obese Cat

An overweight cat can become diabetic and lethargic. A heavy cat can become arthritic and it will be difficult for him to jump up and down and move around without pain. Overweight cats can have asthmatic attacks and heart problems. Heavy cats will have trouble cleaning themselves after they use the litter box as they cannot bend around good anymore. Fat cats get more dander and their fur is not as bright and shiny anymore.

Steps In Your Home

I have a cat bed in the hallway upstairs that the sun hits. My cats love to take turns sleeping in the warm cat bed. They get exercise by running up and down the steps. My cats litter boxes, food and water are in my basement. My cats have to go up and down the steps multiple times a day to eat, drink and relieve themselves which gives them some exercise. I have a step stool for cats by my bed so that my older cat can get in and out of my bed easily.

Cat Exercise Wheel

One fast cat is a good way for your indoor cats to exercise and get rid of unwanted pounds. Put some catnip on a string or in a cat toy that holds catnip and your kitty will try to catch it and he will be able to master the cat wheel and his heart rate will go up and he will burn off calories.


Buy Cat Toys So You And Your Cats Can Interact Together

Buy stick toys for cats that have a fish on the end of the string. Throw the fish toward your cat and let him eventually grab it and run off with it so he thinks he got the catch of the day. Buy cat treat balls that makes your cat work to get his cat treats. Cats love to play with catnip filled mice, balls, singing birds, plastic lizards, frogs, sponge balls, crunchy balls. balls with rattles and many more cat toys. cats love circle game toys that have a mouse or a ball in them. My cats spend a lot of time playing with their circle ball toys. Sometimes I will spin the ball around and one of my cats will soon take over. Cats love cat trees that have dangling balls and ropes that they can play with. Think of things that will keep your cat on the move so he will be a lean looking cat that will live for many happy and healthy years to come. Hope you and your cat stay in shape and reap the benefits of your exercise routine.

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Eye Cancer and Your Cat

I once had a Calico kitten and I named her Cleopatra. Cleopatra was a beautiful light colored Calico cat. Cleopatra loved to play with her Mother’s tail. Cleo was born on my farm in the barn that we had at that time. She had three siblings of various colors. Her mother was an excellent huntress and would come home with gophers and mice that she had killed. Cleo would follow me everywhere. She helped me when I was repairing items outdoors. Cleo would rub up against me constantly and purr away. She was excellent company when I was outdoors.


Cleo would chase leaves and pounce on them as a kitten. She followed her Mother on her Mother’s hunting expeditions. Her mother thought her all of her wonderful hunting skills. Cleo kept up with her Mother as far as her hunting skills were concerned. Her brother and sisters would play together constantly. Her brother was an all  black kitten and one sister was a yellow tabby and the other sister was a gray stripped tabby cat.

Cleo was always very healthy and energetic. She loved to climb up in the hay loft and sleep in the nice hay that was stored there. I think she had the nice threat of a pigeon now and then. I also saw some rabbit fur on occasion in the barn.

When Cleo was about six years old I noticed her eye was watering and was full of matter. I put eye drops in her eyes and noticed that they were not helping her. I took her to my vet and he diagnosed her with eye cancer. Cleo got along fine for about nine months. I noticed her eye was getting worse. My vet had told me that he could not operate on her that the eye cancer had spread to her brain. I decided to have Cleopatra put to sleep. I never want to see any pet suffer. Cleopatra was an awesome and wonderful loving cat.

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Asthma In Cats

Asthma can be deadly if it is left untreated in your cat. Your cats airway can constrict so much that he may stop breathing. Your pet cat can breathe through his mouth if his nostrils get plugged because of  respiratory  issues. Take your cat to your local veterinarian for a complete exam to find out your cats diagnosis ASAP.

Cats can have a terrible cough that sounds like they are coming down with pneumonia. Your cat may start vomiting everyday. Your cat may make a horrible distressing sound like he is in horrific pain right before he start coughing loudly. When your seemingly  healthy cat presents odd symptoms take him to your vet for  blood work, etc. until you get to the root of the problem.

Cats can get so stressed that they develop Asthma. Some cats get an asthmatic attack from dust, scented or dusty cat litter, perfume, smoke, mold, stress, and a dry house in the winter months. If you started using a new cat litter that is scented you should stop using it. Some cat litters have so much dust in them they can cause an asthmatic attack.  Strange people in your house such as a repairman could cause an asthmatic attack in your feline friend. Never smoke around a cat with asthma.

Have a place were your cat can rest and relax that is peaceful and quiet. Your vet will most likely give your cat a steroid shot that helps open up your cats airway making it comfortable for him to breathe. Steroid shots last from 4 to 6 weeks before your cat needs to get another shot. Asthmatic inhalers for people help cats also. You will have to buy a mask for your cat that the inhaler fits into. Keep your home at a nice warm temperature. Cold air can make it harder for your cat to breathe.

A new cat food could cause an asthmatic attack. If our house is dirty or moldy due to flooding have your house professionally cleaned for your cats overall health along with your health and well being. You probably should have the vent work on your furnace cleaned out. Always be attentive to any new issues your cat may have with his breathing. Your cat depends on you and your vet for his overall health. Good health to you and your feline friend.

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Cats And Christmas Trees, Decorations And More

Cats And Your Christmas Tree

If you put up a live tree make sure you do not use a powder that you mix with water to help preserve your tree. Cats have been known to drink the water under your live tree and the water may kill your cat or he will be very sick for a long time. Cats love to climb trees and your tree will fall to the ground breaking decorations and making a big mess. Some cats may try to eat the pine needles and it will lodge in their intestines and cause a blockage. Vacuum up any fallen needles immediately to prevent that form happening to you cat. Pine tree needles can be fatal and cause liver damage to your pet cat. Make sure you cover up the water under your live tree so your cat cannot drink the toxic water. I prefer artificial trees but cats can still knock them over. I like small ceramic trees that are molded with decorations and they have internal lights that cannot cause any damage to your cat.

Cats And Decorations

Never ever put tinsel on your Christmas tree. Your cat may choke or have intestinal distress from eating and chewing on tinsel. If your cat chews on your Christmas tree lights he can be badly burned or electrocuted. Broken glass  and ornaments, and metal hangers can injure your cat. The fewer the decorations on your tree the better off you and your cat will be. I like using plastic, cloth or felt ornaments on a tree as these should be safe if your cat takes them off of your tree. I had a glass ornament fall off of a tree once and it shattered into many small pieces before I had cats. If a cat would eat a tree bulb that you had out to replace one when it burned out your cat could die from the cuts the bulb would cause going down his throat. Be extra cautious with tree decorations and lights if you must use them and you have a Dear beloved pet cat. You don’t want to have a Christmas without your cat because the decorations or lights killed him.

Christmas Packages

Do not put fancy ribbons on your packages under the tree as your cat could swallow the ribbon and it can get stuck in their stomachs and intestines and they will need immediate attention, Do not tie any yarn on any packages as it can get stuck in the back of the throat or inhaled. If your cat gets wrapped up in yarn he could lose his blood supply to that part of the body. Be very careful of anything that is bright and shiny that you may put on your package as cats are attracted to bright shiny objects that may cause them permanent harm or maybe death.

Christmas Toys For Your Cat

When buying toys for your cat make sure they are large enough so your cat cannot swallow them. Do not give your cat any toy with a battery in it as your cat may chew on it and get battery acid in his system that will cause corrosive damage as they are toxic to your cat. Some cat toys come with batteries in them that are pet approved. Give your cat toys that are meant for cats. Some cats like to play with sponges and empty toilet paper rolls which is fine unless your cat starts to eat the sponge. If your cat eats plastic it will have to be removed by you. If you cannot remove the plastic  form your cat he will need surgery to remove it. Hope you and your cat have a safe, healthy and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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My Two Asthmatic House Cats

Kohl and Conrad Are Half Brothers

I read that Himalayan And Siamese cats are more prone to asthma then other breeds are. Kohl and Conrad have Siamese, Himalayan and domestic short hair in their DNA makeup. The article I read said that female cats are more likely to have asthma then males are. Kohl and Conrad  are neutered Tom’s.

Kohl’s Asthma

Kohl would snore loudly at night and he would also sneeze on you. We started out giving him antibiotics which seemed to help him for about two months and then he would have the same old symptoms again. He started life with an upper respiratory infection as a very small kitten. His Mother was very young and if I would have not had him as a house cat he would have died. I had to feed him PediaSure for one month otherwise he would not have survived. Kohl is now 12 years old. He is having steroid shots to control his asthmatic attacks and he is doing OK now.

Conrad’s Asthma

Conrad’s asthma started out quickly. He started out sleeping more and not having any energy. He would lay on his back with his feet up in the air. Conrad had lost interest in playing with his toys and he just wanted to rest all of the time. I looked at him breathing on day and I noticed his lungs were moving up and down very rapidly. I could tell he was having labored breathing. I called my vet ASAP and he looked Conrad over and he said he had asthma. He gave Conrad a steroid shot and he was breathing perfectly in the morning.

How You Can Treat Asthma In Cats

If you have a real gentle cat that will put up with anything you can put a breathing mask on your cat and use an inhaler on him. I know my cats would freak out if I would even try to put a mask on their face so I choose the only other option which is the steroid shot.

Long Term Effects Of Steroid Shots

Steroid shots can cause heart trouble, muscle weakness, diabetes and more when used for long term illness. My vet said not to give my cats any more steroid shots then are absolutely necessary. He said to watch them closely and only when they are having trouble breathing bring them in for another steroid shot. The steroid shots should last for at least 6 to 8 weeks before another shot is necessary. I hope your cats can breath easier with this knowledge as you will now know what to look for if your cat has any of these breathing issues.

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Spot Chomp! Pet Odor & Stain Carpet Cleaner

I purchased Spot Chomp! Pet Odor & Stain Carpet Cleaner from a local store in my area. You can also purchase this product on

Spot Chomp! removes stains and odors and keeps them from coming back.  Spot Chomp has professional cleaning power and removes stains completely and keeps them from coming back and leaves no tacky residue on your carpets. Spot Chomp has neutralizing odor molecules. Their formula  contains no artificial scents or irritants. Spot Chomp is environmentally,  pet friendly and bio- degradable.

Test a small area of your carpet for color fastness. Some pet stains may cause discoloration permanently depending on the carpet fibers. Remove the residue with a clean white cloth. Saturate the area of the stain with Spot Chomp. After ten minutes have passed blot with a damp cloth, gently rubbing toward the center of the pet stain. Let the area dry completely, then vacuum to restore your carpets nap. For maximum results use immediately before the stain has set. For stubborn stains repeat the process. Spot Chomp can be used on carpet, wood floors, tile grout, and any porous surface.

I have also used Spot Chomp to clean any messes off of my cats bedding. The dreaded hairball and cat vomit are easily removed form their cats beds with this fine top quality product. Always check your cat bed for color fastness before use.

I like the fact that Spot Chomp is made in the USA and they use a hypoallergenic formula that contains no artificial scents or irritants. Every-time that I have used Spot Chomp I have had excellent results. I try to clean up any pet carpet stains the minute they happen. Sometimes we are away from home when our cat throws up on our carpet. I have even had excellent results with Spot Chomp after the pet stain has set in for awhile. I always use heavy duty white paper towels to clean up any cat messes and have had excellent results. I would highly recommend Spot Chomp! Pet Odor & Stain Carpet Cleaner. My cats and I are always happy with the cleaning power of Spot Chomp. My cats and I like an odor free carpet, floors and a very clean home.

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Things That Your Cat Is Scared Of

All cats are immensely scared to death of vacuum cleaners. They must think the vacuum is a huge aggressive animal that is going to get the better of them. Cats are also afraid of turtles, cucumbers, bananas and apples. Cats do not like to take baths since are they are afraid of water. I use to give my Siamese cat a bath as it helps control pet dander and allergies. She would meow very loudly stating to me that she disapproved of taking a bath.

Cats Are Scared of Many Different Things

A cat that is afraid might loss control of its bladder, vomit or stop using the litter box. Cats do not like to be followed around by you as it must remind them of a predator stalking them. Let your cat lead you. Bad weather scares most cats and they will run and hide under something. Loud music, people arguing and someone ringing your doorbell will upset your cat. My cats think a stranger is coming when they hear a doorbell on TV and they get nervous and very upset.

Cats Pick Up On Your Body Language

Cats pick up on your body language quickly and if you are nervous or anxious your cat will be also. For a calm cat you must remain calm. Cats are nervous when a new piece of furniture enters the your home. Place something familiar on the new foreign object that has entered your home and then your cat will feel comfortable with the new item.

Cats Know When Your Are Going To take Them To The Vet

Cats know when you are trying to catch them and take them to the vet. They will hide, maybe wet themselves, possibly vomit and meow very loudly. One of my cats was drooling by the time he arrived at my vets office and my vet said he was extra nervous. I talk to my cats very calmly and softly while they are on the way to vets office which seems to help relax them most of the time. Spray Feliway calming cat spray on a towel and place the towel in your carrier if you have a very nervous feline and then they will be relaxed and calm,

Nicole Was Extremely Upset When Russ Died

One of my house cats by the name of Russ died in my house next door. Some of my other cats were traumatized by seeing Russ die. My other cats started wetting on their towels and vomiting. After about one month my other cats were acting normal again.

A Picture Of My Dear Cat Russ That Died Suddenly

Cats Never Forget Being Treated Horibly By Another Person

Cats never forget an abusive owner. They will stay away from that person as much as possible. Never harm or injure a defenseless animal. Some cats prefer men and other cats prefer women for owners. If they were abused by a man naturally they would prefer to have a woman for an owner or vise versa.

Cats Do Not Like Changes In Their Daily Routine

Cats do not like change in their daily routine and they are very upset when changes occur. Moving to a new home or the death of someone in your home can be very traumatic for your cat. They do not like to be left alone when you go on a trip. Cats will let you know they did not approve of you leaving them. One of my house cats used to have my paperwork all over the floor when I returned home from any of my trips. He finally stopped doing that as he got older.

All of us are scared of something at different times in our lives so why should our cats be any different from us. Be calm and patient with you dear feline friends. God bless you and feline friends.

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How My Cats Express Themselves

If my cats want attention ASAP they will start doing something annoying while I am talking on the phone, They seem to know that I will not tell them to behave while I am talking on the phone. If they start clawing my furniture with their back feet they get scolded even if I am on the phone. My cats love to jump on something that is off limits as they know that will get a rise out of me.

Cats Know When They Are Going To The Vet

My cats know if I am trying to catch them and take them to the Vet. It might take me awhile to catch them but I win out in the end. They are mad at me and they put on a meowing frenzy all the way to the Vets office. On the trip home they are quite as church mice. After we get home from the Vet they try to avoid me for most of the day until I am finally forgiven for the grave injustice in their opinion.

Cats Know How To Snare Your Heartstrings

Some cats love to nibble at your fingers or toes. I think sometimes they consider their nips as love nips. One of my cats loves to fix my hair as he will run his paws through it as if was my hairdresser. One of my male cats loves to give me Eskimo kisses. Cats love to give you a sad look if they want a cat snack or some special canned cat food to eat. Their sad and forlorn looks win out every time almost as I cannot resist giving them the treat they want desperately. Cats know how to snare your heartstrings. Your cats expects you to serve it. You do not own your cat they own you.

Cats Know When Treats Are headed Their Way

If I am eating ice cream Garfunkel waits for me to finish eating all of the ice cream out of the small container and then he looks up at me sweetly and I let him lick out the empty container. Garfunkel always licks out the empty cottage cheese container also. All of my cats cannot wait for fresh catnip as they love to eat it and roll around on the leaves. If I ask my cats if they want some cat snacks they start meowing like a chorus of cats. They have also learned what the word tuna is and they come running for a refreshing treat of some canned tuna in water.


Cats Love To Comfort You

My cats love to rest and cuddle up close to me while I sit in my recliner. At night all three of my house cats go to bed when I do. Kohl sleeps close to my head, Garfunkel in the middle and Conrad by my feet. If I do not feel well all of my cat nurses come to check on me often. My cats throughout the years have truly snared my heartstrings into eternity. Cuddle up with your feline friend and give him a special cat treat that he truly loves. God bless you and all of your feline friends that you cross paths with in your lifetime.

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Cat Allergies

You may be allergic to cat dander. Bathe your cat to get rid of the dandruff on his fur and you will feel much better. People may have itchy and watery eyes because they are allergic to cats.  If you still want a house cat even though you are allergic to them it helps to not let them sleep in your bed with you at night. Brush your cats hair out often as this will remove some of the cat dander easily and painlessly. Vacuum your carpet often to remove hair and debris from you carpet. Clean your drapes and furniture often also. Keep your cat litter boxes clean as you may be allergic to the smell of cat urine. Clean and wash your clothes often as cat hair can stick to your clothing. People with asthma and hyperactive immune systems seem to be allergic to cats.

Cats can be allergic to mold, pollen, smoke, certain brands of cat food, a dusty or scented cat litter, parasites, plants and grass, rubber products, pesticides and perfume. I was working with my burn pile one day and my cats were sneezing that night. Certain brands of perfume will make my cats sneeze. My cats sneeze when I use a highly scented cat litter. Sometimes my cats will clean each other and then they will start sneezing. Cats are allergic to some cleaning products, flea treatments, fabrics and plastic food bowls.


Clean your pets bedding regularly to help eliminate allergens that your cats can share to each other.  Clean your cats water and food bowls often. Close your windows so allergens cannot get to your pet cats from outdoors. Cats can sneeze and have watery eyes and cough. I purchased some natural sinus spray for my cat Kohl and it seemed to help him. I have given my cats vitamins and supplements that seem to help them with various problems. Your cat my need antibiotics if it seems to be an ongoing occurrence  that never gets better as it may be a bacterial infection instead of allergies. If your cat symptoms become worse take him to your Vet ASAP. Hope you and your cat recover quickly form any allergies you may have.

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My Cats Hierarchy

My cats have a definite pecking order. Kohl is my oldest house cat and he rules the roost. If he sees another cat sitting in my lap he leaps into my lap and the younger cat leaves my lap and he takes over. Garfunkel is next in line. If Conrad sees Garfunkel on my lap he will sit on the arm of the recliner until Garfunkel leaves. At least they all take turns sitting on my lap and there are no fights.

All of my cats have their favorite resting places. One time Kohl took  over Conrad’s recliner so Conrad took over Kohl”s hammock and after that no one tried to out maneuver each other. Kohl always want to be the first cat in the morning to drink the fresh water. Kohl is always the first one to come when cat treats are handed out but they all get their fair share of treats.

In my other house Addi’s family controls the household along with Cali my part Siamese cat. Addi and her Aunt and family make sure they get what they want. Cali is in charge if only two of Addi’s family are present in the room. Russ gets along with everyone as he is a very loving cat and refuses to take sides. Cali lost her cat hierarchy when Addi was pregnant with her kittens. Addi was protecting her future family and she wanted to keep Cali in line so her kittens would be protected in her mindset. All of the other cats in my other house would help Addi take care of her kittens except Cali. Addi would not let Cali anywhere near her kittens. After Addi’s kittens were grown Cali was the top cat again most of the time.

The cat beds, hammocks, cat trees and window sill cat beds seem to always be occupied by the same cats. They never seem to have any disagreements about their sleeping arrangements. They all take turns eating in the morning out of their food bowls. Cat snacks have to be placed in different areas to make sure everyone gets a snack or two. There are enough heated cat beds so everyone can have their own separated bed of they so desire. Some of my cats like to snuggle up together in the large heated cat beds.

All of my cats seem to like different cat toys at different times so they do not care at all who plays with a cat toy. Brightly colored cat toys and catnip filled toys, singing bird toys, circle game toys and feathers or a fish on the end of a long stick are always a winner with my cats. Kohl’s favorite toys are plastic or cloth green frogs.

Cats do have a pecking order or ranking system. My cats seem to agree on a system that works for me and for them with no blood shed or missing fur. My cats seem to know that I would not put up with them harming each other and they behave purrfectly well. Hope you and your cats agree on their cat hierarchy standards and your standards for a peaceful and pleasant life together for many years to come.

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