How To Help Your Cat Shed Those Unwanted Pounds


Some cats eat a lot of cat food and night and therefore they really pack on the pounds. Do not overfeed your feline friends. Do not give more than 3 little cat snack pieces to your cat per day. An indoor cat needs no more than 1/2 cup of dry cat food per day. Your cat should eat one small can of wet food for each 3.5 pounds of their total body weight. Take away your cats food at night if the food dish appears to be empty in the morning.

Health Problems With An Obese Cat

An overweight cat can become diabetic and lethargic. A heavy cat can become arthritic and it will be difficult for him to jump up and down and move around without pain. Overweight cats can have asthmatic attacks and heart problems. Heavy cats will have trouble cleaning themselves after they use the litter box as they cannot bend around good anymore. Fat cats get more dander and their fur is not as bright and shiny anymore.

Steps In Your Home

I have a cat bed in the hallway upstairs that the sun hits. My cats love to take turns sleeping in the warm cat bed. They get exercise by running up and down the steps. My cats litter boxes, food and water are in my basement. My cats have to go up and down the steps multiple times a day to eat, drink and relieve themselves which gives them some exercise. I have a step stool for cats by my bed so that my older cat can get in and out of my bed easily.

Cat Exercise Wheel

One fast cat is a good way for your indoor cats to exercise and get rid of unwanted pounds. Put some catnip on a string or in a cat toy that holds catnip and your kitty will try to catch it and he will be able to master the cat wheel and his heart rate will go up and he will burn off calories.


Buy Cat Toys So You And Your Cats Can Interact Together

Buy stick toys for cats that have a fish on the end of the string. Throw the fish toward your cat and let him eventually grab it and run off with it so he thinks he got the catch of the day. Buy cat treat balls that makes your cat work to get his cat treats. Cats love to play with catnip filled mice, balls, singing birds, plastic lizards, frogs, sponge balls, crunchy balls. balls with rattles and many more cat toys. cats love circle game toys that have a mouse or a ball in them. My cats spend a lot of time playing with their circle ball toys. Sometimes I will spin the ball around and one of my cats will soon take over. Cats love cat trees that have dangling balls and ropes that they can play with. Think of things that will keep your cat on the move so he will be a lean looking cat that will live for many happy and healthy years to come. Hope you and your cat stay in shape and reap the benefits of your exercise routine.

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My Cats Favorite Foods And Cat Treats And More

Cat Foods

My cats love Purina One  tender selects with real chicken dry cat food. I also feed them Purina One indoor advantage dry cat food. The indoor formula has extra nutrients for what your cat may be lacking by being an indoor cat. My cats have bright shiny coats and eyes and are very healthy eating Purina cat food.

Wet Cat Foods And Treats

My cats love Sheba Perfect Portions Grain free multi-pack poultry cat food trays. They lick the trays completely clean. All of my  cats love Hartz Delectables Squeeze Up Variety pack lickable cat treats. Some of my cats let me squeeze the food in right in their mouth. Temptations cat treats and Friskies cat treats are a big hit with my cats. I put the cat treats in a cat treat ball or container and they get exercise along with getting on of their favorite cat treats for their efforts.

Organic Treats

My cats love organic cat treats that can be purchased at specialty shops along with dry and wet cat foods. My cat love to eat fresh catnip or catnip that I have freeze dried for them. I give my cats vitamins now and then.

Cat Litters

My cats like Tidy Cats lightweight cat litter and a clumping walnut cat litter and Arm & Hammer clumping corn cat litter. I was very impressed with a new Naturals walnut cat litter that I started using as it has no lingering litter box odors. I like the multi cat Tidy Cats  cat litter as it is the most effective formula for litter box odors. There was hardly any waste with the Arm & Hammer formula cat litter. My three house cats like their scoop free crystal litter.

Cat Beds

K & H heated cat beds outlast and out perform all of the other heated cat beds by far. I like a cat bed that I can wash easily. If a cat bed is not machine washable it is not worth buying as your cat could have an accident on the bed. When buying a cat tree make sure it is well constructed so it will stand up and not fall apart right away. Garfunkel likes this wicker cat bed.

Cat Toys

When buying a cat toy look the toy over and make sure their is nothing on it your cat could pull off and choke on. Most cats like toy balls, mice, singing birds,fish and toys that are on the end of a string. Do not let you cat play with yarn as he could easily choke to death on the swallowed yarn.

Cat Bowls

Buy food and water bowls that can be easily washed and cleaned with soap and water. I avoid plastic bowls and dishes as they are harder to clean and sanitize as they scratch easily. I buy stainless steel heated water bowls as they stand up for many years.

I hope you have a happy, healthy and contended cat for many years to come. God bless you and your feline friends.

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How My Three House Cats Spend Their Day

Cats get to know your schedule very quickly. When I wake up in the morning my cats are ready for me to attend to their needs such as fresh water, cat food and fresh kitty litter. Before I go to bed in the evening two of my cats will already be camped in my bed for along nights rest.

Lap Cats

My cats love to sit in my lap when I read a book or watch TV. They all take turns sitting in my lap which works out well for all concerned. I fill three treat balls for them and they have mastered all of the cat treat dispensers. Garfunkel loves to watch birds from the head rest on my recliner. Conrad has a recliner of his own that he takes long cat naps in. Kohl has heated bed that he loves to rest in or he is in a round fluffy cat bed.

Cat Toy Box

They like to look through their toy box and take out what catches their fancy for the day. Kohl always tends to have a least one green plastic frog to play with. Conrad likes a bat that lights up and cat toy mice and signing birds for cats. Garfunkel seems to like metallic balls and toy mice. Conrad will meow loudly as he carries a toy mouse through the house like it is his catch of the day. My cats take many catnaps during the day. Garfunkel is on my bed watching me type this post.

Cats Do Not Like Changes To Their Daily Routines

If my cats see me packing a suitcase they instantly know that I will be gone for awhile and they voice their complaints loudly. They figure they can spend their day however they want to while I am not home. When Kohl was young he would knock over things while I was gone. I guess he figured he would get even for me leaving him. Friends would always take care of my cats while I was gone. When I got home from a vacation they would not greet me immediately because they were mad that I left them alone. Kohl tends to forgive me first followed by Garfunkel and than Conrad.

I hope you and your cats have many relaxing and enjoyable days together. Cats adapt quickly to our schedules and we care for them deeply and love them unconditionally. Cats bring joy into to our hearts and to our souls.

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Cat Allergies

You may be allergic to cat dander. Bathe your cat to get rid of the dandruff on his fur and you will feel much better. People may have itchy and watery eyes because they are allergic to cats.  If you still want a house cat even though you are allergic to them it helps to not let them sleep in your bed with you at night. Brush your cats hair out often as this will remove some of the cat dander easily and painlessly. Vacuum your carpet often to remove hair and debris from you carpet. Clean your drapes and furniture often also. Keep your cat litter boxes clean as you may be allergic to the smell of cat urine. Clean and wash your clothes often as cat hair can stick to your clothing. People with asthma and hyperactive immune systems seem to be allergic to cats.

Cats can be allergic to mold, pollen, smoke, certain brands of cat food, a dusty or scented cat litter, parasites, plants and grass, rubber products, pesticides and perfume. I was working with my burn pile one day and my cats were sneezing that night. Certain brands of perfume will make my cats sneeze. My cats sneeze when I use a highly scented cat litter. Sometimes my cats will clean each other and then they will start sneezing. Cats are allergic to some cleaning products, flea treatments, fabrics and plastic food bowls.


Clean your pets bedding regularly to help eliminate allergens that your cats can share to each other.  Clean your cats water and food bowls often. Close your windows so allergens cannot get to your pet cats from outdoors. Cats can sneeze and have watery eyes and cough. I purchased some natural sinus spray for my cat Kohl and it seemed to help him. I have given my cats vitamins and supplements that seem to help them with various problems. Your cat my need antibiotics if it seems to be an ongoing occurrence  that never gets better as it may be a bacterial infection instead of allergies. If your cat symptoms become worse take him to your Vet ASAP. Hope you and your cat recover quickly form any allergies you may have.

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How To Help Your Flabby Tabby Cat

Buy toys for your cat that he can toss up in the air and pounce on. By interactive toys that you can entertain your cat with such as a fish on the end of a rope. Treat toys are good because your cat has to figure out how to get the treat and he will lose weight in his pursuit of the treat.

Some cats are night time eaters and they really pack on the pounds if they eat late at night. My vet told be to put their food bowls away at night. My cats did lose some weight with that method. Buying senior cat food for an older cat will help them with weight lose. Feed your flabby tabby smaller portions.

I live in a story and a half house that has stair steps and my cats have lost weight from just running up and down the steps. Sometimes they run up and down my steps at record speeds in the middle of the night. My house cats also enjoy playing with a circle game toy for cats that has a ball in the middle that they bat back and forth.

I recently purchased  One fast Cat which is like a kitty treadmill. My cats next door caught onto how to use it rather quickly. My oldest cat next door Maggie had it figured out in record time. I was shocked when I took Addi to my vet recently for her yearly shots and checkup. My vet put Addi on the scale and she had lost four pounds in only three months by using One Fast Cat.  My calico cat Cali lost two pounds. I will be taking more of my cats next door to the vet as the year progresses and I am anxious to find out how much weight they have lost by using One Fast Cat.

I hope this information helps your flabby tabby become a nice shapely lean cat. I hope you and your cat can exercise for many years to come and you remain happy and healthy.

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My Indoor Cats Get Bored During Bad Weather

My indoor cats tend to sleep more in bad weather and are not energetic at all. They tend to sleep in my bed or their little heated cat beds. Conrad sleeps in his recliner which I actually purchased for myself  but he has made himself at home in it. Kohl sleeps on my bed most of the day. Garfunkel sleeps on my bed or in a cat bed.

My cats try to watch the birds but it is rather difficult when snow is covering most of my picture window. They do take turns watching the birds which works out fairly well for them. It is difficult for me to fill the bird feeders with four foot drifts to walk through.

My indoor cats tend to eat more during the winter months because they are bored. Kohl makes quite a few trips to his food bowl. My cats do play with their cat toys but they get tired of playing with them with the wind howling and blowing. I buy a lot of new cat toys for my cats to play with as the weather gets colder. They love toys filled with catnip and circle toys with a ball in the center for them to bat around. They never get tired of the circle toys or catnip toys for cats.

My cats next door sleep in their heated cat beds and play with some of their catnip toys that they take to bed with them for the night. They like to share their cat buildings with as many cats as they will hold as their body heat keeps them all nice and warm with that method.

My cats next door really go through the cat food in the winter months. I supply them with canned cat food almost everyday along with their dry cat food, I also give them lots of cat treats that they enjoy. They greet me at the door every morning wondering what treats they will have for the day.

My cats get fresh water everyday, cat food, litter boxes cleaned out and a loving pat on their head. Treat your feline friends to many fine cat treats during the winter months.

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How To Keep Your Cat Lean

Keeping a lean cat can be difficult. Make sure you have plenty of toys for your cat to play with and run after. My cats love to run up and down my stair steps which is a great form of exercise for them. Interact with your cat by throwing a toy mouse or a ball that they can run after.

A lot of cats love to indulge themselves on food at night which really tacks on the pounds in a hurry. If your cat is a nighttime gluten take his food away at night. Never give your cats more snacks to eat then what is recommended on the package. Do not feed your cat wet cat food during the day and then let him eat all the dry food he wants at night. Give your cat a well balanced meal everyday as consistency is important in maintaining weight.

Cats sleep more then half of their life away so they do not get a lot of exercise in one day. I have some snack balls that I put my cat snacks in and my cats have to bat the ball around in order to get their snacks. I have a fish on a string cat toy that my cats leap up in the air trying to get the catnip fish on the end of the string.

If your cat is morbidly obese  feed them a special weight control cat food. There are many different brands of weight control cat food to choose from. Your local vet can give you recommendations on how to resolve your feline friends weight problem.

I am thinking of buying an exercise cat wheel for my cats to run around on as it is like a treadmill for humans. They look like they are fairly easy to assemble. The you tube videos of  peoples cats using the exercise wheel looks very impressive.

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My Cat Won’t Eat That

Cats like certain brands and flavors of foods just like we do. Your cat may be allergic to something in the cat food. Depending on where your cat food is manufactured it might have a contaminant in it that may make your cat very ill or even kill your cat if he kept eating it. Observe your cats behavior when you present him with a new brand or flavor of cat food. If he gets sick eating it throw it away and never try to make your cat eat it.

If your cat is purging up his cat food it is probably the new cat food that is at fault. Sometimes if your cat has bad teeth or gulps his food down he will purge his meal. I try to stick to well known brands of cat foods for all of my feline friends.

Some of my cats like certain kinds of cat snacks better than others. Some of my cats are poultry lovers and others are fish lovers. Certain shapes of cat food or snacks are easier for your cat to swallow than other shapes. I prefer the smaller cat snacks for my cats as they can swallow them up easily with no difficulty.

My cats love canned tuna in water as well as their canned cat food. I give my cats dry cat food that is made in the USA. I also give my cats dental treats to help them keep their pearly whites. My cats like to eat some dried catnip now and then. Make sure the catnip has not been sprayed with chemicals as this could be toxic to your cat.


If your cats keeps on purging and you have not given him anything different to eat take him to your VET ASAP as he could have a very serious illness that could KILL him.

Remember we cannot eat certain foods ourselves so why would our feline friends  be any different. Give your cat what he likes and wants to eat in moderation as you do not want an obese feline friend.

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Canidae Adore Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com

I was provided Canidae Adore canned cat food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I gave my cats next door some Canidae Adore canned cat food from Chewy.Com. I gave them a can that had shreds of tuna, chicken, and mackerel in the can and they absolutely loved it. Russ, Mr. Gray, Maggie and Sherlock ran like Cheetahs to get as much as they could of the Canidae Adore canned cat food from Chewy.Com. Maggie’s sister licked and licked her chops clean. Nicole, Hilford and Faith ran around quickly to eat up their portion of their delightful new canned cat food.

Canidae Adore canned cat food comes in several different varieties of meats. Their canned cat food is Grain free and the meat is in a broth with vitamins and minerals for your cats well being.The  meat combinations are well thought out for your cats natural cravings.

Mr. Gray came running the minute I opened up a can of Canidae Adore canned cat food from Chewy.Com. His brothers Hilford and Sherlock came running at full steam ahead also. They ate away very quickly trying to steal the other cats portions. Peter and his sister Nicole were not shy at all when it came to eating their portions of the delicious Canidae Adore canned cat food with tuna, chicken and mackerel from Chewy.Com. Faith, Maggie and her sister licked their bowls completely clean. Maggie flew around from bowl to bowl licking out every crevice in the bowls that she could find.


Today Hilford met me at the door along with Mr. Gray, Maggie, Sherlock and Nicole. They ate up every little sliver of  Canidae Adore canned cat food that I placed in front of them. Peter showed up rather quickly along with Maggie’s sister and Faith. My cats held their tails up high for Canidae Adore canned cat food from Chewy.Com.

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Purina Muse Creatables Variety Pack From Chewy.Com

I was provided Purina Muse Creatables Variety Pack from Chewy,Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I opened up a package Purina Muse creatables natural chicken gravy with carrots from Chewy.Com for my cats next door. Maggie kept running from dish to dish to see if anyone missed a little of their meal. Russ licked away at his portion quickly. Faith was delighted with her serving. Peter ate away back of a Chewy.Com box. Sherlock and his brother Hilford wasted no time devouring their portion.

I opened up a package of Purina Muse creatables natural salmon gravy with spinach from Chewy.Com. Cali found this to be very agreeable with her palate. Maggie’s sister licked her plate clean. Faith went around licking out all of the plates but she could not find much at all. Addi ate what I placed in front of her since she did not want to leave the comforts of her cat bed.

My cats next door love the Purina Muse Tender Filets that are either natural shredded chicken, salmon or tuna. Faith went overboard on the natural flavored tuna in eating the biggest pieces she possibly could. Peter ate about two tablespoonfuls in two swallows. Every cat that I have next door devoured these wonderful appetizers quickly. Maggie ate her portion of shredded chicken and then she licked away at empty plates and ran around hoping someone missed a little. She found one nibble on her search.

My house cats love eating the Purina Muse Creatables Crunchy Bites that are natural grain free with chicken or salmon and their no. one ingredient is chicken or salmon plus essential nutrients for your cat. Purina pet foods are made in the USA. My cats give a paws up to Purina Muse Creatables Variety Pack from Chewy.Com.

A wonderful  treat for your feline friends to make their day happier and have their tails lifted up high with joy.

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