How To Help Your Flabby Tabby Cat

Buy toys for your cat that he can toss up in the air and pounce on. By interactive toys that you can entertain your cat with such as a fish on the end of a rope. Treat toys are good because your cat has to figure out how to get the treat and he will lose weight in his pursuit of the treat.

Some cats are night time eaters and they really pack on the pounds if they eat late at night. My vet told be to put their food bowls away at night. My cats did lose some weight with that method. Buying senior cat food for an older cat will help them with weight lose. Feed your flabby tabby smaller portions.

I live in a story and a half house that has stair steps and my cats have lost weight from just running up and down the steps. Sometimes they run up and down my steps at record speeds in the middle of the night. My house cats also enjoy playing with a circle game toy for cats that has a ball in the middle that they bat back and forth.

I recently purchased  One fast Cat which is like a kitty treadmill. My cats next door caught onto how to use it rather quickly. My oldest cat next door Maggie had it figured out in record time. I was shocked when I took Addi to my vet recently for her yearly shots and checkup. My vet put Addi on the scale and she had lost four pounds in only three months by using One Fast Cat.  My calico cat Cali lost two pounds. I will be taking more of my cats next door to the vet as the year progresses and I am anxious to find out how much weight they have lost by using One Fast Cat.

I hope this information helps your flabby tabby become a nice shapely lean cat. I hope you and your cat can exercise for many years to come and you remain happy and healthy.

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Cosmic Catnip Double Wide Cat Scratcher From Chewy.Com

I was provided the Cosmic Catnip Double Wide Cat Scratcher from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

I placed the catnip on the scratcher and Cali went wild for it. She scratched and scratched away at it even though she is declawed and then she laid down on it to claim it as her own. Russ fell in love with it after Cali left for a little while. Cali wanted to claim the the cat scratcher for her very own. My cats next door watched Cali hoping they would get their turn to try it out soon.

Th Cosmic Catnip double wide cat sratcher is made in the USA. There catnip is North American grown. A cat scratcher helps save furniture, helps groom claws and is a good place for your cat to exercise. A cat can work off his frustrations and stress with a cat scratcher.

My cats have been scratching  away at the  Comic Catnip Double Wide Cat Scratcher from Chewy.Com. They love to paw away at the cat scratcher and they love to lay on it as a bed with the alluring smell of the fresh dried catnip. A happy cat is a content cat. The cat scratcher relaxes my cats and helps them shed away their old claws. My cats do not claw away at my window sills when there is a cat scratcher in my house.

I love the fact that I can turn the Comic Catnip Cat Scratcher over when on side gets worn out. They have supplied a lot of fresh dried catnip to spread on the cat scratcher to keep your cats peak interest in the cat scratcher. My cats next door love to have a place to sharpen their claws or just paw away at the catnip or have a relaxing afternoon catnap. I hope you are your cat are content and happy.

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Sibley Birds Guide Second Edition Book from Chewy.Com

I as provided Sibley Birds Guide Second Edition Book from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

The second edition Sibley Birds Guide book  is completely revised with more than 600 new paintings and 111 rare species added, new information on behavior and habitat, and more tips on finding species in the field. The book is written and illustrated by David Allen Sibley.

The illustrations in the book are 15 % to 20 %  larger for better detail. There are nearly 7000 digitally remastered paintings for better print quality. The attention to extended detail on every bird is exquisite and extensive.

I have learned to look at birds more carefully and pay more attention to their wing patterns and markings making it easier for me to identify them correctly the next time I see one. I also pay closer attention to their bill length and the overall size of the bird and learning their songs and calls.

I have learned what kind of trees or brush attract the birds in my own backyard. Some birds like older mature trees and others prefer pine trees. Some of my birds like to eat dried up berries on some of my hedges. Older trees are a good area for birds to go that like eating insects and ants that are found in and or on older mature trees.

The Sibley Guide to Birds from Chewy.Com is a must have guide for the basic bird lover. I love how the Sibley Bird Guide shows you the pictures of the young birds and then the fully mature picture of the bird. It is interesting to see how the coloring in their feathers changes as they become more mature birds.

I have learned what kind of birds like to eat at bird feeders.  I learned that if their feathers are laying down or up it means that they are cold, scared or completely relaxed. The Sibley Birds Guide is my far the best bird guide book I have ever owned. I keep it by my chair which is located by my picture window and my bird feeders for quick and easy reference.

My cats are delighted that I have the Sibley Bird guide book from Chewy.Com. With the new guide book our caregiver can attract more birds at her bird feeder to keep us entertained throughout the day.

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Skyline Tree Service Located in Riceville , Iowa

I hired Skyline Tree Service to remove a lot of my trees in my groove and trim some trees up around my building site. I was very impressed with Skyline Tree Service that is located in Riceville , Iowa. They did an awesome job. My trees look well manicured now. They were very careful in not tearing up my yard as they worked on my trees. They take a lot of pride in their work and they work quickly and in a very professional manner. They pushed the trees up into a big pile that was easy for me to burn.

Thy did a fantastic job of thinning out the trees in my groove. The trees in my groove were planted to close to each other so they thinned them out. The trees they left in my groove can get a lot of sun and air filtration now so they will do much better in the future. They explained to me how a tree will fill out more and remain a healthier tree with the proper air filtration and sun.


They trimmed up my evergreens so they could get more air movement through them which helps to prevent needle cast. The evergreens are not touching the ground any more and therefore they will dry out a lot quicker after a rainstorm which makes for a healthy and sturdy evergreen.

They sawed down a lot of my old Ash trees that were rotten in the middle. They also took down several evergreens for me that had needle cast disease.. They removed 38 large stumps for me and put fresh dirt in the holes and then they applied grass seed which is a variety that can withstand the summer heat. There were a lot of wood chips left over from getting rid of the stumps which I placed between my garden rows. Wood chips prevent green bean and potato blight and also keep the weeds down and fertilize your soil also.

They have three friendly and ambitious men in there crew. They work quickly and do a top notch job. They have all of the necessary equipment to get the job done. They clean up every branch and take all of your tree or bush debris with them. Your property looks so much better when  you hire professionals to trim up your trees and they are nice and healthy looking.  A healthy well taken care of tree will provide shade and a windbreak for many years to come. Healthy trees can live 45 to 150 years depending on the variety you planted.

Skyline Tree Service also trimmed up several of my bushes for me. My bushes look really nice now. By not letting your trees touch each other you can prevent a lot of tree diseases from spreading from tree to tree. They trimmed a lot of dead branches out of my trees also. I was very impressed with Skyline Tree Service located in Riceville, Iowa. I would highly recommend them to all of my friends and family.

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