Little Red Riding Hood Sculpture In Honor Of My Mother Mrs. Elmer Weers

I went to Artist Reception & Exhibit Opening at the MacNider Art Museum in Mason City, Iowa for the river city sculptures on parade. For more info on the Art Museum go to:  I interviewed an artist from Bad River Artworks located in South Dakota. I interviewed Mr. Lee Leuning. He made the baseball player and the girl on the scooter reading a book with her cat looking up at her. I asked him what his inspiration was for his sculptures and his reply was Americana, Nostalgia, and Norman Rockwell. Mr. Leuning said he paid attention to detail and depicted his sculptures as they would  look like if they were alive. I am very impressed with his great attention to detail in all of his sculptures.To learn more about them go to :


I noticed another sculpture that I liked of a wise old owl sitting on a pile of books by the library. The owls details and appearance were perfect in every way.


I saw the sculpture that I purchased to honor my Mother on the River City Sculptures on Parade route which is a 1.7 mile walk designed to lead participants on a looping route to the Cultural Crescent and back to the central core of Mason City, Iowa. For more Info. go to: New sculptures decorate downtown mason City area. The Mason City Chamber of Commerce helped me with buying the sculpture to honor my Mother.

There are new sculptures that have been placed in Mason City, Iowa that are available to be purchased.The Mason City Iowa Chamber of Commerce at will help you through the purchase of your sculpture. Sculptures are a good way to honor or remember a loved one or to support a cause. The sculptures beautify Mason City, Iowa.

Del and Martha Pettigrew made the Little Red Riding Hood sculpture that I purchased to honor my Mother. They live in central Nebraska. Part of what drives their careers are the desire to capture the beauty of the twitch of a lean wolf alert for prey. From their small studio come works of great size, strength,dignity, and serenity. I loved the great attention they took in the making of the sculpture Little Red Riding Hood that I purchased. To learn more about them go to :


My Mother was a Young Adult Librarian at the Mason City Public Library located in Mason City, Iowa for many years. I purchased a sculpture called Little Red Riding Hood to honor my Mother. My Mother loved to read books and valued education. The sculpture is placed on the library grounds to honor my Mother. My Mother worked at a college library and then she was an English teacher for one year until she met my Father and they got married. She worked at the Mason City Public Library after she was married. She loved helping people at the library. A sculpture is a great way to honor a loved one that has passed away. The sculpture will be a memorial to them for many many years to come. The Mason City Public Library will have a dedication of the Little Red Riding Hood sculpture in July. For more info on the Mason City Public Library go to: The Little Red Riding Hood Sculpture will keep my Mother’s vision of learning and knowledge through books alive for many years to come.

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What motivates you in life ?  I like to plan out my days or go with things on the spur of the moment. If I have a task that I want to finish I will stick with it until I have my task completed. I never want to start a job and then quit halfway through the job.  I like to stain decks and paint buildings as it gives me a great sense of accomplishment to see the finished project.


I have always enjoyed writing. Writing motivates me everyday as I can share my knowledge and experiences with others. I love to read history books and I try to read 30 to 100 pages a day in my book. I am motivated to learn something new everyday of my life. I enjoy life long learning classes as we are never to old to learn new and interesting subject matter.

I enjoy being a Lay Minister with my local church. I have learned a lot about spreading Gods good works. I enjoy visiting with people and trying to make their day brighter and better in any way that I can with Gods help. I am very motivated and rejuvenated when I am spreading Gods good works.

Wesley Church

My cats are my feline friends that I love to take care of and nurture everyday. My cats are always there for me also. They will lay by my side when I don’t feel well. My cats purr away contentedly when I pat them on the head or scratch them under their chin. Life would not be the same without wonderful pets in the world.


Good friends motivate me to do great things in life. A good friend can always make the dark days bright and wonderful again. Friends are the greatest gift in all that they do to help us when we are in dire need. Without friends a person would be truly lost in life’s journey. God bless all of our wonderful and outstanding friends. A friend always gets you and knows where you are coming from and where you want to go.

Travelling motivates me to discover new places and new beauty around the world. Wherever we are from in the world we all strive for the same things in life. I loved visiting the countries that my ancestors came from and the fact that I was able to walk on the same paths that they had in their lifetime.


Mowing lawn and gardening motivate me as I love the great outdoors and all that nature has to offer. Stay motivated in your life and always make time for friends and God.


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Where Should I Travel ?

What kind of places do you want to see in your lifetime ?  If there is a certain place in a movie that you liked you could consider traveling to that location. I wanted to see all of the countries where my ancestors came from. I found it very  interesting walking around Amsterdam and looking at the same exact buildings that my ancestors passed by when they lived there in the 1600 ‘ s.


I love mountains and therefor I love to travel in Colorado and Switzerland. I love looking at the flatirons in Boulder , Colorado. I love the majestic mountains in Switzerland. I especially love the little village of Giswel ,  Switzerland. The cows wake up early in the morning and you can hear the cow bells on their necks ringing as they walk to the farmers barn to be milked. There is a nice old church at the top of the hill in the village of Giswel , Switzerland that seems to have stood still in time. The sheep in Giswel are very friendly and I fed one of them a little snack. I love traveling to places that have withstood the test of time and are still very appealing to all of my senses.20150825_054109

I love reading history books so I love traveling to places that have a lot of history tied to them. I saw Pearl Harbor , war memorials, Auschwitz , Anne Frank’s House and much more. The things you have read about in history books come to life and you have a richer understanding of the sacrifices that the people went through. People have endured horrific ordeals over the years that no one should have to ever have to go through. It was very heart wrenching to see Auschwitz and Anne Frank’s House.


Travel while you can your health is a gift not a given. Enjoy traveling around the World and you will appreciate it much more and you will have enriched your knowledge of  the World and the people in it  and you will have broadened your horizons.

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Why I Am a Blogger

Blogging lets me express myself and lets me tell you my story and my experiences with various subjects. Blogging lets me connect with people that have a similar interest. Social media platforms and connections let you connect with people all over the World. We can learn a lot of valuable material from each other that can take you far in life.

I love cats and traveling and I am a lay minister at my local church. I love to write about cats, travel and Inspirations with Laura. It is one of our goals in life to educate and inform others of what we have learned in our life from our experiences.Blogging informs others quickly and efficiently.


Blogging can be your main job or a hobby it is what you want it to be for yourself and others to read. Blog with a positive and informed attitude. Be fair to yourself and others when you blog. Never use vulgar and disgusting words . Love what you do in life and then you will be very successful at what you do. I have a passion for writing and sharing my ideas with others.

If I happen to think about a certain topic I want to blog about I write the post at that moment in time or I write it down on a piece of paper for future reference. Blobbing is like a release of ideas coming together in a published format. Bloggers are good at expressing themselves and I have found that all of the bloggers that I have met to be very friendly , kind and outgoing people.

Cali in an Outdoor playpen

Blog about what  you care about  and always stay true to your own beliefs and values and then people will want to read your blog post. Never go against you own values to please anyone. Be genuine, pure and true in all that you do in life as that will take you farther then you ever imagined possible in life.  Happy and successful blogging my friends.

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Treasures in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin

The Smiling Pelican Bakery is run by an Artisan Baker. All of her baked goods are made from top quality ingredients. I love her banana cream pie it is made with real whipping cream on top of the pie. I love everything that I have ever tried at the Smiling Pelican Bakery. Her Ginger lavender cookies are out of this World. She has a very large selection of baked goods to choose from. There are many kinds of  cookies, cheesecakes, quiches, pies , scones, breads, soups, panna cotta, cakes, bars and more to choose from. I have traveled to many countries in the World and nothing compares in quality and taste to Sandra’s top quality baked goods. You can eat inside of the bakery or outside on the porch or eat by her beautiful flower garden. It is a very scenic drive to get to the Smiling Pelican Bakery and a wonderful treat is here for you upon your arrival in Maiden Rock.


I like the Cultural Cloth Store in Maiden Rock. She sells items that are made by women in foreign countries. I purchased a beautiful rug that was made in Guatemala by women. By buying the items in Cultural Cloth you also help out the women that made the actual item that you purchased. I also purchased a necklace that was made out of a bone it is a gorgeous piece of handmade jewelry that I will always treasure and feel good about buying because I helped out a woman in need in a foreign country.

I like Basil’s antiques and unique items that he has for sale. I have purchased many items at Basil’s over the years. I bought a music box, cross, belt, bowl, and many unique and interesting items. There are several other lovely stores in Maiden Rock. A wonderful drive with lots of treasures to choose from upon your arrival.

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Stores in Stockholm, Wisconsin

I love the bookstore run by Russ in Stockholm. Russ sells new and antique books and other interesting items. Russ is very knowledgeable and he is very fun to visit with. I have purchased a lot of books from him over the years. I love to read history books and non – fiction books.



The Palate is a kitchen store run by Nancy. She has unique and interesting cooking supplies for sale. Nancy has top quality kitchen items for sale in her store. I have purchased her olive oil from Italy and her Lemon Curd. She teaches cooking classes and has homemade scones and more for sale. I love her various soaps and kitchen towels as they are top quality and will last along time.

I like to go to the Abode run by Alan in Stockholm. He has handmade jewelry for sale and artwork of all kinds for sale. He sells gorgeous watercolor paintings and handmade pottery, jewelry boxes and much more.

The Pie Company has sour cream raisin  pie for sale and many other kinds of pie for sale. I love the coffee in the Pie Company. He makes the cappuccino’s just right every time. The Pie Company also sells sandwiches, pop, cheeses and much more.

Stockholm also has a wonderful green house. I have purchased tomato plants and an apple tree and many other items here. There is bakery in Stockholm and she also operates a restaurant with a large variety of items to choose from. I love her Black Bean Soup and Crab Cakes, etc. There is a lovely Norwegian store on the corner, She sells food items from Norway  and much more. Stockholm has an upscale clothing store. I have made a lot of purchases there over the years. Stockholm has a pottery store , a wooden furniture store and other stores. I love shopping in Stockholm, Wisconsin.

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Traveling in my Convertible

I love traveling in my convertible. The wind blowing through my hair is relaxing and refreshing.

I have taken my convertible twice to Colorado. I drove through Estes Park , Lyons , and Boulder Colorado. Taking pictures while you are traveling in a convertible is quite easy. I just pull over to the side of he road and take my picture and then I am on the road again quickly to my next photo opp. There are breath taking views of the mountains in a convertible that you would totally miss if you were driving a sedan. I love the flatirons in Boulder , Colorado. I never get tired of taking pictures of God’s wonderful majestic masterpieces that he has created for us to look at in Colorado and all over the World.

Sara and I were in my convertible recently in Ohio. The weather was perfect for our trip. We took pictures of wonderful old majestic lighthouses. You could really see the lighthouses well in my convertible. Backing up in a convertible is very easy  and safe because you do not have any blind spots with the top down.


We drove to Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island before we got on our Ferry at each destination. The drive to this area was gorgeous. I loved looking at the fields of oats and he old windmills. Travelling in a convertible is a wonderful way to enjoy and see the great outdoors. You can hear the different sounds in nature that you would miss if you were driving in an ordinary car. I enjoy listening to the various birds that each different location has to offer.

My convertible works good for two people traveling. The back seat has no room what so ever for adults to be sitting in he back seat. I use the back set for extra storage while I am traveling. Do not miss out on God’s majestic Creation and travel in a convertible on your next travel adventure.

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Bargain Hunting

I always go to the manager of the store if I want to ask for a lower price on the item that I am interested in purchasing . The workers at the store never seem to have the authority to lower the price on any items in the store.

When I buy litter boxes or heated beds for my cats I check out several places on the internet for the best price I can find on that particular item. Buy the heated cat beds out of season for the best possible price on them.

Conrad in a heated bed

When I purchase carpet I always buy a full roll  of carpet because their is more wiggle room for them to lower the price on the carpet. I have a few rental homes so I will use up the roll of carpet eventually. If an item is damaged in a store I always ask for a discount on it. Buying paint in five gallon buckets will generally save you the price of at least one gallon of paint. When I purchase a car without a trade in I can save from one thousand to two thousand dollars off of their asking price. You can always sell your old car on your own and get more money then what the car dealer has offered you for your old car. If the car dealer will not negotiate on the price of the car ask for a new set of tires for the car you want to buy or an extended warranty on the car. They can buy the tires at wholesale price. You will likely get a new set of tires thrown in for the car you want to purchase from them.

Antique dealers will generally take 10 % off of their asking price. Furniture stores have taken off 10 to 20 % on the new furniture in their store. Jewelry stores will normally take 20% off of their higher priced items.

You can save a lot of money buying items on line. You don’t have to spend money for gas for your car or waste time going from store to store looking for the item you want to buy.

I hope this will help you save money on your future purchases down the road.

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Fall Festival in Wabasha, Minnesota

The fall festival in Wabasha, Minnesota is a wonderful fall event for the entire family to attend. The town is decorated with wonderful fall decorations and pumpkins of all sizes and shapes. There were pumpkin carving demonstrations and face painting for the children. The houses in Wabasha were decorated nicely with gorgeous fall decorations and displays of different types and varieties. They had popcorn and candies and much more to eat. Some of the stores in Wabasha had wonderful fall displays that would work in any ones home to enhance the true beauty of the fall season in your home.


It was wonderful to see that the old Anderson House Hotel was up and running again. The rooms are nicely appointed and each room has its own private bathroom. The suites in the Anderson House Hotel are out of this world. The suites are lovely and spacious and you could not ask for anything more in a lovely and majestic suite. They serve wonderful food when you stay at the Anderson House Hotel in Wabasha, Minnesota. The hotel has a nice gift shop.


The town of Wabasha has many nice shops that offer a variety of different items for sale. I found a nice antique store, cardy and coffee shop, jewelry store, hardware store and more. Do not forget to visit the National Eagle Center while you are in Wabasha, Minnesota. You will learn a lot of interesting facts about Eagles that you never would have  even imagined. The size of the Eagles nest will amaze you. Be sure to watch the awesome video that the National Eagle Center has put together to show and depict the life of the wonderful majestic Eagle.


I would highly recommend a fall trip to Wabasha, Minnesota.  You and your entire family will have an awesome time in Wabasha.

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Marblehead and Vermilion Lighthouse Located in Ohio

Marblehead lighthouse is the oldest continually operating  lighthouse on the Great Lakes.The lighthouse has been in operation since 1822. Guided tours are available May thru Oct. Th lighthouse is a 85 feet tall limestone structure that was built in eleven weeks.  Its beacon helped lead wayward ships back to the shore safely. The beacon had 13 oil burning reflective lamps originally. The lamps generally burned whale oil. The lighthouse keeper had to keep the lamps filled with whale oil which was heavy work and hard work in lifting the lamp oil up all of the stairs to the top of the lighthouse were the lamps were located. Today the lighthouse has a 20 watt led  fixture. When touring the lighthouse make sure you look at all of the historical photos and artifacts, including the last Fresnel lens to operate the lighthouse. I loved my tour of this magnificent old lighthouse that is still operating yet today.


The Vermilion lighthouse is a replica of the original that was moved to Lake Ontario. Vermilion was without a lighthouse for 63 years. The lighthouse is located next to Main Street Beach. You can walk around the lighthouse but you cannot enter it. I was impressed with the beauty of this smaller lighthouse.

marblehead house

The town of Vermilion had a lot of old shops and stores that looked like they would be very interesting to go into. I was very impressed with this small town. People were sitting next to the beach eating ice cream cones and relaxing an having a good evening. The stores were all closed as we entered Vermilion because it was ten minutes after 5 PM. I would like to go back to this town when all of the stores and shops would be open for business.

holly hocks

I love to look at all kinds of lighthouses and discover the vast history of these tall majestic beauties hat helped saved the lives of many people over the years.

marblehead photo

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