Pella, Iowa Tulip Festival

The Pella, Iowa Tulip Festival will be held May 1st to May 5th for 2019.

It is best to come to the tulip festival early for the best seating and car parking spots. It is good to bring lawn chairs along to sit on for the parade. I love to look at all of the beautiful tulips that are in their full glory. I love to watch the street scrubbers and the people dressed in their Dutch costumes. I try to sample a lot of the different dutch foods which are absolutely mouthwatering.

What to do while in Pella, Iowa.

May 1st is their preview day. You can visit the the different museums, historical villages, quilt show and go on a run late in the day if you wish to.

May 2nd and 3rd events. You can visit museums, look at antique cars which I enjoy, go on a city tour, visit the garden club and more. You must sample some some Dutch food and look over their Dutch costumes. I went to an organ recital one year in the Dutch tradition that is held at Second Reformed Church and I enjoyed it very much. Since I love cheese try some Dutch cheese at the market. It is fun to watch the Dutch dancers and the street scrubbers. I have watched the street scrubbers ever since I was a small child.

Volks Parade for the Pella, Iowa Tulip Festival

The Volks parade starts at 2:30 PM  which is my top highlight for the day. The Volks parade is lighted at 8:30 PM which is spectacular to watch. Make sure you attend the parade as it is exceptional.

May 4th has city tours, a Dutch craft market, Dutch delights foods, opera house, street scrubbers and the Volks parade. I enjoy the beautiful Opera House as it is a magnificent grand old building.

May 5th has a Thanksgiving and Praise service.

Awesome Dutch Food and Letters

My two favorite bakeries in Pella, Iowa are Jaarsma Bakery and Vander Ploeg Bakery. Both bakeries have the famous Dutch letters. I always go home with at least four letters just for myself. Scholte House Museum  and Maria’s Tea Room is a nice tea room and they are open Mon. thru Sat.

You and your family will have an awesome time in Pella, Iowa at their annual tulip festival. I always enjoy Pella, Iowa tulip festivals. For more info. go to: or

Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Williamsburg, Virgina

The Bruton Parish Episcopal Church was built in 1660 and was established in 1674. It is an active Episcopal church with a vast history. The men of the Revolution who attended were Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Patrick Henry and more. Parishioners sat in boxed pews, their walls provided privacy and protection from drafts. A vestory book from 1716 ordered that men sit on the right side of the church and women on the left.

Historical Church

The church served as a hospital and storehouse during the battle at Yorktown and a hospital during the civil War. The church is named after Bruton, Somersetshire, England. Rev. Goodwin restored the church in 1907 and 1937. Bruton Parish Church still has church services, the 300 old parish.

My friend and I went to a church service on Dec. 16, 2018. There pastor was excellent and she gave an outstanding sermon on the high up pulpit in the church. The acoustics in the church were amazing. When people sang it was as if angels were singing. The parishioners in the Bruton Parish Church were very welcoming and very friendly. I felt as if I were attending a service at my own church. We had communion which was served  by each person drinking out of a silver wine cup and eating  piece of unleavened bread.

Sermon as it was years ago

We also went to an old fashioned church service at Bruton Parish Church in the afternoon. It was called ” The Comet Comes To Williamsburg”. It was the re – enactment of George Whitefield’s dynamic presentation of a stirring sermon. He was very loud without any loud speaker and he gave you a lot to think about with his stirring sermon. He was dressed in the complete attire that a minister would wear at that time period. He had a white wig on, a black robe and buckle shoes. Bruton Parish Church is getting a new Pipe Organ that will have a total cost of 1 million dollars.

I loved the vast history of this beautiful and magnificent church as you can truly feel that God is present in this church.

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Jamestown and Yorktown, Virginia

We had a tour of James Fort. The buildings had thatched roofs. They had a storehouse, court of guard and church representing 1610 – 1614.



At the Jamestown Settlement they had baked bread on one of the tables made with whole wheat and other grains. Small baked mincemeat pies were cooling off on a table in the kitchen.  They had a smoke and salt cured ham hanging up on a rope in the kitchen. I asked the man in the kitchen what the main cause of death was that the settlers died from. 50 percent of their population died the first few years they settled in Jamestown. He explained that they died from salt poisoning and dysentery. Salt was used to cure and preserve most of their foods. Five people would sleep in one bed as that was the way it was done at that time.


The woodworker was working on drilling holes and making handles for hammers, etc. There was an outdoor brick oven and a blacksmith shop. There were several colorful chickens walking around on the grounds.



We had a tour of Yorktown an saw the trenches where they had fought in the American Revolution. We went to  the Continental Army Encampment. I visited with an army Dr. and he said casualties of war were very high. The 50 caliber musket would do great  bodily injury to you. He would dig out the piece of lead and give you whiskey for the pain. The Doctor would do blood letting and drill holes in your skull to relieve pressure which they believed would help remove the disease from you body. They had a bone saw for removing fingers. They had different compounds for making medicine. The medicine was flavored with licorice root to make it easier and more tolerable to swallow. The tents they stayed in were small and five men slept in one tent. Almost all of the soldiers that lived after being shot died one week later from horrible complications. The soldiers would get pneumonia and dysentery. They only had something similar to Vicks vapor rub  to help them breathe better and loosen congestion.


We had a self – guided tour of the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, Virginia. I took a lot of pictures inside of the museum of the guns, etc. The museum offers a national perceptive on the struggle for Independence of the 13 British American colonies. It is located in Americas historic triangle which includes : Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. The battle at Yorktown was where American Independence was won.

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The Courthouse located in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

We had a tour of the Courthouse in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Our guide explained every detail on how the Courtroom proceedings were handled years ago.

Crimes varied from thefts to horse stealing and fights that got out of control. Some people that stayed in an inn did not pay their bill so the inn keeper took them to court. Stronger offenses were handled in a different court.

You would be judged by a jury of your peers and they would meet in  a private room in  the courthouse until their decision was reached. There was also a private room for the judge and lawyers to to meet in. The judge would hand down the sentence which could be very severe. You could be hung, branded for life or put in the stockade,etc. Your ears would be nailed to boards on the stockade. They would cut your ears open to remove the nails from your ears once your sentence was served out in full. If you were lucky you could work off your debt to society and not be scared for life.

The reason why we say pass the bar exam for future lawyers. The bar was the bar in front or the gate that opened in the front of the courtroom. The judge, lawyers, and jury would sit in that area. The people watching or the general public would sit back of the bar. So when you pass your bar exam you are a lawyer that has earned the right to sit up in front of the bar with the judge, other lawyers and jury.

On court days, lots of people would gather around the courthouse to participate in public  affairs within their community. George Washington had been in the original courthouse in Williamsburg, Virginia to watch a trial.

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Market Square in Colonial Williamsburg, Virgina

I loved looking at and seeing the old stores that they had at the time of George Washington. The people in the stores were dressed in the attire of years ago. All of their talks and demonstrations were very informative of how people made a living in Colonial times.

We had a tour of the Barber and Peruke Maker. Peruke means “artificial head of hair ” in the French language. Wigs were popular for men in the 17th and 18th centuries. They would shave off all of your natural hair and then they would fit you for a wig. Very few women had a wig because they did not want their hair shaved off. Wigs were very expensive and only the upper 5 % could afford to buy one. A wig such as George Washington’s took over 100 hours to make. Wigs were made from Yak, horse, goat and human hair.

We had a tour of the Apothecary or Drug Store. The original brown containers from the 1700’s that held the different compounds were in the store. All of the stores were very dark inside since they depended on candle light for light. Medicine was rolled in licorice root to give it a better taste. The different compounds were mixed together for your particular medicine.

The dressmaker spent 100 hours making a wedding dress as it was very labor intensive. A politicians suit with vest and all the lining took the tailor 100 hours to make. Corsets could take 50 hours or more to make.

The  cabinet maker made cupboards, doors, and window frames for your home. He had every kind of wood plane that you could imagine for the different shapes and cuts to decorate the trim with. He also made wooden benches for outdoor use.

The shoemaker used leather from cattle and goats to make your shoes. Goat leather was used in the more expensive shoes as it is very soft and subtle. A pair of boots like George Washington wore took one half a years wages that most people got paid. Excellent quality shoes took 8 hours to make. Slip on slippers took 3 hours to make.

We went to the silversmith shop. They still make jewelry today that is stamped Colonial Williamsburg. I purchased a sterling silver cross of Lorraine. They sell candle sticks, rings, necklaces, ear rings and much more.

We had a tour from the Weaver. He told us it took all day to weave 13 yards of fabric. In Colonial days he would start out as an apprentice. He would have the apprenticeship for five years with no wages but he would get room and board. When the apprenticeship was finished he would be a journeyman. If he could save up a half years wages he could buy a loom and start his own shop.

We watched the Printer and Bindery man putting leather on a book. He said you had to be very careful shaving the leather so you would not put a hole in it and have to start over. He used cowhide to cover the books. He had to heat various irons for different patterns on the leather. If you heated the iron too hot you would burn the leather. You could not rest because if you stopped the pattern would be off and the leather cover would look terrible. The very wealthy would have gold gilded leather covers put on their books.

History truly came to life on Market Square in Colonial Williamsburg, Virgina.

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What To Look For In A Good Restaurant

If I see a lot of people in a parking lot of a restaurant I figure they must have good food. If you need to make reservations that is a good sign that their food must be good. People waiting in line to get in the restaurant speaks volumes about the quality of their food.

I like to be waited on right away when I am seated at my table. I want my waitress to come around with a glass of water and their menu. I like to place my order within ten minutes of being seated at the longest. I go to a restaurant that is willing to remove ingredients that I might be allergic to from my meal. If they are not accommodating  to my request I will never return again.

At a fine dining establishment they will not say can I seat you guys when two ladies walk in. The waitress will say how are you ladies today, may I seat you at a table or a booth. A topnotch restaurant will have cloth napkins and tablecloths and a special atmosphere that is very attractive along with all of the appointments.  One should treat themselves to fine dining on occasion. Try their special deserts such as creme brulee, panna cotta , tiramisu , and more.

I look for cleanliness in a restaurant if their floors are dirty or their tables I figure their kitchen must be dirty also. I do not want to see dust on the light fixtures right above my food. I do not want them vacuuming while I am eating. Cleaning should be completed and done before they open there doors for business.  I check out restaurant reviews online as they can be very helpful in choosing where to eat out.

I want to eat in  restaurant with relaxing music and a relaxing and calming environment after along day of work. I want a waitress that brings around more water or coffee and that ask me how my meal was. I want a friendly and accommodating waiter or waitress. Happy dining and awesome food awaits you in all of your travels.

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The Fall Season

We can enjoy the fruits of our labor in the fall season. We hope we have a bountiful harvest of crops, vegetables, fruits, etc. to enjoy over the cold months ahead. We have our furnaces checked and anti – freeze checked in our vehicles to make sure they are in optimal working order.

I enjoy working outdoors in the fall months as it is cooler and things are at a more relaxing pace. I enjoy looking at the fall leaves along the river as they are in their beautiful fall colors. Harvest festivals in the small towns are fun to attend with the decorated pumpkins, arts and crafts and antiques and more for sale by the local vendors and others.

Towns have events to entertain the children such as face painting and horse and buggy rides for the young and old and games with prizes they give to the children. Some towns have a talent show for the kids such as singing, dancing, etc. Caramel apples are always a big hit along with bobbing for apples.


I love to eat at the local restaurants and try out there homemade candy, apple cider, and stop at coffee shops for a latte. I love to walk around and look at the antiques in the local antique stores as certain items take me back to childhood days. Shopping in small towns is always fun you are waited on quickly and efficiently and every store has wonderful and different discoveries. I tend to always find that something  little something extra that I cannot pass up. Small town shopping is an overlooked treasure sometimes. Every store is unique in what it for sale.




Take time to travel and relax in the fall season. You have worked hard all year long so enjoy the fruits of your labor and live your life to its fullest with Gods bountiful harvest that he provides for us. Enjoy Gods harvest of colors this fall as you look at the leaves on the trees.

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Kelly Gau Opened A New Studio Located In Lake Mills, Iowa

I was provided Art Supplies from Kelly Gau Studio located In Lake Mills, Iowa to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

I love the lighting in her new studio and the abundance of supplies she had to make your art project with. My friends Sara Broers, Mary Levad Lovstad, and Donna Hup started working on our creations. Kelly helped us with anything we needed help with and she was very kind and helpful through the entire art creation.

I found working on my art creation with friends to be very relaxing and a fun and wonderful way to spend our evening. I love cats, traveling and Inspirations with Laura which I incorporated into my art project. I have a gray cat on my canvas, the cats background is a map of the World and butterflies flying freely along with a bright sun and a bright blue cloud. i wanted to incorporate every aspect of what I write about and love on my canvas. You can learn a persons likes very quickly by looking at their art work as their art work reflects a part of them in each and every project that they create on their own.


Kelly Gau Studio takes ages 3 and up that can make their own unique creations. She offers birthday party, after school art, wall hangings and create seasonal art projects. Kelly Gau also has another studio located in Albert Lea, Minnesota.  You can contact Kelly at 1-641-590-3235 for more information.

Children would absolutely love a birthday party canvas art project with all of their friends. Her studio is easy to enter and is right on Main Street in Lake Mills, Iowa.  Making art projects is an expression of your inner self. Get your creative juices flowing and book a creative canvas event at Kelly Gau Studio with your friends as you will be amazed at what you can create and say about yourself in one art project.

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Alcatraz Penitentiary Located In San Francisco, California

I had a guided tour of Alcatraz and our guide was very knowledgeable about the history of Alcatraz Penitentiary. He was a wonderful guide and he said the worst thing  for prisoners on Alcatraz was to hear the nightlife and to hear people laughing and having a good time in San Francisco while they were stuck on the Rock.



I was impressed with the size of Alcatraz and its vast history over the years. Alcatraz has 104 year prison history. It started out as a military prison in 1859 and ended in 1963 when the last inmates left the Rock and Alcatraz to be transferred elsewhere. Remnants of each time frame can be seen today , the National Park Service has had a caretaker for the island since 1972. The water in San Francisco Bay is only 58 degrees making escape from the island very difficult as the body can go into hypothermia very quickly and shut down in the cold frigid waters.


Alcatraz is under preservation. The buildings are getting new roofs and being repainted so future generations can learn the history of Alcatraz. The jail cells are only 5 ft. wide , 9 ft. deep and 7 ft. high which are very small. Al Capone was a prisoner on the Rock along with George ” Machine Gun ” Kelly and more.



Alcatraz is one of the top places people have on their bucket list to see. Paris and the Eiffel tower are number one. People are very curious about Alcatraz and the various escape attempts that were made over the years to get off of the Rock. The movie escape from Alcatraz has also made seeing Alcatraz in person so tempting and interesting. The method of escape in the movie was the same attempt the actual prisoners made while stuck on the Rock. They removed the grate in their cell and put homemade heads in their beds and when the guards hit their beds the artificial heads rolled to the floor. Alcatraz had 1500 prisoners pass through it doors over the years.

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Muir Woods National Monument California With Ancient Redwood Forests

I was very impressed with Muir Woods National Monument. The trails were nicely marked and I loved the peace and serenity in the woods and looking at the impressive ancient Redwood trees.


A redwood tree can live up to 2000 years. The tallest redwood tree is 250 ft. and the widest is over 14 ft. Most of the redwood trees that are mature range from 500 to 800 years old. There are delicate wildflowers in the park, ferns, bay laurels, and big leaf maples.


In 1908 Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed the area a national monument under the Antiquities Act of 1906. The area was named to honor John Muir a conversationalist. The Kent family donated their land of uncut stands of redwoods  to the federal government in 1905 to ensure its protection.


Spotted owls, bats, deer, raccoons and various birds live in the quiet redwood forest. There are snakes, chipmunks, gray squirrels, fish, and salamanders that live in the woods.

I love the layout for the hiking and walking trails in the park. The average daytime temperature in the park is 40 to 70 degrees F. I only needed a lightweight jacket on to keep warm.


Two weddings were taking place in the woods the day I came. The couples had wedding dresses on and tuxedo’s. The park would be a perfect place for a wedding. It is so peaceful and scenic and serene in the Muir Woods National Monument.

I was taken back by the size of the ancient redwood trees. The trees are very impressive indeed. The tallest tree in the woods is about 250 ft. tall. You can tell the age of the trees by counting the rings in the tree after you cut it down. The winter wet season gets most of the average total of 40 inches of rain for the year. When the creek becomes swollen with too much water it enables the threatened steelhead and endangered coho salmon to be able to move up the creek and spawn.


Seeing Muir Woods National Monument in California with the ancient redwood forest was the high point of my vacation. I would highly recommend seeing this national treasure in your lifetime.

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