What Kind of Carpet or Flooring Should I Buy When I Have a Cat ?

I always buy a piece of carpet that is treated with scotch guard it is much easier to clean then. I also buy a piece of carpet that has a very tight weave. A carpet with a tight weave will last much longer then a piece of carpet with a loose weave. I always ask the owner of the flooring store what he would recommend for carpeting in a three cat household. If your cat is not de clawed it will destroy a loose weave carpet in a short period of time. I have always had good luck cleaning up any little mess that my cats have put on my carpet. I clean up any mess that my cats have made ASAP with a carpet cleaner and a light colored towel or I use thick paper towels. I also have a carpet shampooer and a spot bot. I generally shampoo my carpet twice a year.


In a house with over three cats I would recommend a linoleum floor. I like the kind of linoleum that is a no wax floor. It is very easy to just wipe up any little mess you may find on the floor. I use pine – sol and water to clean the floor. A floor with no cracks or crevices such as linoleum is much easier to keep clean and sanitary.

2014-01-24 18.56.08

I have a Tiger wood floor in my kitchen that is a no wax floor with a high polish that is very cat friendly. I clean the floor with water and a little bit of pine – sol in the water. Any mess on the floor wipes up fast and easy. I also have a special spray bottle cleaner that I purchased at the furniture store were I bought my wood flooring.

The basement steps in my house are wood and they are treated with a redwood oil stain. I wash the steps with pine – sol.  I clean the cement basement floor in my house with pine – sol also.

I hope this will help you choose the perfect pet friendly flooring for your house.

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Why I Should Deworm My Cat

You should always deworm  your cat even if he is an indoor cat. Worm your cat preventatavely according to your vets instructions.

The different types of worms your cat can get are tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms.

Heavy infestations of worms can cause intestinal bleeding and anemia. In a kitten a lot of parasites in its body can be fatal. Roundworms are more common in kittens then in adult cats. Adult cats are quite often infested with tapeworms. If a cat is stressed by trauma or disease she is more likely to get worms. Fleas can cause you cat to get worms.

Your cat can get worms by eating infested mice and infested raw meat. Your cat may develop Toxoplama. Toxoplasmosis can be spread from the mother cat to her kitten.

Pregnant women should not clean out litter boxes. It is very easy for them to get toxoplasmosis from the infested bowel movements in the cat litter.

kitten in a litter box

Here are some signs to look for that your cat may have worms. Your cats fur will look dull and unkempt. Your cat may start sliding its bottom across your floor. Your cat will become lethargic. You will notice that he is losing weight. Your cat will want to nap more than usual.

Try to worm your cats twice a year or more if you suspect they may have worms. You can buy a liquid dewormer that you can pour over your cat food if you have a farm cat that is hard to catch. You can also mix some dewormer in tuna with water for a cat that is hard to give any medications to.

Russ in an Outdoor Playpen

Your cat will be much healthier if you always remember to have him dewormed. He will also have a shiny and healthy looking coat of fur. Hope your cat is feeling well.

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Sebastian’s Story

Sebastian was born and raised on my farm. He would always walk under your feet when you would walk outdoors. Luckily no one ever stepped on him. One day he kept meowing right outside of my back door. I felt sorry for him and he became my third house cat.


Sebastian was very intelligent.The first night that Sebastian was in my house I heard quite a racket coming from my living room.  Sebastian had been busy gathering up all of the toy missing mice and placed them in a neat little row. Sebastian also let me give him a bath. He seemed to enjoy his bath and he made no fuss whatsoever.

Sebastian did not respect my older house cats to begin with. He liked to wrestle with them and they did not appreciate that very much. As Sebastian reached maturity he acted much better with my other house cats.

Sebastian loved to balance on the window valances and he would walk across them to the other side . Sebastian was quite the acrobat. As Sebastian matured he could no longer perform this feat any longer.

Sebastian loved to sleep on my bed at night. In the winter months it was a three cat night instead of a three dog night. I always would end up with three cats sleeping peacefully in my bed with me.

Sebastian’s favorite toys were always toy mice. He had quite an assortment of them to play with. He also liked to bat away at a mouse in a circle toy.

Sebastian was about twelve years old when I discovered he had lung cancer from an X-Ray that my vet had taken of his chest. I thought he just had asthma. My vet put him on a steroid treatment. The steroid’s worked for about one years time. Sebastian kept losing weight and was having more difficulty walking up and down my steps in my house. He was thirteen years old when I had my vet put him to sleep.  I never want to see one of my beloved pets suffer.

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Cat Hazards

Many cats die from poisoning each and every year. Make sure all of your poisons and hazardous chemicals are stored where your cat cannot get to them.

I will give you a list of poisons and chemicals that may be fatal if ingested by your cat:

  • drain cleaner
  • mouse poison
  • make up
  • perfume
  • oil
  • anti freeze
  • floor polish
  • car wax
  • rust remover
  • glass cleaner
  • medications for humans
  • fertilizer
  • chemicals
  • gasoline
  • diesel fuel
  • and many more

Have a medication on hand that will induce vomiting if your cat has swallowed something that could be fatal. Check  with your vet if he wants you to induce vomiting for your cat. It will depend upon what your cat has swallowed if it is necessary to induce vomiting. If you are not sure if your cat has swallowed a poison but he appears sick call your vet ASAP. Depending upon what type of poison he may have swallowed he could die in a manner of minutes.

Cleo as a kitten

Do not put any mouse poison or ant killer out if you have a cat. if you change your engine oil put the old oil where your cat cannot get to it. Cats will drink anti freeze because it has a sweet taste. Anti freeze will kill your cat. Never, never leave out hazardous items that could kill your cat. Remember to make sure cupboard doors and closet doors are properly shut. Cats can sneak into the smallest of openings and get into trouble very quickly.

Addi on a Trixie hammock

Garbage can be a hazard. Your cat can get his head stuck in a can or a bottle and suffocate. Plastic bags can also cause suffocation if they become stuck in them. Dispose of your garbage properly.

I hope your cat never swallows anything that will harm him. Always be extra careful with all cleaning supplies and chemicals.

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A Tom Cat That I Rescued

A sickly Tom cat came to my house years ago. His ears were frozen off and he was quite ill. I treated his frozen ears with antibiotic ointments. I put drops in his ears for ear mites. He had a horrible cough without diarrhea. I had penicillin on hand and I gave him a penicillin shot in his back thigh. I had asked  my vet what dosage was suitable for a cat before I gave him his shot.

He was beautiful white Tom cat. He did not seem to mind my constant doctoring. Tom started to put weight on gradually. He was very thin when he first arrived on our farm. He stayed in a vacant dog house with straw in it. I kept treating his ears and giving him penicillin shots. Tom started coming out of the dog house now and was eating with my other farm cats.

Tom would let me pick him up and carry him around the farm. Tom had penicillin shots for a week before he was completely better. Toms fur looked wonderful and his ears healed up and he was ear mite free. He was a handsome looking Tom cat now. Tom always slept in the dog house at night. I guess he felt safe in the dog house at night.

I could not find Tom one day. I had treated Tom everyday for about a week and a half. I looked for Tom for sometime but I was never able to find him. One day I went to a friends house and there was Tom. Tom looked happy and contented. I never told my friend that her new cat was Tom the cat I had nursed back to health.

I figured Tom got tired of my doctoring and decided to move on to a house were they did not pester him day after day with shots and other treatments. All I cared about was that Tom was healthy and well.

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Cystitis or Bladder Inflammation and Your Cat

My Russian Blue cat Catrenia had Cystitis. I had Catrenia for about four years before she got Cystitis. She was not as active as usual. Catrenia started sleeping a lot. I noticed her using the litter box quite often. Every time that Catrenia would use her litter box she did not have much of a urine output. I took her to my vet and he said she had Cystitis. My vet gave her a round of antibiotics and some medicine and also a special kind of cat food that helped with Cystitis.


My vet had told me that he would like to have Catrenia if I would ever want to part with her. My vet had told me this about four years ago. I told my vet at that time I did not want to part with her. I was told by two of my vets that she would get a flare up of Cystitis the rest of her life now and then.

I have two other house cats and buying the expensive cat food for Cystitis for all three of my cats to eat was not an option that would  work. I knew that I would miss Catrenia terribly but I thought her best option would be to live with my vet that always wanted to have her. I called my vet up and asked him if he still would like to have Catrenia and he said he would still love to have her. Catrenia lived in the vets office for sometime and she recovered completely by eating her special cat food for Cystitis. She could get a flare up again but now she lives with a vet that can treat her every need. I used to visit Catrenia at my vets office at least once every two weeks. I could see that she was healthy and very contented living there.

2014-01-06 12.10.36

Catrenia now lives in my vets house along with one other house cat that my vet has. Catrenia now can get all the care that her condition calls for 24/7.

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Getting Your Cat Ready for the Cold Winter Months

Make sure your outdoor cats have a place that is out of the wind. I have a special building for my outdoor cats. I have heated outdoor beds in the building for my outdoor cats. I also have old chicken nest that I have filled with fresh straw. Cats or kittens without any protection from the elements can get the tips of their ears frozen off. My outdoor cats have a heated water dish. It is important that your cat has water available at all times for optimal health.


It is important to check on your outdoor cats often in the winter. In a bad blizzard the opening to their building may get covered over with snow. Your cat may also become disoriented during a blizzard. By keeping alert to your cats well being during a blizzard you might save their life.

I have used a heat lamp to keep outdoor kittens warm. Make sure the heat lamp is away from anything that may catch on fire. Give your outdoor cats extra food over the winter months as it will help them maintain  more body heat. In cold weather they will burn off any calories they may not burn off in warmer months.

My indoor cats have heated beds that they can rest or sleep in. They like to sleep in bed with me in the winter. They like to sleep next to the heat registers in my house. When I run an extra heater I will find at least one of my cats sleeping next to it.


Make sure all of your cats shots are up to date before the cold winter months set in. A healthy cat can stand the cold much better then an unhealthy cat can.

I make sure I have a good supply of cat litter and cat food on hand before it gets icy out. You don’t want to slip on the ice and possibly break a bone trying to bring cat litter into your house.

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Should I Give My Cats Shots for Diseases ?

All of my cats receive their yearly shots. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I live by this saying when it comes to my feline friends.

Distemper shots will save your kitten or cat from a lot of suffering or dying from a horrible disease. Years ago some of our farm kittens got distemper. The kittens would have horrible coughs and diarrhea and runny eyes. A few lucky kittens with a good immune system would survive.


Even if your cat is always indoors I would  definitely recommend a Rabies shot. A rabid bat may enter your house. Bats can come into your house at anytime. A bat may enter your home when you put a new roof on your house. A bat may land on your clothing and when you walk in your house the bat comes with you. Bats are a high carrier of rabies. If your cat comes into contact with the bat your cat could get rabies  from the bat. You would not want to get rabies and go through all of the painful shots humans have to have for rabies.


Feline leukemia can be prevented with shots. I would highly recommend a shot for feline leukemia.

Make sure you ask your vet about Heart worm  prevention for your cat. Your cats heart can be completely taken over with Heart worms without proper prevention.


Take your kitten or cat to your vet and have him give your cat all of its necessary shots. Make sure you keep all of your cats shots up to date. Keep a record book for each cat in your household and keep it up to date. By keeping a record for each cat you will not miss any of their necessary yearly shots.

I hope your cat stays healthy and does not die from any of the diseases I have mentioned.

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Outdoor Cat Building

My Father made a building for my outdoor cats. He made the the building for my cats because he knew how much I loved my cats.

The building is made with 2 by 4’s and outdoor plywood. The cat building is insulated and is set on skids so it does not touch the ground. There is a shelf in the building that my cats can sit on. The one side of the building has an old chicken nest that is filled with fresh straw for my cats to sleep in. I have a shelf by the window in the building that is a good place for my   cats  to take a sun bath while they lay there. I have a heated stainless steel water dish for my cats in the winter months. There is an enclosed heated cat bed for my cats to get cozy in during the cold winter nights. I also have a heated mat with a cover over it.


The original cat flap wore out over the years. I made a new opening out of a piece of plywood. I took a large coffee can and marked around it on the piece of plywood. I used a jigsaw to cut out the opening  on the piece of plywood.


Raccoon’s where eating up my cat food. A friend told me how to make the opening raccoon proof. I took several pieces of  duct work for a furnace and fastened them together at different angles. The raccoon’s cannot maneuver the different angles and therefore they cannot get in my cat building anymore to eat up all of my cat food in the middle of the night.


I put an oil stain on my cat building every year to protect the plywood from the elements. My outdoor cats love the building that my Father so kindly made for them. I hope your cats have a wonderful building for them to keep safe and cozy in.

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Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! Food Supplement for Dogs and Cats from Chewy.Com

I was provided Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! Food Supplement for Dogs and Cats from Chewy.Com. to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

My cats absolutely loved every single morsel of  Weruva Food Supplement for dogs and cats. Russ, Lorenzo, Sherlock, Mr. Gray and Hilford licked the food dish completely clean of this wonderful Pumpkin food supplement.


Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! Food Supplement for Dogs and Cats supports stool quality. Weruva supports healthy gut motility and is pureed for easy mixing. The supplement is BPA and gluten free. The supplement has only two ingredients pumpkin and water. Feed in conjunction with your dogs or cats food replacing up to 10% of the diet. May be fed daily with each meal. Pumpkin Patch Up! is intended for supplemental or intermittent feeding only.

Pumpkin is good for helping your cat with loose stools. Pumpkin also helps with digestive issues your cat may have. Sherlock was having loose stools. After Sherlock ate some of the Pumpkin Patch Up! Supplement his stools were tighter and firmer.

The next day I gave my cats next door some more of the Pumpkin Patch Up! Food Supplement. My three kittens Sherlock, Mr. Gray and Hilford went after the supplement immediately. Lorenzo licked the dish completely clean.


I was very happy that the Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! Food Supplement from Chewy. Com helped Sherlock with his loose stools the very next day after he had eaten it. I love a supplement that does not have dyes or artificial preservatives in it. Weruva calls their supplement ‘ The Happy Belly Maker ‘ and I completely agree with their slogan. Pumpkin has a lot of soluble and insoluble fiber in it to help with digestion.

I would highly recommend Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! Food Supplement for Dogs and Cats from Chewy.Com. The supplement meet all of my expectations and more.

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