Picking Out A Gentle Cat For Your Family Pet

Both Of The Cats Parents Should Be Friendly

Cats will generally have the same attitude towards humans that their parents have. If the cats parents like to bite their kittens will be the same way. If the cat comes from feral parents the cat will grow up trying to avoid humans at all cost. The cat will try to bite you for no apparent reason at times because they do not trust people whatsoever. Ask the owner of of the cat that you are thinking about adopting how friendly her parents were. If they said that her parents like to hid than you should consider adopting another cat. If one of the cats parents are friendly the cat will be somewhat friendly but she will remain timid and may not want to be touched or held for long.

A Gentle Cat Is A Must With Small Children In The House

Small children do not know how to carry a cat correctly. You do not want a cat that will bit them and draw blood. Teach your children how to handle the cat correctly when you see them doing it wrong. You absolutely need a very tolerant cat with small children in your home. The cat could scratch them or bit them on the face. You may end up having to take your child to the Dr. for stitches and a rabies shots if you failed to give your cat a rabies shot. Never leave your child alone even with a very gentle cat as the cat may get frightened from something and bite. A wild animal could enter your yard and upset your cat. All of my cats growing up were very gentle and I never got bitten or harmed by them. Their parents were friendly and outgoing cats.

Your New Cat Could Live To Be 21 Possibly And Be A Wonderful Companion For Your Child For Many Years

By taking a new cat into your home you make a lifetime commitment to your new cats well being for her entire life. You take your cat to annual Vet checkups and keep all of her shots up to date. Your cat needs fresh water and food everyday and nice place to sleep that is warm and draft free. Your child will learn how to take care of one of Gods wonderful creatures on earth. Your cat will snuggle up next to your child at night and she will be their constant companion through thick and thin. Your cat will play with cat toys that your child will toss in the air for them to pounce on. Your cat will entertain the whole family with some of their antics now and then. Cats will lay on your lap while you watch TV or they will purr away on your lap while you study for a test or read a book. They will make sure you home is rodent free. Cats have saved their owners from gas leaks, fires and have even called 911 to save their owners life. Cats have let their owners know when they were about to have a seizure. Cats add to the spice of life. I have had a cat in my life for my entire life and I could not imagine a World without a loving cat in it.

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Kitten Antics

Kittens Are Love At First Site

I have had many kittens over the years and they never seize to amaze me with their antics. Kittens will play with their Mothers tail as she swings it back and forth. I imagine the kitten thinks of its Mothers tail as  prey to catch. Small kittens will chase after fallen leaves in the fall. Kittens are the cutest of all pets.

Catch Of The Day

I had a Mother cat bring a mouse to her kitten that she had just caught. The kitten would catch and release the mouse and then pounce on it and grab it by the neck for at least one hour. The kittens Mother was getting a little annoyed with her kittens learning curve. Our small dog came a long  later and ate the mouse.

Cat Toys

Kittens love to toss cat toys up in the air and then try to catch the toy or pounce on it. My kittens are very curious creatures and they follow me around the building site as I walk around. We once had a small dog that would let the Mother cat and her little kittens share her dog house with her. Our dog and the cats had a long and outstanding relationship.

Watch Out For Your Kittens Safety

Watch out for kittens sitting on your car tires or getting into the engine compartment of your vehicle as things will not turn out well for your kittens. Do not let your kittens get into cupboards or near any hazardous chemicals. If you think your kitten might have ingested a hazardous poison take him to your vet ASAP.


Kittens love to climb up on things. Do not leave a kitten unattended with a Christmas tree in your house. The kitten could drink the tree water, play with the ornaments, or knock down the whole tree and get seriously injured.

Helpful Kittens

I had one kitten that used to love sit on my shoulder as I walked around my building site. Kittens love to crawl up your pant legs. Start trimming your kittens claws,brushing their teeth, grooming them and training them when they are very young for the perfect grown up cat  in the future. Your older cat will still have many years of antics in him.

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Are Cats Are Like Family

We think of are cats as family and they think of us as part of their family. We form very close bonds with our cats. They sleep in our bed with us at  night. They sit as close as they possibly can to us. We want them to be as healthy as possible and we care very deeply for them. We take them to the vet for their daily checkups and make sure all of their shots are up to date.

Cats do tend to have a favorite family member in your household. They hold a special place in their heart for that person and the bond cannot be broken. Cats vie for your attention and they always succeed in getting it whether it is negative or positive attention. Humans tend to vie for attention now and then also.

A purring cat will relax almost anyone and put them in a better frame of mind. Watching your cat sleeping peacefully makes you want to take a catnap also sometimes. After a hard day of work a cat is so very nice to come home to. They will sit in your lap and purr away and are very pleased you are back home again to be with them.

We love our cats unconditionally and they love us because we love them. We shower our cats with fancy beds, toys, food and so much more. Are cats make no demands on us except they do need food, shelter, water, loving care and someone to be kind to them all of their nine lives.

Teach your children at a very young age it is not right to harm or injure a defenseless animal. Teach them how to hold a cat correctly and that is not alright to pull the cats tail. Children learn by example so set the bar high on how you treat one of Gods wonderful creatures known as the cat. A cat is a perfect pet for a young child as their pet cat may live to be 18 years old if they are well cared for and have a good genetic makeup.

I cannot imagine a World without a beloved pet cat in it. I hope your cat family member keeps you relaxed and purrs away on your lap for many years to come. God bless our feline friends.

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My Cats And Their Favorite Cat Toys

Kohl continues to have a passion for toy plastic frogs. Yesterday the only cat toys out of my cats toy box was two plastic frogs. Kohl can occupy himself all day long by chewing on and tossing the toy frogs across the room. Conrad must have his toy mice to carry proudly throughout the house. Conrad also likes the toy birds. He carries them with his tail straight up in the air as if to say look what I caught for you today. Conrad loves to play with his circle game toy that has a ball that he can spin around in the track. Garfunkel plays with toy balls and toys filled with catnip and toy birds. My cats love to eat cat treats out of their cat treat dispensers.

Catnip Toys And More

Small beanie babies, toy balls, mice, catnip toys, toy birds and small stuffed animals seem to be what my cats next door love to play with. Everyday that I enter the house next door I see mice that squeak on the floor. One day there was a toy lion on the floor along with a catnip filled beaver for cats. Maggie likes One Fast Cat. Maggie figured out how to use One Fast Cat ASAP.

Cat Trees And Hammocks

My cats next door love their cat trees with perches that have built in scratchers and balls attached to them that they can bat around. They have scratchers that are on the floor along with cat hammocks that have rope that they can scratch away at to their hearts content. They also have a game that they press their paws on and small animals pop up.

What Cats Find To Play With

I used to have a Siamese cat that would gather up the old used small sponges. She would then toss the sponges up in the air and then she would pounce on them when they hit the ground. My house cat love to play with my old scrubbers that I used to scrub the dishes with. My cats also like to play with wine bottle corks and old wooden spools. My cats also like to play with medium sized rubber or plastic balls.

All cats seem to love catnip filled toys, toy mice, balls, cat hammocks and small stuffed animals and things that they discover on their own. I hope you enjoy watching your cats at play and relaxing as much as I do. God bless our feline friends.

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My Cats Hierarchy

My cats have a definite pecking order. Kohl is my oldest house cat and he rules the roost. If he sees another cat sitting in my lap he leaps into my lap and the younger cat leaves my lap and he takes over. Garfunkel is next in line. If Conrad sees Garfunkel on my lap he will sit on the arm of the recliner until Garfunkel leaves. At least they all take turns sitting on my lap and there are no fights.

All of my cats have their favorite resting places. One time Kohl took  over Conrad’s recliner so Conrad took over Kohl”s hammock and after that no one tried to out maneuver each other. Kohl always want to be the first cat in the morning to drink the fresh water. Kohl is always the first one to come when cat treats are handed out but they all get their fair share of treats.

In my other house Addi’s family controls the household along with Cali my part Siamese cat. Addi and her Aunt and family make sure they get what they want. Cali is in charge if only two of Addi’s family are present in the room. Russ gets along with everyone as he is a very loving cat and refuses to take sides. Cali lost her cat hierarchy when Addi was pregnant with her kittens. Addi was protecting her future family and she wanted to keep Cali in line so her kittens would be protected in her mindset. All of the other cats in my other house would help Addi take care of her kittens except Cali. Addi would not let Cali anywhere near her kittens. After Addi’s kittens were grown Cali was the top cat again most of the time.

The cat beds, hammocks, cat trees and window sill cat beds seem to always be occupied by the same cats. They never seem to have any disagreements about their sleeping arrangements. They all take turns eating in the morning out of their food bowls. Cat snacks have to be placed in different areas to make sure everyone gets a snack or two. There are enough heated cat beds so everyone can have their own separated bed of they so desire. Some of my cats like to snuggle up together in the large heated cat beds.

All of my cats seem to like different cat toys at different times so they do not care at all who plays with a cat toy. Brightly colored cat toys and catnip filled toys, singing bird toys, circle game toys and feathers or a fish on the end of a long stick are always a winner with my cats. Kohl’s favorite toys are plastic or cloth green frogs.

Cats do have a pecking order or ranking system. My cats seem to agree on a system that works for me and for them with no blood shed or missing fur. My cats seem to know that I would not put up with them harming each other and they behave purrfectly well. Hope you and your cats agree on their cat hierarchy standards and your standards for a peaceful and pleasant life together for many years to come.

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Cat Personalities

All of my cats have different personalities as some are outgoing and some prefer to be by themselves. Some of my cats love to be held and petted and others will let you hold them for just a little while and then they want down. Some of my cats will give you a love nip and others will draw your blood.

I have had many male and female cats over the years. My male cats will tolerate more and love to be held and made a fuss over for a long period of time. My female cats are less tolerant and seem to have a moody personality. The female cats want to held on their terms only.

My cat Kohl is very friendly and outgoing. Garfunkel is shy and more reserved. Conrad is a one person cat. Cali, Faith and Russ love to press and rub against your legs or hand. Addi is a one person cat and her kittens, Mr. Gray, Hilford, and Sherlock take after their Mother. Maggie is friendly and her sister is a one person cat. Peter is very shy and very reserved. Nicole wants to be left alone and she likes to bite a persons hand.

Cats tend to have the same personalities that their parents had. I once had a purebred Siamese house cat that was extremely moody. She would be fine one minute and the next minute she would bite you without much warning. Siamese cats have their own mind set and we cannot change it.

Most of my cats I have now are domestic shorthair, Siamese, Persian and Himalayan which makes for a more even temperament. I have had purebred Himalayan cats and Maine Coon cats. The Himalayan’s are very quiet with a wonderful personality. I like the Maine Coon cats they are long haired and nice and have a shrill meow.

When picking out a new cat look at its parents personalities and the breed traits of the cat you are considering and then you and your new cat will both be happy for many years to come.

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Where I Have Adopted Some Of My Cats

My Grandfather found my first cat Flossie in our field. Flossie was a very young kitten and she was gray and white in color. She was very friendly and she would follow me all over the farm. Flossie had many kittens over the years that I grew very found of. She and all of her kittens were excellent mousers.

Many of my cats over the years were found in restaurant parking lots. I found one of my house cats Philmoor under a car at Perkins. He was purring away loudly when we pulled into our driveway. He was very friendly and lived to be 10 years old. I found one of my calico cats Victoria at a restaurant and she was waiting by there door for a new owner to rescue her. She had a beautiful calico kitten that looked just like her. I adopted Addi from a restaurant that was partners with a cat shelter. Addi is a very friendly silver tabby cat. Addi had five lovely kittens and I still have three of them and her other two kittens found a wonderful and loving home they were adopted into.

I have found several of my house cats in my local newspaper. All of my Siamese cats were found by listings in my newspaper. I adopted Sugar, Ginger and Tammy. Sugar was a beautiful seal point Siamese cat and she kept me company for many years. Ginger was a lynx point Siamese cat and she was very kind and gentle and she lived to be 18 years old. I adopted Tammy a blue point Siamese cat from a young couple that was having a baby. My grandmother had Tammy for many years and she dearly loved her. Cali my calico cat was one of several cats that a young couple had. They could not afford to keep all of their cats. Cali is part Siamese and she is very vocal and beautifully marked.

I adopted Simon and Garfunkel from a listing on a bulletin board at a restaurant. Their Mother had come to there house pregnant and they had to find a home for her four kittens. Simon died quite young of a disease. Garfunkel is a very kind, gentle and loving house cat.

I have adopted several cats because their owner died and the family had to find new homes for them. I have adopted stray cats over the years. My vet gave me one of his house cats by the name of Red. He had found Red on a golf course in December. Red was a Red Tabby cat and he was very intelligent. Red lived to be 17 years old. My purebred Maine Coon cat Fresca was given to me by my cousin years ago. About 12 years ago a kitten was born on my farm that looked almost identical to Fresca.

I have adopted many lovely outdoor cats from farmers and people that have tried to find homes for cats in their neighborhood. Try to adopt and help out a cat in need of a safe and warm loving home. God bless you and your cat family.

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My That Is One Smart Cat

Maggie one of my oldest cats figured out how to use One Fast Cat in no time at all. When I came to feed her in the morning she was sitting on the wheel and would not move. I said Maggie do want to show me something ?  I spun the wheel around and she stayed on showing me how she could run on the wheel. I told her that she did a good job and to teach my other cats how to use it.

I had a pregnant outdoor cat come up to my house in the spring. She was having trouble having her kittens. I helped her deliver one of her kittens and then she was able to have the other kittens on her own. She knew that I would come to her rescue and knew that I would help her.

I have had several cats watch TV programs over the years and they definitively know what they are watching. Garfunkel loves to watch race cars, meerkats, and cheetahs. Conrad was watching birds on TV and he put his foot on the bird that was being shown at the time. Kohl liked watching the cheetahs.

I had purebred Siamese house cat that would look at a picture that has birds in and she would place her paw on the birds. She also took a fancy to a picture I have that has two large tigers on the prowl. Garfunkel likes to look at videos of cats of various sizes shapes and forms.

One of my house cats was looking up to the sky constantly just before a tornado warning was issued. When there was a hail storm one spring my cat hide under the bed before the large hail stones fell to the earth. Cats can definitely sense a change in weather patterns.

Conrad drowns any mouse he happens to see. My home is rodent free except if a new roof gets put on or a vent pipe comes disconnected or one happens to run in the door. He must figure he stays cleaner by drowning them and he has done his duty to keep me rodent free. My other two house cats do not know what to do with a mouse since they were small kittens when they entered my home. Conrad has them help him coral the rodent in question and about every time the rodent runs right into his mouth.

Many cats have waken up their owners to warn them of a fire in the house or shown them where a gas leak was. One man trained his cat to dial 911 and he never thought his cat could perform the task. He had a heart attack and his cat dialed 911 and saved his life.

Never underestimate the intelligence of your feline friends as they could actually save your life someday. God bless our wonderful feline friends for all the wonderful things they do for us and they ask nothing in return except for our love, comfort, kindness, food, shelter, and support.

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Cats Showing Off

Cats like and crave attention. I had a Red Tabby cat that would play with a circle game toy and he would make sure that everyone in the room was watching him. He had mastered that game to perfection and he wanted to make sure everyone knew that.

I had a black house cat that would walk across the curtain rod with the grace of a tight rope walker. He never once lost his balance while he performed his tight rope walk. We had a black outdoor cat that would balance up high on the feed door and then jump down on the shoulder of whom ever was by the feed door. She could really scare you at 5 in the morning when she landed on your shoulder.

I had a calico cat that would bring dead snakes homes and put them on my doorstep. I guess she wanted to show me what a brave huntress she was. I also had a gray and white female cat take on a skunk and she won the match except for a bite on her face which healed up quickly. She had her rabies shots up to date so I did not have to worry about that.

Cats love to do something naughty while you are talking on the phone. I guess they figure even negative attention is attention. They tend to jump on things that they know are off limits while you are talking away on the phone. I think they also figure that you are not going to interrupt your conversation to correct their bad behavior at that moment in time.

I had one cat climb to the top of the barn roof and she stayed up there for about two whole days before she came down on her own. When she was down she looked at me like were you really worried about me. She knew the answer to that question as I had been worried to death that she might fall down to her death.


My house cat Conrad can get treats out of any treat dispenser ASAP. He has mastered all of the ones I have very quickly. He loves to play with circle ball toys and he is proficient with either paw he chooses to use at the moment. He will sit in the middle of the circle game and bat the ball one way and then the other way using a different paw each and every time.

Cats crave attention and they love to show off whenever and however they can. Cats are great entertainers. We would be lost without our cats and their performances.

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My Maine Coon Cats Over The Years

My first Maine Coon cat was given to me by  one of my cousins. She was a purebred Maine Coon cat. She arrived at my house in a large wooden chicken crate. My Father told me to look in the crate and I was delighted to  have a new car in my life. She had an excellent disposition and she got along fine with my other cats. They are not lap cats. They get along very well with children. I would carry her around the farm and she would wait with me for the school bus to come and take me to school in the morning.

She had long hair that needed to be brushed out. One time she got in a burdock patch and it took quite awhile to get all of those out of her hair. One time Fresca lost her entire coat of fur. It more or less just all came off one day. She grew back a beautiful new coat of of fur. Some cats will have this happen to them. They can get a fungus or groom themselves too much. Take your cat to your vet if she loses her coat as he can help her. I named her Fresca after the Fresca soda pop.  She was a wonderful and kind cat. She lived to 12 years old.

Years later I had Leonardo and he would sit under an old weeping birch tree with me while I did my Algebra. Leonardo lived to ten years old and he was a red tabby color. Years later I had Fluffy and she had several short hair kittens. Fluffy’s Father looked identical to her with long red tabby color hair. Fluffy’s Mother was a gray tabby cat. Fluffy had several cream colored male kittens and a calico female kitten. Her calico kitten had  a black and white male kitten and another calico kitten.

I adopted Snowflake from a woman who’s Mother died and she had to find a home for her Mother’s cat. Snowflake was very friendly and loving. She liked all of my other cats immediately. She liked to be patted and brushed. She died at about age fifteen.

About 30 years after I had Fresca a male kitten named Cool Cat was born on my farm and he looked identical to Fresca after 30 years had passed. I gave him to one of my cousins and he is a house cat and  he is a cherished pet.

I now have Peter a beautiful bi-color black and white Maine Coon cat. He was born on my farm. His father was a black cat named Onyx that was part Siamese, Persian, Himalayan, domestic short hair and Maine Coon cat. His Mother was a gray tabby. Peter loves to watch me when I feed him and clean out the litter boxes in the morning.

I adopted Nola. She was part Maine Coon cat and Himalayan. She had Sophia, Lorenzo and Maxwell. Lorenzo is still alive and well. The rest of the cat family died very young. Sophia lived to be six years old. Nola died at age four. Maxwell was only one year old when he died. The average life span for Maine Coon cats is 10 to 13 years. A few have made it to 15 years.

I hope you may have the pleasure of owning a Maine Coon cat at sometime in your life. They are wonderful, kind  and loving house cats.

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