Top Feline Holiday Gifts

I have purchased a lot of items from Chewy.Com and I have also reviewed items from Chewy.Com  for my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

My cats love the Holidays as they get lots of gifts and treats from me. I give them a variety of cat treats that suit that time of the season. My cats get gifts that keep them warm and comfortable during the winter season. They get a large variety of toys, etc.

Heated cat beds are a big hit with my feline family as each cat has his or her own heated little getaway. My cats like large round beds, little heated house’s, dome covered bed, window sill beds and heated mats. Large wool beds, memory foam beds, and beds that conserve your cats own body heat are a popular hit also.

Favorite cat treats for my large feline family are chicken flavored, tuna, pumpkin, turkey and organic made treats. They like dental treats, special holiday treats that are hard or canned. I put the treats in treat balls, a Temptations mouse and mind game treat dispensers that enhance your cats memory. I place the canned cat food in the lids of cottage cheese containers or cat food dishes. My cats also get new cat food dishes or bowls for Christmas.

If you have outdoor cats make sure their heated beds are working along with their heated water bowls. Have a building where they can get out of the elements quickly and safely and provide fresh clean bedding for them such as straw, blankets, etc. Use a large coffee can as a format to make a hole for their entryway.

My cats love toy mice that squeak or are filled with catnip and singing toy birds. Kohl loves green toy frogs. They like to play with small shiny balls. They like to play with crinkle balls and toys that light up in the middle. Conrad loves to play with a toy rabbit that he can pull its tail out with his teeth and it dances across the floor. He has played with it for four years and it keeps on dancing the night away. My cats  love to play with a stick toy that has a small fish that dangles at the end of it. My circular cat toys that have a ball that they can spin around the track is still an attraction for them. My cats next door absolutely love their new 62 ” cat tower. They play with the string  and rope on it and scratch and sharpen their claws and rest on the different levels and they love to look out of the window on the top pedestal bench. Chewy.Com is my cats choice for their Holiday presents and treats and goodies. I love the fact that I don’t have to go dashing through the snow because Chewy.Com delivers everything right to my door.

This year my cats presents will be new toy mice, memory foam beds, a new heated cat bed and lots of cat treats and more. They will be pampered and spoiled and loved to no end.   Hope you and your cats get the gifts you need and want this Holiday Season.

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Frisco 62 ” Cat Tree From Chewy.Com

I was provided a Frisco 62 ” Cat Tree From Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

The Frisco cat tree was very easy to assemble. The instructions on how to assemble the cat tree were spot on and I had it assembled and ready for my cats to enjoy in record time. I love the quality of the Frisco cat tree as it is very sturdy and well thought out. The Frisco Cat Tree From Chewy.Com has a scratching mat, a bed, several ledges and lots of scratching post and shelves, a rope to play with, a ball on a string, and a tunnel to hide in.

Russ and Faith were the first two to use the Frisco cat tree. Faith played with the rope toy and the ball and ended up on the top ledge looking out of the window. Russ licked my hand while I was assembling it and  the he rested on one of the ledges. Cali loved the cat bed and she curled up in it for awhile. Maggie sharped her claws and got them in optimal working order. Nicole came out of hiding to check it out.  Hilford played with the string rope and rested on the side shelf for a period of time.  Mr. Gray was on the top ledge later on looking out of the window at me as I walked bye.

Faith was looking out of the window this afternoon on the top ledge. I also noticed Cali taking a sunbath on the top ledge. My cats love to leap up to the different tiers and sharpen their claws in passing. Russ was moving his front paws up and down on the side board claw sharpener.

This morning Addi and Faith were enjoying the Frisco cat tree from Chewy.Com. Peter was on the top tier looking at me come to the house this morning. All of my cats next door love taking turns playing and clawing and sleeping on the Frisco cat tree. They love to leap to the different tiers and play with the rope toy and the hanging ball. They love to lay in the cat bed and play with the other cats tail as they walk bye. My cats next door are absolutely in love with their new Frisco cat tree from Chewy.Com.

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Should I Have a Male or a Female Cat ?

I have had both male and female cats over the years. There is not a lot of difference between the two sexes.

Male cats seem to put up with more then a female cat will. A male cat will let you hold him longer. Neutered Toms are very gentle and loving. Male cats that are not neutered may spray your furniture. My male cats have always seemed more relaxed and easy going then the females are. My male cats do not seem to live quite as long as my female cats have.

Female cats are gentle but are not as tolerant as the male cats are. The female cats like to be held on their own terms. A female cat prefers to jump own your lap rather then you picking her up and putting her on your lap. She will lay on your lap for a short period of time. My female cats do not like to be brushed for a long time. They like their grooming to be over very quickly.

Both male and female cats love to play with cat toys. Both sexes of cats love to be patted on their head and scratched under the chin. Males and females love to snuggle up in bed with you. Both male and female cats like a warm and cozy place for their afternoon naps. Male or female cats will give you a lot of joy and love.

I have had many male and female cats in my lifetime. Both the male and female cats have given me great joy over the years. Either sex of cat that you choose will love you the same.

Whatever sex of cat that you choose you will have a companion that will give you great joy and love for many years to come.

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Cats Toy Box

Cats like a variety of toys to play with. They get bored with the same old cat toy day after day. Cats like bright colored balls to chase around the house after or throw up in the air. My cats love toys filled with catnip. The catnip toys entice your cat into playing with the toy for a long period of time without losing interest in the cat toy.


Some of my cats favorite cat toys are : circle ball toys, small stuffed animals, toy mice that are gray,black or white in color, an air wand with a fish on the end of the string, plastic frogs, plastic reptiles, sparkle balls, singing bird. catnip filled toys of all shapes ,etc.

I watch what types of toys my cats like best and then when the cat toy is worn out I replace it with a similar cat toy. I have purchased a lot of singing bird cat toys, mice,balls, and catnip filled toys. My cats will spend a lot of time batting balls around in a circle toy for cats.


I purchased the robotic cat Zoomer and my cats were very fascinated with him. They would follow after him when he purred and moved his tail around. Zoomer made a loud hissing noise that rather shocked my cats for a little while. They decided the robotic cat was not so bad after all as he was not in competition for any of their cat treats.

I let my cats chose the toys they want to play with for the day. At the end of the day I put all of their cat toys back in their box. The next day some of the toys from yesterday reappear along with different toys. Sometimes a toy they seem to have forgotten about will be a new highlight of interest for them once again.


I buy a lot of my cat toys online and at my local pet stores. I like to watch demos of cats playing with cat toys in stores or online as it gives me some sort of an idea on how my cats may interact with that particular cat toy. I hope you and your cat will be entertained for hours with your cats new toys.

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Tom Cats and Their Own Kittens

My Tom cat Peter is an excellent father. Peter loves to watch his kittens at play. He lets the kittens play with his tail now and then.


I have watched Peter looking at his kittens. One day he was sitting on the floor just staring at his kittens as if he could not believe they were his own kittens. Peter will sit up on a high shelf and watch his kittens play until he falls to sleep. Peter will wrestle gently with his kittens. I have seen him with his paw wrapped around one of his kittens.

Hilford and Sherlock love to hide back of a piece of plywood with their father Peter.He is never mean to his kittens. Peter never growls or hits his kittens with his paws. He is a very kind and loving father. Sherlock was scratching the scratching post one morning and Peter joined in.

If Peter thinks his kittens are not behaving correctly he will step in the middle of their disagreements and break up any bad interactions between his kittens. Mr. Gray likes to wrestle with his father. Peter always plays with him gently and kindly.

Peter loves to be up on a shelf or cat bed shelf or laying back of his piece of plywood. Peters mother was very shy and Peter takes after her. Mr. Gray is very outgoing and playful. Hilford and Sherlock are very shy like their father.

I gave Leo and Cleo away to a very loving and caring home. They were more outgoing and playful like their mother Addy. Leo and Cleo like to sit up on something high like their father does.

Peter worships his kittens and he watches over them each and everyday. His kittens love to take a nap next to him. I will find them with their paws wrapped around each other in total comfort.

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Taking Care of Your Pregnant Cat and Her Nursing Kittens

Make sure you take your pregnant cat to your vet to make sure she and her kittens are well. Keep your pregnant cat in a safe and warm area.

When I have a pregnant cat I give her extra vitamins and food supplements in her daily diet. I also start giving her powdered milk mixed with water. I give the pregnant cat fancy canned cat food or tuna canned in water. I want her to be in prime condition before she gives birth to her kittens.

Make up a clean area for her to have her kittens in. A box with old towels or blankets in it works well. For outdoor cats have an area that is enclosed with fresh hay or straw in it. You will want the kittens to stay warm and dry after they are born to prevent sickness later on.

Kittens are born 63 days after their parents mating. Your Mother cat will generally have one to eight kittens in her litter. Once your female cat gets to be sixteen years old she stops having kittens. Several days prior to giving birth your Mother cat will be very restless. She will go to the box where she will have her kittens and rearrange the towels in her box. It generally takes three hours to one full day for her to have all of her kittens. If you notice your cat having trouble giving birth call your vet ASAP.

After the kittens are born I still give my Mother cat extra fancy food and powdered milk mixed with water. You want to keep her extra healthy since she is losing nutrients when her kittens nurse her. If she is healthy her kittens most likely will also be healthy.

Some of my Mother cats have had their breast get raw and bitten by their kittens. I take a small round bandage and place it over the raw breast until it looks healed. Your Mother cat will feel much better by you putting the bandage on her injured breast.

I hope your cat has a healthy litter of kittens. Remember to give your kittens all of their necessary shots at your vet.




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Picking Out A Kitten



Before picking out a kitten remember your kitten’s life span is possibly up to eighteen years or longer.

Make sure the kitten is the most outgoing one in the litter. It’s eyes should be bright. The tail should be upright. The hair should look bright and shiny.It should be very alert to its surroundings. Make sure the kitten interacts well with you.

Do you want long hair or short hair for your kitten? Make sure the kitten has gone through a vet check. Do you have enough time to train your kitten? Do not bring a kitten into a house with an elderly cat. Your old cat does not want to be tormented by a young playful kitten.

Christmas has come and gone and chances are you know someone who has received a kitten for Christmas. I have found from experience that it is good to have the following on hand when you bring home a new kitten:


  • litter box and litter scoop
  • kitten food
  • K and H heated cat bed
  • assorted kitten toys
  • water bowl
  • cat/kitten litter
  • food bowl
  • pet grooming tools (claw trimmers, brush,comb,shampoo,and toothbrush)
  • pet first aid kit
  • a book on kitten care

Check your kitten for ear mites as it is no fun to have the kitten scratching at its ears. In case you don’t know what ear mites look like, they look like little microscopic pieces of black sand. If your kitten has ear mites I would recommend taking a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide and rub that around in their ears.

Make sure you have time to play with your new kitten. I like a stick that has feathers on it for them to bat around with their paw. Have plenty of bright colored toy mice  and balls to keep them out of mischief.

How are you and your new kitten adjusting to each other?

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