Things That Will Please Your Cat

My cats like to eat a little bit of fresh or dried catnip now and then. Cats love a little tuna canned in water or a wonderful cat treat. Garfunkel loves to eat a few fresh spinach leaves in the morning when I make an omelet. Cats love to lick out cottage cheese containers or yogurt containers. Our neighbors once had a cat that loved to eat cooked asparagus. My cats like canned cat food that has pumpkin in it.

My cat Kohl loves it when I comb out his coat with a large comb for cats. All I have to do is show Kohl the comb and he comes running to have his coat combed out. My cats also like to have their hair worked on with a glove that has rubber barbs on it to remove their old cat hair.

All of my cats love their circle ball toys and catnip stuffed toys. For an interactive toy my cats love to play with the robotic cat Zoomer. Conrad likes to work for his cat treats. I put his cat treats in a dispenser that gives your cat a treat if they manage to roll it right to get the treat to come out of the hole in the dispenser.

Cats like fresh water and a clean litter box everyday. All of my cats love heated beds or heated windowsill beds. Cats like fresh towels in their boxes that they like to sleep in. My outdoor cats like a can of cat food to help them withstand the cold weather along with their heated beds and water dish.

Cats love to be held and snuggled on their terms. My cats love to be scratched under the shin and have their backs rubbed gently. Cats love to curl up on your bed at night with you. I hope you and your cat can please each other for many years to come.

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My Favorite Pet Grooming Tools

I prefer to use a comb for a person on my cat Kohl. Kohl loves to be combed out with an ordinary comb. I like to to use a wire comb for cats that have long hair. My Maine Coon cat Snowflake would get mats in her fur. A wire comb is very effective in removing matted hair.

I use a nail clipper like I use for myself to trim my cats claws. I find it easier to use then the cat clippers. I never trim too much off of their claws at one time. I always try to avoid trimming too much off of their claws because I do not want to cut into the quick of their claw. Cutting into the quick of their claw can result in excessive bleeding or an infection.

I have an old rubber glove with little rubber prongs it. This glove works quite well on removing loose hair from your cats coat. I purchased the rubber glove from a pet store about ten years ago.

I have several brushes that I use for my cats. I have used baby brushes to brush out their fur. Baby brushes are good for kittens since they do not have aggressive bristles. I also have several cat brushes. One of my brushes is a rubber brush which seems to work well for all hair types of cats. I have several brushes that have a handle on them with medium bristles. A medium bristle brush works well  on short and long haired cats. I  have one brush that has wire bristles with rubber tips. I use the wire bristle brush on my long haired cats.

Always remember to start grooming your cat as a kitten. They will learn to tolerate being groomed at a young age. Trying to groom an older cat that has never been groomed before can be very challenging. They may not liked being groomed whatsoever and will try to bite and scratch you. Always talk softly and gently to your cat while you are grooming him as this will relax and calm him down.

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Why My Cats Throw Up

If my cats eat to quickly they will throw up. Garfunkel eats very fast and therefore he throws up now and then. If your cat eats a new kind of food that does not agree with him he will be sick.

Garfunkel 2

My outdoor cats love to eat grass when I let them outside for awhile. By eating the grass they will generally get rid of a hairball. If you do not groom your cats often enough they will throw up a hairball now and then. Cats need to be groomed more often in the spring and summer months since they are loosing their winter coats of hair.

Do not feed your cat too much on  one single day. If we eat too much in one day we do not feel to great either. Do not give your cat a can of cat food, cat treats and his regular dry cat food in one day as it will be too much for his stomach to handle in one day.

If your cat is nervous or upset about something he may throw up. When I leave on a vacation my cats throw up for a couple of days because I am gone and they feel uncomfortable having someone else take care of them.


Cats do not like any change in their daily life whatsoever. A new piece of furniture or a new house cat could cause their stomach to be upset. A house guest can make your cat feel nervous and uncomfortable. Moving into a new home will cause your cat to be very nervous and anxious. Your cat will not have any of his familiar scents in his new home and or territory. We are anxious also when we move to a new location. We wonder will we find a new job and make new friends quickly.

If your cat throws up over several days take him to your veterinarian ASAP as he may have a serious medical condition.

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A Cat Owners Daily Routine

My cats are my alarm clock. They generally wake me up by at least 6:00 AM every morning. They start out by walking on my stomach or licking my hand.

I feed my cats early in the morning and I give them fresh water to drink. I comb or brush my cats that tend to shed a lot. I generally manage to comb out a small clump of fur from each cat that I comb out.

I put my cats toys away every morning. It is always interesting  to see what they will pick out of their cat toy box to play with for the day. They always pick out at least two catnip filled toys. They picked out a red toy lobster, a white toy rabbit, a small green dragon toy along with the catnip toys today.


In the afternoon they take turns sitting on my lap while I pat them on their head. They like to sleep on top of my Grandfathers clock and on top of my refrigerator.

My cats next door take sunbaths during the day. They like to sleep on a window sill cat bed. Lorenzo and Russ like to sleep on a shelf that has clean towels on it that have been softened with fabric softener.


My cats next door get their litter box cleaned for a second time in the afternoon. Some of my cats next door rush to make a new deposit to their litter box before I am done cleaning them out.

All of my cats get an afternoon or an evening snack. They may get cat treats or canned cat food or tuna canned in water as a treat for the day.


My cat  Conrad likes to sleep on a rocking chair in the afternoon. Kohl likes to take a sunbath in the hallway upstairs in the afternoon. Garfunkel likes to sleep on top of the refrigerator,  Grandfathers clock and the China hutch.

I love my daily routine in caring for my awesome feline family. I hope your feline family has a wonderful daily routine with you.

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Taking Care of Your Pregnant Cat and Her Nursing Kittens

Make sure you take your pregnant cat to your vet to make sure she and her kittens are well. Keep your pregnant cat in a safe and warm area.

When I have a pregnant cat I give her extra vitamins and food supplements in her daily diet. I also start giving her powdered milk mixed with water. I give the pregnant cat fancy canned cat food or tuna canned in water. I want her to be in prime condition before she gives birth to her kittens.

Make up a clean area for her to have her kittens in. A box with old towels or blankets in it works well. For outdoor cats have an area that is enclosed with fresh hay or straw in it. You will want the kittens to stay warm and dry after they are born to prevent sickness later on.

Kittens are born 63 days after their parents mating. Your Mother cat will generally have one to eight kittens in her litter. Once your female cat gets to be sixteen years old she stops having kittens. Several days prior to giving birth your Mother cat will be very restless. She will go to the box where she will have her kittens and rearrange the towels in her box. It generally takes three hours to one full day for her to have all of her kittens. If you notice your cat having trouble giving birth call your vet ASAP.

After the kittens are born I still give my Mother cat extra fancy food and powdered milk mixed with water. You want to keep her extra healthy since she is losing nutrients when her kittens nurse her. If she is healthy her kittens most likely will also be healthy.

Some of my Mother cats have had their breast get raw and bitten by their kittens. I take a small round bandage and place it over the raw breast until it looks healed. Your Mother cat will feel much better by you putting the bandage on her injured breast.

I hope your cat has a healthy litter of kittens. Remember to give your kittens all of their necessary shots at your vet.




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Picking Out A Kitten



Before picking out a kitten remember your kitten’s life span is possibly up to eighteen years or longer.

Make sure the kitten is the most outgoing one in the litter. It’s eyes should be bright. The tail should be upright. The hair should look bright and shiny.It should be very alert to its surroundings. Make sure the kitten interacts well with you.

Do you want long hair or short hair for your kitten? Make sure the kitten has gone through a vet check. Do you have enough time to train your kitten? Do not bring a kitten into a house with an elderly cat. Your old cat does not want to be tormented by a young playful kitten.

Christmas has come and gone and chances are you know someone who has received a kitten for Christmas. I have found from experience that it is good to have the following on hand when you bring home a new kitten:


  • litter box and litter scoop
  • kitten food
  • K and H heated cat bed
  • assorted kitten toys
  • water bowl
  • cat/kitten litter
  • food bowl
  • pet grooming tools (claw trimmers, brush,comb,shampoo,and toothbrush)
  • pet first aid kit
  • a book on kitten care

Check your kitten for ear mites as it is no fun to have the kitten scratching at its ears. In case you don’t know what ear mites look like, they look like little microscopic pieces of black sand. If your kitten has ear mites I would recommend taking a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide and rub that around in their ears.

Make sure you have time to play with your new kitten. I like a stick that has feathers on it for them to bat around with their paw. Have plenty of bright colored toy mice  and balls to keep them out of mischief.

How are you and your new kitten adjusting to each other?

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