Singing Praises To God And More

We sing praises to God to show him how much we love and adore him. God loves it when his flock sings joyful songs that praise his Holy name. Christmas is the time of year that many songs are sung that tell about the birth of Jesus. Songs tell a story in a way that people can easily remember the story that is being told.  Christ the Savior is born at Christmas. Think of what your life would be like if Jesus had not been born in a manger years ago. The World would not be like it is now and our soul would be lost forever. Sing praises to God everyday.

Songs can tell about true life experiences. Loves songs tell of great love that endures forever. Love songs also tell about heartache and pain when their marriage ends in divorce. Songs tell a story about bad experiences that people have had to endure.

We can take comfort in songs that remind us of days of old. I can remember the lyrics to most of the songs that I heard on the radio or the record player,  and cassette tapes in the late 70;s and 80’s. Music awakens us and brings our memories back again.

Music can be very uplifting and stimulating. I listen to music while I am on my treadmill. I like to listen to fast paced music while I am on the treadmill as I tend to want to keep up with the rhythm of the song I am listening to . Music can relax a person and put them at ease and some music can set your nerves on edge.

Next time you listen to a piece of music try to listen to the story they want to tell you about themselves or someone or something in their life. Music unlocks some stories that may never have been told unless they were written in the form of music. Keep singing and telling stories that need to be told. Sing praises to God with Joy, Love, Hope, Peace and be grateful that God is always by your side.


47:6    Sing Praises To God, sing praises: sing praises unto our King, sing praises.

51:14-15 Deliver me from blood-guiltiness, O God thou God of my salvation: and my tongue shall sing aloud with thy righteousness.

O Lord open thou my lips; and my mouth shall shew forth thy praise.

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Be Considerate To Other People

What I witnessed at the post office the other day was very inconsiderate to all concerned. A woman came in to mail a package and said she wanted to mail it first class. The postmaster had it stamped and ready for her. She told him she decided on second class instead. He took of the old postage off and placed the new stamps on the package for her. She than had the nerve to say that now she had decided on third class. The postmaster removed the old postage once more for her. She turned around to see if people were waiting in line. She had held up ten people with her one package to mail. Kudos to the postmaster he never once got mad at her. Her actions spoke volumes about her personality. She was very demanding and inconsiderate to the needs of others and the poor postmaster that went way beyond the call of duty.

Put yourself in the other persons predicament. Think to yourself is that how I would want to be treated before you talk or react to a situation the wrong way. If you see someone struggling with a heavy package help them carry it if you are able to do so. Once a word pops out of you mouth it is said and remembered for many years perhaps. If someone is driving slowly on the road do not be rude and inconsiderate as they may have car trouble or maybe they are hauling something that may break if they would go faster.

If someone comes into an event late ask them why they were late before you over react. You do not have any idea how another person is feeling or what they have been through in their life. Never tell someone I know how it is because you have no idea whatsoever how it truly is. Be considerate to man and beast and always be kind.

I am all grateful for all the kind and considerate people that have blessed me throughout the years. Count your many blessings in life and remember to always thank God every single day. Be thankful for what you have been blessed with such as good friends, health, family, a house to live in and so much more.

As we approach the holidays I reflect back on how I was blessed to have wonderful and caring parents, friends, and family.  I have been blessed with many wonderful pets in my lifetime. Pets are very loving and are a wonderful blessing indeed. Be considerate to your pets and always give them the best care possible. I am very thankful for all that I have been blessed to receive. With God, family, and friends by your side you are very blessed everyday. Thank your family, friends and God in your prayers as you sit down and eat together this Holiday season. Blessings to you and yours and your pet family. Be considerate to the needs of others everyday.

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Life Is A Continuous Adventure

Life keeps moving along and waits for no one. Make life an adventure that you can grow from and learn and experience something new everyday that you are here on earth. Life can be challenging so take on the challenge and keep moving forward in your life. Life is what you make of it to some degree. If you always look at the glass half full it will remain half full no matter what. You can make the glass full and overflowing if you allow it.

Your Time on Earth is a Valuable Gift

View your time on Earth as a valuable gift. Help others to see how their life has impacted others to achieve things that they never thought they could. Be a cheerleader for people and thank them for everything they do day after day that helps the lives of so many.

Be Adventurous

Adventures don’t just come to you. You have to set goals in your life and try your very best to get the goal accomplished in a time frame that works for you. If you want to further your education find a college that works for you. You may want to take online classes as that will work better with your current job.

Embrace Your Illness and Still be Adventuresome

Health problems will slow you down on your goals and adventures. Seek adventures that will work with your current health problems. It may take longer to get to where you really want to be but you will get there. Remember to embrace your illness so it does not empower you. Do task and adventures that are not taxing on your health.

Traveling is Relaxing

Travel can be very relaxing if you stay in the same location for several days. I like to shop at the different stores and eat the various foods that the countries have to offer. I enjoy looking at the scenery and the architecture of the different buildings. I love to listen to the tour guide tell about the history of the country and the area that we are traveling in.

Never Miss Out on a New Adventure

Never miss out on a new adventures in life. Life is too short so live life to its fullest potential. Discover and learn something new everyday that you our blessed to be here on Earth. Be kind,caring and compassionate to your fellow man. Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors and all it has to offer you. Don’t wait for the perfect moment for that time may never come. Go while you can for time waits for no man.


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Carrying The Basket

Some of us carry a heavy basket. If you see someone that is burdened with a heavy load help them carry the load. We have no idea what kind of a load a person has to carry on their shoulders day after day. Some people seem to get by by having the other person always carrying their basket for them or are they ? God notices if you try to sneak by by not carrying your own basket. People often see minor flaws in others but do not see their own major flaws.

If one person in a group does all of the work all of the time it is not fair to them. Everyone must put an effort into getting the job done and than so much more can be accomplished. Harry Truman said : it is amazing how much can get done if no cares who gets the credit.

When working with others make sure everyone has a job that they can work on for the betterment of the task at hand. We all have different talents so let people put forth their best effort with their particular talent. Remember to always praise people for a job well done. Never criticize the work of anyone that has done the best that they can possibly do.

Do not keep passing the basket down the line. An empty basket benefits no one. How do we carry the basket and pass it along to others. We have a common purpose or cause that others want to support. We want to help the less fortunate, the homeless, missions, our church and anyone that is in need of support and understanding, Carry the basket with as many people as possible and many people will benefit from the love and support that has gone into that one basket filled with love and support from God and his good stewards.

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Pardon Me

We say I beg your pardon if we have not heard a speaker and we wish for him to repeat what he has just said so we clearly understand what he said initially. To say  pardon me is a common courtesy when we have inconvenienced someone.

If we step in front of someone by mistake we say pardon me. When someone pardon’s us they forgive us for our offense. If we have been discourteous we should say pardon me. We should be more courteous to the needs of others.

If a Judge pardons you he has released you from your punishment or infraction of the law. Many prisoners have been granted a last minute pardon over the years that has saved their lives. Some prisoners have been granted a full  pardon that gives them back their rights they had initially.

We ask God to Pardon us when we ask him for forgiveness for a terrible transgression. All of us have sinned and fall short of Gods glory. Gods forgives us for our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us. We should learn from our sins of the past and never repeat them.

We should pardon people for their mistakes. All of us have made plenty of mistakes in our lifetime. We should admit our mistakes and learn from them. Do not make a mistake and try to place the blame on someone else. Own up to your flaws and mistakes and try each day to be a better person.

If you inconvenience someone make it up to them. Be courteous, kind, loving, caring, joyful and show great compassion toward your fellow man. Hold doors open for people. Spread Gods good works everyday and bring sunshine into the lives of others. Put a smile on someones face today. Remember to say pardon me for your discourtesy or if you have inconvenienced someone. Try each day to be a better you.

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Trust means that we have confidence in someone. If we confide in someone that means that we trust them with private, personal or financial information. Trust is not given quickly as it takes time to win someones trust. If a confidence is broken the trust between the two parties is also broken. It takes a very long time to earn someones trust back.


To have faith in a person we also trust that person. God has faith in us that we will strive to do the right things in life. God has given us the ten commandments as to how he wants us to live. We as Gods children trust in God as he has always been by our side.

Hope is a form of trust. We hope for good health, weather, friends and so much more. Without hope for a bright tomorrow you are lost. We trust that the sun will come up in the morning and will set at night. Our trust in God and his trust in us is a wonderful gift of love and hope that keeps us going and doing good things with our lives while we are on earth.

The old lyrics ” trust and obey for there’s no other way To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey”. To be happy in any relationship there has to be trust. Without trust you cannot form lifelong ties with someone. Blessed be the tie that binds is a Christian fellowship or shared belief. We all believe that trust is important to a tie that binds us together with God and fellow Christians. United we stand and divided we fall. Christians must unite for a common cause and worship and praise God together for all the blessings and great joys he has given to us. In God we trust today and into eternity.

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Why Envy People

We should be glad for people that have achieved their life long dream. We do not know what they have been through to get where they are today. We should never be resentful of another’s good fortune or achievement.

If you feel pain at the sight of another’s good fortune or achievement you are not really happy for them. We should as a good christian be happy for everyone’s good fortune. Achievements do not just get handed to one on a silver platter. People work hard for their achievements.

Envy is bad when you are not elated for your friends accomplishments. Envy is good if you have a longing for something and you work hard and earn the item that you have desired. Praise people on their accomplishments and do not resent them.

If you want another person’s possessions think twice about that. Maybe their possessions have weighed them down and consumed their whole life. Owning something does not make you happy. Friends and family make you happy. Possessions wear out and get sold.

If someone you know has a desirable attribute think to yourself how can I become more like them and do not resent them for it. Strive to be the kind of person that God wants you to be. Be helpful, kind, compassionate, caring, loving, peaceful, hopeful,joyful,faithful and a good steward of God every change that you are given.

I am happy when I see someone achieve their life long dream. Reach for the stars that are in the heavens as they will bring you to new heights in your life. Share your good fortunes with others. Use your achievement to benefit mankind.

God is faithful, forgiving and kind to all of mankind. God is overjoyed at all of our accomplishments and achievements in life. God wants his flock to do well on earth and share our accomplishments with others for the benefit of all. Do not be boastful. Give and never expect anything in return. Be gracious and thankful for all of the blessings in your life and pass them along to others.

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The Man Who Worshiped Money So Much He Left Everything Else Behind

There was a man so obsessed with making money that he ignored the fact that his own family was falling apart. His children had many problems that a good caring Father could have helped them with if he was only their for them. He was a humble man and did not put on Aires but his money came first before everything or anybody else.

He did not spend quality time with his wife or family. He walked right by a man wanting food when he came out of a restaurant with a to go box full of leftovers. He ignored the needs of his church family and he ignored what God  wanted him to do with his life. He never traveled and he never took time to relax. He hardly ever talked to people unless it was his financial adviser.

Time kept marching on and he still made no changes in his life his children now had children of their own. He did not spend time with his Grandchildren. He was now obsessed with the fact that he might not have enough money for a rest home in his old age. He worked and toiled away endlessly. One day his body gave out and he finally turned to God for help. He began to see the errors of his ways. He realized he had ignored the cries of the needy, his family, friends, church family and God.

He began to see what he had been missing out on in life. He was missing out on being loved and adored by his family. He had missed out on the beauty of nature and what God was calling upon him to do with his life that would help others.

The man who had worshiped money now worshiped God and family and friends. He now gave freely to the cries of the needy. He found out it is better to give than to receive. Money did not buy him happiness in fact it almost robbed him of everything that is truly important in life.

It takes a disaster or a near death experience to wake some people up to as what is truly important in life. Life is meaningless without love from family, friends and God. Money does not buy happiness or friends. Money can truly be the root of all evil if you worship it before you worship God. Do not let money consume or devour your life. Give freely to worthwhile charities and help as many people as you possibly can while you are here on earth. God bless a joyful giver.

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Worrying about things robs you from a day or more of your life. Worrying over anything will not change the results of the outcome. Do not sweat the small stuff in life as it is not worth your time or effort.

The worry wart worried all day long and he never made a difference in his life or the lives of others while he was worrying away his valuable time on earth. God knows all of our worries and troubles and he will take care of all of them in good time. Trust in the Lord for his love for you is constant and never ceasing.

Always put your best foot forward in life and you will always be one of Gods good stewards. Do not worry for God will heal or help you along lives HWY.  Remember not to worry for things will work out.

Do not give in to anxiety or allow ones mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles. Talk to people and realize their are other people that have gone through what you have gone through or worse. When you have doubts about the outcome of a situation try to avoid that situation. If you cannot avoid a situation ask others for help and pray to God for the help you need.

Do not stay in a state of uncertainty over actual or potential problems. A potential problem is a problem that has not occurred or may never occur. Do not cry over milk that has been spilled as it can always be replenished. Do not make a mountain out of an ant hill. Keep busy with friends travel, hobbies, reading and enjoying nature and live everyday to its full potential with no worries. God knows everything that you think about every minute of your life and he will carry your worries away. God will lead the way for a better and new tomorrow for you and yours. Go out and live your life as God wants you to. Remember God is always by your side or holding your hand.

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