Do Not Procrastinate

Do not say that I will get that done tomorrow for none of us know for sure if we will have a tomorrow. Do not put off what you can get done today for another day. Make good use of your time and move along quickly and efficiently. Get together with a good friend today and spend quality time with them.

Get Up Early

Get up early in the morning and you will be very surprised by what you can get completed in just one day. Do some book work, house cleaning, grocery shopping, blogging, washing clothes, vacuuming, lawn mowing or snow removal depending on the season and then relax and read a book or work on a hobby.

Sitting around thinking about what you should do will not get the task at hand done. Start your projects early so you are not over taxed by having a vast amount of things you must get done all at once. Have a list of things you want to work on everyday and keep marking them off your list as they get fully completed.

Never Procrastinate

Never procrastinate as you may end up with a mountain of repairs and bills that have to be paid all at once. Keep a running list of things that you want to get fixed or remodeled in your home. Keep up on your car maintenance also to avoid very expensive car bills down the road.

God does not procrastinate as he listens to our thoughts and dreams everyday of our lives. God answers our prayers in a timely manner. God is our compass and guide on earth. Let God guide you to get together with your loved ones today to enjoy each others company. Let God help you stick to a schedule that will strengthen your faith and get all of your task done in a timely manner that will please others and God.

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All of us have a struggle about something each and everyday in our lives. We may struggle with our feelings about a particular event or issue that has to be dealt with. We struggle with health, family and financial problems.

Life Can Be A Constant Struggle

Sometimes I struggle with trying to get the lid off a container of food or medicine. Putting a new piece of furniture together or figuring out your taxes can be very frustrating indeed. Balancing  family and work can be very difficult. Life is a constant struggle with something new and different each and every day. Without changes in our lives we would not evolve and we would be stagnant and dull. I want to learn new things and branch out and become more informed and in the now rather then staying in the past. The old saying goes  “nothing ventured nothing gained” and how very true that statement is.

At times we struggle with our own Christianity by saying why me when something bad happens to us. We must always remember all of us have different health problems and some are more serious than others are. God is always by our side and he knows our every thought and what we are going through. You are never truly alone with God by your side.

Breakdowns And Repairs

Our car can break down and we can be in debt for sometime until we get the transmission, engine or other damages paid off in full. We can have a major appliance breakdown,roof repair,tree damage, etc. If we save our money over time we will finely get these items paid off and be out of debt.

Remember God is Always By Your Side

Don’t let life’s daily struggles get the better of you. Talk things over with a trusted friend. Remember the trials of Job. God will help you with the many struggles we must all face in our lifetime. keep a positive attitude and let Gods light shine on you everyday.

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Never Expect Something In Return For A Kind Deed

God Knows if you do something out of the goodness of your heart or if you just want notoriety. If you want notoriety for your kind deeds they are not really all that kind. Christian love is full of kind deeds for others. You help your neighbors out because you want to help them. You volunteer at organizations and at church because it makes you and other people feel better.

Memorials that remember our deceased loved one is a good way for people to remember them as long as possible. Memorials that help other people and enrich the lives of others are a wonderful gift to benefit mankind for many years to come.

If everyone wanted notoriety for every good deed that they did the World would be in a really bad place. People find out when you do good deeds and you do not need to blow your own horn. Anonymous gifts are the best kind of gifts for you to give to organizations. With a charity auction do not charge them to auction off their items after all it is a charity that no one should benefit from except the charity that helps those in need.

God knows all of your actions and why you pursue your actions. God never gives up on us even with all of our flaws and problems. God hopes that we do good deeds from the kindness of our hearts and not just because we want something.

Let there always be goodness and kindness in your heart that shines on the lives of others. Make someone extremely happy today and always. Go forth each day with a spring in your step and joy in your heart. Remember today is the day the Lord hath made let us rejoice and be glad in it. Let others have joy in their lives as their is enough hurt in the World without you being unkind to someone. Do kind deeds out of the goodness of your heart.

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Active Christian

Are you an active Christian ?  Do you go out of your way to help someone in need ? Do you put a smile on someones face everyday ? Do you bring joy into peoples lives ?  I hope you can answer yes to all of these questions.

If someone is suffering try to ease their suffering to the best of your ability. Talk to people and comfort them with kind words of support and have empathy for them. The sound of someones caring and concerned voice can make all the difference in the world to the person you are talking too.

Help support worthy causes in your community any way that you possibly can. Help people in need in third world countries. Support charities in your hometown that help the less fortunate.

Surround yourself with like minded people and friends. Attend church and support your church in all the ways that you possibly can. Read your scriptures and study your Bible and practice the good works that God gives to all of his followers. Read a daily devotion and think about what you read throughout your entire day. Think about how you can apply the devotional reading to your day and how you can help others by what you read in your daily devotions book.

Greet every person that you see in church today if at all possible. Tell them I am happy to see you today and how was your week. Shake hands with people or give them  hug. Help people to feel that they are appreciated and loved with their Christian family. Christian fellowship is very important in your life and the lives of others.

Treat all people with the upmost respect in a loving, caring, kind, compassionate and Christian manner. People will notice and see Gods good works through you if you are a good Christian steward.

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The Beacon In The Lighthouse

May everyday of your life have a beacon shining brightly in it as the beacon in the lighthouse does to protect and guide you everyday of your life. God is a beacon that shines brightly in ours lives every single day of the year.

Be a beacon in peoples lives. Help keep people on the right path in life by setting good examples for them to follow. Guide young people at an early age to be nice to each other and to respect others.

A beacon leads the ships to shore safely so they won’t get destroyed by the storms in the seas. The lighthouse beacon has saved many a sea faring people. Be a beacon to others and lead them to safety in the storms in life. There are many storms in life just as there are at sea. Be a good guide and don’t let any of your followers get lost in the shuffle. The shepherd always guides his sheep and watches over them so they won’ t get eaten by wolves or just plain wonder off and get lost completely.


A lighthouse beacon is a guide at night so no one will get lost at sea. It keeps everyone safe at sea and is like a night watchman. The lighthouse bacon protects the ships by from being torn apart from stem to stern. Without our friends acting as lighthouses in our lives we can get torn apart from stem to stern. Be that beacon kind of friend that others will turn to in the storms of their life.

door county lighthouse

Always let the light in your heart shine thorough so that others may see it and project their light onto the world also. Without light we would be in total darkness to the needs of the people we love or like, cherish, honor, respect and wish to comfort and support and help in the storms of life.

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Watch How You Use Your Position In Life

Use your position in life wisely and with a kind, loving and caring heart. Do not throw your weight or position around. Treat all of your coworkers with the upmost respect. Treat everyone as your equal as nobody is any better than anybody else.

Some people are born into their position in life and others have worked hard for it. Remember to always help other people that are less fortunate then you are. Never look down on people as you do not know their background or what they have been through in their life. Only God can judge a person.

Some people sit high in their empire and count their money never giving a thought to how they could help others less fortune. You never know you could get fired and be the person that needs a helping hand. Would you want others to treat you like you have treated them if not get your act together before it is too late.

Remember Jesus died for our sins so we will have eternal life. If Jesus would have put his position above ours we would never know eternal life. We would just die and that would be the end of us for all eternity. Jesus put his love for us above his own self preservation. A true friend will put his love for you first and then he will tend to his needs.

A position does not mean much if you do not use it to help others. God gave you your position for a reason. Think to yourself why did God give me that particular position and pray to God to help you use your position in society correctly. Think of something that would help someone out everyday with the job or position you have in life. Use your position wisely for the betterment of mankind.

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Be Polite

It is just as easy to be polite as to be rude. If you see someone needs you to hold a door open for them do it and you will probably receive a big Thank You. Being polite is not as common as it used to be. We as a caring society have to think of the other person more. If you were in need and no one was polite or nice to you, you would feel worse than you already were.

We have to be more accountable for or actions as they affect many people. There is no place were it is OK to be rude and uncaring. If you have an issue with someone talk it over without bad language and be done with it. Do not not let things fester in you and get out of control with your emotions.

If you see someone in need of assistance ask them how can I help you. All of us need assistance now and then. It would be absolutely horrible if no one ever came to help you. Think if Police, Emergency  workers, Firefighters , Doctors, Friends and more never came to help you. We would not have any polite and caring society left.

Common descent say  is all that it takes to be polite and caring. Try to be polite to more and more people each and everyday. Help someone carry a heavy package. Sit and talk to someone that is sick, in the rest home, has lost a loved one and more. Being polite means that you care about a persons well being and that you are concerned for them in every aspect of their living.

I have no time for rude and obnoxious people in my life. If you cannot be polite and talk out  your problems in a friendly and kind manner you are not polite, politely.

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Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a day to let someone know that you love them. You can send them a card, take them to nice restaurant, give them a dozen roses, etc.

Romantic Evening

If you are married a good idea for Valentines Day might be candy, flowers or a nice romantic getaway vacation might be nice.  Men a gift of jewelry for your girlfriend or wife would be very much appreciated by her. You could take your wife out for a romantic dinner or stay at home to watch a movie and sit down by the fireplace. You could cook your a husband a five course meal for the evening and have a candle light supper.

Valentine Cards and Candy

Send your friend a Valentines card and let them know that you care about them and love them. You can give your friend a box of chocolates or take them out for lunch or coffee to show them that they are appreciated and loved.

Everyone likes a big box of  Valentine Day candy. Some people will prefer dark chocolate and others milk chocolate in their box of delicious candy.

Valentines Day for Kids

For young children let them send kids Valentines Day cards to each other. The little boxes of hard Valentine candies that say I love you, etc. are candy that they can exchange with their friends. Kids love to make their own Valentines Day cards out of construction paper that they will give to their parents or other children that they know. You as their parent can help them with this project and then put the finished Valentine on your refrigerator door.

Valentines Day for Pets

They also have Valentine treats for your pets that are edible and that will let your pet know that you love them unconditionally. I noticed a Valentine Day card one day at a store that had an edible dog bone in it. Stores also have metal boxes with cat and dog treats available for your fur babies special day.

Let your loved ones know each and everyday that you love them. God Bless you and yours.


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What Is Your Net Worth In Society As A Person ?

A person is not defined as to what he is worth financially. A person is defined as  to what he is worth in society. Do you help other people by listening to them, being kind and helping them in any way that you can ?  If you always help others in anyway  that is possible your net worth is highly appreciated by God and the people you help.

If you help someone that is down and out it should make you and them feel better. We are put here on earth for the same purpose which is to love others and to love God. Take two or more hours out of your day as often as you can to listen to someone and help them with an issue they might be struggling with. You will find out we all have things to share with others that will help them out.

Be a person that others can depend on. If you make a promise to someone stand by it. To be a friend to someone you have to be a true friend to them in every sense of the word. A rainy day friend is about worth what a rainy day is worth after a downpour.

If someone puts their trust in you with a private thought keep that thought absolutely private. If they are seeking your advice on a delicate manner remember to never share that with anyone. Trust does not come quickly but it can disappear in the blink of your eye.

God knows your net worth in society for God created all of us. Show others and God that your net worth in society is  very much needed. Be consistent when you pray for others that are less fortunate than you are. Give to worthy charities whenever you can. Always be kind, considerate, helpful, loving, caring and bring joy to someones heart every single day. God bless you as a person who ‘s net worth in society is priceless.

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Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Williamsburg, Virgina

The Bruton Parish Episcopal Church was built in 1660 and was established in 1674. It is an active Episcopal church with a vast history. The men of the Revolution who attended were Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Patrick Henry and more. Parishioners sat in boxed pews, their walls provided privacy and protection from drafts. A vestory book from 1716 ordered that men sit on the right side of the church and women on the left.

Historical Church

The church served as a hospital and storehouse during the battle at Yorktown and a hospital during the civil War. The church is named after Bruton, Somersetshire, England. Rev. Goodwin restored the church in 1907 and 1937. Bruton Parish Church still has church services, the 300 old parish.

My friend and I went to a church service on Dec. 16, 2018. There pastor was excellent and she gave an outstanding sermon on the high up pulpit in the church. The acoustics in the church were amazing. When people sang it was as if angels were singing. The parishioners in the Bruton Parish Church were very welcoming and very friendly. I felt as if I were attending a service at my own church. We had communion which was served  by each person drinking out of a silver wine cup and eating  piece of unleavened bread.

Sermon as it was years ago

We also went to an old fashioned church service at Bruton Parish Church in the afternoon. It was called ” The Comet Comes To Williamsburg”. It was the re – enactment of George Whitefield’s dynamic presentation of a stirring sermon. He was very loud without any loud speaker and he gave you a lot to think about with his stirring sermon. He was dressed in the complete attire that a minister would wear at that time period. He had a white wig on, a black robe and buckle shoes. Bruton Parish Church is getting a new Pipe Organ that will have a total cost of 1 million dollars.

I loved the vast history of this beautiful and magnificent church as you can truly feel that God is present in this church.

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