Are you putting your best effort into every job that you do ? I hope that you are and then we can say you are doing an excellent job. Always complete any job that you do to perfection. God is wonderful and perfect in everything that he does.

When working with people be wonderful to them so you can be worthy of their trust in you. Visit with people in a kind, caring, compassionate and loving manner. When helping someone always do an exceptional job that you can be proud of. If you are not proud after you complete a task, job or chore you have gone about it in the wrong way.

Be outstanding in your community and offer a lending hand when necessary. Get involved with things that will benefit your community. Read your local paper and see what is needed in your community that you could possibly help with. Sometimes it just takes one person to make remarkable changes that will benefit many people for years to come. Check on up coming projects in your community that you may be willing to support monetarily or volunteer your time to.


Be an admirable person with outstanding values that you can pass on down to future generations. Be a respected person in your community and always act in a respectable manner where ever you go and  in what ever you do. Always watch your mannerisms and your language. It is OK not to agree with someone but it is not OK to call people names and make fun of them. We all like different things which is a good thing because think of how boring it would be if we all liked the same things in life. We would all be driving the same color and kind of car, etc.

Be excellent, admirable, worthy and a truly wonderful person in this World that helps others always in positive ways day after day.

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Finding Common Ground On Uncommon Ground

Sometimes it is hard to find common ground in a particular situation. You have to put yourself in the other persons position. We all feel and view things in different ways. In dealing with someone you must think to yourself would I accept what they are proposing and if not why should they accept it.

Life is full of trying to find common ground with people in different situations that present themselves in life. Contracts get ironed out so both parties can feel comfortable with a purchase of some kind. If you stand your ground without considering the other parties dilemma you will never get anywhere near common ground with them.

If a person has been hurt or injured they want someone to listen to them and help them out so they can feel whole again. If your car gets hit you want the party responsible to make your car look like it did before the accident occurred. I have had people damage something of mine thinking I would not notice. People notice when their items have been damaged and you did not make them whole again. If you borrow something return it in the same or better condition than when you received it from them initially.

Common ground and common sense go together. It takes common sense to find common ground with people. You have to see the big picture and how the outcome will affect many lives not just a few lives. Every action and event has a trickle down affect for many years to come.



Common ground must be found in business transactions, marriages, travel, government and all forms of dealing and interacting with people. You must compromise with people as you do not want to antagonize them. Without common ground we do not make progress and we do not move forward in a positive manner.

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Getting Prepared For Heaven

We should be prepared at all hours of the day to arrive at the gates Heaven. We all have a time to be born and a time to die as it is written in the Bible. We don’t know the day or the time that we will die so we should spread Gods good works everyday. How do we prepare to meet God in Heaven ? We should praise God daily and follow the Ten Commandments.

Be the best person that you can possibly be everyday. Love others and lift them up to new heights. Help the oppressed, needy and the poor as much as you can. Live a life that you can be proud of and that will make God proud to have you as one of his children.

Study the Bible and reflect on its contents in your life today. Talk with others about the Bible as you can learn much from each other. Live a life with purpose and meaning and be sure to teach others what you have learned. Be kind, loving, faithful, gracious, compassionate, hopeful, peaceful, helpful and giving to your fellow man.

Be a person that other people love to be around. Make people laugh and have joy in their lives. Become a go to person for people. If anyone needs help give them help freely and willingly and do not expect anything in return. Help  with fund raisers, church needs and functions and care for those that cannot care for themselves. Be an advocate for those that cannot protect themselves anymore. If you see someone being wronged try to help them make it right.

Ask God for forgiveness when you have sinned and try to never repeat the sin again. Live the life that you know will benefit as many people as possible. Strive to make God happy to have you in his flock as a lamb of God.

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Staying Fit With God

Staying fit with God takes time. Gods followers stay fit by be good stewards, learning more about the bible, spreading the good word and so much more. Go to bible study groups in your local church or take on line courses. Always embrace learning and share what you have learned with as many people as you possibly can.

Read a daily devotional as you start out your morning and reflect on what you just read. Put yourself in the devotion that you just read and think  how it will affect your day or the people you know in your day. Can you see this devotional read in yourself ? Can I use it to improve my relationship with God and others ?

Surround yourself with people that feel the same way about the bible as you do. Help people who have lost faith due to the death of loved one, divorce or an illness. Let them know that God is always by their side even when it seems the situation couldn’t become worse. God knows all of your needs and wants. We get impatient with God at times and want things right now. God will give you what you need in his own time and when he thinks you can handle it. God is a constant in your life and he will never abandon you. Sometimes we feel alone in our darkest hour as no one is near. God is always right next to you with his arms embracing you forever.

Children of God stay fit. Resist temptations that want to pull you away from God. The devil tries to tempt all of us at one time or another. Do not turn to false prophets for help from the storms of life or you will truly die with them by your side. Only God can save you from sinking sand. God is a constant and loving friend that holds you up and is your cheerleader in life forever.

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Love Is What Life Is All About

Love is what life is all about. You cannot be a great leader unless the people that you represent love you and respect you. One of the ten commandments is :  love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Without love from friends and family what would be the point of doing anything. We love those we care about and we want the best for them out of life. To lay down your life for a friend is the great form of love. Think of all of the service men that have laid down their lives to save us and their friends.

Jesus gave up his life on the cross so that our sins may be forgiven and we may have everlasting life. Those that believe in the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost shall not perish but have everlasting life and dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

To love someone is to commit yourself to their well being and always to be concerned about them. You put your love for them above the love you have for yourself. If you love someone you are kind, compassionate, gentle, caring, considerate and you never want any harm to come to them in any shape or form.

Without love in our relationships with other people what would be the point. The point of life is to help others get through the hard times and share the good times with them also. In the best of times and in the worst of times we need love in our lives to survive in this World.

Tell friends and family that you love them often. It is always nice to be loved and appreciated. Take a friend out for lunch or coffee as this will let them know that you think about them and that you appreciate and love the fact that they are part of your life. God Bless you and your loved ones. Let people know that you love and appreciate the kind acts that they do for you in day to day living.

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Spiritual Maintenance

We maintain and update a lot of things in our life. We check our furnaces once a year to make sure they are in prime optimal condition for the cold winter months. We recharge  our air conditioners in our cars so we will be nice and cool in the hot summer months.

Maintenance Is A Constant In Our Lives

Our homes need new roofs every 25 to 50 years. We need to replace worn out appliances and more. General maintenance is constant in our lives. If something is well cared for and maintained it will last for years. A house left unattended will turn into shambles in a very short amount of time.

Maintain Your Relationship With God

If you do not maintain your relationship with God your life will turn into a train wreck because you will end up on the wrong track in life. God will always guide you in the right direction in your life as long as you let him be your guide in life.

Spiritual Maintenance

We must all have spiritual maintenance in order for our spirit to live on into eternity. Let the Bible be your guide to keep you on track for a rich spiritual life. Tune into the sounds of nature and always be alert as to what God is calling upon you to do with your life. We will all take many and different paths in our life that will benefit or hurt others. Try to stay on the path that always helps others. There are many temptations in life that will try to rob you of a rich spiritual life with God. Do not be tempted by what the herd is doing as it is easy to be a follower. Only follow what God would want you to follow. If you follow someone make sure they are of pure heart and soul and they do not harm others. Help and uplift people everyday of your life and listen to Gods calling for you for your spiritual maintenance.

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What Does It Mean To Welcome Someone ?

When you welcome someone that has just entered the room you make them feel appreciated and warm and comfortable in the room. If you have not seen the person in along time you may hug them or say it is so wonderful to have you back again.

if you do not feel welcomed in a crowd or in a meeting you feel uncomfortable and on edge. If people stare at you or talk about you in the meeting you want to leave the meeting ASAP. Reach out to others and always remember to treat them nicely and kindly. If you see someone making unfavorable remarks about someone stop them from doing so if at all possible. Think before you speak because the spoken word is like a sped arrow shot in the dark that you will never get back again.


We welcome friends back home from a long trip or a soldier that has come back home from active duty. We love and miss our friends and family members dearly that have left for a long period of time and we rejoice when they are back with us once again. We hope to have a lifetime of wonderful and happy times and someone to travel through the world of life with. Friends and family that love us and we love them back make the world of life. Love is what life is all about. If no one loved you or cared about you what would be the purpose of life.

Sometimes when one does a favor for someone they say your welcome. Welcome means that you care and wanted to help make someones day be a little brighter. God will welcome us to heaven someday. God is kind and considerate, compassionate, gracious, forgiving, and loving and he always welcomes his children back home with open arms.

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Forgiveness Is Necessary

What does forgiveness mean ? It means that you let go and move on and you don’t hold resentments against the person. Remember to take any responsibility for your part in what you may have done to the person in question.

If you don’t forgive someone it will hurt you much more than it will ever hurt them. They will not lay awake at night thinking about it. Never go to sleep angry or holding a grudge against someone. Let it be water over the bridge and move on swiftly and quickly.

Forgiveness means to grant someone mercy, leniency, clemency and more. Free your debtor of his debts to you. To truly forgive someone you have to let go of all of your resentments toward them. Set the person completely free for any wrong doing that you think they committed against you.

God forgave you for your sins so you should forgive others for their sins against you. Forgiveness is not always easy. We must remember that we all fall very short from being the perfect human being. Hard as we try to be good to people we still fall short. We should strive to be a better and more forgiving person each and everyday of our lives.

When you forgive a person forgive them with your whole heart. Forgiveness does not mean condoning, forgetting, or excusing the offenses.  Do not harbor resentments toward others as this will eat you up inside and devour you like a wolf devours its prey.

You will feel like you have been set free as a caged bird when you forgive someone. Some people harbor a grudge against someone for years to the point that they cannot really remember what started all of it to begin with. Forgiveness is a wonderful and beautiful gift from God and remember to pass it on to others. Let people sing as the caged bird does when it is set free to spread it wings and fly.

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Hardships and Life

Do not be judgmental of people. You have no idea whatsoever of the battle scars and hardships they have gone through in their life. It might seem like a small thing to you but for them it has changed their outlook on life completely. We all have some battle scars that we carry with us everyday.

The baggage that we carry with us affects our relationships with other people directly and indirectly. We may put up a suit of armor when we meet someone for the first time. We may think the other person has one up on us and we must be on guard at all times for self preservation.

Being made fun of or picked on stays with you. You wonder will it happen to me again soon. If you cannot treat a person as you want to be treated stay away from that person and let them live their life in peace and harmony. Teasing is sometimes a form of bullying if it goes on too long.

If you do not like how someone dresses they may not like how you dress either. We have the right to choose our own attire as we see fit. We tend to wear clothes that we feel comfortable in and warm in. Some of us want the latest and trendiest fashions while the rest of us don’t really care about fashion trends. Fashions come and go.

You have no idea what a persons home life is like or what their job is like. Some of us get the ideal job in life while others get a job that they can barely make ends meet. If your mate has a horrible job they will not feel like cooking, doing chores and other household repairs. Let them rest and relax for awhile and talk over your day with each other. treat yourselves to a night out on the town once in awhile.

Always remember you have no clue whatsoever as to what a person has had to endure or go through in their lifetime. Some people can bounce back from adversity and other will carry the load on their back forever. Be kind, caring and considerate of other peoples feelings and remember only God can judge someone.

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Stormy Weather In Life

Some days of your life will be stormy and threatening as the weather is. Will you seek shelter from the storms of life or get sucked up in its vortex.

When you are feeling like your life is whirling out of control faster and faster seek help. Talk to friends about your problems as they may have the perfect solution to get you out of the vortex that you are in. Ask God for guidance in your life often. If necessary talk to a counselor as they have dealt with many different problems and situations in their career.

Never stay out in the storm too long for you may be swept away in its torrents. Seek a hobby, go on a trip to get away for awhile, change your career or whatever it takes to get you out of lives storms. Remember things will never get better until you ask for and embrace help for yourself.


Get a game plan for your life. Think where do I want to be ten years from now. What is the fastest possible way I can improve my life. Pray to God for guidance with your life. Ask God what can I do to serve you and others and help my self get out of this vortex that keeps pulling me in.

God wants all of his children to be happy and productive in life. There are all kinds of ways to be productive in life. Reach out to others and help them each and everyday. Volunteer , visit with people, and get a job that helps other people. Be one of Gods wonderful stewards.

Always reach for the stars in life as you rise up to be the person that God wants you to be. Life is short do not ponder. The storms will pass over you if you let them. Do not dwell on past storms in your life for clear skies are ahead for you with God by your side.

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