What Does It Take For A Happy Cat

A Happy cat loves to be patted and loved and appreciated. My cats love to sleep on soft, comfortable and clean bedding. Fresh water everyday is a must for having a healthy and happy cat. My cats love to have cat treats everyday and plenty of toys to play with.

Cats love to interact with other cats. They like to wrestle with each other and cuddle up together on cold winter nights. Sometimes my cats have their heads resting on each other as they take their afternoon cat naps. Cats love to lay close to you and lick your hand or play with your hair.


Cats love heated cat beds in the winter and heated water bowls. Cats also like fresh cold water in the summer months as their water heats up quickly outdoors on the toasty summer days.


Take your cats to your vet for regular checkups as an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as the old saying goes. Keep all of your cats shots up to date for your safety, your cats safety and the safety of  the people that help care for your cats while you are traveling.

Cats love to be groomed by you depending upon your particular cats likes and dislikes of certain grooming tools. Cats love to groom each other and they take a lot of pride in their cleanliness. A cat can spend many hour a day on just grooming itself.

Cats love to be showered with attention.  Cats enjoy fish, turkey, chicken and other good quality cat treats. My cats are happy when they are playing with catnip filled cat toys. My cats love to play with a fish on the end of a stick. All of my cats like tuna canned in water. Pamper your cat with love, treats and healthcare for a purrectly happy cat.


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Spring Cleaning for Your Cats Optimal Health

Start out your cats Spring with clean bedding, water bowls, food dishes,bedding, litter boxes and more. I wash my cats bedding in hot soapy water with fabric softener. My cats love fresh fluffy clean bedding to sleep on. I clean out each food dish and water bowl and replace old plastic ones that are hard to get 100 % clean. I clean the litter boxes outdoors with dish pan soap and a good firm brush or replace them with new litter boxes.


For farm cats replace there old straw bedding with nice fresh straw or hay if that is all that is available at the time. Clean up there food and water bowls. Check their heated cat beds for cracks or other hazards and have a replacement bed on hand for next winter. Heated cat beds are on sale in the late spring and summer months.

Clean the tile or vinyl floors or carpet in your house so hopefully you will not have to deal with fleas in your house and on your cats. I bathe some of my cats and I brush and comb out their hair on a regular basis. Change your litter often as fleas like to bred in dirty litter boxes and dirty litter that gets on your floors. Do not let your cats outdoors as they can pick up fleas from being outdoors. Fleas can cause health problems for you and your cat. If your cat gets fleas regardless of all your precautions take him to your vet to get treated ASAP. You will need to have an exterminator come to your home to get rid of your flea infestation.

Take your cats to your vet to have their teeth checked as bad teeth can cause a lot of health problems. Get all of your cats vaccinations up to date as the old saying goes an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ask your vet about flea and heart worm medicine for cats and a shot for feline leukemia. I hope you and your cats have a wonderful and healthy Spring.

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Dandruff and Your Cat

When any of my cats get dandruff I brush their hair and comb their hair quiet often. I generally remove a lot of hair which helps control their dandruff. I will give the cat a bath if that particular cat is tolerant to having a bath. If my cat has not had a bath at four months of age I will not give them a bath. It is too dangerous to give an older  cat a bath for the first time as you may get clawed up by a cat that does not like a thing to do with water.

It is also good to stimulate the hair follicles on your cat to help control dandruff. I have noticed the more I comb my cats hair the less dandruff he has. My cat Kohl actually comes to me to be combed out the minute I show him his comb. Kohl’s comb is bright red. I started combing out Kohl’s hair when he was very young.


I gave Kohl a water less bath yesterday. The water less shampoo smelled like pine needles. I applied the water less shampoo to some Bounty paper towels and rubbed it all over his hair. When I was finished Kohl’s hair was bright and shiny. I could no longer see any trace of dandruff in his hair. Kohl got combed out and then he got his water less shampoo bath for the perfect looking black shiny hair.

My cat Cali loves to have her hair combed and so does Russ. I show them their comb and brush and they are very tolerant to having their hair combed or brushed.


Start combing out your cats hair at a young age and they will look forward to having their hair worked on. Your cat will have the best looking coat of hair that is shiny and dandruff free.

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