Getting My Cats Winter Essentials

Heated Cat Beds

I buy my heated cat beds from I like the K& H brand heated cat beds as they last a long time and are completely dependable. Some of the cat beds zip apart and you can take out the element and wash the rest of the bed on a gentle cycle in your washing machine and then let the bed line dry in a warm basement or area of your home. I like the window sill, round and dog house style heated cat beds. Make sure the cords are in good shape on all of your cats beds and that they are in good working order before use to prevent any fires.

Stock Up On Cat Food And Litter

I stock up on cat food and litter as I do not want to be moving the heavy containers around when there is a solid sheet of ice on the ground. I love the fact that delivers your cat supplies right to your door. I order cat food, treats, kitty litter, toys and so much more from

Checkups At Your Vet

I make sure all of my cats have had their checkups before winter sets in. I make sure my cats shots are all up to date and their teeth are in good order. A happy cat is a healthy, loved and well cared for feline. By taking your cat to the vet regularly you may prevent a big health problem down the road. All of us want our feline friends to live their full nine lives.

Cat Toys And Exercise Wheels

Your cat will be more fit and trim with an exercise wheel in your home for cats. It will take your cats a little while to get used to using the exercise wheel. Cats running and pouncing on cat toys helps shed some of those unwanted pounds. I have some brain teaser cat toys to keep my cats minds more alert. My cats love cat treat balls. When my cats move the treat ball just right a nice cat treat rewards them for their efforts.

Canned Food And Cat Treats

As the temps. keep dropping my cats love to have more canned cat food added to their diet. My cats love canned food with squash or pumpkin in it along with chicken or fish. More food helps keep up their body temp. and their energy level. My cats always look forward to cat treats. My cats prefer chicken or tuna flavored cat treats.

Clean Up Your Cat Dishes And Litter Boxes and Bedding

I have fluffy towels for my cats next door to cuddle up in and I wash them before cold weather arrives. I take my litter boxes outdoors and clean them with soapy water and a scrub brush and I put rubber gloves on. All of my cat dishes get cleaned or replaced.

Keep Your Cat Free From Drafts

Make sure your door seals are in good shape and your windows are closed securely. Put your cat bed, litter box and dishes in a warm area for your cat. Never keep a cat outdoors that does not have shelter and a nice warm spot to curl up in and a heated water bowl and plenty of food. I hope you and your cats stay nice and cozy this winter.

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Warm Cat Shelter

Provide  a warm shelter for your cats for protection from the cold, wet and frigid weather. A building that has shelter from the wind and cold is the ideal protection for your cats in the stormy weather. A heat lamp helps take the chill out of the air. Fresh straw or warm dry bedding makes a cozy bed for your outdoor cats.

I like heated cat beds for my outdoor cats along with a heated water dish. Make sure food bowls are full of fresh cat food and water bowls are free from ice. Give your pets fresh water everyday to drink. Check on your pets often in the cold weather to make sure they are OK and heat lamps and heated beds are working properly.

Frostbite can occur quickly and your cat can lose the tips of his ears or have the pads of his feet frozen. Take your cat to your vet ASAP if you expect they have frost bite. Many cats die from distemper in the cold winter months if they do not have their shots up to date. If your electricity goes out have straw available that your cats can snuggle up in to preserve body heat.

Give your cats a lot of table scraps and canned cat food in the winter to boost up their immune systems and give them extra energy to survive. I like to feed my cats a high quality dry cat food that has a lot of protien in it and hardly any by-products. Feed your cat the best quality cat food that you can for their well-being.

Make sure your cats shelter stays dry and that they are free from drafts and wind. A small electric heater helps take that cold chill out of the building that they are living in. In case of a power outage have old blankets available for your cats to snuggle up in. Keep plenty of fresh dry straw on hand and make sure your cats have water that they are able to drink. Hope you and your cats keep warm and healthy as the weather keeps getting colder.

Taking Care Of Your Cat When He Is Outdoors

If you let your cat outdoors and he is  declawed he is absolutely helpless as far as defending himself against any animal that might wish to attack him and kill him. Keep an eye out for any stray animals that might show up suddenly and try to harm your cat.

Safety measures you can use to protect your feline friend.

Walk your cat on a leach especially designed for cats as most cat do not like to be on a leash. Place your cat in a cat playpen on a deck that is out of direct intense sun. Check on your cat often and make sure he is not too warm and he has plenty of water to drink. Put flea protection on your cat that is vet approved. Make sure all of his shots are up to date.

Our ever changing weather.

In the winter months frostbite can happen in a hurry. Sometimes the tips of a cats ear have been frozen and the tips fall off. Never leave any pet in a car in the summer or the winter months unless you are in the car also. The temperature in the car can change very quickly resulting in the death of your cat.

Watch what your cat is eating.

Your cat could eat plant that is deadly for cats outdoors. Your cat could vomit or have convulsions from eating a deadly plant. Call your vet ASAP if your cat is acting sick after being outdoors. Do not let your cat get near automotive oil, gas, deck cleaner, pest killers, paint and so much more. Once a poison is injected it might be to late to save your cats life.


Your cat depends on you for his protection.

Be aware of your cats surroundings as things can change in a heartbeat. Keep up to date with you cats health. Keep toxic chemicals locked away. Be a good steward in caring for your cat.

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Outdoor Dangers That Could Kill Your Pet Cat

There are many coyotes in the country and in the woods that could kill or injure your cat severely. Your cat could get into poisons. Many cats get run over on the roads. A wild animal with rabies could bite your cat.

Poisons and Chemicals

If a neighbor leaves his garage door open and he has mouse poison is his garage your cat could eat it. Mouse poison will send your cat into convolutions if ingested. Your cat will bleed out and have a very painful death. Antifreeze will kill your cat as it will shut down their kidneys. Motor oil, grease, chemicals,gas, diesel fuel and certain plants are very toxic to your cat.



Cats will vomit if they eat certain plants and many Christmas plants and bushes are toxic. Ask your local nursery or plant store if the item you wish to purchase is safe for your cat to nibble on because all cats like to nibble on plants. Do not let your cat outdoors if your lawn has been sprayed for at least 24 hrs. as cats love to munch on grass.


House cats have no idea about the danger that cars pose upon them. Cats like to curl up on the warm motor of a car or sit on top of the car tires. When you start up your car always look on top of your tires if your cat is outdoors. Many cats have died by being hit by cars, and sadistic people that try to run over them.

Birds of Prey

Large birds of prey can kill your kittens or even your adult cat. I saw an Eagle take off with a kitten in his mouth and then he dropped it on the road and it was dead. Dogs have been known to kill many cats over the years.


Fleas can be picked up by your cat outdoors along with ticks. They bite and bite your cat and treatments are expensive. You can get fleas from your cat and have to have your house treated to rid yourself from the infestation. Ear mites can be picked up outdoors also.

Keep an Eye on Your Cats

If you let your house cat out keep a constant eye on him as there are many dangers in the world that could take all of his nine lives. Watch your farm cats also. I like to take a head count of my cats everyday and if one is missing I look for them immediately.

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Having The Right Supplies For Bad Weather

I always have plenty of food on hand in my house for myself  and my cats. I buy up extra bags of cat food and kitty litter. I buy up frozen foods and canned goods and paper supplies. I have a generator ready to go if the heat goes off. I do not want to use propane heaters in the house as they can take all of the oxygen out of the air and you can die from carbon monoxide poisoning. I plug infrared heaters into the generator. The generator can power my well, refrigerator and more.

Always keep necessary medicines on hand as you do not want to run out of medicine in a horrible storm. I have extra heavy quilts and flannel nightgowns for winter emergencies. Keep flashlights on hand with fresh batteries. Have water on hand.  Keep plenty of gas in your vehicles.

What to keep in your car

I keep blankets, flashlight, flares, sand, candle, coffee can, a red handkerchief, food, water, saw, a tarp, gloves, hoodie, matches, shovel and other tools in my vehicles.When running your stranded car in the winter make sure your exhaust pipe does not get covered over by snow or you can die from carbon monoxide poisoning. Put a red handkerchief on the antenna of your vehicle so the snow plow won’t hit it and it can be seen easily.

what to do to stay safe

Before you work outdoors in bad weather have your fully charged cell phone with you. Let someone know when you will be out working and when you plan to return to your house again. Stay hydrated with plenty of water to drink. Take frequent breaks while shoveling and if you have chest pain stop working and call 911 as you have some kind of a medical emergency such as a heart attack or another major health problem.

Make sure your propane tanks have enough propane in them to get you through the winter months. Make sure heat vents and regulators are not covered over by snow. Clean a path to fire hydrants. Keep ice and snow off of your sidewalks for every ones safety.

How to dress for cold weather

Do not leave pets out in dangerous blizzards as they could get frostbite and freeze to death. Treat your pets as you would want to be treated. When I go out in cold weather I dress in layers and wear a hood that covers my face and a another hood over that one. I wear 30 below socks and lined boots and waterproof gloves.  You can get frostbite in ten minutes or less with dangerously low wind chills. Stay at home unless there is an emergency when there is eminent or bad weather. Get supplied for bad weather before it comes and stay safe and sound.

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Getting Your Cats Ready For the Cold Weather Months

Make sure all of your cats shots are up to date. The distemper shot is very important because a lot of young cats die of distemper over the winter. A cat with distemper loses weight quickly and has respiratory problems and diarrhea.

Make sure all of your cats heated beds are working properly. You can place a pillow in the heated bed and see if it feels warm to the touch if so your cats heated bed is working properly. Check and see if there heated water bowl is working on the first cold day of the season. I always keep an extra power strip on hand in case my old one quits working. I always keep two new heated cat beds on hand if one of my old ones quits working. Changes are that the old heated cat bed will quit working in the middle of a blizzard.


Make sure outdoor cats have a warm place to get out of the cold in the winter. An outdoor cat can get frostbite quickly and lose the tips of their ears. Cats paws can become rough and cracked and bleed from being outdoors on the cold ground and walking in the snow. My outdoor cats have a cat building and a heated bed and water dish and an old chicken nest with straw in it.

I give my outdoor cats extra food in winter to help them maintain their body weight and to help ward off sickness. Make sure your cat has fresh clean water to drink everyday. Check on your cats often in the winter to make sure they are were it is safe and warm.

I hope you and your cats have a cozy and safe and healthy winter. Make sure you and your cats stay indoors when the weather is bad.

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A Tom Cat That I Rescued

A sickly Tom cat came to my house years ago. His ears were frozen off and he was quite ill. I treated his frozen ears with antibiotic ointments. I put drops in his ears for ear mites. He had a horrible cough without diarrhea. I had penicillin on hand and I gave him a penicillin shot in his back thigh. I had asked  my vet what dosage was suitable for a cat before I gave him his shot.

He was beautiful white Tom cat. He did not seem to mind my constant doctoring. Tom started to put weight on gradually. He was very thin when he first arrived on our farm. He stayed in a vacant dog house with straw in it. I kept treating his ears and giving him penicillin shots. Tom started coming out of the dog house now and was eating with my other farm cats.

Tom would let me pick him up and carry him around the farm. Tom had penicillin shots for a week before he was completely better. Toms fur looked wonderful and his ears healed up and he was ear mite free. He was a handsome looking Tom cat now. Tom always slept in the dog house at night. I guess he felt safe in the dog house at night.

I could not find Tom one day. I had treated Tom everyday for about a week and a half. I looked for Tom for sometime but I was never able to find him. One day I went to a friends house and there was Tom. Tom looked happy and contented. I never told my friend that her new cat was Tom the cat I had nursed back to health.

I figured Tom got tired of my doctoring and decided to move on to a house were they did not pester him day after day with shots and other treatments. All I cared about was that Tom was healthy and well.

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Outdoor Cat Building

My Father made a building for my outdoor cats. He made the the building for my cats because he knew how much I loved my cats.

The building is made with 2 by 4’s and outdoor plywood. The cat building is insulated and is set on skids so it does not touch the ground. There is a shelf in the building that my cats can sit on. The one side of the building has an old chicken nest that is filled with fresh straw for my cats to sleep in. I have a shelf by the window in the building that is a good place for my   cats  to take a sun bath while they lay there. I have a heated stainless steel water dish for my cats in the winter months. There is an enclosed heated cat bed for my cats to get cozy in during the cold winter nights. I also have a heated mat with a cover over it.


The original cat flap wore out over the years. I made a new opening out of a piece of plywood. I took a large coffee can and marked around it on the piece of plywood. I used a jigsaw to cut out the opening  on the piece of plywood.


Raccoon’s where eating up my cat food. A friend told me how to make the opening raccoon proof. I took several pieces of  duct work for a furnace and fastened them together at different angles. The raccoon’s cannot maneuver the different angles and therefore they cannot get in my cat building anymore to eat up all of my cat food in the middle of the night.


I put an oil stain on my cat building every year to protect the plywood from the elements. My outdoor cats love the building that my Father so kindly made for them. I hope your cats have a wonderful building for them to keep safe and cozy in.

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