Growing Up On A Farm In The Midwest

I loved growing up on a farm. We had chickens, pigs, cattle and corn, soybeans and oats when I was young. I would follow my Grandfather all over the farm. My Grandfather found a small gray and white kitten in the field one day. She was beautifully marked and  we named her Flossie. She was an excellent mouser and she had many lovely kittens over the years. I would watch my Grandfather do his daily chores and ask him about what he was doing. My Grandfather died when I was about eight years old. I missed him and my Grandmother very much.

Watching And Learning

I started to follow my Father around the farm after my grandfather died. I would watch him and the neighbor make many repairs to farm machinery, lawn mowers and much more. My Mother worked in town as a Young Adult Librarian during the day. While she was working I spent time with my Father.  I would gather the eggs from the chicken house. As I grew older I would put oats in the oat seeder for my Father. My Mother would run the baler with our 560 tractor and my Dad and I would stack the bales.

My Farm Pets

My cats and our dog would follow me all over the farm. I had a swing set and one of my cats would lay close by while I was swinging back and forth. My cats would always wait with me in the morning for my school bus to pick me up. We had an old heated milk house that I waited in for the bus in the winter months.

Raising Runt Piglets

I helped raise two runt little piglets Ann and Jerry. Ann was a Hampshire and Jerry was a red Duroc. I made sure they were feed and watered and I tended to all of their needs. They grew very quickly  and then they went to market and the money they sold for went into a saving account for me.

Helping Out With Things On The Farm

I have always loved to walk around on the farm. When I was about 11 years old our pigs broke out of their yard. I noticed them and I got got them back where they belonged after I fixed the broken board in the fence. I could not find a board long enough so I spliced two boards together by nailing them from both ways and bending the nails over. My father never did replace the board that I fixed. The pigs never escaped again.

Working With Farm Equipment

I would empty the wagons when I was a teenager and watch the corn dryer to make sure it did not overheat. I also combined 80 acres of corn on a farm that my Father rented. I loved running the combine and watching the hopper fill up with grain. I would auger the corn out of the combine into my Fathers grain truck.

I Am Very Blessed To Have Been Born On A Family Farm

I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to grow up on a family farm with loving parents and Grandparents. I still love the farm dearly and I always try to make sure everything looks good as an honor to my parents and Grandparents.  God Bless all of the farmers and all of those who help them.

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