Halloween Pranks And Dangers

Pranks On Halloween

Years ago kids would over turn the outhouses and you were very unfortunate indeed if you happened to be using it then. Kids would exchange the neighbors gates and everyone would wake up with a different gate on there fences in the small towns years ago. Now pranks are not funny anymore as they damage buildings and hurt or kill animals or harm or hurt small children. In had noise makers when I went trick or treating as a child.


Years ago kids would get homemade popcorn balls, cookies, apples and other homemade goodies or change. Now kids get candy bars or an apple on occasion. You have to check apples to make sure no one put a razor blade in the apple that would harm your child today. Make sure the candy bar wrappers are sealed. Only let your kids trick or treat at peoples houses that you know or other events that are deemed safe.

Damage To Animals And Homes Is Not Acceptable

I have seen many homes egged over the years and it takes hours to get that off of your siding and you may have to repaint your home also. Kids have shot pellets  through windows on Halloween night. That happened to someone I knew that was in their nineties and they had to get a loan to pay for a new picture window.  Some people have sacrificed poor defenseless animals on Halloween night.

Keep Your Black Cats In On Halloween

An elderly woman had her black cat out on her porch on Halloween night and she heard a lot of  noise and several teenage boys had egged her poor cat to death. The poor woman was completely heartbroken and was crying uncontrollably as her cat was like a child to her. People will also sacrifice black cats on Halloween. A person is truly sick to harm or kill a defenseless pet.

Do Your Part To Make Halloween Safe And Fun For All

I went in a haunted house once for a Halloween outing in High School. It was fun and a little bit scary. Watch your kids at all times so they do not get hit by a car crossing the street in the dark on Halloween night. If you see someone vandalizing something yell or scream or call the police. Lets make Halloween like it was years ago were pranks or tricks did not damage property, pets, animals or children. Hope you have a safe and happy Halloween full of good memories for years to come.

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