Fall Cleaning 101

Starting Fall Cleaning

Start cleaning the hardest areas first or the jobs you like the least. By getting the jobs you do not like to do done first will give you more energy to continue with your cleaning later on. I look forward to finishing up the little jobs and living in a nice clean home from top to bottom.

I Clean My Upstairs Bedrooms First

I take things out of my bookcases and dust them off and get rid of some things. I put new paper in my dresser draws and dust out the towels on top of my dressers. I reorganize my closets and get rid of clothing that I no longer wear. I wash the curtains and clean the bedding. I dust everything and then I vacuum the rugs and wash and wax the floors.

Living And Dining Room Cleaning

I vacuum off my drapes and my furniture. I vacuum under all of my furniture. I clean out cabinets thoroughly. I dust all of the items inside and out of cabinets. I dust off each what not and clean all of the dishes in the corner cupboard. I put lemon oil on the wood furniture so it will shine and not dry out.  I clean out the bookcase and weed out some of my books. I then shampoo my carpets. I clean all of the windows throughout my house.

Kitchen Cleaning

Take everything out of your cupboards and wash them off and then put fresh paper in your cupboards. Clean up your stove and refrigerator and then polish them. Shine up your pots and pans with cleaners. Clean your microwave and shake all of the bread crumbs out of your toaster. Clean your washer and dryer. I put a cleaner in my washer that cleans up the wash tub. I take a lint brush to my my dryer vent to prevent a lint fire. I clean up my stainless steel sink with a special cleaner for stainless steel and then my sink looks like new again. I finish up by cleaning under  my appliances.

Bathroom Cleaning

Clean out your medicine cabinet and get rid of anything that is expired or medicines that you no longer use. I clean off the glass shelves with window cleaner. I clean out my storage cupboard and get rid of items I no longer need. Clean your bathtub and toilet thoroughly. I put a new battery in my bathroom scale in the fall.

Basement Cleaning

I clean out all of my cupboards and put fresh paper in them. I check the dates on all of my canned food. I defrost my freezer and reorganize everything that is in it so I end up eating the oldest meat first. I clean off my basement shelves and the items that are stored on them. I sweep my basement floor and then I wash it thoroughly. My cat litter boxes, food bowls and water bowls get an extra special cleaning.

Garage Cleaning And Tools

Clean the floors in your garage and set out mouse traps. Put an oil solvent or absorbent on any areas of your cement floor that may have gotten some oil on them. I wax all of my cars  and my garage doors and my air conditioner. Take everything out of your garage and get rid of those unused items. Clean up any dirty tools in your garage. Make sure your cars are serviced before winter. Have battery chargers in place in your garage along with a good trouble light. Put jumper cables in your cars along with reflector safety signs. Pack an emergency kit for every car you own. Make sure your snowblowers are ready for winter. Put fresh oil and sparks plugs in all of your snowblowers and make sure the chains are tight and the augers are in good working order. If you have a generator make sure it will start when you may need it this winter.

Miscellaneous Necessities

I replace all of my smoke alarm batteries, put a new filter in my furnace, replace light bulbs and stock up on heavy items before winter. Clean up and sweep out all of your outdoor buildings. Make sure the anti-freeze in your vehicles is ready for winter and have your furnace checked before winter. Replace all of the batteries in your flashlights. Have an emergency kit in your home.

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