What Not To Give Your Cat For Christmas

Do not let your cat eat any poinsettia leaves or any part of the plant. Your cat will most likely not be able to meow for about one week. Mistletoe will kill a cat if they ingest it. Chocolate will also kill your cat if they eat any of it. Do not feed your cats any bones as they could get lodged in their throat or cut their esophagus. Do not feed a lot of table scraps to your cat as he could throw up or get a horrible case of diarrhea. I only give my cats a couple of little pieces of turkey at Christmas.

I do not put up a Christmas tree since I have house cats. Cats can drink the water under the tree and some water has been treated with chemicals which keeps your tree looking better longer but will kill your house cat if they happen to drink that water. Tinsel will get lodged in your cats stomach or digestive system if they play with and then eat it. Cats can chew on Christmas lights, bulbs and more which could harm or kill them.

Give toys to your cats that do not have eyes or anything that they could pull off and eat as they could choke to death. Give your cat toys made for cats to be on the safe side. Never let you cats play with plastic bags as they could smoother to death quickly. Throw wrapping paper in the garbage quickly along with ribbons and strings. Strings are hard to remove from your cats mouth and they might be ingested as to where your cat would need surgery to remove the ingested string.

As you clean your home for Christmas gatherings remember to put away your cleaning supplies ASAP so your cat will not get poisoned by you because you got into too much of a hurry trying to get ready for Christmas. Hope you and your cats have a very Merry and safe Christmas this year and forever more.

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Tidy Cats Clumping Litter With Glade Winter Pine Scent From Chewy.Com

I was provided Tidy Cats clumping litter with Glade winter pine scent from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

The Tidy Cats litter with winter pine scent smells likely a freshly cut Christmas tree. Your cats litter box will smell like a Christmas tree this year with the wonderful scent of a fresh cut pine tree. Tidy Cats litter has strong clumps that are easy to clean up. Clean your cats litter box with warm water and a mild detergent between litter changes. Put 3 to 4 inches of Tidy cats litter in your cats litter box and remove solids daily.Tidy Cats litter is made by the Purina Company in the USA and is guaranteed to lock away odors.

Kohl was watching me fill one of the litter boxes with the Tidy cats winter pine scent. He could smell the pine scent. As soon as I went up the steps he made a deposit to the litter box. Later on in the day there were quite a few deposits in the litter box. I clean the deposits out of my litter boxes twice a day. Kohl seems to be getting in the festive spirit with his Tidy Cats Clumping Litter with Glade  Winter Pine Scent from Chewy.Com.

This morning Garfunkel made a deposit to the freshly cleaned cat litter. The cats and I love the pine scent as it makes the house smell like Christmas will soon be here. Your house will smell like Christmas when you use Tidy Cats Winter Pine Scent. Conrad always watches my other cats before he makes a decision about a new cat litter. He went over to the litter box and smelled the litter  and made his deposit. All three of my house cats are very happy using their new Tidy Cats Clumping Litter With Glade Winter Pine Scent from Chewy.Com. They really dig Tidy Cats Winter Pine Scent Litter. The litter smells like an old fashioned Christmas with a fresh cut pine tree all decorated for the Holidays.

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What My Cats are Getting for Christmas Presents

My cats get cat treats that are natural with no artificial colors or preservatives in them. They love turkey, chicken, salmon, tuna and a few other flavors. I generally give my cats treats Christmas Eve or early on Christmas morning.

I bought a few new heated cat beds for my cats. They love to cuddle up in these nice warm heated cat beds on cold winter nights. I also bought some heated windowsill cat beds. They love to lay on these and watch the birds outdoors while they are resting on their nicely heated window perches. I also have several heated stainless steel water bowls. I always buy the stainless steel water bowls because they do not break like the plastic water bowls do in the cold weather.


I have purchased several new toys for my cats. I have purchased singing toy birds for cats that are stuffed with catnip. I bought several bright colored balls and toy mice that are always a big hit with my cats. They will also be getting a stuffed miniature sock monkey and a Star Wars cat toy this year for Christmas.


All of the outdoor cat buildings have been filled with fresh straw and thoroughly cleaned before the cold weather set in. Always keep a heated outdoor cat bed and a heated outdoor water bowl for your outdoor cats. Fresh straw helps your cat stay warmer in the winter months.

I will be buying another circle toy for my cats this year. They love to bat a ball or a mouse around in a track on a circle toy. I will buy one that is brightly colored. Some of the circle toys have a a scratching pad for your cat to sharpen its claws on.


I make sure all of my cats shots are up to date along with their yearly checkups. A gift of good health is the best present you could possibly give your feline friend.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and all of your feline household.

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Cat Emergency

What to do if your cat is injured.


Your cat depends on you in an emergency. First you should try to figure out exactly where your cat is hurt.Remember minutes count in an emergency situation, you’ll want to have a first aid kit on hand.


What you will need in your first aid kit:

  • Gauze
  • Gauze pads
  • scissors
  • Ice Pack
  • Hot water bottle
  • Old blanket
  • Towels
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Eye dropper
  • Strips of clean cloth
  • Safety pins
  • Pepto Bismol
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • Wound powder
  • Boric acid eye wash
  • Razor blade

Approach an injured cat with extreme caution. Talk gently to the cat. If the cats ears are back and it is growling do not pick him up. I put a fish net over my injured cat and then I put him in a cage and take him to the vet.

One of my cats was bitten by a raccoon. She was bitten on the bottom of her foot. I cleaned the area with three percent hydrogen peroxide. Her foot kept swelling over several days. I took her to the vet, he gave her antibiotics. She recovered quickly.

If your cat has a wound and has excessive bleeding cover the wound with a clean cloth. Keep pressure on the wound until the bleeding has stopped. Take your cat to the vet ASAP to make sure he will be alright.

If  your cats chews on a poisonous house plant you should do the following. If he has not vomited, induce vomiting now by giving him a special solution you can buy from your vet until he vomits. Hold the cats mouth shut and slant their head up. Use a dose syringe and place at the corner of your cats mouth. Only give a little at a time allowing him time to swallow. Rub the throat gently to stimulate swallowing. If lack of breathing or convulsions occur take him to the vet ASAP. Have the solution on hand ahead of time if you have house plants that could possibly be poisonous.

One of my cats chewed on a poinsettia plant once. He could not talk for a whole week. He did make a full recovery luckily. I do not keep any houseplants  in my house anymore for the sake of my cats.

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Christmas and your Cat

Christmas is a festive time of the year. Let Christmas be safe and happy for your cat.

I quit putting up a Christmas tree about eight years ago because of my cats. I had three house cats and the oldest one climbed up the tree and knocked it over. I blamed the youngest one naturally at first.I saw the oldest cat climbing up later on. I never put up a tree again. Cats can eat and chew at tinsel,bulbs,string,etc. I once had a cat take a plastic bird off of my tree and take off its wings. My older cat looked at him like what is your problem don’t you know that is not a real bird.

My Siamese cat once swallowed a piece of string. I was able to remove the string from her mouth luckily.

Cats have had horrible internal injuries and surgeries from items they have ingested on Christmas and other occasions.

Error on the side of caution this Christmas for your cats well being. No one would want their cat to die from something they ate on Christmas or any other time of the year.

Merry Christmas Dear Cats.

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Cat Toys

When buying cat toys consider there color.

Cats can see in color but the colors are less vibrant. Cats have six to eight times more rod cells, which can detect light at low levels, than humans do. Blue, red, yellow and green are the easiest for them to distinguish between.


My cats favorite toys are small stuffed green colored dinosaurs, gray stuffed mice, a green plastic frog and bright colored balls. My cats also like to bat a mouse or ball around with their paw that is enclosed in a plastic circle. I also once had a cat that used to play with sponges. My cats also like to play with balls that have a flashing light inside of them.

My cats love any toy that has catnip in it. They like to play with catnip filled mice, birds, balls,etc. I have a stick that has a catnip toy on the end of it. My cats love to bat that toy around.


My cats love to retrieve cat snacks out of a Snacky Mouse. When they play with that toy they also get a lot of exercise. My house cat Conrad even carries the Snacky Mouse to bed with him.

My cats can entertain themselves for sometime with any circle toy that has a ball in the middle of it. They will bat at the ball for at least ten minutes. I also have a circle toy with a mouse in the middle of it. The mouse in the circle toy is battery operated and my cats love it.


Cats will also play with an empty toilet paper roll. My house cat Garfunkel likes to play with a rubber practice golf ball. Garfunkel bats the ball around as if he were playing soccer.

I hope your cat can have some fun with a new cat toy and you can have a lot of fun watching your feline friend play with his new cat toy.

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