Some Cat Hazards

Cats can get themselves into all kinds of predicaments. They say curiosity killed the cat and that can be a true statement when it comes to our feline friends. Cats are very adventurous and will try to attempt the impossible sometimes. Cats do not always land on their feet as the old saying goes.

Cats love to eat house plants  or flowers that may kill them or make them very sick. I do not keep any plants or flowers in my house. If someone gives me flowers I put them in a room that my cats cannot get assess to. Cats can vomit, go into convulsions or die by eating leaves, flowers or drinking the water with chemicals to preserve the flowers.

Keep antifreeze, oil, gas and farm chemicals in closed containers so your cat will not suffer from a painful death by ingesting these substances into their body. Put mouse and rat poison in an enclosed trap so your farm cats cannot eat it and bleed to death. Close paint containers and cleaning supplies. Never leave your medicine sitting out as kitty could knock the bottle over and ingest your pills and die. keep all of your household cleaners closed and in an area your cat will not be able to assess.

Make sure to check that you have not locked your cat in a building where he could starve to death. Check under your car tires or the motor of your car if you do not happen to notice your cat. Many cats have gotten run over by accident or succumbed by the car motor or belts or blade in your car.

Do not leave your house with just the screen in your window. Cats have clawed up the screens or pushed against them so hard the screen gave away and  their cat fell to its death out of a high story building. A house cat does not stand much of a change if it gets outdoors as it does not know how to fend for itself and all the dangers that lurk outdoors.

I hope you and cat stay safe and sound for many years to come and create many purrfect memories throughout your years together.

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Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper From Chewy.Com

I was provided A Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.


I set the carry – me sleeper on my Living Room floor and Garfunkel walked right in. I was very impressed with the Gen 7 Pets Carry – me Sleeper From Chewy.Com for the fact that Garfunkel just walked right in on his own with no help from me at all. I generally have to struggle to get a cat into a cat carrier but not this time. Garfunkel thought of the carrier as a bed so he felt comfortable and safe walking into the carrier bed combo made by Gen 7 Pets.


My cat Kohl walked into the Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper that converts from a carrier into a bed from Chewy.Com and did  not want to leave the comfort of the bed in the carry – me sleeper and he had an hour long cat nap in the sleeper until nature called. Conrad smelled the bed and wanted to go in it but Kohl said the bed is all mine and mine alone since I am the senior cat in the household. The next day Kohl went back in the Gen 7 pets carry – me sleeper and had another awesome cat nap.


The Gen 7 Pets Sleeper comfort pad is machine washable and easy to remove from the carrier. The carry – me sleeper comes with a 12 month warranty.The carrier has an interior tether, storage pockets, soft fleece bed, and a shoulder strap. The Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper is located in the USA. The Gen 7 Pets carrier has a nice large side screen area where your cat can look out easily and has lots of screened in areas and the zippers are made wonderfully and work very smoothly. The carrier is ideal  for transporting  small dogs and other small animals. Your cat should feel relaxed in a Gen 7 Pets carrier when going for a drive or on the way to the vet for shots or a checkup. At the vets office your cat can lay on the nice soft bed and relax and wait for the vet to come in. In a nice and cozy area anyone feels more relaxed and at ease and is in a peaceful place and in an excellent frame of mind to make things less stressful and a positive experience.  I absolutely love my Gen 7 Carry – Me  Sleeper. The Gen 7 pets carry – me sleeper  is the best designed and thought out carrier I have ever used or seen.


I hope you and your cat have many fond memories with your new Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper from Chewy.Com.

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How to Cage Your Cat and Cages for Transporatation

I buy a cage according to how willing my cat is to enter the cage. Some cats will put up a horrible fuss when you are trying to put them in a cage.

I have bought a cloth bag for transporting  my cats. The cloth bags work fine for a well behaved cat. My cat Sebastian figured out how to unzip the cloth bag. The zippers seem to wear out quickly on the cloth bags.


2014-01-24 18.56.08

Cages with a small door work fine for a cat that does not mind going in and out of cages. Cats that are temperamental will put their foot in the way of the door and it is about impossible to get them out of the small door.

I have several homemade cages that work well. They are made out of plywood. The wooden cages have a lot of holes drilled in them for ventilation.They also have hinges and hooks for securing your cat during transportation.

My favorite cage is medium sized. The cage has a large frontal opening. The cage also has a door on top of the cage. The door on top is the entire length of the cage. It is very easy to get cats in and out of this cage.

For cats that do not like cages I put the cage up on end with the door wide open. I then pick my cat up by the nape of his neck and put the back legs in first and close the cage door quickly. Sometimes I put some tuna in a cage and he walks right in and eats his tuna. He will think when I enter a cage I will get a nice reward and will go in easier the next time you want to transport him.

I always line the cage with paper towels or newspapers when transporting my cats.This will make cage clean up easy when you return home with your cat.

Happy travels to you and your cat.

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Catching a Cat

Catching a wild cat can be quite challenging.

I have caught several cats over the years by using tuna or butter to catch them. I put the butter on the end of my finger. The cat came and licked the butter off of my finger. I then caught the cat by the nape of his neck and put him in a secure box.

In catching wild farm cats I use a fishing net with a long handle. I put tuna in a bowl and while they are eating I put the fish net over them. I have knocked on a building they were in and they then ran into the net. Flip the net to the side so the cat cannot escape. Have your cage up on end so you can gently drop the cat in from your net. Always wear a thick pair of gloves if catching them by hand. A live animal trap with tuna in it works well.

“catch me if you can” What the cat would say if he could.

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