Some Of My Cats Favorite Items

My cats love to climb on cats trees and enjoy eating cat snacks, playing with catnip mice and sleeping in fancy cat beds. They love individual attention such as scratching them under the chin and patting  them on the head.

My cats next door love their heated cat beds and water dish in the winter months. They love all kinds of cat snacks and they love canned tuna, chicken,lamb, duck and turkey cat foods. All of my cats love food that has pumpkin in it and diced vegetables.

My cats love to go in their outdoor playpen when the weather is nice. They can watch the birds eating out of the bird feeders and enjoy the great outdoors without being harmed or getting lost. They can take a sunbath or a catnap in the afternoon.

My indoor cats like their self-cleaning litter box with blue crystal cat litter in it. The litter box cleans itself each and every time after a deposit is made. Tidy Cats is another brand of litter that my cats dig every time they use their litter box.

All of my cats love playing with toy mice, balls, birds, reptiles and other catnip filled toys. They love to play with small beanie babies also. They love to play with snack balls and other treat dispensers.

My cats next door love to climb on top of their Frisco cat tree and watch the birds out of the window and keep an eye on me also. Their cat litter choices are Tidy Cats, Wheat litter, Arm and Hammer litter and the Tidy Cats lightweight cat litter and Frisco cat litter.

For my cats Christmas list I generally buy new cat toys for them, canned cat food, seasonal cat treats and a new cat bed and replace old food bowls with nice new bowls. Buy your feline friends some of their favorite items for their birthday, Christmas or a special little surprise for them. May you and cat create new favorite items that you both can enjoy.

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My Cat Won’t Eat That

Cats like certain brands and flavors of foods just like we do. Your cat may be allergic to something in the cat food. Depending on where your cat food is manufactured it might have a contaminant in it that may make your cat very ill or even kill your cat if he kept eating it. Observe your cats behavior when you present him with a new brand or flavor of cat food. If he gets sick eating it throw it away and never try to make your cat eat it.

If your cat is purging up his cat food it is probably the new cat food that is at fault. Sometimes if your cat has bad teeth or gulps his food down he will purge his meal. I try to stick to well known brands of cat foods for all of my feline friends.

Some of my cats like certain kinds of cat snacks better than others. Some of my cats are poultry lovers and others are fish lovers. Certain shapes of cat food or snacks are easier for your cat to swallow than other shapes. I prefer the smaller cat snacks for my cats as they can swallow them up easily with no difficulty.

My cats love canned tuna in water as well as their canned cat food. I give my cats dry cat food that is made in the USA. I also give my cats dental treats to help them keep their pearly whites. My cats like to eat some dried catnip now and then. Make sure the catnip has not been sprayed with chemicals as this could be toxic to your cat.


If your cats keeps on purging and you have not given him anything different to eat take him to your VET ASAP as he could have a very serious illness that could KILL him.

Remember we cannot eat certain foods ourselves so why would our feline friends  be any different. Give your cat what he likes and wants to eat in moderation as you do not want an obese feline friend.

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Purina Muse Creatables Variety Pack From Chewy.Com

I was provided Purina Muse Creatables Variety Pack from Chewy,Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I opened up a package Purina Muse creatables natural chicken gravy with carrots from Chewy.Com for my cats next door. Maggie kept running from dish to dish to see if anyone missed a little of their meal. Russ licked away at his portion quickly. Faith was delighted with her serving. Peter ate away back of a Chewy.Com box. Sherlock and his brother Hilford wasted no time devouring their portion.

I opened up a package of Purina Muse creatables natural salmon gravy with spinach from Chewy.Com. Cali found this to be very agreeable with her palate. Maggie’s sister licked her plate clean. Faith went around licking out all of the plates but she could not find much at all. Addi ate what I placed in front of her since she did not want to leave the comforts of her cat bed.

My cats next door love the Purina Muse Tender Filets that are either natural shredded chicken, salmon or tuna. Faith went overboard on the natural flavored tuna in eating the biggest pieces she possibly could. Peter ate about two tablespoonfuls in two swallows. Every cat that I have next door devoured these wonderful appetizers quickly. Maggie ate her portion of shredded chicken and then she licked away at empty plates and ran around hoping someone missed a little. She found one nibble on her search.

My house cats love eating the Purina Muse Creatables Crunchy Bites that are natural grain free with chicken or salmon and their no. one ingredient is chicken or salmon plus essential nutrients for your cat. Purina pet foods are made in the USA. My cats give a paws up to Purina Muse Creatables Variety Pack from Chewy.Com.

A wonderful  treat for your feline friends to make their day happier and have their tails lifted up high with joy.

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Friskies lilsoups with Chicken & Butternut Squash Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided Friskies lilsoups with Chicken & Butternut Squash in a velvety broth cat food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

I opened up a container of Friskies lilsoups with Chicken & Butternut Squash cat food from Chewy.Com for my cats. You would have thought I had opened up a container of gold for them. My cats could not believe their good fortune. Hilford almost smiled at me the whole time he ate his portion of the Friskies lilsoups. Faith ate away at a quick pace. Mr. Gray almost inhaled what he ate so he would not miss out on a single sip or morsel. Maggie and her sister looked at me with a twinkle in their eyes and a smile in their tummies as they swallowed their Friskies lilsoups with Chicken & Butternut Squash Cat Food from Chewy.Com.

Friskies is made by the Purina Co. Friskies lilsoups are a souper yummy cat food complement. Lilsoups are intended for supplemental feeding only. This complement can be fed daily along with a complete balanced cat food diet. Friskies lilsoups come in a variety of flavors from Chewy.Com.

Sherlock showed up when I opened up a another container of Friskies lilsoups. Sherlock wasted no time in cleaning up his bowl to purrfection. Peter and Nicole are still very shy so I fed them back of of a Chewy.Com box for privacy. I could see them licking their chops clean. I fed Russ his portion on top of a cat tree and he ate away until it fell to the floor. Mr. Gray ran like lightening to polish off what little was left.

My cats taste buds were on overload with the wonderful flavor, consistency and velvety broth in the Friskies lilsoups with Chicken & Butternut Squash Cat Food from Chewy.Com. A purrfectly good treat for all of your feline friends.

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Top Feline Holiday Gifts

I have purchased a lot of items from Chewy.Com and I have also reviewed items from Chewy.Com  for my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

My cats love the Holidays as they get lots of gifts and treats from me. I give them a variety of cat treats that suit that time of the season. My cats get gifts that keep them warm and comfortable during the winter season. They get a large variety of toys, etc.

Heated cat beds are a big hit with my feline family as each cat has his or her own heated little getaway. My cats like large round beds, little heated house’s, dome covered bed, window sill beds and heated mats. Large wool beds, memory foam beds, and beds that conserve your cats own body heat are a popular hit also.

Favorite cat treats for my large feline family are chicken flavored, tuna, pumpkin, turkey and organic made treats. They like dental treats, special holiday treats that are hard or canned. I put the treats in treat balls, a Temptations mouse and mind game treat dispensers that enhance your cats memory. I place the canned cat food in the lids of cottage cheese containers or cat food dishes. My cats also get new cat food dishes or bowls for Christmas.

If you have outdoor cats make sure their heated beds are working along with their heated water bowls. Have a building where they can get out of the elements quickly and safely and provide fresh clean bedding for them such as straw, blankets, etc. Use a large coffee can as a format to make a hole for their entryway.

My cats love toy mice that squeak or are filled with catnip and singing toy birds. Kohl loves green toy frogs. They like to play with small shiny balls. They like to play with crinkle balls and toys that light up in the middle. Conrad loves to play with a toy rabbit that he can pull its tail out with his teeth and it dances across the floor. He has played with it for four years and it keeps on dancing the night away. My cats  love to play with a stick toy that has a small fish that dangles at the end of it. My circular cat toys that have a ball that they can spin around the track is still an attraction for them. My cats next door absolutely love their new 62 ” cat tower. They play with the string  and rope on it and scratch and sharpen their claws and rest on the different levels and they love to look out of the window on the top pedestal bench. Chewy.Com is my cats choice for their Holiday presents and treats and goodies. I love the fact that I don’t have to go dashing through the snow because Chewy.Com delivers everything right to my door.

This year my cats presents will be new toy mice, memory foam beds, a new heated cat bed and lots of cat treats and more. They will be pampered and spoiled and loved to no end.   Hope you and your cats get the gifts you need and want this Holiday Season.

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Castor & Pollux Pristine Free Range Chicken Morsels Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com

I was provided Castor & Pollux Pristine Free Range Chicken Morsels Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I first gave some Pristine free range chicken cat food to Maggie. Maggie ate away at her Pristine cat food frantically as if tomorrow may never come. She had her food completely eaten in two minutes.

Castor & Pollux Pristine free range chicken morsels canned cat food is grain free with vitamins, minerals and taurine. The chicken they use is produced by farmers that treat and raise their chickens responsibly.They have organic vegetables, fruits, egg whites, and Salmon Oil and more in each can of their cat food.The Free Range Chicken Recipe Morsels are in Gravy.

My cats next door were absolutely thrilled to get Castor & Pollux Free Range Chicken Morsels Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com. Peter came running immediately along with Nicole  the minute they smelled their new cat food and they savored each and every morsel of the Pristine Free Range Chicken Morsels. Mr. Gray tried to eat more then his fair share. Russ, Sherlock, Hiilford, Addi and Faith were delighted with their Pristine canned cat food. My cats next door licked up each and every morsel of their food in a matter of three minutes at the most.

Maggie ate her Pristine canned cat food at Warp speed ahead this morning. If she could talk she would ask for Castor & Pollux Pristine free range chicken morsels from Chewy.Com everyday of her life.

Peter and his sister and the Mother of his kittens and his cat children all dove into the Pristine canned cat food this morning. They could not wait to chomp into each and every flavorful morsel. They looked at me as they ate away happily and contentedly . My cats give Castor & Pollux Pristine free range chicken morsels canned cat food from Chewy.Com five paws up.

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Fancy Feast Appetizers With Tuna And A Scallop Topper From Chewy.Com

I was provided Fancy Feast Appetizers with tuna and a scallop topper from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review.  All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I placed a container of Fancy Feast  Appetizers in front of  Maggie and she ate all of the tuna up  ASAP and she polished it off by eating her scallop last.

My cat family next door came running the minute I said Fancy Feast as they are familiar with and love the Fancy Feast cat foods. Russ and the three cat brothers , Cali and Faith did not waste one second in eating all of their Fancy Feast Appetizers with tuna and a scallop topper from Chewy.Com. Later on Nicole came Out of hiding and I gave some to her and she wasted no time in licking her plate completely clean.

Fancy Feast Appetizers are in a light meat tuna with a scallop topper in a delicate broth.Fancy Feast is distributed by the Nestle Purina PetCare Company, St. Louis, MO. in the USA. The average adult cat can have one tray of Fancy Feast Appetizers per day.

This morning Maggie was waiting for her Fancy Feast by the door. I placed her food in front of her and it disappeared like magic. She licked out the food dish and purred away.

Russ, Cali, Hilford, Sherlock, Mr. Gray, Nicole, Faith and Addi enjoyed their Fancy Feast Appetizers. My female cats were swatting at each other with their front paws over who got to eat first. They are declawed on their front feet only so no damage was done luckily. I saw what they were doing through the window so I went back in the house and told them to behave. They decided to behave and share their food equally.

I have never had a cat that did not put its paws up for Fancy Feast cat food from Chewy.Com.

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Cat Eating Behavior

I have had many cats over the years. Some of my cats like to savor every single morsel of their food while others gobble up their food as quickly as possible.

Outdoor farm cats always seem to eat quickly for the fear of another cat getting their food away from them. My outdoor cats have held onto a piece of meat with their claw while they were eating. Cats will also growl while they are eating as if to say leave me alone while I am eating my food. I have had some cats run away with a big piece of food so my other cats would not try to take their food away from them. I had a Tom cat take a rabbit into the far corner of a shed so he could have the whole rabbit to himself.

When I just had one Siamese house cat she took her time eating. She liked tuna canned in water and dry cat food and also cat treats.

I now have three house cats. Conrad is a very lean and fit cat. Conrad is a slow eater and he savors his food. Garfunkel is a medium weight cat. Garfunkel eats his food very fast. Kohl is a little bit overweight but he is a slow eater. When I put snacks out for my house cats Garfunkel always shows up first followed by Kohl and then Conrad.

My cats next door have a definite pattern  in their eating habits. Lorenzo eats a  lot and he is a very fast eater. Russ, Sherlock, Addi and Cali are slow eaters. Mr. Gray and his brother Hilford are fast eaters. Hilford likes to growl while he eats.

Most of the time my cats that eat slowly are not overweight. I do have several cats that are a little overweight that do eat slowly.

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Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Turkey Variety Pack Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Turkey Variety Pack Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

Maggie ate up all of her Pro Plan Chicken with rice entree ASAP. Next door Mr. Gray came running along with his two brothers and Faith and Cali were right on their tails. They loved the Purina Pro Plan with Chicken and Rice and also the Purina Turkey & Rice entree. Later on Maggie’s sister came out of the cupboard and ate a large portion of the Purina Pro Plan Turkey and Rice Entree.

All of my cats have always enjoyed eating the Purina Pro Plan Cat Foods. Purina pet foods are manufactured in the USA. All of the Pro Plan canned cat foods have lots of vitamins and minerals that are good for your cats health. Their slogan is: Nutrition that Performs. Rice in canned cat food helps out your feline friend that might have loose stools.

Hilford loved the White meat chicken and vegetable entree. He let me comb out all of his loose fur which he has never let me do before. Sherlock even let me comb out his fur today. The two brothers must of thought if we are going to get this delicious canned cat food we will put up with her combing us out. Cali, Faith, Addi and Mr. Gray licked their plate completely clean. Maggie ate up her portion of Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Turkey Variety Pack from Chewy.Com at warp speed ahead today.

All of my cats look forward to their Purina Pro Plan everyday. My cats come running when they see what I am putting on their plates to eat. My cats love canned cat food that contains rice and vegetables. My cats instinctively know when a canned cat food is a guality canned cat food which Purina Pro Plan is.

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BFF OMG Potluck Pouches Variety Pack Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided BFF OMG Potluck Pouches Variety Pack Cat Food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I gave the Duck and Salmon Dinner in Gravy to Maggie my outdoor cat and she devoured it in short order. I gave some to my cats next door along with a pouch of Chicken, Turkey, and Salmon Dinner in Gravy. Hilford, Mr. Gray, Russ and Addi licked their plate completely clean.  Cali, Faith and Sherlock ate off of a different plate and they kept meowing for more. Peter came along and licked out the foil containers that  I had cut open with a scissors.

Weruva that makes BFF is a family owned Co. My cats have savored all of the wonderful cat foods that I have feed them over the years from Weruva.  There food is grain free, gluten free , carrageenan free, and BPA free.

Today my cats tried Weruva Lamb and Tuna Dinner in Gravy. Maggie ate away at her portion with gusto. My cats next door also tried Chicken and Tuna Dinner in Gravy. Russ growled while he ate his portion as he was not in the sharing mood today. Hiford,Sherlock and Mr. Gray the three brothers ate side by side and savored every bite. Cali, Faith and Addi also loved the Weruva BFF Potluck Pouches Variety Pack Cat Food from Chewy.Com. Maggie’s sister knocked out the dry cat food out of her dish to get to more of the gravy in her Lamb and tuna dinner. Peter came out of hiding and he finished off the last of the Lamb and Tuna Dinner in Gravy.

Maggie loved her portion of BFF Beef and Chicken in Gravy and she licked her plate completely clean. Mr. Gray, Hiford, Russ and Faith enjoyed the BFF Chicken and Shrimp Dinner in Gravy. Mr. Gray went around to lick out the foil containers. My cats enjoy good quality cat foods from Chewy.Com.

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