Getting My Cats Winter Essentials

Heated Cat Beds

I buy my heated cat beds from I like the K& H brand heated cat beds as they last a long time and are completely dependable. Some of the cat beds zip apart and you can take out the element and wash the rest of the bed on a gentle cycle in your washing machine and then let the bed line dry in a warm basement or area of your home. I like the window sill, round and dog house style heated cat beds. Make sure the cords are in good shape on all of your cats beds and that they are in good working order before use to prevent any fires.

Stock Up On Cat Food And Litter

I stock up on cat food and litter as I do not want to be moving the heavy containers around when there is a solid sheet of ice on the ground. I love the fact that delivers your cat supplies right to your door. I order cat food, treats, kitty litter, toys and so much more from

Checkups At Your Vet

I make sure all of my cats have had their checkups before winter sets in. I make sure my cats shots are all up to date and their teeth are in good order. A happy cat is a healthy, loved and well cared for feline. By taking your cat to the vet regularly you may prevent a big health problem down the road. All of us want our feline friends to live their full nine lives.

Cat Toys And Exercise Wheels

Your cat will be more fit and trim with an exercise wheel in your home for cats. It will take your cats a little while to get used to using the exercise wheel. Cats running and pouncing on cat toys helps shed some of those unwanted pounds. I have some brain teaser cat toys to keep my cats minds more alert. My cats love cat treat balls. When my cats move the treat ball just right a nice cat treat rewards them for their efforts.

Canned Food And Cat Treats

As the temps. keep dropping my cats love to have more canned cat food added to their diet. My cats love canned food with squash or pumpkin in it along with chicken or fish. More food helps keep up their body temp. and their energy level. My cats always look forward to cat treats. My cats prefer chicken or tuna flavored cat treats.

Clean Up Your Cat Dishes And Litter Boxes and Bedding

I have fluffy towels for my cats next door to cuddle up in and I wash them before cold weather arrives. I take my litter boxes outdoors and clean them with soapy water and a scrub brush and I put rubber gloves on. All of my cat dishes get cleaned or replaced.

Keep Your Cat Free From Drafts

Make sure your door seals are in good shape and your windows are closed securely. Put your cat bed, litter box and dishes in a warm area for your cat. Never keep a cat outdoors that does not have shelter and a nice warm spot to curl up in and a heated water bowl and plenty of food. I hope you and your cats stay nice and cozy this winter.

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My Cats Next Door And How They Spend Their Days


She spends her days looking out of the window on top of her cat tree at the birds and a few squirrels. She also loves to sleep on a heated windowsill  cat bed in the house. She loves eating cat treats and canned cat food. She has several catnip mice and birds that she plays with. She always greets me at the door in the morning. She is a very kind and sweet cat.


Cali is a beautiful calico cat that is part Siamese and she is very talkative. She greets me at the door meowing loudly. She sleeps in a hammock cat bed or on a heated windowsill cat bed. When I clean out the litter boxes she make sure she is the first one in line to use it. She loves to play with a circle ball cat toy. She is a very kind cat.


Addi is the Mother of three of my cats next door : Hilford, Mr. Gray and Sherlock. She loves to sleep in a hammock cat bed or a little heated dog house bed usually with some of her full grown kittens in with her. She lets her full grown family eat up the cat treats first and then she licks out the containers. She also greets me at the door in the morning. Addi is a very kind and sweet cat.


Is the Mother of Conrad one of my house cats and Peter and Nicole. She sleeps in a wool bed with a bath towel on top of it. She loves it when I squeeze a tube of cat treats into her mouth. She runs around inside of the house every so often for some exercise. Liz is a kind cat.


She greets me at the door in the morning. She loves to eat canned cat food and cat treats. She likes to run on One Fast Cat. She eats catnip and then she rolls around on the floor. She loves catnip cat toys. She is very kind and sweet cat. All of my cats next door like her. Once in awhile I will find her sleeping next to her sister Liz.


Nicole sleeps in a small heated dog house along with her nephews. She likes to get up on the cat tree and watch the birds and the squirrels. She does not like going to the vet at all so I have to chase her around inside of the house until I catch her. She does not like to be around people and prefers to spend time by herself or with her extended family.


Peter likes to sleep in the small dog house, windowsill cat bed and on top of the cat tree. Peter is very shy and does not wish to held. Peter and his family spend a lot of time together as they rub against one another and keep each other warm in a small heated dog bed. He likes the different canned cat foods and cat treats.

Mr. Gray

Mr. Gray meets me at the door in the morning. When I am filling up the food dishes he leaps up on his hind legs and head butts my hand. After I clean the litter boxes he races toward one to do his business. He likes to play with catnip toys. He spends a lot of time sleeping next to his Mother Addi. Mr. Gray is very friendly and kind toward me.


Hilford has grown less shy over the years and he will let me pat him on the head now and comb him out. He likes to growl like a mountain lion to try to scare one but I know he is all show. He loves canned cat food and cat treats. He likes to sleep up high on the cat tree or in a small heated dog house with some of his family.


Sherlock is shy and reserved. He will let me catch him for vet visits but it takes some effort on my part. He spends time with his Mother, his brother Hilford and his Aunt Nicole. He likes canned cat food and cat treats. He sleeps in the small dog house with his family members.

All Of My Cats Next Door

All of my cats next door eat dry cat food along with the canned cat food and cat treats and they get fresh water and their litter boxes cleaned twice a day. All of their shots are up to date. God bless your cat family.

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What My Cats Are Enjoying At This Moment In Time

My house cats love playing with a baby chick cat toy that chirps away when they grab it. Kohl still has his fascination with toy green frogs. Garfunkel like to play with catnip toy mice of various sizes. Conrad loves to bat a ball around that is attached to the hammock cat bed. At night Kohl sleeps on my other pillow and Garfunkel sleeps in the middle and Conrad  is always is by my feet. One night the chirping bird entered my bed and they had it chirping away until 2 A.M. When I got up I found a new home for for the singing bird temporally.

They like to sleep in a cozy plush bed and a heated cat bed in the daytime. Conrad is sleeping in his new recliner and the hammock cat bed. Garfunkel is easy going and finds any bed or place works with his sleep schedule. Kohl likes the plush bed and the hammock the best.

My cats next door have 12 heated beds to choose from. Maggie sleeps on a windowsill cat bed and her sister always sleeps on a wool bed. Cali sleeps on a windowsill bed along with Faith. Peter, Nicole, Hilford, and Sherlock sleep in heated small dog house beds. Addi sleeps on a plush bed. Russ likes to sleep in a hammock cat bed. Mr. Gray likes hammock beds.

My cats next door love playing with catnip toy mice and toy mice that squeak. They love to play with soft fluffy balls and a mouse that hangs on the doorknob. They love to play with a singing toy cardinal cat toy. I just put a pet arch in the house for them to walk through that removes lose hair. I have noticed that their coats are looking more bright and shiny now.

They love Tidy cats litter and Worlds best cat litter. Purina One Cat Food seems to be their favorite dry cat food. They love canned cat food with chicken, turkey, tuna, venison, and duck. They do not like cat foods with by-products, filers or preservatives in it. They love to eat squeezable cat food right out of the package. I open up the package and squeeze the delicious treat in their mouth.

They love to be groomed with a comb for humans as well as one for cats. They do not mind having their hair brushed with a medium bristle brush. The gloves with little plastic bristles are also a favorite grooming tool of theirs. I use a dry shampoo for cats on my cats now and then.

My cats love to be held and fused over and gently patted on the head. They love attention and they get plenty of attention and love from me. What are your cats favorite things in his life ? I am sure they are similar to what my cats like to some degree. Love and cherish your cat or cats. Show your cats the same love that they show toward you day after day. Pets can make the bad days sunny and bright.

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Toys And More That My Cats Enjoyed This Christmas

My cats enjoyed their gift of small catnip filled mice that I purchased from Chewy.Com. Conrad my youngest house cat tossed them around in the air and then he carried his prize throughout the house. My cats next door rubbed against them and batted them around. Kohl took one of the mice to bed with him.

Garfunkel liked the new rabbit from Hallmark. When you pull at his tail he dances around the room. Garfunkel licked the rabbit and tossed him around for awhile. Conrad has mastered the art of pulling the tail just right so the little rabbit does its dance for him.

Singing birds and squeaking mice fascinate almost any cat. Their favorites are mice, baby chicks, cardinals and a plain looking bird. Conrad wonders why the bird never tops chirping regardless of his hunting proneness.

Cali liked the toy beaver from Chewy.Com. The beavers stomach opens up so you can stuff the stomach with catnip. Mr. Gray saw her playing with it and he joined in on the fun. I have given my cats toys like this in the past and they continue to please them.

My cats next door got a new heated K and H cat bed that can be purchased from a number of stores. The bed does not heat unless their is a cat in the bed. The heated cat bed is very energy efficient. All of my cats next door have a heated cat bed in various sizes and shapes.

My cats also like to play with plush baby toys that have a rattle in them. Kohl likes ones that look like frogs. My cats love bright colored baby toys. The ones that look like animals are their favorites. Small stuffed toys and balls are also popular with them.

Cat treats are a wonderful gift that can even help clean your cats teeth depending on the kind of treat you happen to purchase. I purchased one that is on a ring and the more they chew on the ring the cleaner their teeth become. My cats next door got a few pieces of shrimp that they enjoyed this Christmas. I hope your cats enjoyed their Christmas gifts. I am happy when my cats are happy with the gifts I have provided for them.  Looking forward to a new year with my cat family.

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Cats And Holidays

Make the holidays perfect for you and your feline friends. Many dangers are lurking around the corner where cats could get harmed. Cats are very curious by nature and they can get into trouble very quickly indeed. Bright and shiny objects are like a magnet pulling them in that direction.

Watch your Turkey as it is removed from the oven. An unattended turkey may be impossible for some cats to resist. Your cats may eat some of your turkey making it impossible to serve to your guest. Your cat might have the whole turkey resting on the floor. Keep your food covered and train your cat when he is very young so he knows that kind of behavior will not work in your household.

Christmas trees and cats can be a huge problem. Some cats like to climb them knocking the whole tree over. A cat might knock the bulbs to the floor and try to eat them. A few cats have been known to drink the water under the tree. Never put any chemicals in the water under the tree to help keep the needles on the tree longer. If your cats drinks the water with chemicals in it your cat could die on Christmas day. Be alert to what your cat is doing, Do not let him get near tinsel which can damage their throat and more. Poinsettias, holly, mistletoe,Easter lilies  and more plants can be poisonous if your cat ingests them. Call your Veterinarian ASAP if you think your cat may be poisoned.

Do not give your cat all kinds of human snacks during the holidays. A cats stomach is not designed to handle a hug variety of different foods. I give my cats one little piece of turkey each and they seem to get along fine. Your cat will throw up if you feed him to much. Never give a cat chocolate as chocolate will kill a cat.

Good gifts to give your cats during the holidays are: cat treats, cat toys, heated cat beds, catnip mice, circle game toys,  a new liter box and make sure they get their yearly checkups and shots at your Veterinarian. Hope you and your cats have many safe and Happy Holidays together.

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Where I Buy My Cats Accessories

I order my cats accessories online or I buy them at my local stores.  I do a lot of comparison shopping as I want the best quality items for a reasonable price. Compare the online prices to your local store prices. If you can shop local remember those dollars go back into your community. Online shopping is wonderful when they offer free shipping. In the cold winter months it is nice to have cat food and cat litter delivered right to your door.

I buy my cats toys from e bay, amazon, grocery stores and I buy my cat litter from Menards, Mills Fleet Farm and Chewy.Com. My cat food comes mainly from and Menards. I prefer K and H heated cat beds as they tend to last a long time. My heated cat beds come from e bay and My cats love their Meowfia cat beds from Chewy.Com. I purchased my cat playpen from Amazon.Com.

I just purchased a wonderful plastic folding steps made by Frisco and sold by for my cat Kohl. Kohl has trouble jumping into my bed as he is getting older and his new steps make life a lot easier for him. Kohl also likes orthopedic cat beds that I have purchased from Aldi’s grocery store.

I have purchased flea treatment products from my veterinarian. You can purchase distemper shots for your cats at Mills Fleet farm. I take my cats to my my veterinarian for all of their shots. Do research on flea treatment products before you buy them to make sure they are effective and safe for your cat depending on size, age and their overall general health.

I purchased my metal heated water bowls from Menards as they tend to last a long time compared to plastic heated water bowls. My grooming tools were purchased at my local stores. I have purchased many litter boxes over the years. I like a litter box that sifts the litter clean as you do not waste as much cat litter that way.

I love the Litter Robot. It is more costly then some other brands but my cats and I absolutely love it. It smells nice and fresh and the dirty litter in dumped in a plastic bag in tray below the unit. The Litter Robot even has a night light in it for your cat. The Litter Robot is totally automatic all you have to do is put fresh clumping litter in and remove the bag of dirty litter and put a new bag in and your all set.

Your cat will be happy with his new accessories and his nine lives will be blessed by you caring for and loving him everyday unconditionally. God Bless you and your feline friends.

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The Daily Chores Of A Cat Person

I clean out all of my cat litter boxes to start with. I fill my cats water dish with fresh water. More cat food is put in their food dishes. I give my cats a pat on the head. I fluff up their bedding and clean up any mess that might have happened in the night.

I clean up any cat mess the moment I see it. I use carpet cleaner or wood floor cleaner. I also use Clorox depending on the surface that needs cleaning. The faster you clean up a mess the easier it is to clean up as it has not set in yet. I clean up their bedding in a washing machine that I have in my basement that is for cat use only. Beds that cannot be placed in the washing machine have to be spot cleaned. I try to avoid buying cat beds that cannot be placed in a washing machine.

I like to brush or comb out the hair on my cats so they do not get matted. A combed out cat is less likely to have hairballs that they scarf up. If your cat has claws keep them trimmed up as the claw could get stuck in something they could not get free of without damaging themselves.

I sweep up any spilled cat food and throw it outdoors as many wild animals and birds can enjoy eating it. I sweep around the litter boxes twice a day and clean them out twice a day. Dirty litter boxes or floors by the litter box is a perfect breeding ground for fleas.

Check your cats teeth often as bad teeth could kill your cat in the near future. If their is a sudden change in your cats behavior or pattern keep a very close eye on them as it could turn into a medical emergency quickly. I spray Lysol on the floor by the litter boxes to kill any germs that could harbor there.

I hope you and your cat have many happy and healthy years ahead. The time you spend on the chores for your cat will lengthen his life and give you joy as you are helping your feline family member.

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Cat Beds, Cat Toys And More That Your Cat Will Enjoy For Years

My cats like comfy cat beds that are plush are extra soft the older they get. My cats also enjoy the Meowfia wool cat beds. They curl up in or sleep on top of their Meowfia cat beds. I purchased two Serta orthopedic cat beds that my older cats like. I have purchased K & H heated cat beds that are a tremendous hit with my cat family next door.

I have two Frisco cat trees. My cats in the other house sit on the high perch and watch birds outdoors. Addi slept in the little built in padded box cat bed on the cat tree. My three cats that are not declawed love to claw away on the burlap columns. Faith loves to play with the attached rope and ball on the cat tree. Russ, Mr. Gray, Hilford, Addi, Maggie, Cali, Peter and Faith are using the cat trees everyday of the week.


Cat toys that are a must for all cat owners. My cats go crazy for any kind of toy that contains catnip. My cats love a toy that lights up when it is batted around. Toy mice and singing birds are an all time favorite. Treat balls that dispense a wonderful cat treat give your cat exercise and a nice reward all at once.

My cats love their Catit, Litter Robot and Scoop Free litter boxes. Cats are very fastidious and all of these litter boxes measure up to their high standards. Cali fell in the love with the Litter Robot ASAP. She loves to watch it operate and it is the only litter box that she uses now. Mr. Gray and Peter love the Litter Robot also. All of these litter boxes work well and my cats love them. My cats love Tidy Cats Litter, Arm and Hammer, Worlds Best cat litter and Scoop Free litter.

My cats love various kinds of cat treats and canned cat food with tuna, salmon, turkey, pumpkin, carrots and more. Their favorite cat food is Purina and Taste of  the Wild. My cats love canned tuna packed in water. My cats like to eat a little fresh catnip now and then.

I hope your cat will enjoy these items for many years to come. I hope you and your cat or cats have many pleasant years ahead of you.

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