Purina Pro Plan Seafood Favorites Variety Pack Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com

I was provided Purina Pro Plan Seafood Favorites Variety Pack canned cat food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I first gave the Salmon and Rice Entree to my cats next door. Mr. Gray started eating up his portion with a passion and he was soon followed by Peter and Hilford. Peter came out of hiding the moment he smelled the Purina Pro Plan Seafood Favorites Variety Pack Salmon and Rice Entree from Chewy.Com. Sherlock was eating away at the Salmon and Rice Entree when Faith nudged him out of her way. Nicole and Russ got in on the action before the Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice Entree was completely gone. Cali ate her portion away from my other cats. Addi never eats until her grown cat family is done eating.

I gave a can of the Tuna Entree to Maggie and her sister. Maggie was enthralled with her Tuna meal. Maggie’s  sister quickly ate up her portion and they both licked their lips clean.

My cats next door were simply delighted with the Tuna Entree. Peter showed up immediately followed by his sister Nicole. Hilford and Sherlock came running the moment they heard the can open. Mr. Gray showed up shortly and the related cat family ate away to their hearts content. Russ ate some and so did Faith and they licked out the cans also.

Maggie and her sister ate The Seafood Stew Entree at warp speed ahead. Maggie loved the little pieces of carrots in the stew. Faith, Sherlock, Hilford, Cali and Mr. Gray my cats next door finished off the Purina Pro Plan Seafood Stew Entree from Chewy.Com with enthusiasm and vigor.

My cats love to eat Purina Pet Foods and I am glad they are manufactured in the USA. My cats love quality pet foods that are tasty and good for them.

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Hills Science Diet Variety Pack Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com

Maggie and her sister ate up the can of turkey and liver from Hills Science  Diet the minute I put it in their dish.  Maggie ate up and licked up every single morsel of her turkey and liver entree. Maggie’s sister kept watching Maggie to make sure she would not eat up her portion of the turkey and liver entree.


My cats next door found Hills Science Diet to be very tasty indeed. Russ, Hilford, and Faith were licking their faces clean after eating up their Hills Science Diet Variety Pack From Chewy.Com. Mr. Gray and Nicole had been eating some catnip but they stopped eating that and indulged in the Hills Savory Chicken entree canned cat food.


Hills Science Diet is made with meat, vitamins and minerals for your cats daily needs. Feed 1.3 cans for a ten pound cat. A cat that eats healthy food is generally in good and health and has a nice shiny coat and is in peak condition.

My outdoor cats  loved the Savory Turkey dinner from Hills Science diet. Maggie’s sister growled at Maggie the whole time she ate her turkey entree. The turkey meal disappeared in a nano second.

Russ, Mr. Gray and Hilford ate away at their turkey entree. Addi, Faith and Sherlock were in another group eating away and they seemed to savor each and every little morsel of their turkey entree. Peter showed up when I shut the door to the house and he ate a large portion of the savory turkey entree. Nicole finally showed up and she found her portion quickly and she swallowed it down quickly also.


My cats seemed to enjoy all of the different meat combinations in the Hills Science Diet Variety Pack Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com. My cats  put there paws up in the air for Hills Science Diet variety Pack for the purrfect review award.

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