A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln By Gretchen M. Garrison

I was provided a copy of her book : A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln by Gretchen M.Garrison to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

Lincoln, Nebraska is Gretchen’s hometown. She has done an outstanding job of telling the history of Lincoln. I am very impressed with her book as it tells the vast history of Lincoln. I could not lay the book down once I started to read it. I love reading history books and knowing what buildings used to be years ago. I love the pictures that she included in her book as you can see the great pride people took in constructing their buildings years ago.

Lincoln, Nebraska was originally known as Lancaster. The salt flats in Lancaster elevated the village to capital status. In 1867 the first lot sold for 25 cents in Lincoln and the next day the lots were selling for $40.00 to $150.00 a lot. Lincoln population grew rapidly over the years. The population started out with 30 settlers to a city of 300,000.

The History of The Buildings In Lincoln

I love the fact that a lot of the buildings in Lincoln have been re-purposed. Different business’s have gone into the buildings over the years. The second floors of a lot of the buildings are now apartments.I do not like it when they tear down historic buildings. Some of the buildings in Lincoln have been a family business for many years and they are still operating as they were years ago.  Leon’s is still in business selling items as they have for many years. The first thing I do when I go into an old store that I find that I am impressed with is to ask them about the history of their building over the years.  Pershing Auditorium opened in 1958. Johnny Carsen and Stecher-Horowitz were dou pianist. General Pershing’s hometown was in Lincoln. Charles Lindbergh went to the Nebraska Standard Flying School. Because  he went to Flying School in Lincoln he was able to move  on to more aviation experiences. Lincoln National Bank was robbed  and the robbers took off with a sizable amount of cash and bonds even by today’s standards. Learn more about the robbery in the book. Gene Bedient started the Bedient Pipe Organ Company in 1969.  The masterpiece Bedient organs are in many Lincoln churches. I loved reading about the history of the churches and schools in Lincoln. Churches and schools help build and hold a community together.

I would highly recommend reading A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln by Gretchen M. Garrison. You can purchase A History Lover’s Guide To Lincoln on Amazon .com. Click on my link above.

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The Long Way Around By Douglas Cavanaugh Book Review

I was provided a copy of The Long Way Around by Douglas  Cavanaugh to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

The Long Way Around takes place in rural Iowa and can be purchased at Amazon.Com. A nice young man by the name of Ryan is raised by his Grandfather after his parents die. His Grandfather was in World War 2 and won a purple heart. I love how the author tells about the war experiences of his Grandfather. I have read many World War 2 books in my lifetime and the author has mastered the experiences of the young mans Grandfather. The Long Way Around is a novel but I also consider it to be historical fiction at its best.

I have lived in rural Iowa all of my life and the author grew up in Iowa  and I have been to almost every town that the author has mentioned in the book and how he mentions the towns are completely how I remember them. He mentions the different roads that you take to the different towns in Iowa and what the towns have going for them. My parents and I traveled to these towns and the book brings back wonderful childhood memories of each town.

The young mans Grandfather is a master deer hunter and he teaches his Grandson the art of the skill. I have read Field and Stream magazines and the deer hunting experience’s are spot on. Ryan goes hunting on the grounds of one his Grandfathers war buddies. Ryan fell  out of his tree stand and suffered terrible injures and he had a long road to recovery. His Grandfather and friends where by his side during his recovery. Ryan’s Grandfather also teaches Ryan what he needs to know latter on in life to be a successful person. Ryan’s Grandfather died and Ryan missed him immensely.

Ryan travels and leaves Iowa for awhile. He has adventures when he is gone and he makes new friends along the way. Ryan decides to come back home and live on his Grandfather’s farm. His girlfriend he had in high school has something to tell him that he is glad to know. Ryan is going to be a Father. He marries the love of his life and they go to college and have successful carriers.They have a wonderful family and are blessed with having a wonderful life.

I would highly recommend reading this well written and thought out book. The Long Way Around can also be purchased at goodreads.com. The towns in Iowa came to life as I read the book.


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