How To Wake Up Your Human If You Are A Cat

My name is Kohl and lay on my Mother’s pillow and meow away in her ear. I find my method of waking up my human very effective indeed. My human gets very annoyed with me when I give her my idea of a permanent in the morning. I need away at her hair and comb through it with my teeth. She gets her fill of my cat perm in a hurry and she gets out of bed and tends to all of my needs and desires. I demand fresh water in the morning. I simply stare and the water dish and she fills it with nice fresh water for me to drink ASAP. I have her trained purrfectly.

My name is Garfunkel and I lay closer and closer to my human Mother until she cannot stand the heat radiating from my little body any longer and she gets out bed. I have another method I use also as you always need a plan B. I lick and lick away at my humans hands and arms. She gets out of bed and cleans out our litter boxes and I make sure I am the first cat to use the cleaned out litter box in the morning. My human was very easy to train.

My name is Conrad and I sleep by my Mothers feet all night long. I am part Siamese so I let that part of me shine through in the morning. I call out to my human Mother in a shrill Siamese voice that could wake the dead in the morning and if she did not wake up with that I would have to call 911. I walk up by her face in the morning as I like it when she pats me on the head in the morning and she holds me close to her for a little while.

Conrad by jewelry box

We love our human and we try to please her as much as she pleases us. We are fortunate to have each other and be in a loving and caring home. God Bless you humans for taking care of us and for letting us train you purrfectly.

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The Story of My Cat Hoover

Hoover was one of my first cats kittens. Hoover was named after our Hoover vacuum cleaner. As a child I did not get very original when I named my cats by myself. Hoover was very gentle and he would let a young child pick him up and hold him without even giving me one scratch. I would carry Hoover around with his legs drooping down but he would purr away contentedly.


Hoover would wait for me to come out of the house every morning  to hold him and make a fuss over him. He would wait with me while I waited for the school bus to take me to school in the morning. Hoover got a lot of table scraps to eat along with dry cat food and fresh water to drink everyday.

Hoover had his Mother Flossie and his siblings to keep him company. I had his siblings  Blacknose, Sprite and an adopted cat Fresca. Sprite and Fresca were named after the soda pop that I drank.


Hoover was a red tabby tuxedo cat. He would play with leaves and his Mother’s tail as a small kitten. Once in awhile he and his sisters would play chase and tussle around together. He was a good hunter like his Mother and he would bring dead gophers and mice up to the house so we could get a good look at his catch of the day. His sisters were very successful huntress’es.

Hoover and the other cats would follow my Father around the farm and luckily they all knew enough to stay away from the farm machinery. They loved to sleep up in the hay mow of the old barn we used to have. They were nice and cozy in the hay and they got the warmth of the other animals in the barn. They drank milk along with their normal cat food in the winter months. They always had heated water to drink in the winter from  a heated water tank for the farm animals.

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MY Cats Give Me Joy, Peace and Love

Holding and patting your cat can put you in a peaceful place. Watching a cat playing and frolicking along and having a good time outdoors in nature is very peaceful and relaxing. A cat sleeping contentedly or cats cleaning each other is peaceful indeed. Mother cats show great love toward their kittens by nursing them and licking them clean and letting their kittens play with their tail. Cats give you joy when they meet you at the door when you come home from work. Just having a cat sit on your lap lowers your blood pressure and puts you in a better frame of mind after a hard day.


Cats love you unconditionally. Cats follow you through the house and they keep a keen eye on what you are up to in your home. My cats entertain me with their antics. It is fun to watch a cat chase a ball, laser light, their tail or a robotic toy through your house. Cats seem to know when you are not feeling well and they will stay close to you 24/7. Cats have many comforting qualities such as their sweet purrs and their tender touch of their paw on your arm or hand.


Cats love their owners that treat them right and fairly. Cats have waken up their family to alert them to a fire, gas leak and a severe storm such as a tornado. My Siamese cat that I had when my Mother died meowed mournfully at the edge of the bathtub for a week after my Mother died.


Cats become small little family members that we love and adore just as much as they love and adore us. Cats give us comfort, love, peace and joy every single day that they enrich our lives with their presence and grace. Our cats give us all that they have day after day unconditionally.

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In Memory Of My Cat Onyx

Onyx was born on my farm in the winter. He lived in a building that had heated cat beds and heated water to drink. His Mother was an excellent huntress and Onyx grew up to be an excellent mouser.


Onyx died by the cat building and the grain bin not far from my house last evening. Onyx was ten years and seven months old. I buried Onyx on my farm and I placed a marker on his grave. The cat tombstone says : You have left our lives but will never leave our hearts.

Onyx was a wonderful looking gorgeous black Tom cat. Onyx was part Siamese, Persian, Himalayan and domestic short hair. Onyx had a shorter nose like a Persian cat.  His coat was very sleek and he was a neat and trim gorgeous cat.


All of the kittens that have been born on my farm are Onyx’s offspring. Kohl and Conrad two of my house cats are Onyx’s offspring.


Onyx is the father to Nicole and Peter next door. Onyx is the Grandfather to Sherlock, Hilford and Mr. Gray and two more kittens that I gave away to a wonderful and loving home. Onyx is also the father to a lot of  the cats in my neighborhood.

Onyx was an excellent father to his kittens they could play with his tail or wrestle with him and he did not mind it at all. He taught his kittens to be excellent mousers. Onyx loved to watch his kittens play with leaves and he was always kind and loving toward his kittens and their Mother’s.

Onyx was always on patrol for any mice that he could spot in the ditch by my house. I don’t think any mice escaped Onyx’s keen eyes and his excellent hearing and hunting skills.  He kept my place almost completely rodent free all on his own. When I would drive to town or come home from being in town I would always spot Onyx hunting in the ditch by my house.

I will miss Onyx greatly. He was a kind and gentle Tom cat. Onyx had a blood line that went back to my very first cat by the name of Flossie. We had a Himalayan Tom cat at one time and a black and white female cat that was part Siamese, Persian and Himalayan and Onyx is a decedent of them also.  There is a picture  of Onyx, Kohl, and Conrad on this post. In memory of my beloved cat Onyx.

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Kohl My Ease Dropping Tom Cat

My friend and I were visiting on the phone, I asked her what all that noise was in the background. I said I did not know it must be on her end of the line. It sounded like a bell going off at times and someone hitting something while we were talking on the phone. If we did not say much there was not as much background noise. It sounded like chimes at one point during our conversation. My friend said is that your Grandfathers clock, I said no I was at the opposite  end of the house from where the clocks were located.


As we continued to talk on the phone it sounded like someone tapping a pencil and a bell dinging at times. We finally hung up as it was hard to visit with all of that background noise.

I went to the other room because it sounded like there was a phone off of the hook. Sure enough there was the other cordless phone turned on that was making all of the noise with Kohl’s help while my friend and I were visiting on the phone. Kohl had turned the phone on with his paw and did not like the noise coming from the phone so he kept hitting the phone with his paw. The bell was a clock that has a bell for the half hour and the chime noise was indeed my Grandfathers clock.


I called my friend back and said that the noise had been caused by Kohl my ease dropping Tom cat. She thanked me for calling her back. Case solved perpetrator  Kohl the ease dropping Tom cat.

Kohl profile

Cats watch us do things and they catch on very quickly sometimes for our benefit and sometimes to our detriment. Cats have watched there owners play a piano, yoga poses and much more and they copy what they have observed their owners doing. Have your cats learned what you want them to learn for your benefit ?

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What Our Pets Can Do For Us

Your child will learn to care for and nurture one of Gods beautiful creatures. Your children will  learn how to be responsible when they care for a pet. Children will learn that their pet relies on them for comfort and nourishment. Your pet will love your child unconditionally.


Pets are good companions as they  can turn an unpleasant day into a comfortable day. A cat will purr away on your lap and snuggle up close to you. Birds will sing delightful songs to you that will brighten your day. A dog will look at you through their kind and loving eyes as if to say tomorrow will be a much better day for you my friend. A Guinea pig will make their little calling sound to you when you come home from work or school. Gerbils will entertain you as they spin around on their exercise wheel in their cage. I find fish very relaxing to watch as they swim back and forth in their aquarium. I had a pet goat that was very kind and loving, he would greet me in the morning with a soft and gentle bah.

My cats sleep on my bed at night and snuggle up close to me and when I pat them on their head they purr and purr away which I find very comforting and relaxing. When you do not feel good a cat will rest on your lap or lay down next to you. Cats are very good little care givers. Cats keep any rodents out of your home. Dogs bark and scare away unwanted visitors or other wild animals.


Pets lower our blood pressure and put us in a better frame of mind. Pets make our lives less lonely as they are awesome company. Children that our mean to pets or harm them will grow up to treat people the same way that they have treated their pets. Parents watch your children interact with pets as you will learn a lot about your child’s behavior.

Kohl profile

I hope you and your pets form a strong and lasting bond and that you learn valuable lessons from each other that will help you along life’s many journeys. God Bless you and your pets.

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Cats Have Compassion

Cats care about one another’s well being. Cats will lick and clean each other and they have empathy for a sickly kitten. I had a Siamese cat that did not like other cats but she showed great compassion for a little sickly kitten that I had brought into my house to nurse back to health. She would let the little kitten sleep in her cat bed with her. My Siamese cat would clean the little kitten like she was his Mother.

Cats are very attentive when you are feeling sick. I had one of my cats check on me every hour on the hour after I had had surgery. He would come in the room and meow loudly and he would stay until I told him I was okay. Cats will lay down next to you and purr away when you do not feel well.


When I have taken a cat to the vet for surgery my other cats flock around him and lick him and comfort him when I bring him back in my house. My other cats will even let the cat patient eat their cat treats. My cats have even shared their rodent catch of the day with an older outdoor cat.

When my Mother died my Siamese cat set on the edge of the bathtub and she had a wailing meow for several days. Cats love a good an excellent caregiver and miss them dearly when they can no longer take care of them.

My cats became very fond of a pet goat that I had a one time, they would sleep in his dog house with him. We had a small dog and the cat, goat and dog would all go out hunting together. The goat would veer over into the corn field and my cat and dog would help each other catch the mouse they were after in the edge of the field. Our small dog would let the cat and her kittens share her dog house with her and that way all of them stayed nice and comfy.

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Leonardo’s Story

Leonardo was born and raised on our farm when I was in Junior High. Leonardo was a long haired red tabby cat. Leonardo had a very kind and loving disposition.Leonardo loved to be held and patted on his head.

I used to work on my Algebra outdoors in the summer months. I would sit in a lounge chair with my Algebra book. I would be in my lounge chair for  about two minutes before Leonardo would discover me and jump on my lap to keep me company while I did my homework.


I took my my Algebra book under our Weeping Birch Tree on a hot summer day. Leonardo decided to lay down next to me and he purred away softly while I did my Algebra assignment for the day.

If I would sit on the steps by our house Leonardo would jump on my lap and purr away contentedly while I patted him on his head and scratched him under his chin. Leonardo loved to follow me around our farm. He would wait with me while I waited for the school bus to come and take me to school in the morning.


Leonardo had a wonderful thick  and healthy coat of hair. He loved to play with leaves. Leonardo would pounce on the leaves and chase them as they blew in the wind. He also loved to play with the seed pods that would gently glide down from the Maple trees in front of our house.

Leonardo was named after Leonardo Devinci. He was an excellent hunter and I would see him carrying freshly killed mice out of our ditches and fields. Leonardo stayed on our farm for about five years. One day he simply took off and never returned. Leonardo was a Tom cat and Tom cats like to roam around. I imagine he went to live at a farm house were he could be the top Tom cat. I had several older Tom cats at the same time I had Leonardo.

Leonardo was a wonderful and kind cat that I will never forget. He was an excellent study companion.

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A Love For Cats

Humans have had an infatuation with cats from the beginning of time. The ancient Egyptians worshiped their Siamese cats. They mummified their cats and had them buried with them. Cats heads have the same eye placement , etc. as human babies do. Our cats weigh about what a young baby would weigh.

Garfunkel 2

Cats are very helpful at removing rodents from our buildings and grain. They have helped control the plague by eating and killing rodents. Cats have saved farmers a lot of money by killing the rats and mice that eat the grain on their farm. Before we had cats on our farm rats were eating the corn out of the old corn crib. Once we had cats on our farm the rat population disappeared completely.

Our black cats have not always had a fair rap. They were associated with witch craft years ago and bad luck. My black cats have always given me joy and happiness.

Conrad by jewelry box

I find black cats to be no different than any other color of cat in the feline world.

We love watching our feline friends at play. Having a cat can lower our blood pressure and help us to be more relaxed in general. Holding our cats and having them purr away is very comforting. It is nice to cuddle up next to your cat in the night and hearing them purr until you fall into a restful sleep.

Cats have alerted their owners of a fire in the night or a gas leak that has saved their owners life. My black cat Sebastian let me know that a man was walking down my road at 9PM. He looked out of the window and made a horrible growling sound. I pulled down my window shade for the rest of the evening.

Our cats are  wonderful companions in our lives. Our cats do so very much for us each and everyday. I truly appreciate all of my fine and loving felines that I have and have had in my life.

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My Cream Colored Cat Named Russ

Russ was given to me by friends that go to my church. He has always been a kind and loving cat with a heart of gold. He greets me in the morning with a friendly meow and he wants to be held. He loves to be around all of my other cats next door. He even helped take care of Addi’s kittens when they were very young. He would play with them and they would play with his tail.


Russ likes to go outside and eat a little bit of grass now and then. He just barely steps out of the door and chews on some grass and then he wants back in the house. He never growls at any of my other cats. One day one of my neutered Tom’s was trying to get in a fight with Bella  and Russ broke up the fight right away. Russ is Bella’s knight in shining amour.

Russ waits for his turn to eat the cat treats. Mr. Gray waits for know one and eats as many treats as he possibly can. Russ likes canned cat food with pumpkin in it. Russ loves to take afternoon naps in the sun by the window or on top of a bench. He is like a steward of my other cats next door. He makes sure everyone else is just as relaxed and calm just like he is.

20160104_145141Russ is three years old now. He still likes to play with toy catnip filled mice and birds. He has several different cat circle toy ball games to play with. Russ is an exceptionally nice and kind cat. If your cat grows up in your house as young kitten and his Mother and Father are both kind and loving changes are that your kitten will be kind and loving also. I am so Thankful to have Russ as one of my cats.

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