Pet Safe Scoop Free Self – Cleaning Litter Box From Chewy.Com

I was provided a Pet Safe Scoop Free Self – Cleaning Litter Box from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

The Pet Safe litter box is as easy as pie to assemble. All you have to do is remove some packaging tape and put the lose cardboard leak – proof tray under the litter box until you hear the magnets snap together, add the original crystal litter that is included and just plug it in.

My cat Kohl sniffed at the new litter box immediately and Garfunkel looked it over as well. I left my two old litter boxes next to it until I noticed they had started using the new litter box in about 11 hours after set up. I took one old litter box away completely. My house cats now use the Pet Safe litter box constantly. I am very impressed with the Pet Safe litter box. The litter box is very quiet and the used crystal litter has no smell at all to it.

The Pet Safe Scoop Free Self – Cleaning Litter Box from Chewy.Com self – cleans for weeks and you never have to touch or see dirty litter again. The litter box has a stainless steel rake.The Pet Safe litter box has a waste trap that covers and locks away the waste and odor. There are sensors that let it know when your cat has left the litter box and it throws the waste in the cardboard tray after your cat has left the box for 20 minutes. The clean up is a breeze as the waste is in a completely disposable with a leak – proof tray with a lid that you can seal with tape and throw into your garbage.

You can buy three pack containers of litter and disposable cat litter trays for the Pet Safe Litter box from Chewy.Com. You can also purchase a reusable litter box tray & blue crystal cat litter if you prefer that method. The litter tray will last 30 days for one cat, 20 days for two cats and 10 days for a three cat household. I have three cats and I have a disposable litter tray that I have used for 12 days and it still smells wonderful in my house. A picture of the Pet Safe Scoop Free Self – Cleaning litter Box from Chewy.Com after 12 days of use.

All three of my house cats use the Pet Safe Scoop Free Self – Cleaning Litter Box from Chewy.Com now. It is my absolute favorite self – cleaning litter box five times over. It operates quietly and efficiently and no awful litter box smells or cleanup. Lets face it we all love our cats dearly but we do not like to clean out the dirty litter box. The Pet Safe Scoop Free Self – Cleaning litter box does all the work for you and you can spend more time with your loving dear feline friends. My cats and I are spending a lot of quality time together in an odor free home.

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Holding A Grudge

It does not pay to hold a grudge against someone. You might of unknowingly said or did something that started the grudge. Holding a grudge will prevent you from moving on with your life in a positive manner.

Holding ill will against someone is not good for your health and general well being. Talk over the situation with the party you have the grudge with to see if you can resolve the problem easily and quickly. Did you go into the situation with clean hands and if not why wouldn’t the other party be mad at you. Did you insult them or insure them in some way ? If you can answer yes then apologize for what you said or did to them.

A grudge can cause many sleepless nights for you and the other party involved. Sometimes it is just best to let bygones be bygones and move forward in life. Did a third party start the ball rolling just to injure you and the other party involved ? You must always consider the source before you come to a false conclusion that was just based on lies or circumstances at the present time.

If God held a grudge none of us would get to heaven because we are all sinners. Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we may live again in the kingdom of heaven. We should always be willing to forgive people and move forward and build a stronger bond with them.

Sometimes things get completely twisted around or taken out of context. If a friend, acquaintance, business or someone else has insulted or hurt you try to figure out why. Try to come to an agreement or understanding that both parties can live with. Apologize if you have hurt or insulted someone. Sometimes situations cannot be resolved regrettably but at least try. I hope you are not holding a grudge against someone in your life. Life is too short so live your life by being kind and considerate to people as a little kindness goes along way in life.

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Castor & Pollux Pristine Free Range Chicken Morsels Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com

I was provided Castor & Pollux Pristine Free Range Chicken Morsels Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I first gave some Pristine free range chicken cat food to Maggie. Maggie ate away at her Pristine cat food frantically as if tomorrow may never come. She had her food completely eaten in two minutes.

Castor & Pollux Pristine free range chicken morsels canned cat food is grain free with vitamins, minerals and taurine. The chicken they use is produced by farmers that treat and raise their chickens responsibly.They have organic vegetables, fruits, egg whites, and Salmon Oil and more in each can of their cat food.The Free Range Chicken Recipe Morsels are in Gravy.

My cats next door were absolutely thrilled to get Castor & Pollux Free Range Chicken Morsels Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com. Peter came running immediately along with Nicole  the minute they smelled their new cat food and they savored each and every morsel of the Pristine Free Range Chicken Morsels. Mr. Gray tried to eat more then his fair share. Russ, Sherlock, Hiilford, Addi and Faith were delighted with their Pristine canned cat food. My cats next door licked up each and every morsel of their food in a matter of three minutes at the most.

Maggie ate her Pristine canned cat food at Warp speed ahead this morning. If she could talk she would ask for Castor & Pollux Pristine free range chicken morsels from Chewy.Com everyday of her life.

Peter and his sister and the Mother of his kittens and his cat children all dove into the Pristine canned cat food this morning. They could not wait to chomp into each and every flavorful morsel. They looked at me as they ate away happily and contentedly . My cats give Castor & Pollux Pristine free range chicken morsels canned cat food from Chewy.Com five paws up.

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Life Is A Continuous Adventure

We will be on many different adventures in our lifetime. Some of our our adventures will be fun and enlightening and others will be scary and anything but fun. Travel, friends, being close to God and nature, etc. are adventures that we could repeat day after day. Sickness can rob us of adventures until we learn to embrace our illness and move forward with our life as it is now. Find new motivation in your life and redefine yourself in new and different activities that you and others can enjoy.

Start a new hobby, blog, travel as often as your health will permit. Take walks or rides and enjoy the sounds of nature that abounds us. Surround yourself with friends and as many cheerleaders  as possible in your life that will motivate you to do more in your life than you ever thought was possible. Pray continuously without ceasing as God does answer our prayers.

Do not isolate yourself as this will only make your illness worse as you will be constantly thinking about it. Keep your mind centered on what can I do to make a positive difference in the World today. You could volunteer at a food bank, visit people in the Rest Homes, etc. Call people on the phone and have an actual conversation with them as the human voice can be soothing and comforting. Human contact and actual visiting with people has texting beat by a mile.

Pray and seek advice from God in your prayers as he knows all of your aches and pains and wants and desires every minute of the day. God will lead you on the path in life that he knows you can excel in and that will make you one of Gods wonderful stewards so that you can share Gods good works everyday. Strive to put a smile on someones face everyday and make their day a little brighter and better.

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Some Cat Hazards

Cats can get themselves into all kinds of predicaments. They say curiosity killed the cat and that can be a true statement when it comes to our feline friends. Cats are very adventurous and will try to attempt the impossible sometimes. Cats do not always land on their feet as the old saying goes.

Cats love to eat house plants  or flowers that may kill them or make them very sick. I do not keep any plants or flowers in my house. If someone gives me flowers I put them in a room that my cats cannot get assess to. Cats can vomit, go into convulsions or die by eating leaves, flowers or drinking the water with chemicals to preserve the flowers.

Keep antifreeze, oil, gas and farm chemicals in closed containers so your cat will not suffer from a painful death by ingesting these substances into their body. Put mouse and rat poison in an enclosed trap so your farm cats cannot eat it and bleed to death. Close paint containers and cleaning supplies. Never leave your medicine sitting out as kitty could knock the bottle over and ingest your pills and die. keep all of your household cleaners closed and in an area your cat will not be able to assess.

Make sure to check that you have not locked your cat in a building where he could starve to death. Check under your car tires or the motor of your car if you do not happen to notice your cat. Many cats have gotten run over by accident or succumbed by the car motor or belts or blade in your car.

Do not leave your house with just the screen in your window. Cats have clawed up the screens or pushed against them so hard the screen gave away and  their cat fell to its death out of a high story building. A house cat does not stand much of a change if it gets outdoors as it does not know how to fend for itself and all the dangers that lurk outdoors.

I hope you and cat stay safe and sound for many years to come and create many purrfect memories throughout your years together.

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The Fall Season

We can enjoy the fruits of our labor in the fall season. We hope we have a bountiful harvest of crops, vegetables, fruits, etc. to enjoy over the cold months ahead. We have our furnaces checked and anti – freeze checked in our vehicles to make sure they are in optimal working order.

I enjoy working outdoors in the fall months as it is cooler and things are at a more relaxing pace. I enjoy looking at the fall leaves along the river as they are in their beautiful fall colors. Harvest festivals in the small towns are fun to attend with the decorated pumpkins, arts and crafts and antiques and more for sale by the local vendors and others.

Towns have events to entertain the children such as face painting and horse and buggy rides for the young and old and games with prizes they give to the children. Some towns have a talent show for the kids such as singing, dancing, etc. Caramel apples are always a big hit along with bobbing for apples.


I love to eat at the local restaurants and try out there homemade candy, apple cider, and stop at coffee shops for a latte. I love to walk around and look at the antiques in the local antique stores as certain items take me back to childhood days. Shopping in small towns is always fun you are waited on quickly and efficiently and every store has wonderful and different discoveries. I tend to always find that something  little something extra that I cannot pass up. Small town shopping is an overlooked treasure sometimes. Every store is unique in what it for sale.




Take time to travel and relax in the fall season. You have worked hard all year long so enjoy the fruits of your labor and live your life to its fullest with Gods bountiful harvest that he provides for us. Enjoy Gods harvest of colors this fall as you look at the leaves on the trees.

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Getting Your Cat Ready For The Fall Season

I like to clean up all of my cat food dishes and water bowls with lots of soap and water. I also clean up all of their litter boxes thoroughly. I wash all of their bedding in hot water. I make sure all of my cats shots are up to date.

I access the condition of their heated beds and replace the worn ones with new heated beds. I replace worn out boxes and towels with nice fluffy soft towels. Straw is replaced with fresh straw for my outdoor cats and their heated cat beds are plugged in as the weather gets colder outdoors.

I take my cats to my vet for their yearly exams and shots before any bad weather sets in. If any of your cats have fleas now is the time to treat them with a flea product for cats. Give your cat a bath before it gets cold so your cat will not catch their version of a cold.

I test out all of my heaters and make sure they are in perfect condition with no frayed cords or loose connections. I order my cat food and litter from Chewy.Com so I do not have to leave the house in bad weather. Chewy.Com delivers your cat food and litter right to  your door.


Clean up the buildings where your cats live with soap and water and sweep out any debris. A clean environment protects against cat diseases. Vacuum up cat fur and clean your carpets and your drapes and furniture so no one will sit on cat fur when you have company over  the holidays that will be approaching soon.

I like to give my cats more treats to eat as the weather gets colder. They appreciate canned cat food to supplement their diet anytime of year but more so as the weather gets colder. Your cat needs the extra food to maintain his body temperature as the temperature drops outdoors.

Hope you and your feline friends have a Healthy and Happy Fall.

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Accountability starts with you. We should all be held accountable for our actions. Think before you speak or before you push send on that email message. Our actions or words can truly harm someone. Some people take words to heart and are hurt beyond repair. Some teens have committed suicide because another student made fun of or persecuted them on the internet. Do not take other peoples hurtful words or action to heart as you have to consider the source.

If you do a job and you make a mistake admit that you made the mistake and correct the mistake as quickly as is humanly possible. Do not let other people clean up your mess or your mistakes. Do every job as though you were doing it for yourself. Use the correct materials for a job and do not take shortcuts. Shortcuts will return to haunt you eventually. Plan out your day so you can accomplish everything that you have to attend to that particular day. Do not procrastinate as your work will snowball upon you to a point that you cannot possibly complete it on schedule. People want to get a job done in a timely manner or they will never hire you again for another job and you will get a bad reputation in the business world.

Be accountable to God. Sing praises to God and attend church. Be kind, compassionate, and loving to people. Take care of the animals that God has placed on Earth to feed us. Treat farm animals compassionately and never abuse them. Our pets are companions that keep us company day after day and they ask for nothing in return. We should show our pets love and when they are hurting we should care for them ASAP. All animals of the air, land and sea depend on us to provide a habitat that is safe for them to live in for eternity.

Be accountable for your actions everyday that you are on earth and God, people and animals will be delighted with you.

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Fancy Feast Appetizers With Tuna And A Scallop Topper From Chewy.Com

I was provided Fancy Feast Appetizers with tuna and a scallop topper from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review.  All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I placed a container of Fancy Feast  Appetizers in front of  Maggie and she ate all of the tuna up  ASAP and she polished it off by eating her scallop last.

My cat family next door came running the minute I said Fancy Feast as they are familiar with and love the Fancy Feast cat foods. Russ and the three cat brothers , Cali and Faith did not waste one second in eating all of their Fancy Feast Appetizers with tuna and a scallop topper from Chewy.Com. Later on Nicole came Out of hiding and I gave some to her and she wasted no time in licking her plate completely clean.

Fancy Feast Appetizers are in a light meat tuna with a scallop topper in a delicate broth.Fancy Feast is distributed by the Nestle Purina PetCare Company, St. Louis, MO. in the USA. The average adult cat can have one tray of Fancy Feast Appetizers per day.

This morning Maggie was waiting for her Fancy Feast by the door. I placed her food in front of her and it disappeared like magic. She licked out the food dish and purred away.

Russ, Cali, Hilford, Sherlock, Mr. Gray, Nicole, Faith and Addi enjoyed their Fancy Feast Appetizers. My female cats were swatting at each other with their front paws over who got to eat first. They are declawed on their front feet only so no damage was done luckily. I saw what they were doing through the window so I went back in the house and told them to behave. They decided to behave and share their food equally.

I have never had a cat that did not put its paws up for Fancy Feast cat food from Chewy.Com.

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There Is No Excuse For Bad Language

Bad Language says a lot about you as a person. Bad language shows a lack of knowledge for a better word. If you say a bad word once you are likely to repeat it and you will most likely say the word in a very inappropriate setting. If you keep saying bad language you will tend to lose respect from people and lose customers at your business.

If I was told to use bad language to sell a product I would tell them I am not the person you want for that. If you cannot sell a product on its own merits then it is not worth selling. I would lose all respect for a company that would stoop so low as to use bad language to sell their products.

I grew up in a household that did not use bad language and I very proud of that. Years ago if bad language was used you would get your mouth washed out with soap. I think we need a little more soap today. One day a five year old called me a dirty name that she had to have heard her parents say. If I am reading a book where every other word is bad I close the cover and start reading another book.

It is time to bring back old fashioned values and clean up the words that come out of the mouth of  young children and adults. It is our job as parents to set values and rules for our children to follow. We never heard God swear so we should know it is not acceptable behavior n any shape or form.

Be careful what you say as it will follow you into your work place and your home and into other settings. Use well thought out words to express yourself and impress others. Bad language does not impress anyone and it certainly does not please God. Always think before you speak.

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