Forgiveness Is Necessary

What does forgiveness mean ? It means that you let go and move on and you don’t hold resentments against the person. Remember to take any responsibility for your part in what you may have done to the person in question.

If you don’t forgive someone it will hurt you much more than it will ever hurt them. They will not lay awake at night thinking about it. Never go to sleep angry or holding a grudge against someone. Let it be water over the bridge and move on swiftly and quickly.

Forgiveness means to grant someone mercy, leniency, clemency and more. Free your debtor of his debts to you. To truly forgive someone you have to let go of all of your resentments toward them. Set the person completely free for any wrong doing that you think they committed against you.

God forgave you for your sins so you should forgive others for their sins against you. Forgiveness is not always easy. We must remember that we all fall very short from being the perfect human being. Hard as we try to be good to people we still fall short. We should strive to be a better and more forgiving person each and everyday of our lives.

When you forgive a person forgive them with your whole heart. Forgiveness does not mean condoning, forgetting, or excusing the offenses.  Do not harbor resentments toward others as this will eat you up inside and devour you like a wolf devours its prey.

You will feel like you have been set free as a caged bird when you forgive someone. Some people harbor a grudge against someone for years to the point that they cannot really remember what started all of it to begin with. Forgiveness is a wonderful and beautiful gift from God and remember to pass it on to others. Let people sing as the caged bird does when it is set free to spread it wings and fly.

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Visiting My Relatives In Germany

My friend and I went to see my relatives in Germany. We arrived in Amsterdam, Holland on time. On the plane ride over I visited with a woman originally from Germany that now lives in Singapore and has a wine business. I drove a rental car on the autobahn to  Oldenburg, Germany and we stayed in the Hotel Sprenz. She called my relatives and they picked us up and we drove for one hour to their house. We were treated like royalty at my relatives house in Selverde, Germany. She had a large lunch prepared for us to eat which included the following : Pork Roast, potatoes and gravy, cauliflower, green beans and onions, tea and cream, carbonated water, fancy deserts and homemade pudding with currant sauce. We had a nice long visit with them and we discussed what we would like to see.

In the afternoon we went to the farm where my Great Grandfather had lived until he came to America. My Great Grandfather left Germany because work was scarce. The farm has 3 50 acre plots for a total of 150 acres or 60 hectors. The man where my Great Grandfather had lived showed us the farm land and told us his Mother’s maiden name was Weers. My relatives daughter took us on a tour of Selverde, Germany in the afternoon. We had a large dinner with my relatives in the evening and everything was excellent and cooked to perfection.

We went to the family cemetery the tombstones were destroyed in World War 2. A large rock was engraved with the name Weers Family on it to replace the lost tombstones. The church by the cemetery is a Lutheran church built in 1885. The church has written documentation of the people buried in the family cemetery. The church is brick and all original. It was nice to walk in a Church that my Great Grandfather had worshiped in.

My Great Grandfather’s house was destroyed in the war in 1945. There is a wonderful brick house there now that was built in 1950. My relatives house is a brick house on a cold a sac along with about seven other brick homes. My relatives are employed in the following occupations : hair dresser, secretary, construction worker, and farmer. My relatives are very nice and outgoing and very pleasant. They have a Lenz tractor that is over 51 years old. We saw several beautiful horses. The farm land is now used for hay to sell to farmers for their cattle.

We went back to our hotel in Oldenburg. Our rental car did not start in the morning but the owners got it up and running for us ASAP. She gave us a wonderful sack lunch to take with us when we left.

I loved visiting with my relatives from Germany and seeing the land and the area where my Great Grandfather had lived. My relatives and I write to each other at Christmas. I can see why my Great Grandfather loved living in Selverde, Germany. Everything was so clean and well kept in Germany.

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Hardships and Life

Do not be judgmental of people. You have no idea whatsoever of the battle scars and hardships they have gone through in their life. It might seem like a small thing to you but for them it has changed their outlook on life completely. We all have some battle scars that we carry with us everyday.

The baggage that we carry with us affects our relationships with other people directly and indirectly. We may put up a suit of armor when we meet someone for the first time. We may think the other person has one up on us and we must be on guard at all times for self preservation.

Being made fun of or picked on stays with you. You wonder will it happen to me again soon. If you cannot treat a person as you want to be treated stay away from that person and let them live their life in peace and harmony. Teasing is sometimes a form of bullying if it goes on too long.

If you do not like how someone dresses they may not like how you dress either. We have the right to choose our own attire as we see fit. We tend to wear clothes that we feel comfortable in and warm in. Some of us want the latest and trendiest fashions while the rest of us don’t really care about fashion trends. Fashions come and go.

You have no idea what a persons home life is like or what their job is like. Some of us get the ideal job in life while others get a job that they can barely make ends meet. If your mate has a horrible job they will not feel like cooking, doing chores and other household repairs. Let them rest and relax for awhile and talk over your day with each other. treat yourselves to a night out on the town once in awhile.

Always remember you have no clue whatsoever as to what a person has had to endure or go through in their lifetime. Some people can bounce back from adversity and other will carry the load on their back forever. Be kind, caring and considerate of other peoples feelings and remember only God can judge someone.

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Isle Of Man

My friend and I boarded a small plane in England and it took appropriately one hour to get to our port. We boarded the Ferry to Heysham which then took us to the Isle of Man.

The Isle of man is one of the British Isles located in the Irish Sea near the N.W. coast of England. Douglas is there capital. The pop. of the Isle of man is 83,314. It is self governing with British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. The symbol for the Isle of Man is legs running which means you always land on your feet.

Food on the Isle of Man

We arrived in the evening at our Inn and the Chef prepared a wonderful meal for us. We had scallops cooked to perfection along with green beans and potatoes and a small chefs salad. On our first evening we saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky. There are many nice Pubs and restaurants to eat at on the Isle of Man.

We shopped in the local stores and enjoyed the scenery. We packed up all of the items that we had purchased and took them to the post office to be mailed back to the USA. We took a ride on the narrow gauge steam  railway that runs from Douglas to Castletown, Port St. Mary and Port Erin.

Racing on the Isle of Man

The Isle of man is famous for racing cars and motor bikes. They close off 27 miles of HWY for the races. The motor bikes can reach speeds of up to 180 miles per hour.

Manx Cats on the Isle of Man

We were eating at our Inn and I asked about the Manx cats because they originated on the Isle of Man. Our waitress said there were two left on the Isle of Man now and they were located at the local pet shelter. She called a taxi driver for us. He picked us up and we raced down the road to get there since they would close very soon. He was a very nice Irish taxi driver. We arrived at the pet shelter in just the nick of time. The woman at the shelter told me the fawn colored male Manx cat would sell for 200 pounds and the gray stripped male would sell for 45 Us dollars and a top show cat could sell for 4500 Us dollars. I looked a the two cats and took pictures of them and then we rode back to our Inn.


The Manx cat originated on the Isle of man. It has a naturally occurring gene that shortens its tail. When the Vikings came years ago they had Norwegian Forest cats with them on their ships and some of them left the ship and commingled with the native cats which were short haired cats. The Manx cat was one of the original show cats of the CFA in 1906. Manx cats are both long haired and short haired. They are excellent hunters.

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Stormy Weather In Life

Some days of your life will be stormy and threatening as the weather is. Will you seek shelter from the storms of life or get sucked up in its vortex.

When you are feeling like your life is whirling out of control faster and faster seek help. Talk to friends about your problems as they may have the perfect solution to get you out of the vortex that you are in. Ask God for guidance in your life often. If necessary talk to a counselor as they have dealt with many different problems and situations in their career.

Never stay out in the storm too long for you may be swept away in its torrents. Seek a hobby, go on a trip to get away for awhile, change your career or whatever it takes to get you out of lives storms. Remember things will never get better until you ask for and embrace help for yourself.


Get a game plan for your life. Think where do I want to be ten years from now. What is the fastest possible way I can improve my life. Pray to God for guidance with your life. Ask God what can I do to serve you and others and help my self get out of this vortex that keeps pulling me in.

God wants all of his children to be happy and productive in life. There are all kinds of ways to be productive in life. Reach out to others and help them each and everyday. Volunteer , visit with people, and get a job that helps other people. Be one of Gods wonderful stewards.

Always reach for the stars in life as you rise up to be the person that God wants you to be. Life is short do not ponder. The storms will pass over you if you let them. Do not dwell on past storms in your life for clear skies are ahead for you with God by your side.

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Peter My Pet Cat

My cat Peter was one of Lizzie’s three kittens.  He is a gorgeous black and white long haired cat and he is part Siamese, Himalayan, Maine Coon and domestic short hair. His Fathers name was Onyx and he was a pure black cat. Onyx lived to be 15 years old.

Peter was born in an outdoor cat building that had a heated water bowl and heated cat beds. He would disappear the minute I would open the door of the cat building. He is still very shy yet. He does watch me when I clean out the litter boxes. He will come out for certain canned cat foods and cat treats.

I adopted a cat by the name of Addi from Wisconsin. She is part Silver Tabby. Peter found Addi irresistible and she had five kittens with Peter. They had Mr. Gray, Sherlock, Hilford, and Leo and Cleo that were adopted and they live the good life in their new home.

Peter helped Addi care for her kittens, He would play with them and they would snuggle up with him. Two of my neutered Toms Russ and Lorenzo would babysit the kittens. Addi would not let the female cats in the house near her kittens at all.

Peter and Addi are still very close. Peter and Addi are both fixed as I do not want anymore kittens. I have 11 cats in the other house and 3 cats in my house. Mr. Gray is friendly and Hilford and Sherlock take after their Father Peter as they are shy and reserved.

Peter will watch me on top of his cat tree to see when I might be coming over with cat treats or canned food for him and his family to eat. Sometimes I will see Peter come out of a large heated cat bed followed by Hilford, Sherlock and Mr. Gray and Addi or Nicole his sister. Since she is Peters sister she is accepted as part of their cat family. Conrad Peters brother is one of my house cats in my house.


Peter is gorgeous and he has a wonderful and excellent family that love and care for each other deeply. Purrs to you and yours.

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Home and Family

We love the comfort of our home. We feel safe and loved when we are at home with our family around us. After we come home from a trip the comforts of home await us. Home is our happy place where we can relax and unwind after a hard days work.

Home awaits the return of the young soldier who has gone to war. His parents, wife and kids welcome him home with open arms and hugs and kisses. He feels safe and loved once again in the comfort of his home and family. He can go to sleep in his favorite recliner or watch the game on TV. Friends come over and they have a cook out and share their corner of the World with each other.

The college student is happy to return home on Holidays to get together with family and friends. He enjoys eating his Mothers home cooked meals once again. He goes to sleep in his old familiar room and bed. All of his old toys and possessions are exactly as he left them in his room. We love home where everything is familiar and welcoming.

We always want to return home because of all the memories that our home has for us. We remember family gatherings with our Grandparents. We always loved Grandma’s homemade pies, cookies, jello, cakes and much more. Grandpa would always have fresh wintergreen mints for me to eat that I loved. Grandma would always have a red jello with cut bananas in it ready for us to enjoy every Sunday of the week.

We come home to die when we are old. We feel comfort in our hometown and our family church. We want to buried in our hometown cemetery. We want the minister of our family church to take care of our funeral service once we have passed away. We want our family and friends at our funeral service. When we have let our earthly home we will live in our heavenly home with God and his Angels. Home is always their for us.


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Auschwitz, Poland

It was heart wrenching walking through the Auschwitz concentration camp. There was a sign on the gate entrance that said work sets you free in the translation. How anyone could treat anyone like the Jews were treated is beyond comprehension. They lived on a five hundred calorie a day diet. The soup was only a broth. If the grain had worms in it they still had to eat it. Diarrhea and lice were common with their horrible living conditions.

The concentration camp known as Auschwitz, Birkenau , opened in 1940 and was the largest Nazi concentration or death camp in Poland. The amount of Jews that died in Auschwitz between 1940 and 1945 was about 1.1 million. During World War 2 Hitler had his Nazi’s and SS men rounded up and killed many people that he felt were not a superior race. Hitler wanted an only Aryan race. The master race is the Nazi ideology. Hitler was obsessed with racial purity.

During the Holocaust 6 million European Jews were murdered in World War 2 . Nazi Germany was responsible for the genocide of many Jews or people that were not of the Aryan race. Soviet citizens and POWS, Poles, Serbs, Romani, Freemasons, Slovenes, Spanish Republicans, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Homosexuals and Disabled people were also Holocaust victims.

When the Jews entered the Auschwitz concentration camp they had to remove artificial limbs, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and personal items. They left their suitcases, pots and pans and any money they had once they entered the concentration camp. It was heart wrenching to see the baby shoes, makeup, and everything that was robbed from them and how their families suffered from the atrophies that they had to endure.

They were told they had to take a shower before they could enter their living area which was a a ruse to get them to enter the gas chamber. Those that they wanted for work detail were tattooed on their wrist and they wore a striped jump suit.

The gas chambers would kill a person in 20 minutes. The very young and the old were taken to the gas chambers right away. The young and the able were forced to work until they could not and than they were taken to the gas chamber and the cyanide gas would suffocate you. If you happened to live through the gas chamber you would be taken out and shot to death. If you could no longer work or collapsed  you were shot to death.

If you were a Doctor or chemist or had a skill that they highly needed in Germany for the War effort or medical purposes you would live until you could no longer function or someone with more knowledge came a long to replace you.

The ovens burned a lot of bodies in one day because they killed many Jews in one day and they had the ovens operating at full capacity 24 hours a day. People said they could smell the burning bodies for miles away.

They had a general latrine with no privacy. There was a standing cell were four people stood next to each other naked and could not move. There were straw mats on the floor for sleeping and four to five people per mat. If one turned over they would all have to turn over on the mat.  Some people were forced to stand for sixteen days in a row. If you ventured beyond the fence you were shot and killed automatically.

Gold fillings were removed without pain killers. Your hair was shaved off of your head and your hair was made into mattresses or blankets. Human skin was made into lamp shades. It is beyond human what some people have to go through in their lifetime because of who is in control and there is no one that can stop that person. Jesus went through a lot in his lifetime to save us from our sins.

When the war was won the Americans came to to the concentration camp and they were astonished by the condition of the Jewish people in Auschwitz. The people still barely alive were skin and bone. When the camp was liquidated in Jan. 1945 9,054 out of 9,792 people were Jews.

I hope with all of my heart and soul that we never let history repeat itself. There is no one race or religion or one person that is any better than anybody else is. We all want to enjoy our lives in a productive and peaceful manner. God bless our diverse nation.

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Do you just put out a mediocre performance in life ? Mediocre is moderate quality work that is just run of the mill. Put out your best performance in all that you set out to accomplish in life and people will take notice that you paid attention to the various details in your job, your life and so much more.

Anyone can do a mediocre job and it shows up in all aspects of your life. I want to do an above average job that will last for years. Do not be indifferent take a stand and make valid points that will improve the environment, peoples lives and do things that people can benefit from for years to come.

Do not be a middle of the road person. If you do not move forward in life you will have missed out on a great deal of your life. Life is  about moving forward to bigger and better things. If you do not broaden your horizons in life eventually you run out of horizons and no one including you will know what you could have accomplished with the time that God gave you here on earth.

Jesus did not leed a mediocre life as he accomplished so very much while he was here on earth. He is our great redeemer and savior. He leed an exceptional life and he was not indifferent to other people. Jesus gave his life to save us from our sins. Jesus is unforgettable and inspirational. He cared deeply for people that were suffering and in pain and he helped them all at all cost. No task was too big for Jesus to accomplish. He helped the beggar on the street, the hungry, the downtrodden, sick people and anyone that needed compassion and kindness.

Set your sights high in life and never do a mediocre job. Do the kind of work that Jesus did to the best of your ability and remember to be kind, compassionate, loving, caring and bring hope, love, peace and joy into the lives of others everyday that you are  here on earth. God Bless you and go out and be one of Gods wonderful stewards.

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My Cats Favorite Kitty Litters

All of my cats prefer a clumping cat litter that does not get stuck to their paws. Clumping cat litter tends to smell better longer than a non – clumping cat litter. Cat are very fastidious and they love clean and fresh smelling litter box.

My cats like Tidy Cats Kitty litter. The Tidy Cats litter smells good for a very long time. Tidy Cats comes in a lightweight  cat litter also that is much easier to carry and transport. My cats next door also like the Tidy cats disposable litter box. I have used Tidy Cats litter for many years with no issues whatsoever.

My cats like Worlds Best Cat litter which has a nice corn smell to it. They also like Arm & Hammer cat litter and it is very easy to remove from the litter box. My cats also like Mills Fleet Farm lightweight kitty litter. Wheat Scoop cat litter is an Eco friendly cat litter which smells like fresh harvested corn. They like Fresh Step cat litter also.

My Pet Safe litter box uses a crystal cat litter which my house cats like. The litter last for about 20 days with my three house cats. I use Tidy cats lightweight clumping litter in my Litter – Robot litter box. I use a variety of kitty litters in my Catit litter boxes.

I used some of the Mills Fleet Farm kitty litter today and all of my cats made a deposit to that litter box. I also put Worlds Best Cat litter in my cat litter box in my house and my cats used that litter box in short order. I always use Tidy Cats lightweight kitty litter in the Litter – Robot. My house cats always use the Pet Safe litter box also with the crystal kitty litter.

My cats like their favorite kitty litters and never have any litter box issues when I use their favorite cat litters.