Whiskers and Tails

Your cat uses its whiskers to negotiate through small openings. My cat Maggie is pleasantly plump and she uses her whiskers to see if she can negotiate small door openings in the different outdoor buildings. If her whiskers touch the opening of the door she will twist her head to make the necessary  adjustments so that she can enter the building without getting her head stuck in the doorway. Do not let children trim off your cats whiskers as this could result in your cats death. Your cats whiskers are one of their maneuvering around tools that protect and guide them from dangerous areas that they may get stuck in.

Some cats have had their heads stuck in tin cans or glass jars that have not been rinsed out properly. Most cats would lick out a tuna can even if they thought they might get their head stuck in the can. Cats cannot resist certain foods. Be sure to rinse out all of your used tins cans, etc. so no animal has to suffer the consequences of getting its head stuck or suffocating to death.

Cats use their tails to communicate dislike for another cat. If the cats tail is wagging back and forth at a rapid pace your cat is in a bad mood or showing aggressive behavior toward the other cat. If your cats tail is standing straight up or is relaxed your cat is in a good mood.  Your cats tail is like a rudder on a boat as it helps them land on their feet when they jump down from a high place. A frightened cat will have the hair standing straight up on its tail and the tail will look very bushy. An annoyed cat will be switching the end of its tail and its whiskers will be pulled back tightly to its face. A sick cat will have its tail hanging down between its legs, whiskers and ears will remain in an abnormal position for a long period of time.

Remember to always listen to your cats body language. This is the way your cat can communicate with you and other cats or animals. You will know if your cat is happy, frightened, annoyed, or content with life.

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We all have strong expectations of what we want and what we should achieve in life. There will be positive and negative things that will happen to us in our lifetime. You can not expect to achieve great things unless you put your heart and soul into your work. Nothing totally ever gets handed to you on a silver platter you must work for what you achieve in life. God will help you with your goals in life as he gives you the power and the ability to learn and work for what is important to you.

Expectations have limits. You cannot expect to gain instant fame overnight as it may be a lifetime effort on your part. You generally get out of life what you put into your life. Remember to always stay focused on your goals in life and let no one dis-swayed you from achieving them. Your life will have many ups and downs but do not let the downs hold you down for too long. Life is fast paced and waits for no man.

We expect to have a job and to get paid a decent wage for the work we do at our job. Layoffs will happen now and then and that is why you must save up money for a rainy day. We will have certain health conditions that will come up in our lives that may alter our expectations for awhile or forever. We try to live up to the expectations of others to make them happy. Never let anyone take your expectations down the wrong road in life for you know what is right and wrong. God is the only true Judge of man so do not even try to Judge others for you do not know their past or the roads they have been down in life.

We expect our friends to treat us fairly. We want a wonderful and kind loving family. We all want good health and to feel reasonably safe in our own home. We hope our money will hold out for our lifetime. We hope we will have someone care for us in our old age. We expect good health care with experienced nurses and doctors that will treat us with the upmost respect.

God expects us to worship him and put him above all others. We expect God to help us get through all of life’s storms. God has always been by my side and he is my constant companion and compass in life. God bless you and yours. Expect the best and achieve the most that you possibly can in life.

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Diseases Your Cats Can Catch

If you have more then one cat they can catch diseases from each other if the sick cat is not not quarantined. They can  catch a disease from another cat that is sick that is sneezing, coughing, or sharing the same litter box that they are using also. When you bring a new cat into your household put it in quarantine for at least seven days before you let it loose with your other cats and also take the new comer to your Vet for a complete checkup from head to tail.

Cats with a respiratory infection can pass on that infection to all of your cats. Even though the cat may have recovered completely it always remains a carrier of the feline respiratory virus even though they present no symptoms anymore.

Distemper in cats can be very deadly as they become dehydrated quickly. Cats sneeze, cough, have runny eyes and constant diarrhea. Your cats fur will look scruffy and they will be very lethargic. Cats can recover in five days if they have an excellent immune system. The very young and old cats may succumb to the disease. I always make sure my cats distemper shots are up to date.

Cats can get worms from each other and by eating small mammals and birds. Worms will cause weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting and inflection around the anus. Cats may slid their derriere across your floor. You may see small fragments of worms in your cats litter box or in their stool. Remember give you cat worm medicine to prevent this problem.

Cats can get fleas and they will itch miserably. A good flea medicine will prevent that problem for you and your cat. Cats can get feline leukemia which is a blood cancer, feline aids, renal failure, feline influenza, Toxoplasmosis and a few cats have gotten COVID -19 virus. Do not let your cats outdoors and always wash your hands before you touch your house cats to avoid giving them COVID -19 virus. If your cat is sick always take them to your vet as soon as possible as it may be a matter of life or death. Hope you and your cat stay well and you have many happy years together. God bless you and all of your feline friends.

Growing Closer To God In These Trying Times

I have been reading more devotionals and religious books. I have been writing more inspirationswithlaura post. Now is an excellent time to grow your relationship with God. Call and check on your friends and families well being often. Pray for your friends and the Worlds well being without ceasing.

Thank God for all the many blessing that you have in your life. Help and pray for those in need. God listens to all of our prayers and he answers them when he knows we need him the most and we can except his answer to our prayers. God is our creator  and he only wants the best for his children.

Nature is very unpredictable and we cannot control its outcome. Storms come to all of us in our lifetime and it is how we handle the storms in our life that make all the difference in the World. We are put on earth to support, comfort and uplift in each other in these very trying times.

I have been calling friends, family and those in the rest homes and assisted living units. Talking to someone in difficult times is truly comforting. We are all in this pandemic together World wide so lets help each other out as much as possible.

God knows all of your thoughts before you can even say or think of them on your own. Life is full of new challenges and changes everyday. You must adapt to changes faster than you may want to in trying times like these. God has supported and uplifted you in life since the day you were born and even while you were in your Mother’s womb.

I know God is working on a cure for the Coronavirus as he does not want any of his children to suffer. He is giving people in the health care profession ideas and knowledge of what to use or do to find a cure for the Coronavirus. We must be patient with God knowing he and the health care professionals are working as hard as they possibly can to see end end to this virus in the near future. God bless you and yours and stay safe and follow the rules to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

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Living With Promise

If we make a promise to someone we are obligated to go through with what we promised to do for them. A promise is declaring that you will or will not do a deed for someone. If someone tells you something in confidence your promise to them is not to tell another living soul what they just told you in total confidence.

If you break a promise with someone you have hurt your relationship with that person and you have broke the confidence that they had in you. A promise is not just something you say you will do it is something that you must do if you have committed yourself to do so. If you say you will take someone to the grocery store and then you do not word will get around that you break your promises and you will lose respect quickly.

If someone tells you you have great promise they are sure that you will dedicate yourself to the job at hand. A dedicated person does not stop a task halfway they take the task to the finish line. Your promise to your employer is that you will do the best job that you possibly can and you will complete it in a timely manner.

We promise to follow Jesus by keeping the sabbath day as a day to rest and to worship God. We promise to be good shepherds and spread Gods good works.We are to follow the Ten Commandments as they are not called the Ten suggestions. We promise to treat others as we would want to be treated if we were in the same situation as they are.

Gods promises to be by our side everyday of our lives. Without God by our side protecting and nurturing us along in life we would not make it in this World on our own. God gives us new hope everyday and he brings joy, peace and love into our lives. Jesus came down to earth as a human to bear the cross for our sins and died. He then rose again so we may  have eternal life with God. Glory be to God in the highest.

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Living In Paradise

You can live in paradise on earth. God has created many beautiful things for us to enjoy while we are on our earthly voyage in life. We enjoy looking at birds, flowers,scenery,majestic mountains and so much more. Paradise is living a life in the present without hanging on to your baggage from the past. Your past should remain in the past since you can not change the outcome anymore.

We can delight in the company of friends. We can listen to and help each other with problems we may face. Give your friend an unexpected gift. Compliment your friends often. Their good fortunes should bring joy to your heart. Heaven can truly be a place on earth where you feel safe and sound and the sounds of nature abound.

I find paradise living in the country. Watching animals being born in the springtime brings joy and hope into your  life for their are always new beginnings in life with new births. Baby animals of all types are so very cute and adorable. The sounds of nature such as the oceans waves pounding, birds in song, rain drops hitting your windows and much more are the sounds of paradise that God created for us to enjoy while we are on earth.

Living in paradise on earth prepares us for the ultimate paradise we will have in heaven someday. Jesus died for our sins so that we may be in eternal paradise with him in heaven when we leave our earthly body behind. We will have a spiritual body that will know no more pain or suffering.

Do not let anyone hold you back in life. Let bygones be bygones and move upward and forward with your life. Do not let any illness empower you. Embrace your illness as God knows what you are going through. Your illness may be a wonderful gift that will help you grow closer to God and you may be able to accomplish much more with your life than you ever thought was possible.

Paradise is around the corner for all of us if we just take things in stride and let God be our compass in life all of the days of our life on earth. We will reach our ultimate paradise next to God in heaven when we leave our earthly body and we are in our new spiritual body.

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What Makes For a Happy Cat

A cat that is well taken care of and loved will most likely be a happy cat. My cats are happy when I spend a lot of time with them. I hold my cats on my lap and pat them on their head. When your cat is purring away when you spend time with them they are content and happy with the world.

Cats love to have fresh water each and everyday and have their liter box cleaned out and more dry or wet cat food put out for them to eat. Some cats become upset and nervous when their food dish runs low on cat food. I do not know of any cat that is not happy when tuna canned in water is set out for them to eat. Cats love a wonderful cat treat now and then.

Cats love to sleep in a nice heated cat bed in the winter months. My cats love to sleep on my bed at night. All cats love to sleep next to the heat register or fireplace when it is cold out.

Cats love to have a lot of cat toys to play with. My cats prefer a cat toy that is filled or sprinkled with catnip. I have some toy birds for cats that sing when my cats retrieve or pounce on them. I also have a cat toy mouse that squeaks when my cats toss it in the air or play with it.

My cats love to sleep on their hammock combination scratching post beds. My cats next door love to sleep on their heated windowsill cat beds and watch birds, etc. All of my cats love to chase after a ball or a mouse on a circle track toy for cats. My house cats love to play with a fish on the end of a stick as I move it around on the floor or toss it up in the air for them to catch.

I hope you and your cat are happy.

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Turbulence Ahead

When we are on an airplane and the pilot announce’s turbulence ahead we are not to nervous but when the plane starts rocking violently we become alarmed and very worried as to what the outcome may be. In these troubled times their is definitely turbulence ahead.

We are living in very turbulent times. We are very concerned about our health and the health of our families. We prepare as much as possible when we go shopping. We may put on gloves, a mask and distance ourselves properly but we are very concerned that we may end up endangering our life and the lives of those we hold most dear and other people that we meet along life’s hi-way.

We ask God to protect us and shield us from this terrible pandemic. God and scientist are working on a cure for this devastating and unpredictable virus. I pray to God everyday to help the World find a way to combat and put an end to this pandemic. God is my my pilot as he has lead me out of many turbulent storms in my life.

It is time for everyone to let God be your compass and pilot in life for only he knows how to solve this pandemic that we are in. Be kind to all the people that you meet in the grocery store, gas station, Doctors office and pharmacy. All of  us are very stressed with the shortage of certain everyday products that we used to take for granted. A lot of people I know are not sleeping well at night and are having difficulty concentrating on day to day living.

Pay attention to social distancing as you might save your own life and the lives of many more people. Age does not make any difference with this pandemic as any age group could die. No one is immune from death. Stay home unless it is a great health need or a grocery store run.

If we use common sense we can beat this clever mutating virus.  Thank you God for all the wonderful and amazing health care workers who are working around the clock tirelessly to help keep us healthy and to treat the sick and dying. Remember to thank any and all health care workers that you see on the front line to help stop this pandemic in its tracks.

God bless you and yours and follow social distancing and pray without ceasing. Be kind, compassionate, caring and a good example for others. Be patient and do not lose your temper with anyone that is trying to help you as we are all in this together around the World.

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The Long Way Around By Douglas Cavanaugh Book Review

I was provided a copy of The Long Way Around by Douglas  Cavanaugh to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

The Long Way Around takes place in rural Iowa and can be purchased at Amazon.Com. A nice young man by the name of Ryan is raised by his Grandfather after his parents die. His Grandfather was in World War 2 and won a purple heart. I love how the author tells about the war experiences of his Grandfather. I have read many World War 2 books in my lifetime and the author has mastered the experiences of the young mans Grandfather. The Long Way Around is a novel but I also consider it to be historical fiction at its best.

I have lived in rural Iowa all of my life and the author grew up in Iowa  and I have been to almost every town that the author has mentioned in the book and how he mentions the towns are completely how I remember them. He mentions the different roads that you take to the different towns in Iowa and what the towns have going for them. My parents and I traveled to these towns and the book brings back wonderful childhood memories of each town.

The young mans Grandfather is a master deer hunter and he teaches his Grandson the art of the skill. I have read Field and Stream magazines and the deer hunting experience’s are spot on. Ryan goes hunting on the grounds of one his Grandfathers war buddies. Ryan fell  out of his tree stand and suffered terrible injures and he had a long road to recovery. His Grandfather and friends where by his side during his recovery. Ryan’s Grandfather also teaches Ryan what he needs to know latter on in life to be a successful person. Ryan’s Grandfather died and Ryan missed him immensely.

Ryan travels and leaves Iowa for awhile. He has adventures when he is gone and he makes new friends along the way. Ryan decides to come back home and live on his Grandfather’s farm. His girlfriend he had in high school has something to tell him that he is glad to know. Ryan is going to be a Father. He marries the love of his life and they go to college and have successful carriers.They have a wonderful family and are blessed with having a wonderful life.

I would highly recommend reading this well written and thought out book. The Long Way Around can also be purchased at goodreads.com. The towns in Iowa came to life as I read the book.


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The Dangers Of Being Self – Focused

Being self – focused is dangerous because you think of yourself only and you become self – absorbed and obsessed with things or possessions. To be a well rounded individual you need to reach out to people and genuinely care about their overall well – being. Being obsessed with something takes you away from positive thoughts and things you should really get done.

Being self – focused is like putting yourself in a little box and opening up the box when it only benefits you to do so. Putting yourself in a neat little box robs you from life and consumes your soul. Reach out to people and surround yourself with people and you will feel much better for doing so. Look at the whole picture in life and live outside of the box.

By being obsessed with yourself you rob yourself of a good connection with God. Without God in your life you will stumble and fall and will not be able to get up again at some point in your life. God  has a path chosen for you. Make sure you walk on the right path and do the right things on that path that will benefit many and not just yourself.

God and people do not care for someone that is self – centered and has lost their way on the right path in life. Pray to God without ceasing to help you stay on the path that will accomplish the most in your lifetime. There are many distractions in life so be extra careful to not be distracted for very long. Evil tries to overtake the good in you if you stay distracted or obsessed with something for to long. If money is your main focus in life you are completely off of your chosen path in life. Money is truly the root of all evil as many get obsessed with amassing a larger and larger fortune that they do not spend to help those that are in desperate need.

Focus on God , family, friends and what you can do to help other people out. Always be kind, compassionate and truly care for the needs of others in your life and those in need that you do not know. Continue to spread Gods good works everyday.

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