Purina Muse Creatables Variety Pack From Chewy.Com

I was provided Purina Muse Creatables Variety Pack from Chewy,Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I opened up a package Purina Muse creatables natural chicken gravy with carrots from Chewy.Com for my cats next door. Maggie kept running from dish to dish to see if anyone missed a little of their meal. Russ licked away at his portion quickly. Faith was delighted with her serving. Peter ate away back of a Chewy.Com box. Sherlock and his brother Hilford wasted no time devouring their portion.

I opened up a package of Purina Muse creatables natural salmon gravy with spinach from Chewy.Com. Cali found this to be very agreeable with her palate. Maggie’s sister licked her plate clean. Faith went around licking out all of the plates but she could not find much at all. Addi ate what I placed in front of her since she did not want to leave the comforts of her cat bed.

My cats next door love the Purina Muse Tender Filets that are either natural shredded chicken, salmon or tuna. Faith went overboard on the natural flavored tuna in eating the biggest pieces she possibly could. Peter ate about two tablespoonfuls in two swallows. Every cat that I have next door devoured these wonderful appetizers quickly. Maggie ate her portion of shredded chicken and then she licked away at empty plates and ran around hoping someone missed a little. She found one nibble on her search.

My house cats love eating the Purina Muse Creatables Crunchy Bites that are natural grain free with chicken or salmon and their no. one ingredient is chicken or salmon plus essential nutrients for your cat. Purina pet foods are made in the USA. My cats give a paws up to Purina Muse Creatables Variety Pack from Chewy.Com.

A wonderful  treat for your feline friends to make their day happier and have their tails lifted up high with joy.

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Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food from Chewy.Com.

I was provided Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I have many bird feeders located outside that my cats and I can watch through my picture window. I  love to feed my birds Kaytee Basic Wild Bird Food from Chewy.Com. The seeds are nice and fresh and my wild birds love it. Kaytee bird food has a number of different grains to attract a variety of various birds throughout the year. Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food from Chewy.Com has corn, a blend of grains and sunflower seeds. Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food has supplements, vitamins, and calcium carbonate in their blend to help your wild bird friends get through the stress of winter, breeding and migration.

Some of the birds that come to my feeder and eat the Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food are Houses finches,  Blue-jays, Wood peckers, Starlings, sparrows, Cardinals, Blackbirds, Gold finches and Chickadees. The Gold finches sit on the windowsill and my cats go wild watching them and my cats make a clicking sound with their mouth. Sometimes all three of my house cats are in a row batting at the birds through the window. Bird watching is a great source of entertainment for my cat and I.

I love watching and observing wild birds. I try to make their lives easier by providing high quality Kaytee wild bird food for them throughout the year. I enjoy watching their offspring as they grow up and they eat at my bird feeders eventually also. I had a pair of Cardinals and their two young ones eating at my bird feeders and what a delight it was to watch them.

Put up bird feeders and teach your children about the various birds and to respect and help out the birds that God created. Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food from Chewy.Com is a bird food your little wild bird friends will sing about for a long time to come.

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Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a day to let someone know that you love them. You can send them a card, take them to nice restaurant, give them a dozen roses, etc.

Romantic Evening

If you are married a good idea for Valentines Day might be candy, flowers or a nice romantic getaway vacation might be nice.  Men a gift of jewelry for your girlfriend or wife would be very much appreciated by her. You could take your wife out for a romantic dinner or stay at home to watch a movie and sit down by the fireplace. You could cook your a husband a five course meal for the evening and have a candle light supper.

Valentine Cards and Candy

Send your friend a Valentines card and let them know that you care about them and love them. You can give your friend a box of chocolates or take them out for lunch or coffee to show them that they are appreciated and loved.

Everyone likes a big box of  Valentine Day candy. Some people will prefer dark chocolate and others milk chocolate in their box of delicious candy.

Valentines Day for Kids

For young children let them send kids Valentines Day cards to each other. The little boxes of hard Valentine candies that say I love you, etc. are candy that they can exchange with their friends. Kids love to make their own Valentines Day cards out of construction paper that they will give to their parents or other children that they know. You as their parent can help them with this project and then put the finished Valentine on your refrigerator door.

Valentines Day for Pets

They also have Valentine treats for your pets that are edible and that will let your pet know that you love them unconditionally. I noticed a Valentine Day card one day at a store that had an edible dog bone in it. Stores also have metal boxes with cat and dog treats available for your fur babies special day.

Let your loved ones know each and everyday that you love them. God Bless you and yours.


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What Is Your Net Worth In Society As A Person ?

A person is not defined as to what he is worth financially. A person is defined as  to what he is worth in society. Do you help other people by listening to them, being kind and helping them in any way that you can ?  If you always help others in anyway  that is possible your net worth is highly appreciated by God and the people you help.

If you help someone that is down and out it should make you and them feel better. We are put here on earth for the same purpose which is to love others and to love God. Take two or more hours out of your day as often as you can to listen to someone and help them with an issue they might be struggling with. You will find out we all have things to share with others that will help them out.

Be a person that others can depend on. If you make a promise to someone stand by it. To be a friend to someone you have to be a true friend to them in every sense of the word. A rainy day friend is about worth what a rainy day is worth after a downpour.

If someone puts their trust in you with a private thought keep that thought absolutely private. If they are seeking your advice on a delicate manner remember to never share that with anyone. Trust does not come quickly but it can disappear in the blink of your eye.

God knows your net worth in society for God created all of us. Show others and God that your net worth in society is  very much needed. Be consistent when you pray for others that are less fortunate than you are. Give to worthy charities whenever you can. Always be kind, considerate, helpful, loving, caring and bring joy to someones heart every single day. God bless you as a person who ‘s net worth in society is priceless.

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How My House Cats Spend Their Days In The Winter Months

My house cats love to lay on my bed and look out of my window at the birds in the trees and bushes. They sort through their toy box everyday to pick out a cat toy to toss and throw around in the air. Conrad’s favorite toy is a singing bird cat toy at the moment. He absolutely loves tossing it in the air again and again.

Cat Beds and Heated Cat Beds

My cats love to lay in their Meowfia cat bed from Chewy.Com. They also love their Serta cat bed with a plush and cushioned bed for your older or arthritic cat. They love their heated K & H cat beds that I have purchased from Chewy.Com. My cats in the house next door love their large heated enclosed K & H beds and the heated windowsill beds. I have some cat beds that recirculate your cats own body heat. Several of my cats next door like those.

Heated Water Bowls and Automatic Pet Feeders

I have a large Stainless Steel heated water bowl for my cats next door to drink out of made by Allied Industries Inc. They are easy to clean and your cat always has water available to drink. I have used my heated water bowl for four years now and it still works perfectly fine. I love my automatic pet feeders as they are easy to use and your cat always has plenty of tasty food at their disposal. Chewy.com handles automatic pet feeders for your cat or dog.

Bird Watching 101 For Your Cats

I have several bird feeders by my picture window. Put out a large variety of different mixtures of bird seed to attract a large variety of birds. I also put out suet or suet balls from my local grocery store as suet attract the woodpeckers. My cats watch the following birds : sparrows, blue jays, black birds, chickadees, house finches, cardinals, gold finches, starlings, crows and woodpeckers.


My cats love to play with their circle toys with a ball that they bat around with their paws. They throw their catnip mice around and toss them up in the air. My house cats love to play with a toy that throws out a string called Flik made by the Pet Safe Co. They love the mice cat toys that sound like a live mouse and the bird toys that sing like a living bird. They love to get their cat treats out of the cat treat dispensers. I have purchased some cat treats and dispensers from Chewy.Com. They love it when I swing a stick with a fish attached to the end of it up in the air as they try to grab it.

My cats enjoy their winter months and I hope your cats do too.

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Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Williamsburg, Virgina

The Bruton Parish Episcopal Church was built in 1660 and was established in 1674. It is an active Episcopal church with a vast history. The men of the Revolution who attended were Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Patrick Henry and more. Parishioners sat in boxed pews, their walls provided privacy and protection from drafts. A vestory book from 1716 ordered that men sit on the right side of the church and women on the left.

Historical Church

The church served as a hospital and storehouse during the battle at Yorktown and a hospital during the civil War. The church is named after Bruton, Somersetshire, England. Rev. Goodwin restored the church in 1907 and 1937. Bruton Parish Church still has church services, the 300 old parish.

My friend and I went to a church service on Dec. 16, 2018. There pastor was excellent and she gave an outstanding sermon on the high up pulpit in the church. The acoustics in the church were amazing. When people sang it was as if angels were singing. The parishioners in the Bruton Parish Church were very welcoming and very friendly. I felt as if I were attending a service at my own church. We had communion which was served  by each person drinking out of a silver wine cup and eating  piece of unleavened bread.

Sermon as it was years ago

We also went to an old fashioned church service at Bruton Parish Church in the afternoon. It was called ” The Comet Comes To Williamsburg”. It was the re – enactment of George Whitefield’s dynamic presentation of a stirring sermon. He was very loud without any loud speaker and he gave you a lot to think about with his stirring sermon. He was dressed in the complete attire that a minister would wear at that time period. He had a white wig on, a black robe and buckle shoes. Bruton Parish Church is getting a new Pipe Organ that will have a total cost of 1 million dollars.

I loved the vast history of this beautiful and magnificent church as you can truly feel that God is present in this church.

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Friskies lilsoups with Chicken & Butternut Squash Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided Friskies lilsoups with Chicken & Butternut Squash in a velvety broth cat food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

I opened up a container of Friskies lilsoups with Chicken & Butternut Squash cat food from Chewy.Com for my cats. You would have thought I had opened up a container of gold for them. My cats could not believe their good fortune. Hilford almost smiled at me the whole time he ate his portion of the Friskies lilsoups. Faith ate away at a quick pace. Mr. Gray almost inhaled what he ate so he would not miss out on a single sip or morsel. Maggie and her sister looked at me with a twinkle in their eyes and a smile in their tummies as they swallowed their Friskies lilsoups with Chicken & Butternut Squash Cat Food from Chewy.Com.

Friskies is made by the Purina Co. Friskies lilsoups are a souper yummy cat food complement. Lilsoups are intended for supplemental feeding only. This complement can be fed daily along with a complete balanced cat food diet. Friskies lilsoups come in a variety of flavors from Chewy.Com.

Sherlock showed up when I opened up a another container of Friskies lilsoups. Sherlock wasted no time in cleaning up his bowl to purrfection. Peter and Nicole are still very shy so I fed them back of of a Chewy.Com box for privacy. I could see them licking their chops clean. I fed Russ his portion on top of a cat tree and he ate away until it fell to the floor. Mr. Gray ran like lightening to polish off what little was left.

My cats taste buds were on overload with the wonderful flavor, consistency and velvety broth in the Friskies lilsoups with Chicken & Butternut Squash Cat Food from Chewy.Com. A purrfectly good treat for all of your feline friends.

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We Are Here To Make The World A Better Place

We are here to put a smile on someones face today. We are here to enrich and empower the lives of others. We should always try to replenish the goods that we remove from our planet. If we cut down a tree we should plant another tree in its place.

Be A Good Steward and Share Your Knowledge

Take time for prayer and thank God for all the abundance of goods and beauty to look at each and everyday of our lives. Plant and harvest goods that will be beneficial for the well being of others. Be a good steward of the land always harvest and replenish the goods that you remove from our planet. It is our duty to keep a clean and productive planet that future generations can enjoy for many years to come.

If you see someone in need lend a helping hand as you might be on the receiving end yourself someday. Be kind and helpful and considerate in everything that you pursue. God and other people are always watching and learning from your actions as actions speak louder than words.

Teach people what you know and do not take your knowledge to the grave as no one will ever benefit from that kind of mind set. Be outgoing and creative and motivated to make the World a better place for you and I. A friend in need is a friend indeed as the old saying goes.

Greet people in a friendly and outgoing manner as your attitude is always showing. Welcome people with open arms and always remember there is always more room at the kitchen table for a surprise guest or two.

Be Kind and Enrich The Lives Of Others

Be kind to all of the animals in the World as we are their stewards here on earth. Animals depend on us to keep a clean environment for them that is free from toxic hazards that can kill them. Always replenish and renew the Earth for future generations to come. With all of us being Gods stewards we are making the World a better place for future generations to come. Always empower and enrich peoples lives and protect our resources and animals. Always put your garbage were it belongs and don’t pollute the Earth. We have a planet the can sustain life for many years if we empower and enrich our planet everyday that we are here on Earth. Go forth and be Gods stewards that save the planet.

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Jamestown and Yorktown, Virginia

We had a tour of James Fort. The buildings had thatched roofs. They had a storehouse, court of guard and church representing 1610 – 1614.



At the Jamestown Settlement they had baked bread on one of the tables made with whole wheat and other grains. Small baked mincemeat pies were cooling off on a table in the kitchen.  They had a smoke and salt cured ham hanging up on a rope in the kitchen. I asked the man in the kitchen what the main cause of death was that the settlers died from. 50 percent of their population died the first few years they settled in Jamestown. He explained that they died from salt poisoning and dysentery. Salt was used to cure and preserve most of their foods. Five people would sleep in one bed as that was the way it was done at that time.


The woodworker was working on drilling holes and making handles for hammers, etc. There was an outdoor brick oven and a blacksmith shop. There were several colorful chickens walking around on the grounds.



We had a tour of Yorktown an saw the trenches where they had fought in the American Revolution. We went to  the Continental Army Encampment. I visited with an army Dr. and he said casualties of war were very high. The 50 caliber musket would do great  bodily injury to you. He would dig out the piece of lead and give you whiskey for the pain. The Doctor would do blood letting and drill holes in your skull to relieve pressure which they believed would help remove the disease from you body. They had a bone saw for removing fingers. They had different compounds for making medicine. The medicine was flavored with licorice root to make it easier and more tolerable to swallow. The tents they stayed in were small and five men slept in one tent. Almost all of the soldiers that lived after being shot died one week later from horrible complications. The soldiers would get pneumonia and dysentery. They only had something similar to Vicks vapor rub  to help them breathe better and loosen congestion.


We had a self – guided tour of the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, Virginia. I took a lot of pictures inside of the museum of the guns, etc. The museum offers a national perceptive on the struggle for Independence of the 13 British American colonies. It is located in Americas historic triangle which includes : Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. The battle at Yorktown was where American Independence was won.

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Do Not Linger

If you spend a long time on things that happened in the past you are lingering in the past and never will be able to move forward with your life. Remember the past is the past and live for the future. Think of a hobby you could pursue or a good cause that you could support.

If you linger about buying a car or a new home you might miss out on your dream home or car. People that do not linger get a lot done in one day. God does not linger for he is always watching over each and everyone of us everyday of our lives.

Do not over think things as you will stay in place longer than necessary because of a reluctance to leave. Lingering around robs you of positive time in your life. I tend not to linger long in one place as I always have a lot of things that I want to get done in one day. I purchased a home in one hour from start to finish and I never regretted it. If I would have lingered on purchasing the home someone else would have purchased the house.

Do not wait for the perfect time to do things that are absolutely necessary. Pay your bills quickly as you might misplace the bill and have to pay a penalty also. Travel while you can because life can throw you a curve ball no matter what age you are.

Do not stagnate and get to comfortable in life. See what you can do today to make a positive and lasting difference in your life and the lives of others. Do not linger on your dreams for your life as your life keeps moving forward even though you are not. Do not linger as you will accomplish much that will please God and those you love.

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