Cats and Storms

My cats can get very upset when a storm is coming. My cats will run and hide in the basement. If my cats are in bed with me at night they will meow nervously. My cats tend to lay as close as they possibly can next to me in bed if it is thundering. I had one cat look up at the heavens when it was thundering very loudly and a tornado warning was issued. All of a sudden she ran to the basement and I decided to follow suit. The winds were horrific and I lost large branches out of the trees and the roof on one of my buildings. The cats and I were fine.

I have trained my cats to run down to the basement when I call them. Cat Treats are good way to train your cat. You do not have time to locate all your cats when a tornado is rapidly approaching your home. All I have to do is call my cats with a sense of urgency in my voice and they join me safely in the basement of my home.

Animals have a keen sense of the weather and one should always take ques from them in regards to the weather situation. My friend had a cat that ran under her couch when they issued a tornado warning on the radio. When they sounded the all clear she came out from under the couch one minute later.


My cats tend to move around a lot in the basement when the winds are horrific. If my cats are looking out of a window they keep watching the tree branches move back and forth. Their tails are swinging rapidly back and forth as they are stating their distaste for the weather by their wild tail movement. Listen to you cats keen sense of weather changes. Hope you and cats survive the storms in nature.

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Do Not Procrastinate

Do not say that I will get that done tomorrow for none of us know for sure if we will have a tomorrow. Do not put off what you can get done today for another day. Make good use of your time and move along quickly and efficiently. Get together with a good friend today and spend quality time with them.

Get Up Early

Get up early in the morning and you will be very surprised by what you can get completed in just one day. Do some book work, house cleaning, grocery shopping, blogging, washing clothes, vacuuming, lawn mowing or snow removal depending on the season and then relax and read a book or work on a hobby.

Sitting around thinking about what you should do will not get the task at hand done. Start your projects early so you are not over taxed by having a vast amount of things you must get done all at once. Have a list of things you want to work on everyday and keep marking them off your list as they get fully completed.

Never Procrastinate

Never procrastinate as you may end up with a mountain of repairs and bills that have to be paid all at once. Keep a running list of things that you want to get fixed or remodeled in your home. Keep up on your car maintenance also to avoid very expensive car bills down the road.

God does not procrastinate as he listens to our thoughts and dreams everyday of our lives. God answers our prayers in a timely manner. God is our compass and guide on earth. Let God guide you to get together with your loved ones today to enjoy each others company. Let God help you stick to a schedule that will strengthen your faith and get all of your task done in a timely manner that will please others and God.

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Red’s Story

Red was a Red tabby cat. My vet gave Red to me after I had to put my Siamese house cat Sugar to sleep. My vet found Red abandoned on a golf course in the middle of December. My vets wife had trained Red to stay off of the counter tops.

Red got along fine with my other house cat Ginger that I had at that time. Red was very intelligent. If I would ask Red do you want to go outdoors he would head right toward the door. He liked to tease me when it was time for him to come back in my house. Red would take off running the moment I almost caught him to take him back into my house. Red would do this about three times before I could finally carry him back in my house.

Red’s favorite toy was a circle toy ball game. Red was ambidextrous and would hit the ball with either paw. Red also wanted to make sure you were watching him play his ball game. Red was very proud of the fact that he had mastered the circle toy ball game completely. I rescued a cat that I found under a car one day at a restaurant and I named him Philmoor. Philmoor caught on to the circle toy ball game immediately and Red felt bad about that unfortunately. Red hardly ever played with his favorite toy after  Philmoor mastered the circle toy ball game.

Red was a very friendly and outgoing cat. Red loved attention from other people and he actually thrived on it. Red liked to sleep on my bed at night along with my other two house cats.

At the age of 17 Red’s spine gave out. Red could no longer control his urine. My vet said some older cats develop a defect in their spine late in life. I had Red put to sleep at my vets office. Red was a wonderful , kind, outgoing and loving cat.

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All of us have a struggle about something each and everyday in our lives. We may struggle with our feelings about a particular event or issue that has to be dealt with. We struggle with health, family and financial problems.

Life Can Be A Constant Struggle

Sometimes I struggle with trying to get the lid off a container of food or medicine. Putting a new piece of furniture together or figuring out your taxes can be very frustrating indeed. Balancing  family and work can be very difficult. Life is a constant struggle with something new and different each and every day. Without changes in our lives we would not evolve and we would be stagnant and dull. I want to learn new things and branch out and become more informed and in the now rather then staying in the past. The old saying goes  “nothing ventured nothing gained” and how very true that statement is.

At times we struggle with our own Christianity by saying why me when something bad happens to us. We must always remember all of us have different health problems and some are more serious than others are. God is always by our side and he knows our every thought and what we are going through. You are never truly alone with God by your side.

Breakdowns And Repairs

Our car can break down and we can be in debt for sometime until we get the transmission, engine or other damages paid off in full. We can have a major appliance breakdown,roof repair,tree damage, etc. If we save our money over time we will finely get these items paid off and be out of debt.

Remember God is Always By Your Side

Don’t let life’s daily struggles get the better of you. Talk things over with a trusted friend. Remember the trials of Job. God will help you with the many struggles we must all face in our lifetime. keep a positive attitude and let Gods light shine on you everyday.

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How To Catch A Cat That Does Not Wish To Be Caught

I had an outdoor cat that needed her rabies and distemper shots. She seemed to know that I wanted to bring her to the vet and she was dead set against it. I put canned cat food in a live animal trap and she would not go near it. I have caught a lot of cats with canned tuna in water but not her. I tried all different kinds of cat treats and food to no avail. My friend had a left over piece of Walleye fish that I placed in the live animal trap and that did the trick.  The Walleye fish was something she had never eaten before and her curiosity got the best of her. She had no trouble at the vet and my mission was finally accomplished. Try something new and different for your cat to eat if you are having trouble catching them.

A fish net works good while your cat is eating. I place the net over the cat  while they are busy eating and grab them my the nape of their neck and then I transfer them to their pet carrier. You can place the net on one side of the building they are resting in and the cage on the other end. Your cat will either end up in the net or in the cage.

I had one cat that I had tried to catch and I finally just placed the cage where she was resting and she just walked right in. I was shocked that she just walked right in her pet carrier. Never pull a cat out of a cage they do not like that kind of behavior and they will bite you. Let your cat walk out of his cage on his own or gradually lift the cage up so he can walk out on his own. I put the cage on end when I place my cats in the cage. I put the back end of my cat in first which works a lot easier then placing their head in the cage first.

I hope this information helps you catch your feline friends safely and humanly. I hope your vet visit is a good experience for you and your cat.

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Pella, Iowa Tulip Festival

The Pella, Iowa Tulip Festival will be held May 1st to May 5th for 2019.

It is best to come to the tulip festival early for the best seating and car parking spots. It is good to bring lawn chairs along to sit on for the parade. I love to look at all of the beautiful tulips that are in their full glory. I love to watch the street scrubbers and the people dressed in their Dutch costumes. I try to sample a lot of the different dutch foods which are absolutely mouthwatering.

What to do while in Pella, Iowa.

May 1st is their preview day. You can visit the the different museums, historical villages, quilt show and go on a run late in the day if you wish to.

May 2nd and 3rd events. You can visit museums, look at antique cars which I enjoy, go on a city tour, visit the garden club and more. You must sample some some Dutch food and look over their Dutch costumes. I went to an organ recital one year in the Dutch tradition that is held at Second Reformed Church and I enjoyed it very much. Since I love cheese try some Dutch cheese at the market. It is fun to watch the Dutch dancers and the street scrubbers. I have watched the street scrubbers ever since I was a small child.

Volks Parade for the Pella, Iowa Tulip Festival

The Volks parade starts at 2:30 PM  which is my top highlight for the day. The Volks parade is lighted at 8:30 PM which is spectacular to watch. Make sure you attend the parade as it is exceptional.

May 4th has city tours, a Dutch craft market, Dutch delights foods, opera house, street scrubbers and the Volks parade. I enjoy the beautiful Opera House as it is a magnificent grand old building.

May 5th has a Thanksgiving and Praise service.

Awesome Dutch Food and Letters

My two favorite bakeries in Pella, Iowa are Jaarsma Bakery and Vander Ploeg Bakery. Both bakeries have the famous Dutch letters. I always go home with at least four letters just for myself. Scholte House Museum  and Maria’s Tea Room is a nice tea room and they are open Mon. thru Sat.

You and your family will have an awesome time in Pella, Iowa at their annual tulip festival. I always enjoy Pella, Iowa tulip festivals. For more info. go to: or

Springtime Chores With Having A Cat

Clean up your cats litter boxes with a mild dish soap, scrapers and brushes and have rubber gloves on while cleaning to protect yourself if you get cut accidentally. Clean food bowls, water bowls and your cats bedding. Wash the floor where the litter boxes are located to kill germs and any possible flea eggs. Shampoo your carpets and clean all of your bedding as this will get rid of pest and cat dander.

Bathing and Flea Treatments

Give your cat a bath if you wish to do so. I like to use a baby shampoo or a flea shampoo for cats. Trim your cats claws so he does not ruin your furniture or dig his claws into you by accident. Use a flea treatment on your cats especially if they are indoor and outdoor cats. The last thing you want is a flea infested house as it will cost you up to $300.00 just for the exterminator. You will need two treatments before the fleas are killed off completely.

New Cat Beds , Litter Boxes and More

The springtime is a good time to replace worn out cat beds with nice new ones. Replace old litter boxes that are gross and not worth cleaning. Replace those old worn out cat toys with nice new ones. Look over your cat food and if it is expired throw it away.

Grooming Your Cat and Needed Supplies

Groom your cat. I like a cat brush , a grooming comb and grooming gloves. My cats love to brushed and have their hair combed and any clumps of fur brushed out gently. Sometimes it is best just to cut out big clumps of hair that you cannot comb through easily. Trim your cat claws carefully and never cut into the quick of the claw as your cat could bleed profusely. If in doubt about the care of your cat consult your Veterinarian. Hope you and your cats have an awesome Spring.

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Never Expect Something In Return For A Kind Deed

God Knows if you do something out of the goodness of your heart or if you just want notoriety. If you want notoriety for your kind deeds they are not really all that kind. Christian love is full of kind deeds for others. You help your neighbors out because you want to help them. You volunteer at organizations and at church because it makes you and other people feel better.

Memorials that remember our deceased loved one is a good way for people to remember them as long as possible. Memorials that help other people and enrich the lives of others are a wonderful gift to benefit mankind for many years to come.

If everyone wanted notoriety for every good deed that they did the World would be in a really bad place. People find out when you do good deeds and you do not need to blow your own horn. Anonymous gifts are the best kind of gifts for you to give to organizations. With a charity auction do not charge them to auction off their items after all it is a charity that no one should benefit from except the charity that helps those in need.

God knows all of your actions and why you pursue your actions. God never gives up on us even with all of our flaws and problems. God hopes that we do good deeds from the kindness of our hearts and not just because we want something.

Let there always be goodness and kindness in your heart that shines on the lives of others. Make someone extremely happy today and always. Go forth each day with a spring in your step and joy in your heart. Remember today is the day the Lord hath made let us rejoice and be glad in it. Let others have joy in their lives as their is enough hurt in the World without you being unkind to someone. Do kind deeds out of the goodness of your heart.

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Canidae Adore Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com

I was provided Canidae Adore canned cat food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I gave my cats next door some Canidae Adore canned cat food from Chewy.Com. I gave them a can that had shreds of tuna, chicken, and mackerel in the can and they absolutely loved it. Russ, Mr. Gray, Maggie and Sherlock ran like Cheetahs to get as much as they could of the Canidae Adore canned cat food from Chewy.Com. Maggie’s sister licked and licked her chops clean. Nicole, Hilford and Faith ran around quickly to eat up their portion of their delightful new canned cat food.

Canidae Adore canned cat food comes in several different varieties of meats. Their canned cat food is Grain free and the meat is in a broth with vitamins and minerals for your cats well being.The  meat combinations are well thought out for your cats natural cravings.

Mr. Gray came running the minute I opened up a can of Canidae Adore canned cat food from Chewy.Com. His brothers Hilford and Sherlock came running at full steam ahead also. They ate away very quickly trying to steal the other cats portions. Peter and his sister Nicole were not shy at all when it came to eating their portions of the delicious Canidae Adore canned cat food with tuna, chicken and mackerel from Chewy.Com. Faith, Maggie and her sister licked their bowls completely clean. Maggie flew around from bowl to bowl licking out every crevice in the bowls that she could find.


Today Hilford met me at the door along with Mr. Gray, Maggie, Sherlock and Nicole. They ate up every little sliver of  Canidae Adore canned cat food that I placed in front of them. Peter showed up rather quickly along with Maggie’s sister and Faith. My cats held their tails up high for Canidae Adore canned cat food from Chewy.Com.

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Active Christian

Are you an active Christian ?  Do you go out of your way to help someone in need ? Do you put a smile on someones face everyday ? Do you bring joy into peoples lives ?  I hope you can answer yes to all of these questions.

If someone is suffering try to ease their suffering to the best of your ability. Talk to people and comfort them with kind words of support and have empathy for them. The sound of someones caring and concerned voice can make all the difference in the world to the person you are talking too.

Help support worthy causes in your community any way that you possibly can. Help people in need in third world countries. Support charities in your hometown that help the less fortunate.

Surround yourself with like minded people and friends. Attend church and support your church in all the ways that you possibly can. Read your scriptures and study your Bible and practice the good works that God gives to all of his followers. Read a daily devotion and think about what you read throughout your entire day. Think about how you can apply the devotional reading to your day and how you can help others by what you read in your daily devotions book.

Greet every person that you see in church today if at all possible. Tell them I am happy to see you today and how was your week. Shake hands with people or give them  hug. Help people to feel that they are appreciated and loved with their Christian family. Christian fellowship is very important in your life and the lives of others.

Treat all people with the upmost respect in a loving, caring, kind, compassionate and Christian manner. People will notice and see Gods good works through you if you are a good Christian steward.

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