Only Natural Pet Raw Nibs Cage Free Chicken with Fresh Veg. & Fruits For Cats From Chewy.Com

I was provided Only Natural Pet Raw Nibs Cage Free Chicken with Veg. & Fruits For Cats From Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I placed the Only Natural Pet Raw Nibs in a treat dispenser for cats. Conrad wasted no time at all getting his treats out of the dispenser. I gave Garfunkel some raw nibs and they disappeared immediately. I placed a treat dispenser on the bed where Kohl was resting and he got every single treat eaten up. Kohl came into the other room to try to steal some raw nibs from the other cats. He had success when two treats came out at the same time.

I love the fact that Only Natural Pet is grain free, all natural, whole food nutrition, 45% protein and is made with cage free chicken and fresh vegetables & fruits. You can serve Natural pet as a tasty topper or as a meal. Natural Pet is Holistic, for all life stages, and made in the USA. Natural pet has organic goats milk  & raw apple cider vinegar and is made with the highest quality ingredients.

Maggie my outdoor cat almost vacuumed all of her raw nibs right down. Tom my outdoor red tabby found the raw nibs immediately and he seemed delighted with them.

My three house cats got their treats out of the cat treat dispensers very fast today.  Garfunkel ate as many raw nibs as I could give him. Kohl hoped he could find a treat my other cats had missed but he was out of luck today. They all left with full stomachs.

Faith, Hilford, Sherlock, Mr. Gray and Nicole ate up every single Only Natural Pet Raw Nibs Cage Free Chicken with Fresh Veg. & Fruits For Cats From Chewy.Com. Hilford kept looking for any nib the other cats could not locate. Mr. Gray ran around frantically moving pets beds and toy boxes looking for the raw nibs. Mr, Gray got paid for his efforts and time that was well spent as far as he was concerned. He would have looked all day long for more raw nibs.


Only Natural Pet was a keeper as far as my cat family was concerned. I love feeding my cats a healthy treat that is made with pride, top quality ingredients and that is healthy for all life stages of my cat family.

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Life Is An Open Book

When you read  a book there are many chapters in the book and you learn something new in each and every chapter in the book. The same goes for you in life. As you move along in life their will be many chapters and stories in your book of your life.

Remember do you want that particular part of your life to be a chapter in your book of life. You make decisions in your life everyday that will affect your life plus the lives of many other people in your life. Do not make decisions lightly in your life. You are the master of your destiny on Earth. If you do not like how your life is going change the course of your life.

If you are in a dead end job or feel you are not really needed at your company work on finding a different job were they appreciate your skills and talents. It is never to late to further your education and take your life in a completely new and different direction that you will find less stressful and more rewarding.

As you get older you will find many rewarding things that you can do to help others. Volunteer at places that you have a passion for and that you want to support and maintain. Help keep your community clean, help people and reach out to them, spend more time with your loved ones, spend more time outdoors and enjoy nature and visit and listen to people.

In the chapters in your book of life share your knowledge freely and openly with others that want to learn some of the things that you have learned over the years. Don’t take your knowledge to the grave with you as this is a terrible loss of your life. Teach the young your trade, your standards, your values, a good work ethic, and open the chapters in your book of life to guide them with their book of life. May your book of life have many wonderful stories and awesome experiences in its various chapters.

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Cat Eating Habits

Some cats are late night feeders and therefor they put on a lot of weight with this habit. It is good thing to put your cats food dish away at night so he can not gorge himself with food in the middle of the night. Your cat should be getting more fit and trim by removing his cat food at night.

Some cats are very fussy about their dry cat food. If you try to feed your cat a different brand of cat food then what they are used to they will simply stop eating. I always leave their regular brand of cat food out and place the new brand in a food dish next to their regular brand of dry cat food. My cats always have a cat food that they love and enjoy eating with this method. I will also mix two different brands together if they seem to like both brands equally well.

My cats love cat treats and canned cat food. There favorite canned cat foods are fish,chicken and turkey with no by products or fillers in them. I place cat treats in a treat dispenser so my cats get some exercise while they eat their cat treats.

My outdoor cats keep the pigeon population down. They eat the pigeons that are on the ground by the area where the pigeons roost for the night. My outdoor cats will eat the unfortunate bird that crashes into a window before it fully recovers from the window crash incident. Outdoor cats catch rodents and kill them or eat them.

Some cats will try to eat up the other cats snacks or treats. I watch my cats and I try to deter that behavior. I try to feed all of my cats the same number of treats so each one feels they are being treated fairly. Some cats always have to be the first ones to eat in the morning. My female cats can be fickle of who they want to eat with and who they want to share with. Male cats like to eat up all they want and let the females eat what is left just like their wild relatives that live in the jungles. All of my cats get their fair share of food to eat and fresh water everyday.

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Stay Open To Possibilities

There are many opportunities or possibilities that will come your way in life. Sometimes you will not be ready to take that leap of faith into a new job or opportunity. When opportunity knocks on your door embrace the chance to move forward in life and enhance your horizons. If someone tells me it is not possible for me to do a particular thing I am more determined than ever to prove them absolutely wrong. I have been open to new possibilities in life and I have not been disappointed yet. Not to try to broaden your horizons is the biggest disappoint you will ever make in life. You will never know what you could have achieved or accomplished if you would have been open to a new and better improved you.

Job changes or moves can be scary. To have a job that does not excite you or get your creative juices following stagnant s you. I want a job that will test me and take me to the next level. We wear many hats in life. We do volunteer work which helps those who need help the most. Parents raise their children with the values and work ethics which they have learned. Pastors remind us of our Christian values and how to act as Gods flock and much more. We can learn a lot from Bible Scriptures and Bible study groups and by studying the Bible on our own. Treat people as you would have them treat you.

Job changes are must in life when your health will not allow you to do a particular job anymore. There are many paths you can walk down in life. I choose to live a rewarding life visiting and helping other people that are part of Gods flock. Embrace an illness and empower the illness and move forward in life. Their are rewarding jobs for us in all stages of our life if we just stay stay open to possibilities.

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My House Cats In The Springtime

My house cats start to shed their winter coat. I brush and comb out their hair on a regular basis to eliminate hairballs and snarls in their hair. Some of my cats get a spring bath or a water less shampoo bath. Some long haired cats will have to have matted areas in their fur cut out. I like to take my cats to a vet if they have a matted fur problem since they are professionals at removing matted areas of fur on cats.

My house enjoy eating fresh catnip and watching the various varieties of birds through the picture window. My cats will chatter away at the birds they are watching as if to say you would make a delicious appetizer if I could only get out to catch you. My cats spend a big portion of their day watching and salivating over the birds they can see from the various windows in my house.

In the Spring my cats are more energetic and playful than they are in the winter months. They love to chase each other up and down the stairs. My cats play with their catnip stuffed toys more and their cat ball and mouse game. My cats now sleep on top of their Meowfia Cat Caves. My chairs are now occupied by my cats and their heated beds are abandoned for now until winter rolls around again.

Springtime is a good time to clean cat bedding and clean and sterilize water bowls and food dishes. I scrub up their litter boxes and the floor were the liter box sets. I use a floor cleaner that sanitizes and sterilizes as this will prevent fleas from the cat litter. Do not set your cat on the grass as they can get fleas this way. Put your cat in a cage on cement or in a cat tent on top of a deck. You do not want fleas in your house. You will be bitten by fleas and all of your pets will have fleas. To get rid of a flea infestation will cost a lot money and you and your pets will be very uncomfortable in between.

I hope you and your pets have a happy and healthy spring.

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Scoop Away Complete Scoop Cat Litter From Chewy.Com

I was provided Scoop Away Complete Scoop Cat litter From Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I placed the Scoop Away dust free and 10 day odor free cat litter in a clean litter box for my cats to use. Cali immediately made a deposit. I left out their old cat litter also so they could get used to the new litter gradually. Russ also made a deposit before I left the house. I like the fact that the Scoop Away cat litter is dust free and odor free. It was very easy to remove the used cat litter from the litter box. My cats used the new cat litter much more than their old brands of cat litter. I like the fact that the Scoop Away cat litter comes in a sturdy plastic bag instead of a box. It is much easier to move the plastic bag of cat litter around instead of a box of cat litter where the handle falls off eventually.

My cats continue to use the Scoop Away Complete Cat Litter on a regular basis. There is no overpowering smell to the cat litter. The cat litter has a nice pleasant smell with no odor. The size of the cat litter pellets is perfect and my cats really dig it. My cats make lots of deposits to the litter box containing their new cat litter. The used Scoop Away Complete cat litter has no smell that I can detect. Russ made a deposit right after I had cleaned out the used cat litter box. Russ is very fastidious.

All of my cats next door had no issues whatsoever with the Scoop Away Complete Scoop Cat Litter from Chewy.Com. The consistency of the Scoop Away Complete cat litter is just the perfect size for your cats to move around easily and cover all their business.

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Don’t Let Anything Break Your Stride In Life

When my Mother was sick there was a new song on the radio called ” Ain’t Nothin gonna break my stride I have to keep on movin now ” My mother said always remember that song. I think of that song often and how important those words in that song actually are. When we loose a loved one or suffer from a horrible illness we have to remember to keep on movin now.

A lot of things will come along in your life that will try to break your stride but we cannot let that happen to us. We have to rise above adversity by reaching out to other people and setting a positive example for them through us. Stride is something that cannot be broken if we keep our minds on the positives in our life and not the negatives.

Don’t let things slow you down for too long for they will consume you and eat you up with negativity. Keep a positive heart and a positive soul and you can achieve much that others will see your positive stride shining through you your darkest of moments. Think of your illness as a temporary moment in your life and take time to refine yourself if necessary.

Do not let past events break your stride. Learn from past events in your life and move forward toward more uplifting events. Surround yourself with people that know the flow of your life and that can help you enrich your flow of life. Enrich and help others as this will lift up your stride considerably. Be a person that is connected to God and help Gods flock to keep on movin now.

If we keep on the right path in life there is nothin that can break our stride for very long we just have to keep on movin on and forward.

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Ear Cancer

I had a beautiful Calico cat by the name of Champagne. Champagne was one of my outdoor cats. She was always a very friendly and outgoing cat. She would follow me out to my garden. She would roll in the dirt while I planted my garden.

She and my dog Jitters were good friends and would go out hunting together. My goat Zachary would tag along with them. He would eat left over corn in the field while they hunted for mice.

Champagne had many lovely kittens over the years. I took one of her tuxedo kittens into my house as a house cat. I named him Sylvester. I had Sylvester for about one year. I let him outside briefly on one warm summer day. A wild animal came along and killed him. I missed him very much. I never let any indoor cats out after that happened.

I started to notice a growth in Champagnes ear. I treated it with ear drops to no avail. The growth kept getting larger. She started to shake her head. When she would shake her head blood would fly out of her ear.

I took her to my vet and he diagnosed that she had ear cancer. He said she could possibly live for another six months and not be in pain. She seemed to get along fairly well for at least five months. More and more blood would come out of her ear.

I did not want to see her suffer so I had her put down. It is hard to watch a dear pet go down hill. She is now in heaven with all of my other cats that have passed on. They have all crossed the rainbow pet bridge and made it into pet heaven.

I  hope none of your cats ever get ear cancer.

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Panoramic View Of Life

Do you have a panoramic view of life ?  Can you see the entire picture of your life and do you think your life is headed in the right direction ?

One event in your life can make a big difference in someone else’s life. Talking to people about their problems and their goals in life can led to new discoveries that could make a huge impact in the world. Think how your conversations affect other people before you speak. Will your conversation motive someone or will it suppress them ?

If you fail at one thing in life keep trying for all of us have a God given talent that we can share with the world that will help and enable others to achieve their goals in life. Teach someone your trade before you pass away and a part of you can live on forever then. Hang onto old fashioned values as they have helped our ancestors greatly throughout the years. Without values and ethics a world deteriorates rapidly.

Help people in need. Sometimes people get into situations that are completely out of their control. A sudden illness can wipe out a family financially. There was a couple at a rest home that had to pay $9000,00 a month for the two of them and they ended up with no money at all after working hard everyday of their lives.

The panoramic view of life shows the whole picture in great detail. Do not just focus on one thing in a picture. Look at every single detail in the picture so you do not miss out on any golden moments in life. Have you missed out on certain details in your life ? Move forward in life and do not cry over spilled milk. Travel , learn, explore, visit and enjoy and share what you have learned from your travels with others so they too may want to travel and explore new horizons. Always reach for the stars and help other people reach for the stars also.

Keep your mind open to the entire panoramic view in life and all that it has to offer you and others to achieve great and worthwhile accomplishments that will help you and others into eternity.

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Purina Pro Plan Seafood Favorites Variety Pack Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com

I was provided Purina Pro Plan Seafood Favorites Variety Pack canned cat food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I first gave the Salmon and Rice Entree to my cats next door. Mr. Gray started eating up his portion with a passion and he was soon followed by Peter and Hilford. Peter came out of hiding the moment he smelled the Purina Pro Plan Seafood Favorites Variety Pack Salmon and Rice Entree from Chewy.Com. Sherlock was eating away at the Salmon and Rice Entree when Faith nudged him out of her way. Nicole and Russ got in on the action before the Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice Entree was completely gone. Cali ate her portion away from my other cats. Addi never eats until her grown cat family is done eating.

I gave a can of the Tuna Entree to Maggie and her sister. Maggie was enthralled with her Tuna meal. Maggie’s  sister quickly ate up her portion and they both licked their lips clean.

My cats next door were simply delighted with the Tuna Entree. Peter showed up immediately followed by his sister Nicole. Hilford and Sherlock came running the moment they heard the can open. Mr. Gray showed up shortly and the related cat family ate away to their hearts content. Russ ate some and so did Faith and they licked out the cans also.

Maggie and her sister ate The Seafood Stew Entree at warp speed ahead. Maggie loved the little pieces of carrots in the stew. Faith, Sherlock, Hilford, Cali and Mr. Gray my cats next door finished off the Purina Pro Plan Seafood Stew Entree from Chewy.Com with enthusiasm and vigor.

My cats love to eat Purina Pet Foods and I am glad they are manufactured in the USA. My cats love quality pet foods that are tasty and good for them.

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