My Favorite Pet Grooming Tools

I prefer to use a comb for a person on my cat Kohl. Kohl loves to be combed out with an ordinary comb. I like to to use a wire comb for cats that have long hair. My Maine Coon cat Snowflake would get mats in her fur. A wire comb is very effective in removing matted hair.

I use a nail clipper like I use for myself to trim my cats claws. I find it easier to use then the cat clippers. I never trim too much off of their claws at one time. I always try to avoid trimming too much off of their claws because I do not want to cut into the quick of their claw. Cutting into the quick of their claw can result in excessive bleeding or an infection.

I have an old rubber glove with little rubber prongs it. This glove works quite well on removing loose hair from your cats coat. I purchased the rubber glove from a pet store about ten years ago.

I have several brushes that I use for my cats. I have used baby brushes to brush out their fur. Baby brushes are good for kittens since they do not have aggressive bristles. I also have several cat brushes. One of my brushes is a rubber brush which seems to work well for all hair types of cats. I have several brushes that have a handle on them with medium bristles. A medium bristle brush works well  on short and long haired cats. I  have one brush that has wire bristles with rubber tips. I use the wire bristle brush on my long haired cats.

Always remember to start grooming your cat as a kitten. They will learn to tolerate being groomed at a young age. Trying to groom an older cat that has never been groomed before can be very challenging. They may not liked being groomed whatsoever and will try to bite and scratch you. Always talk softly and gently to your cat while you are grooming him as this will relax and calm him down.

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You have to be resilient to succeed in this World. You must not let peoples words or actions dwell inside of you. keep moving your life along in a positive direction. Be active in life belong to groups that lift you up and motivate you to get the most that you can out of your life.

Do things that will help others as that will help you become more resilient. By helping other people with their problems your problems become less significant. Stay spiritually connected to God as he helps us each and everyday of our lives on Earth. Don’t worry about small insignificant problems as you will be able to solve them with time and thought.

Bounce back from adversity as soon as you can before it follows you around constantly and consumes you. Tell yourself you can do it even if you think you may not be able to do it. A positive frame of mind can produce much were a negative frame of mind accomplishes nothing.

Always put your best effort into everything that you do. By giving your best you will receive a great gift of accomplishment. Take pride in your work and put your heart and your soul in your work and others will admire your work for years to come.

God wants us to be resilient. Jesus died for our sins so that we may live again in heaven. Live your life on Earth as how you would live your life in heaven. Always have a good, kind, caring, and compassionate personality that others can see in you everyday.

Help others when help is needed and help them feel resilient from the storms in their life. Go to church on the  Sabbath day to praise God for helping you be more resilient in your life.

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Purina Beyond Chicken & Egg Recipe Cat Treat From Chewy.Com

I was provided Purina Beyond Chicken & Egg Recipe Cat treats from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

My house cats Kohl, Garfunkel and Conrad absolutely love Purina Beyond cat treats. Garfunkel kept covering the other cats treats with his front left paw. Garfunkel ate up a good share of Purina Beyond cat treats from Chewy.Com.


Purina Beyond Chicken & Egg Recipe Cat Treats from Chewy.Com are a natural cat snack that is made without grains or artificial colors or preservatives. Each cat snack has vitamins, minerals and quality natural ingredients that are good for your cat. Feed two cat treats for each pound of body weight not to exceed ten per day. I am sure Garfunkel ate up his quota of ten snacks today. Purina is made in the USA.

My cats next door enjoyed some Purina Beyond cat treats today. Mr. Gray was running after the cat treats like a mad man and ate his quota of ten cat snacks in record time. Russ, Cali, Addi, and Faith savored every single little piece of their cat treats. Peter, Sherlock, and Hilford made short work of their Purina Beyond cat snacks also. Nicole came out of hiding and ate all of her cat treats that I had placed under a table for her to eat.

Maggie and her sister went after the Purina Beyond Chicken & Egg Recipe Cat treats from Chewy.Com. I am positive that each one of them had 7 cat treats each. I have to lay the cat treats out just at the right time to accomplish that task. The two cat sisters do not really like each other but they have formed a truce this winter to stay warm and enjoy awesome cat snacks.

All of my cats were thrilled with the Purina Beyond cat treats and so was I.

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Are you dependable ? Are you there when your friends or family need you ? I hope you answered yes to these two questions. Dependability is a large part of life that affects many people besides yourself.

What would you do if  you went to an emergency room and everyone had called in sick for the day. You would be in dire shape or die before the day was over. You need to be accountable to yourself and others. Accountability starts with you and your actions speak volumes about you.

If you are not dependable on a job you will get fired and your chances of finding another good job will be slim to none. You cannot show up on a job whenever you feel like it. Restaurants need waiters, cooks, etc. to run a restaurant successfully that people will want to return to in the near future. If everyone just worked on the days they felt like working our economy would go into a tail spin. Dependable people are a must to keep things moving and flowing along in the business world and in life in general.

When I go to a store and they are supposed to be open at 8 AM they better be open or I will never return to that store again. I do not like waiting for people as they are stealing precious hours from my life. Life is too short to wait around for someone that is never on time or dependable. There is no excuse for being late unless an unforeseen circumstance arouse.

Dependability is not what is used to be. You should treat other people like you want to be treated. I am sure that you do not like to wait around for people so why should people wait around for you. Have respect and accountability for your actions and if you are late for unforeseen circumstances apologize and explain what happened to make you late.

Be dependable and accountable to God, your boss, family and friends as this will take you far in life.

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Bread and Buttercreme Patisserie & Eatery Located in Clear Lake, Iowa

I was provided lunch at the bread and buttercreme patisserie & Eatery in Clear Lake, Iowa to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.


They have homemade high quality baked goods and chef created small plates. I ordered there Lobster Bisque Soup which was outstanding in flavor and quality.  The soup tasted just like the lobster bisque soup that I ordered in Maine years ago.


I also ordered a cranberry muffin that had a slight lemon flavor to it. The muffin was nice and fresh and just melted in my mouth. The slight taste of lemon elevated the muffins flavor to the next level. I will order the muffin every time that I go to the bread & buttercreme patisserie and eatery in Clear lake, Iowa.


They have an outstanding and welcoming atmosphere. They offer gluten free baked goods, Tapas, pizza, Prime Rib, hamburger & fries and much more.


They serve coffee, cocktails, cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls, wraps, candy, pastries and more.  They sell various kinds of bread. They sell fancy cheese cakes. At Christmas time the cookies they sold were decorated nicely and would make an awesome Christmas gift or ad a special flare to any family gathering. Bread & Buttercreme offers catering for your special events or meetings.

Bread & Buttercreme serves a egg bake with ham,  Swiss cheese, spinach, special mayonnaise  and more.They have a lunch menu and a dinner menu. Their food is priced right and our waitress was very friendly and accommodating to our every need and want.

The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing and you can hear the other people talking at your table quite easily. The pictures and decorations in bread & buttercreme were spot on. I have found a place that I will keep coming to on a regular basis and I will be inviting my friends to come and eat with me.

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K & B Emporium Is A Restaurant, Retail Store And More Located In Clear Lake, Iowa

I was provided lunch at K & B Emporium located in Clear Lake, Iowa to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.


I was very impressed the very moment that I entered K & B Emporium. I love how the restaurant and store are nicley appointed. I especially like the old light fixtures, wooden floors, lighting and the general atmosphere.


For lunch I ordered one of their healthy grab and go turkey sandwiches  and I ordered there homemade chicken noodle soup which had lots of chicken, celery, carrots,noodles and more in the soup. There Chicken Noodle soup was seasoned perfectly and had an outstanding flavor. My cousin ordered their ham  & cheese sandwich. My cousin and I loved our sandwiches that had Swiss cheese in them and were on a fresh ciabatta bun. Our sandwiches had a generous amount of meat in them. They have lunch specials.


We ate some of there salted caramel popcorn and some of there homemade fudge. The fudge reminded me of Grandmas homemade fudge. I love all kinds of snack items that have salted caramel in them.


The first floor of K & B Emporium is where we had our soup and sandwich. The clothing boutique, 5 Stone Salvage Furniture and vintage goods are all located on the first floor. The clothing is very stylish and elegant. I loved the the re-purposed furniture.  I noticed a lovely table made with an antique door for the table top and a nice wine cabinet and much more. They serve Chocolate Shoppe ice cream which is a Wisconsin based Co.




The second floor of K & B Emporium has Anna’s Ballroom, fine dining and a rooftop patio and the large front dining room can be rented for your special events. The main dining room has a bar that was removed from an old hotel that was being demolished in Penn. The bar has elegant wood in it and ads an old world charm to the dining room. The dining room also had elegant light fixtures that were in an old mansion that was being torn down in Texas and from another home in Penn. I love the old original wooden pocket doors and the old original wooden floors that are in the dining room. The dining room holds 222 people. The restoration that went into turning this building built in 1904 into K & B Emporium was a great labor of love and it turned out be be a great treasure indeed.



The dining room serves fork to table food and they offer daily specials. They use R O K service. They heat up a hot stone square and place your meat on it for the ideal cook for your meat. The menu changes according to what is available at certain times of the year. For more information : K & B Emporium.


The basement has a wonderful wine cellar. They have wine tastings that you can sign up for. They have a large selection of wine for every wine connoisseur in your family. There wine cellar reminded me of the elegant wine cellars in Europe.


K & B Emporium has reasonably  priced quality meals with a fine dining experience, eloquence and top notch service.


I would highly recommend K & B Emporium to all of my family and friends. The perfect place to relax and have a pleasant meal and a glass of wine and treat yourself to some new clothes, furniture and more.


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Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper From Chewy.Com

I was provided A Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.


I set the carry – me sleeper on my Living Room floor and Garfunkel walked right in. I was very impressed with the Gen 7 Pets Carry – me Sleeper From Chewy.Com for the fact that Garfunkel just walked right in on his own with no help from me at all. I generally have to struggle to get a cat into a cat carrier but not this time. Garfunkel thought of the carrier as a bed so he felt comfortable and safe walking into the carrier bed combo made by Gen 7 Pets.


My cat Kohl walked into the Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper that converts from a carrier into a bed from Chewy.Com and did  not want to leave the comfort of the bed in the carry – me sleeper and he had an hour long cat nap in the sleeper until nature called. Conrad smelled the bed and wanted to go in it but Kohl said the bed is all mine and mine alone since I am the senior cat in the household. The next day Kohl went back in the Gen 7 pets carry – me sleeper and had another awesome cat nap.


The Gen 7 Pets Sleeper comfort pad is machine washable and easy to remove from the carrier. The carry – me sleeper comes with a 12 month warranty.The carrier has an interior tether, storage pockets, soft fleece bed, and a shoulder strap. The Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper is made in the USA. The Gen 7 Pets carrier has a nice large side screen area where your cat can look out easily and has lots of screened in areas and the zippers are made wonderfully and work very smoothly. The carrier is ideal  for transporting  small dogs and other small animals. Your cat should feel relaxed in a Gen 7 Pets carrier when going for a drive or on the way to the vet for shots or a checkup. At the vets office your cat can lay on the nice soft bed and relax and wait for the vet to come in. In a nice and cozy area anyone feels more relaxed and at ease and is in a peaceful place and in an excellent frame of mind to make things less stressful and a positive experience.  I absolutely love my Gen 7 Carry – Me  Sleeper. The Gen 7 pets carry – me sleeper  is the best designed and thought out carrier I have ever used or seen.


I hope you and your cat have many fond memories with your new Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper from Chewy.Com.

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What makes you happy in life ? I love to travel and learn something new everyday. I love to visit with people in Rest Homes. I love their stories from the past. I find their lives and experiences very educational and informative. I love how their faces light up when you visit with them and bring a little sunshine into their lives.


I love taking care of my pets and tending to their needs. My pets make me very happy. I love watching them play with toys and I just plain love watching them sleeping in comfort and ease. A pet purring or sleeping on my bed at night makes me very happy indeed. Pets love you just the way you are and you do not have to try to impress them.


I am happy when I read a history book in my hammock and listen to the birds gently singing in the trees. One of my pets lays under the hammock while I read and she keeps me company while I read. I love to work outdoors at mowing  the lawn, gardening, weed wacking and much more.

People that share the same interest that you do are wonderful to be around and they bring great happiness into your life. Wonderful friends are necessary to have great happiness in your life. A strong connection with God is an absolute to a powerful happiness with life in this World.

Wesley Church

You cannot get happiness from wealth or material possessions. The things in nature are the things that will give you the most happiness down the road in life. People, animals, plants, mountains and things made by the hand of God are the key to happiness today and everyday in your life. God bless you with happiness in all that you do for others for you will be rewarded greatly  and in many many ways.

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Temptations Holiday Dinner From Chewy.Com

I was provided Temptations Holiday Dinner Turkey & Sweet Potato Flavor cat treats from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.


I first gave Temptations Holiday Dinner cat treats to Garfunkel and Kohl. Garfunkel loves to place a paw on the cat treat so Kohl cannot see it and then he eats it as soon as he is finished with his cat treat. I make sure Kohl gets his fair share of cat treats. Conrad came along later on and ate up several Temptations Holiday Dinner Turkey & Sweet Potato Flavor cat treats from Chewy.Com.


Temptations cat treats are 100 % nutritionally complete and balanced for adult maintenance and under 2 calories per treat. Temptations cat treats have lots of vitamins and minerals and natural turkey, sweet potato flour and dried cheese and more for your cats health. My cats love cat treats that have pumpkin, squash or sweet potatoes in the mixture.  Just shake the container and your cats will come running for the wonderful Temptations Holiday Dinner cat treats. I love the stay fresh pack Temptations come in as it is very easy to dispense the cat treats for your cat to enjoy.

I gave some Temptations cat treats to my outdoor cats this morning and they were absolutely enthralled with them.  Maggie and her sister ate more and more treats as I laid them out for them to savor.


Mr. Gray came running the minute he noticed the Temptations container as he has memorized the looks of a Temptations container. Hilford and Nicole got in on eating the Temptations Holiday Dinner cat treats from Chewy.Com ASAP. Russ, Cali, Faith and Addi ate as many cat treats as I could give them. I put some cat treats in a little bed that Sherlock was resting in and he woke up very pleased with his early morning Temptations cat treats. Peter was in a large heated cat bed and placed some cat treat in it for him to savor which he did ever so quickly.


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Some Of My Cats Favorite Items

My cats love to play with bright shiny toys. They love to play with catnip filled toys, balls, birds, mice and much more. If I dangle a bird or fish on a string they jump up and down and act like young kittens as they try to get the fish or bird as their reward for their hard work. My cat Kohl loves to play with rubber frogs. Conrad loves to play with a rabbit that dances when he pulls out its tail. My cats next door love catnip filled mice and toy balls. Conrad will spend at least 20 minutes a day batting a ball around his track toy for cats. Garfunkel plays with a wide range of different cat toys. Cats need and want to play with toys to keep them in shape and keep their natural instincts alive and well.


My cats love a variety of different cat treats.  Cat treats are good as a reward for good behavior or great as an afternoon snack. Cats love to eat a quality canned cat food. My cats enjoy anything made with tuna, lamb, chicken, shrimp and meat mixed with vegetables. I buy a dry cat food that does not have all kinds of additives and words that you can’t even pronounce in the mixture. I try to stick with cat food that is made in the USA or in Canada. I love to order my cat food, heated beds and toys and more from Chewy.Com.


My feline friends love heated cat beds and water bowls. I have heated windowsill cat beds that my cats absolutely love as they can rest and watch birds at the same time. I have individual cat beds that my cats can curl up in ball in and stay cozy all night long on cold winter nights. My outdoor cats have a building with heated outdoor cat beds and a large heated water bowl.


I hope your cat has lots of toys to help keep him active, content and healthy. Cats love a heated cat bed to keep them warm and cozy. Good quality cat food helps keep your cat healthy and active and your cats coat nice and shiny and healthy looking. I hope you and your feline friends live to a ripe old age.

Conrad in a heated bed

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