Does Your Cat Claw Away At Your Furniture ?

Some cats merely claw away at your furniture just to get your attention, Clawing is a natural instinct for your cat, Cats sharpen and strengthen their claws by clawing away at trees and unfortunately your furniture in your home.

I have had good luck with a scratching post that I keep sprinkled with catnip. Putting perfume on a handkerchief and leaving the perfumed handkerchief on your furniture seems to deter some cats. Cats do not like anything that makes a crinkling noise when they step on it. Aluminum  foil or bubble wrap keeps some cats away from your valuable furniture.

If you play with your cats often they seem less likely to go on a destroying your furniture binge. Cats love attention and they do not like the feeling that they are being ignored. Your cat figures even negative attention is at least attention.

My cats like to play with a ball circle toy, catnip filled toys, balls and a wide variety of other cat toys. If your cat is not bored or ignored he is less likely to bother your furniture.

I have a cardboard scratching hammock that is sprinkled with catnip that my cats with claws absolutely love. I also have some hammock beds that have scratching post that are covered with burlap that my cats have worn out because they like them so much. I still have four left out of six hammock scratching post combinations beds.

There are companies that sell little plastic wraps that you glue on each claw until the claws grow out and then you have to replace them. I have personally never tried these. I have special claw clippers for trimming my cats claws if your cat will tolerate you holding them and clipping off their claws. Never trim your cats claws too much as you could insure them greatly or cripple them.

Keep your cat entertained and buy a scratching post that is sprinkled with catnip and always remember it is a natural instinct for them to sharpen their claws. I hope you and your cat will live in harmony for many years to come.

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Lamps and Light

When a new day starts we start out our day by pulling up are shades and letting the light of a brand new day enter our home. The light of day wakes us up and we feel renewed after a good nights rest. Gods light shines through in each and everyone of us.

Lights make the darkness disappear in the evening and we can read our favorite book. The old lighthouses helped the ships lost at sea in a storm or in foggy weather find their way back to shore safely. We can drive at night because of the headlights on our vehicles.

God said let there be light and then there was light in the world. We can spread our light in the world by following the gospel and living the life that God intended for us to live. God is light. Light shines through the darkness. In our darkest hour God is always by our side.

Always have your lamps lit as we do not know the hour when Christ shall return. Live a life that uplifts and helps many. Speak up when you see someone being treated unfairly and remember the next time it might be you. Be an advocate for those that need help and cannot help themselves. Be kind, caring, compassionate, loving, faithful, hopeful, joyful and generous to a fault. Remember to pray everyday.



In a storm when the electricity is off the first thing I do is look for a flashlight to help illuminate the darkness. Light helps you find your way in the storms of life. Without light in our life we would feel depressed. On a dark and dreary day one does not get much accomplished as we do on a day that is sunny and bright. God knows we need light in our lives as it motivates us to get more done and it illuminates our soul. Remember to always have your lamps lit and your flashlight by your side. God Bless you and yours.

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My Feral House Cat

A feral cat will never be a totally outgoing cat. If you rescue a feral cat take him to your vet for all of the necessary shots. Feral house cats seem to warm up to one person after awhile. Feral cats love to hide when any new comer enters your home. It takes a lot of time for a feral cat to trust you. The feral cat that you have rescued may have been abused by another person and has had to fend for itself for sometime now.

Feral Cat Behavior

I have had several feral cats over the years. Some of the feral cats that I have tried to tame would not have anything to do with me. The only time that they would let me come near them is when they wanted some canned tuna in water. Taking a feral cat to the vet is an experience that you will never forget. The wild young cats have bitten and scratched and more. The only safe way to catch a feral cat is in a fish net. Grab the cat my the nape of its neck while he is still in the fish net and drop him gently into the cat carrier.

Never bathe a feral cat because he will think you are trying to drown him. A dry shampoo for cats might work depending upon his temperament. Some feral cats leap and jump around in a room and try to climb your curtains. Place your  feral cat in a room by himself for awhile so you can see what he is up to in that one room before you have broken and destroyed items throughout your home.

Trust Issues With Your Feral Cat

Be very patient with your new feral feline friend. He is depending on you to take care of him and love him. If we have been mistreated it takes us a long time to trust again and your feral cat is no different. Do not expect too much of him all at once. He may always be somewhat of a loner. Remember he loves you because you gave him a second chance in life.  Eventually you will love one another and trust each other. God bless you for saving one of Gods creatures. May you and your cat have at least nine lives together.

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What The Cross Represents To Me

The cross represents Christ and my  faith in Christ. When I wear a cross necklace  it represents my faith in Christ and that he died on the cross for my sins. Christ is always by your side.

The shape of the cross represents to me that Christ loves me from my head down to my toes. The four corners of the cross show me that Christ will protect me wherever I may roam. God created nature which is unpredictable and accidents do happen to all of us eventually. All of us will get sick and die eventually as it is part of nature.

God protects us the best that he possibly can while we are in our earthly body. I believe that God has answered many of my prayers over the years which is a great comfort to me. I want to help spread Gods  good works as often as I possibly can. I have been very blessed in my lifetime. I was truly blessed with kind, wonderful, loving, caring and amazing parents.

Going to church helps you grow and mature as a Christian. Visit with your church family and support each other and so much can get accomplished with support from like minded people. Listening to sermons helps your connection with God and in serving others.

When I attend church I feel that God is truly in my house of worship. I have gone to the same church all of my life and the connection to my church is very strong. There is a large Gold cross on the altar in front of my church and I look at it every Sunday, The cross represents Christ and my everlasting faith in Christ and that he is our great redeemer.

Study the cross and think to yourself what the cross represents to you in your life.

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What Irks My Cats

My cats get upset if any changes occur in my home. I put new carpet in my living room and dining room lately and they did not like that. They were afraid of the workers except for Kohl he lavished in the extra attention he got from them. Kohl would not lay on the carpet to begin with. When Kohl finally took a nap on the new carpet he rolled around on it and he loved it.

New Furniture

New furniture in your home can put your cat into panic mode. I place a cushion from the old couch on top of the new couch and then it has a scent that they are familiar with. The new couch finally meets their seal of approval then. If you have workers in your home remodeling make sure your cats cannot escape as they will be scared to death by the sound of the power tools.


Thunderstorms storms and fireworks frighten pets. Hold you cats and reassure them that things will be OK if they are willing to let you hold them. Some cats will hide under the bed or in your shower or other places in your home. Strong wind noises also frighten pets.

Loud Music

Cats like soft relaxing music. Loud music sets them on edge as it most likely hurts their eardrums since they have such a keen scene of hearing. Cats like classical music or easy listening music. Scary TV programs will also scare your cat and he may run and hide.

A New Pet

A new pet in the family if not introduced right will upset them to no end. Your old cats may start marking your furniture to show the new cat that this is their turf and to back off. Put the new cat in a small room with the door shut for at least one week so they can smell each and get familiar with each other gradually. I have always had success with this introduction method.


Cats do not like a change in their cat food. If you want them to eat a different brand of cat food leave the old brand out also for them. Some cats will stop eating altogether if they do not like their cat food. If you have a cat food that they absolutely love stick with that brand and that kind why upset a good thing.


Cats will hide if a new person comes to stay with you in your home. Generally after about a weeks times they will come out of hiding and check out the new person that is now in you home. Talk to your cat and hold him to comfort him and show him  you love him.

Scents and Perfume

Cats do not like scent of some air fresheners and they will avoid that room until the scent clears out of the room. Cats do not like certain perfumes either. Cats like fresh towels to sleep on that are fuzzy and soft to the touch. Some cats only like one particular kind of cat bed and nothing else will satisfy them.

If you cat is irked by something figure out what it is and correct the problem ASAP and  both of you will live in purrfect harmony together for many years to come.

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A New Vision For A New Year

We all have visions of what we want to complete or accomplish in a new year. Make your vision one that will uplift you and others in the new year. We envision our life as we want it to look down the road. What is your particular vision or visions for the new year at hand ? Mine is to put forth by best effort into everything that I do.

Sometimes we have a vision of how we want another person to behave. We have to look at our own behavior first. Perfect vision does not come to all of us. Sometimes we need God to show us the path he want us to take with our life. If you do not like how you see yourself in life make positive changes to your life.

I love history and I love to read history books and then I like to travel the places that I read about. I love to visit with people and I try to put a smile on their face. Everyone has a story to tell and you will be surprised by what you can learn from their story.

I want to accomplish as much as I can in the new year. To do that one needs the support of others. Friends and family  can help ramp up your abilities to achieve much more then you could on your own. I want to visit more people in the new year and be a good steward.

Do not be afraid to relax and reconnect with yourself now and then. When you are not stressed and worn out your creative juices can work overtime. I tend to write by blog post in the early morning hours, afternoon or in the evening. See what times of the day you feel the most productive and then put your heart and soul into your work and other people will notice.

In the new year I want to travel more, spend more time with friends and family and my feline friends. I want to visit with people and share stories and life experiences with them. I want God by my side everyday of my life cheering me on to the finish line for all of my visions.

Accomplish all that you can in the new year that God has given to you. Always be a person that other can look up to. Glory be to God in the highest. Thank you God for all that you have given me and continue to give me throughout the years of my life.

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Berkeley Plantation And Its History Located in Virginia

The Berkeley Plantation is a very historic plantation located between Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia. The plantation is one of the first plantations in America. The Berkeley Plantation sits on approximately 1000 acres. The Berkeley Plantation was first called Berkeley Hundred as it was named after the Berkeley Company of England.

In 1619 the Good Ship Margaret landed at Berkeley with 36 men. The men had the first official Thanksgiving in America in accordance with instruction given in a charter by the Virginia Co.

In 1691 the Harrison’s purchased Berkeley. In 1726 they built their mansion. Benjamin Harrison V signed the Declaration of Independence and William Henry Harrison was are ninth US President.

Mrs. Harrison did not like her husband and friends smoking in their home. She told him to smoke in the guest house with his friends and colleagues. The family loved their pets and they have a pet cemetery on the site. There was also a house used as a kitchen. They also had small cabins for their slaves.

Benjamin Harrison IV and his two youngest daughters were killed when lightening stuck their home while they were trying to close their window and shutters upstairs on July 12, 1745. His wife took to her sick bed after she lost her husband and two daughters. She never recovered and died 30 days later. William Henry Harrison was only 18 and he took care of his four younger surviving siblings while also attending college. He later became our ninth President of the United States of America. William Harrison’s Grandson Benjamin Harrison became the 23 rd President of the USA.

During the Civil War General George  McClellan’s troops were in the buildings and had tents in front of the plantation. The upstairs of the house was used as a hospital as well as the guest house. General Butterfield with help from O. W. Norton a bugler created Taps while camped at Harrison’s Landing on the plantation.

The Berkeley Mansion is made with bricks that are made out of materials found on the site. Some of the bricks have a rich purple color and shine like diamonds when you look at them. The colors of the brick vary by the amount of time they are in the kiln. The house is built up high and the bricks shine brightly  to let people know that a wealthy family resides here. It was popular with all wealthy families to have a house that was built up high as it was a status symbol.

I loved my tour of the Berkeley Plantation. We had a wonderful and knowledgeable guide that was dressed in appropriate attire for that time frame. Our guide new all of the history of the plantation and other items of interest. He told us years ago yarn was dyed with tobacco juice as the smell of the tobacco dye killed off bed bugs for many years. Families have donated furniture and other household items that fit the timeline of the mansion.

I would highly recommend taking a tour of this wonderful old plantation with all of the rich and vast history that it holds. Travel often and enrich your mind.

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Toys And More That My Cats Enjoyed This Christmas

My cats enjoyed their gift of small catnip filled mice that I purchased from Chewy.Com. Conrad my youngest house cat tossed them around in the air and then he carried his prize throughout the house. My cats next door rubbed against them and batted them around. Kohl took one of the mice to bed with him.

Garfunkel liked the new rabbit from Hallmark. When you pull at his tail he dances around the room. Garfunkel licked the rabbit and tossed him around for awhile. Conrad has mastered the art of pulling the tail just right so the little rabbit does its dance for him.

Singing birds and squeaking mice fascinate almost any cat. Their favorites are mice, baby chicks, cardinals and a plain looking bird. Conrad wonders why the bird never tops chirping regardless of his hunting proneness.

Cali liked the toy beaver from Chewy.Com. The beavers stomach opens up so you can stuff the stomach with catnip. Mr. Gray saw her playing with it and he joined in on the fun. I have given my cats toys like this in the past and they continue to please them.

My cats next door got a new heated K and H cat bed that can be purchased from a number of stores. The bed does not heat unless their is a cat in the bed. The heated cat bed is very energy efficient. All of my cats next door have a heated cat bed in various sizes and shapes.

My cats also like to play with plush baby toys that have a rattle in them. Kohl likes ones that look like frogs. My cats love bright colored baby toys. The ones that look like animals are their favorites. Small stuffed toys and balls are also popular with them.

Cat treats are a wonderful gift that can even help clean your cats teeth depending on the kind of treat you happen to purchase. I purchased one that is on a ring and the more they chew on the ring the cleaner their teeth become. My cats next door got a few pieces of shrimp that they enjoyed this Christmas. I hope your cats enjoyed their Christmas gifts. I am happy when my cats are happy with the gifts I have provided for them.  Looking forward to a new year with my cat family.

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Pet Parade Mouse Chase Cat Toy with Scratch Board

I purchased the Pet Parade Mouse Chase Cat Toy with Scratch Board online for one my cats Christmas presents. My cats love their circle toy mouse chase game.

I like the fact the toy has no batteries to contend with. I have an old mouse toy chase game where the battery door won’t stay shut. I am so glad this toy mouse game does not have batteries.

Conrad played with the mouse chase cat toy game most of the afternoon. He never seemed to get tired of batting that mouse around the circle. Garfunkel took over shortly and they were batting the mouse back and forth to each other. Kohl played with the toy for a little while. kohl is nine years old and does not get that excited about most cat toys anymore.


I purchased another mouse chase cat toy for my cats next door. Russ loved batting at the mouse and so did Lorenzo. Lorenzo did not want to share the Pet Parade Mouse Chase Cat Toy with Scratch Board with any of my other cats next door.

The next day that I went next door to take care of my cats Hilford , Mr. Gray , and Sherlock were batting away at the mouse and having a wonderful time playing together with the mouse chase cat toy.

Conrad likes to lay down next to the Pet Parade Mouse Chase Cat Toy and try to remove the mouse. Luckily the toy is well made and he cannot remove the mouse. When Conrad bats away at the mouse Garfunkel will generally get in on the fun. The mouse chase cat toy provides a lot of entertainment for you and your cat. You will have many hours of fun watching your playful felines. The mouse chase cat toy provides some of the necessary exercise that all of our indoor cats need each and everyday to maintain a healthy weight.

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Cats At Play

Kittens start off with trying to grab their Mother’s tail as she swishes it back and forth. They love to play with maple tree helicopters and jump in loose leaves and chase the leaves as the wind moves them around. They love to play with a medium size ball of aluminum foil. One of my cats had a fetish with sponges and she would remove them from the side of my sink and play with them. I ended up purchasing a lot of new sponges for my dish washing needs.

Cats Can Play With Almost Any Cat Toy

Cats can play with any toy that seems to catch their fancy. Empty toilet paper rolls are a big hit with some cats.  When cats catch a mouse they tend to love the catch and release technique until the mouse eventually dies. Kittens start out wrestling with their brothers and sisters to see who the top cat is. In my house next door Cali is the head of the household. Cali is part Siamese and I think that is why she has been able to hold on to her position as top matron of the house. Cali does not hurt or harm the other cats but she has her way of letting them know she rules the roost. She was the first one to try out my new Litter -Robot litter box. All of the other cats learned how it worked from her.

Cats Learn From Each Other

When a new cat toy is placed in your house one cat seems to go for it ASAP and then the other cats in your home learn how to us it by watching your leed cat. I have a cat treat dispenser that Conrad mastered and Kohl and Garfunkel have gotten their fair share of treats out  of it also. The circle game toy is a good example of that. My cat Red had the circle toy mastered to purrfection. He was ambidextrous and the ball would speed around the track  like greased lightening. Philmoor watched Red and he was able to master the circle ball toy also.

Cats learn from watching one another very quickly. My cats come running when I call them by name. Kohl likes to brush my hair with his paws now and then. Garfunkel loves to lick my fingers and Conrad gives little love nips now and then. My cats love to roll around on warm cement and eat fresh grass and catnip. Cats are very inquisitive creatures and can make a game almost out of anything.

Treat Your Cat To New Cat Toys

Treat your cat to a new cat toy or make one from things that you have in your home that would be pet friendly. Watching a cat or kitten at play is very relaxing. If you have a cat toy with a string and a fish on the end of it you and your cat can interact together. Your cat will love the extra attention that he is getting. When he is done playing he will probably purr away until he falls sound to sleep in your lap. Hope you and your cat have many years to interact together.

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