The Man Who Worshiped Money So Much He Left Everything Else Behind

There was a man so obsessed with making money that he ignored the fact that his own family was falling apart. His children had many problems that a good caring Father could have helped them with if he was only their for them. He was a humble man and did not put on Aires but his money came first before everything or anybody else.

He did not spend quality time with his wife or family. He walked right by a man wanting food when he came out of a restaurant with a to go box full of leftovers. He ignored the needs of his church family and he ignored what God  wanted him to do with his life. He never traveled and he never took time to relax. He hardly ever talked to people unless it was his financial adviser.

Time kept marching on and he still made no changes in his life his children now had children of their own. He did not spend time with his Grandchildren. He was now obsessed with the fact that he might not have enough money for a rest home in his old age. He worked and toiled away endlessly. One day his body gave out and he finally turned to God for help. He began to see the errors of his ways. He realized he had ignored the cries of the needy, his family, friends, church family and God.

He began to see what he had been missing out on in life. He was missing out on being loved and adored by his family. He had missed out on the beauty of nature and what God was calling upon him to do with his life that would help others.

The man who had worshiped money now worshiped God and family and friends. He now gave freely to the cries of the needy. He found out it is better to give than to receive. Money did not buy him happiness in fact it almost robbed him of everything that is truly important in life.

It takes a disaster or a near death experience to wake some people up to as what is truly important in life. Life is meaningless without love from family, friends and God. Money does not buy happiness or friends. Money can truly be the root of all evil if you worship it before you worship God. Do not let money consume or devour your life. Give freely to worthwhile charities and help as many people as you possibly can while you are here on earth. God bless a joyful giver.

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Cats Are Very Compassionate

Cats know when you are not feeling well. My cats will lay by my side and gently purr away. I have three house cats and they take turns watching over me when I am under the weather. When one cats leaves for awhile another will quickly fill up the empty spot.

Cats have compassion for one another. If one cat is not feeling up to Parr another cat will lay down as close as he possibly can to his sick friend. Female cats will help care for each others kittens. I observed one female cat catching a mouse to feed to another female cats kittens.

Cats have been known to nurse baby puppies, opossums, ferrets and some other small animals. One cat had adopted three baby squirrels that she raised along with her own four kittens. Cats have been burned badly in a fire trying to save all of their kittens. Unfortunately a lot of cats have awakened their owners to let them know there is a fire in their house only to succumb to the fire themselves. Cats have alerted their owners to gas leaks and much more.

Cats will lay down next to people that are dying in a rest home. It is the cats way of comforting them in their final moments. When my Mother died my Siamese cat Sugar would sit on the edge of the bathtub and cry out or wail for one straight week. She remembered my Mother would buy cat food for her and other goodies and take her to her vet visits when she was sick.

I had one cat that was raised in a vets office and rodents were not to be killed as they were someones pets. My other cat saw a mouse and was intending to have brunch. My cat that was raised in the vets office embraced the mouse by encircling it with his feet. My other cat was in shock thinking aren’t we supposed to kill those.

Cats care for their owners very much and we care for our feline friends very much. Cats show compassion to each other and other animals. Cats comfort those in need of comfort and  show great compassion.

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Worrying about things robs you from a day or more of your life. Worrying over anything will not change the results of the outcome. Do not sweat the small stuff in life as it is not worth your time or effort.

The worry wart worried all day long and he never made a difference in his life or the lives of others while he was worrying away his valuable time on earth. God knows all of our worries and troubles and he will take care of all of them in good time. Trust in the Lord for his love for you is constant and never ceasing.

Always put your best foot forward in life and you will always be one of Gods good stewards. Do not worry for God will heal or help you along lives HWY.  Remember not to worry for things will work out.

Do not give in to anxiety or allow ones mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles. Talk to people and realize their are other people that have gone through what you have gone through or worse. When you have doubts about the outcome of a situation try to avoid that situation. If you cannot avoid a situation ask others for help and pray to God for the help you need.

Do not stay in a state of uncertainty over actual or potential problems. A potential problem is a problem that has not occurred or may never occur. Do not cry over milk that has been spilled as it can always be replenished. Do not make a mountain out of an ant hill. Keep busy with friends travel, hobbies, reading and enjoying nature and live everyday to its full potential with no worries. God knows everything that you think about every minute of your life and he will carry your worries away. God will lead the way for a better and new tomorrow for you and yours. Go out and live your life as God wants you to. Remember God is always by your side or holding your hand.

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How To Keep Your Cat Lean

Keeping a lean cat can be difficult. Make sure you have plenty of toys for your cat to play with and run after. My cats love to run up and down my stair steps which is a great form of exercise for them. Interact with your cat by throwing a toy mouse or a ball that they can run after.

A lot of cats love to indulge themselves on food at night which really tacks on the pounds in a hurry. If your cat is a nighttime gluten take his food away at night. Never give your cats more snacks to eat then what is recommended on the package. Do not feed your cat wet cat food during the day and then let him eat all the dry food he wants at night. Give your cat a well balanced meal everyday as consistency is important in maintaining weight.

Cats sleep more then half of their life away so they do not get a lot of exercise in one day. I have some snack balls that I put my cat snacks in and my cats have to bat the ball around in order to get their snacks. I have a fish on a string cat toy that my cats leap up in the air trying to get the catnip fish on the end of the string.

If your cat is morbidly obese  feed them a special weight control cat food. There are many different brands of weight control cat food to choose from. Your local vet can give you recommendations on how to resolve your feline friends weight problem.

I am thinking of buying an exercise cat wheel for my cats to run around on as it is like a treadmill for humans. They look like they are fairly easy to assemble. The you tube videos of  peoples cats using the exercise wheel looks very impressive.

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The Calming Effect Of Cats

Cats are there for you when you come home from a hard day of work. Your cat sits on your lap and purrs away gently and licks your hand. Your cat is relaxed and you feel more relaxed also with your cats presence.

Cats love to play with toy mice and balls and catnip toys. It is fun and calming just to watch your cat play with his favorite toys. Cats are full of adventure and their various antics that put a smile on our face. Cats can sleep in the oddest and strangest positions. Garfunkel was sleeping on top of my refrigerator with his paws over his eyes to keep out the morning light. Conrad loves to sleep in a recliner with his long feet and paws hanging over the side of the recliner. Kohl sleeps in a heated cat bed and snores away. Garfunkel also sleeps in a thermal bed and Conrad likes a Meowfia cave bed that is made by women in Africa.

Calming Effects Of Cats

Just being around cats lowers your blood pressure and relieves a lot of stress and anxiety from your day. Cats show you unconditional love and companionship. Cats seem to know when you are feeling sick and they lay down next to you and comfort you to the best of their ability.

Cats Are very Loving Animals

Cats are very caring creatures. Cats will look at you lovingly and with soulful eyes. Your cat will never judge you or complain about unnecessary things. Cats are compassionate about helping out other pets also. My cats were best friends with a pet goat that I had at one time. My cats and the goat would sleep together in a large dog house. I once had a small dog that would share her house with one of my cats and all of her kittens and they would even go out hunting together. My small dog would babysit my cats kittens if she wanted to leave for a little while.

You Have Better Health With A Pet In Your Life

It has been proven that people that have pets have less health problems and live longer because of the calming effects that are pets have in our lives. A hectic day became a wonderful day once I came home to my beloved cat.

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Living Your Life As God Intended

Living your life as God intended is what life is all about on earth. Live your life in a gracious, faithful, caring, loving, joyful, hopeful, peaceful, kind and giving manner everyday that you are on Earth. Do your best to pass along Gods message to others that enter into your life. Be kind to others and thank them when they are kind to you.

God wants us to help each other as we journey through life on Earth. Check on your loved ones often and help those who need a little extra boost in their life. If someone makes a mistake forgive them and move forward in your relationship with them. God forgives us for our sins so we should not do any less for others. Holding a grudge only destroys you and not the other person as they will not even give it another thought.

God wants us to protect and help others that we meet in our lives. Visit and talk with others as often as you can. Being around others is good for your mental health as those that socialize a lot tend to live longer. Join a group of people that share the same interest as you do and all of you will reap the benefits.

God wants us to learn something new everyday so we don’t stagnate. Travel and enjoy new sights and sounds and discover no matter where you go we all want the same things out of life in general principals. We want to be happy and safe and secure in our life. We want someone to care about us. We cherish our time with our families.

W want to be children of God and live in his flock. We need to let others know what God has done for us. God is a wonderful guide and roll model for all of us to live a life that serves God and helps others on their path with their trials and tribulations. Lift up those who are down and heavy trodden-ed. Live a life with purpose that exemplifies all of Gods values and teachings.

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Where I Buy My Cats Accessories

I order my cats accessories online or I buy them at my local stores.  I do a lot of comparison shopping as I want the best quality items for a reasonable price. Compare the online prices to your local store prices. If you can shop local remember those dollars go back into your community. Online shopping is wonderful when they offer free shipping. In the cold winter months it is nice to have cat food and cat litter delivered right to your door.

I buy my cats toys from e bay, amazon, grocery stores and I buy my cat litter from Menards, Mills Fleet Farm and Chewy.Com. My cat food comes mainly from and Menards. I prefer K and H heated cat beds as they tend to last a long time. My heated cat beds come from e bay and My cats love their Meowfia cat beds from Chewy.Com. I purchased my cat playpen from Amazon.Com.

I just purchased a wonderful plastic folding steps made by Frisco and sold by for my cat Kohl. Kohl has trouble jumping into my bed as he is getting older and his new steps make life a lot easier for him. Kohl also likes orthopedic cat beds that I have purchased from Aldi’s grocery store.

I have purchased flea treatment products from my veterinarian. You can purchase distemper shots for your cats at Mills Fleet farm. I take my cats to my my veterinarian for all of their shots. Do research on flea treatment products before you buy them to make sure they are effective and safe for your cat depending on size, age and their overall general health.

I purchased my metal heated water bowls from Menards as they tend to last a long time compared to plastic heated water bowls. My grooming tools were purchased at my local stores. I have purchased many litter boxes over the years. I like a litter box that sifts the litter clean as you do not waste as much cat litter that way.

I love the Litter Robot. It is more costly then some other brands but my cats and I absolutely love it. It smells nice and fresh and the dirty litter in dumped in a plastic bag in tray below the unit. The Litter Robot even has a night light in it for your cat. The Litter Robot is totally automatic all you have to do is put fresh clumping litter in and remove the bag of dirty litter and put a new bag in and your all set.

Your cat will be happy with his new accessories and his nine lives will be blessed by you caring for and loving him everyday unconditionally. God Bless you and your feline friends.

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No one wants to be ridiculed. Taking a joke to far is a form of ridicule. Some things are not a joking matter no matter how you may see it. If the party is not taking the joke how you intended it to be taken then stop immediately. Carrying a joke to far hurts everyone involved in the end. Friends may be lost and business deals could be broken.

Teasing someone endlessly gets old and annoying to the person on the receiving end. Teasing can get out of hand very quickly and is a behavior that a bully might present. Teasing can be a way of putting someone down in their eyes. What you might think is very innocent is not innocent at all to the person at the receiving end.

Laughing at someone is also a form of ridicule. Would you like to be laughed at ? I am sure your answer is no. To laugh with someone is perfectly fine but to laugh at them is a big problem in my eyes and Gods eyes. Laughter is the best medicine when done correctly and with good intentions.

Mocking someones behavior is never good unless your a famous comedian and then it should be done with tact.  Always remember you could always be on the receiving end of ridicule. Mocking someones actions is mean and nasty. If you have to put someone down to feel good about yourself than you have a major problem.

Contempt is a feeling of disrespect. When you feel contempt toward another human being you may think of them as something and not a person or that they are worthless. No person is worthless in this World. God made each and everyone of us and no one is any better or any worse than the next guy. We are each one of Gods lambs in his flock.

Make sure you treat people with the upmost respect and never ridicule them for we are all created a like by the hand of God. Spread Gods good works today and always without ceasing.

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What My Cats Do Everyday

My cats have their daily routines down to a science. My house cats sleep on my bed at night or in one of their cat beds or on a large fluffy mat that the sun shines on in the daytime. My cats make a stop at the litter box and the food and water bowl to start out their morning. They take turns looking out of the picture window at the birds eating out of their bird feeders.

Kohl starts out his morning rummaging through his toy box for the perfect cat toys to play with for the day. Garfunkel is on my bed now watching me blog away. Conrad is in his recliner taking his first catnap of the day at 10:00 AM. Garfunkel will go back to watching birds when I am finished with this blog post.

Conrad will be tossing his green snail up in the air and Kohl will be playing with any toy frog that he can find along with toy mice and a stuffed hedgehog and more. All of my house cats like to get their cat treats out of cat treat dispensers except for Garfunkel. Garfunkel want his treat placed in front of him. Around 1:00  PM it is time for catnap number 2. Garfunkel likes to watch animals, westerns and car racing on TV. At 4:00 PM it is time for catnap number 3.

At 7:00 PM my house cats take a last look at the birds for the day. There last catnap of the day is a little after 7:00 PM. They eat a little bit of cat food before bedtime. When I go to bed they go to bed.

My cats next door sit on their cat trees and watch me and the birds. Peter or Faith are the look out cats in the morning and they seem to tell the other cats that I am up and will be over soon to tend to their needs and wants for the day. I find them sleeping in their cat beds, hammocks, large fluffy cat mat and on guard in the cat trees. They come running once I open the door. I give them fresh water and fill up their food dishes and clean out the litter boxes except for the automatic ones that get cleaned out once a week. Cali and Mr. Gray make a deposit to the litter box right away so I can clean it out before I leave for the morning. They watch me open up a nice can of cat food for a little extra snack for the day for them. They take turns eating their portions of the delicious canned treat.

I find various cat toys laying on the floor when I come over in the morning. Toy mice stuffed with catnip are a big hit along with singing birds, balls and a bat that stomach lights up when it is tossed around. They love it when I pat them on the head in the morning or brush them.

All of my cats love and enjoy different toys and games. My cats have learned my routine as to what time frame I will be taking care of them. My cats give me joy and love everyday of my life.

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