I adopted Philmoor when he was about one year old. My friend and I found him in a Perkins  parking lot hiding under a car. My friend had some butter with her. I put some butter on the end of my finger. After one hour had gone by Philmoor finally licked some of the butter off of the tip of my finger and I grabbed him by the nap of his neck. My friend held him on the way home. When we arrived at my house he started purring away with delight. He only weighed two pounds when I first got him. I wormed him right away and he gained a lot of weight very quickly. I put him in the bathroom next door in quarantine away from my other cats for about one months time. I let him loose with my other cats when I knew he was healthy. I took him to my vet and he passed his vet check with flying colors.

Philmoor loved to sit on my lap and follow me throughout the house. When I would mow the lawn he would watch my every turn through the picture window in my house. He loved to play with a circle ball game. He would bat the ball  around and around the circle. He loved to cuddle right up next to me in bed. He loved to take long naps on a platform rocker in my house. Philmoor would chase after toy cat balls. He loved to eat cat treats of all types.

Philmoor was an exceptionally loving and very kind cat. He would always sit on my lap and purr away for as long as I would let him sit on my lap. Philmoor would clean my other cats faces for them. He was very kind and loving toward my other house cats. He liked to play with toy catnip mice and chase after  cat toys and pounce on them. Philmoor liked to chase after a laser light that I aimed on the living room wall.

More to come on the life and times of Philmoor.


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