Tabatha and Friends

My Father found Tabatha and her three siblings in our field across the road. They were found in late Dec. and two of them had froze to death. We managed to save the life of Tabatha. Her brother died one week after his rescue from the field.

Tabatha became great friends with our small dog Jitters and also with my pet goat Zachary. Tabatha had her kittens in Jitters dog house. Jitters would actually baby sit the kittens while Tabatha was out and about. When I would go out in the morning to feed my pets I would see Tabatha’s little kittens running out of her dog house.

In the morning Tabatha, Jitters and Zachary would all go out hunting together. On this particular morning Jitters caught a mouse. Zachary went off into the cornfield in search of missed ears of corn from the combine. Tabatha had taken the mouse away from Jitters at this time. Zachary had found a large ear of corn that he was contentedly munching away on. Jitters had now successfully retrieved her mouse from Tabatha. She then ate the mouse and I saw the tail disappear down her throat. The three musketeers hunting party had a good outing.

One day Tabatha, Jitters and Zachary decided to go on a blacktop road. The road is not far from where I live. A woman came to our door and said is this where they live. She then said at least I think so this where they ran when I chased them home with my car. She then said that she thought one was just as guilty as the other one. Of coarse she never saw Tabatha. Cats are not a herd animal. Tabatha came home on her own later that day. After that adventure Zachary was kept on a long tether chain.

Tabatha had two kittens. One of her kittens was a light cream colored male. Her other kitten was a long haired yellow tabby female. Tabatha had her kittens in Jitters dog house. Jitters could not have been happier. Jitters would babysit the kittens when Tabatha would leave for awhile. The little kittens would follow Jitters around the house. Her long haired female kitten looked just like her father. Tabatha was a gray tabby cat.

I named Tabatha’s long haired kitten Fluffy. Fluffy was a small kitten but was always quite healthy. One day Tabatha had caught a rather large mouse. She tried to give her catch to Fluffy. Fluffy played and played with the mouse. Jitters managed to get the mouse and she ate it. Fluffy loved to play with her Mother’s tail. Fluffy would also play with Jitters tail. She was a very tolerant dog to the kittens mischievous behavior.

I let Zachary my goat loose on a nice October afternoon. He went to the apple tree and started eating apples off of the ground. Tabatha and Jitters came and started looking around by some of the outdoor buildings. Tabatha succeeded in finding a large mouse. She called to her kitten Fluffy. Fluffy came running and ate the mouse that her mother presented to her. I put Zachary back on his chain. Tabatha and Jitters decided to take a nap in Jitters dog house.

I adopted a pure white kitten that  I named Simon. He became good friends with Fluffy. Simon would sleep in the horse chestnut tree by my house. I discovered that he could not hear one day.  I was running my lawn mower and he was not afraid of it. A lot of white cats that have two blue eyes are born with hearing problems. Simon and Fluffy would go hunting together. They were successful in their hunts.

Simon continued to sleep in the horse chestnut tree by my house. He felt safe sleeping in the tree at night since he could not hear. He would also sleep under the front porch steps now and then. Fluffy and Simon would play with each others tails and would also wrestle with each other. Jitters and Tabatha and Zachary would visit with each other in the afternoon. They would lay out in the sun where I had Zachary on his tether chain.

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