Mr. Gray

I have named my gray stripped kitten Mr. Gray. I still hope to find a loving and caring home to adopt Mr. Gray into their household. Mr. Gray still loves to play with his mother’s tail. He loves to wrestle with his two brothers. He loves to play with catnip mice and small toy cat balls. Mr. Gray follows my cat Lorenzo throughout the house and sometimes I find them sleeping side by side on a towel on a high shelf. Mr. Gray is a very active and fun loving kitten. He loves to sleep on his hammock cat scratching post combination bed.

Mr. Gray was sleeping on a high shelf this morning. He decided to get into a wrestling match with his brother Sherlock. Sherlock won the wrestling match. He then decided to let me hold him and pat him on the head. Mr. Gray drank a lot of the fresh water that I had put out for my cats. Immediately after I had cleaned out the litter box he made another deposit that I also cleaned out. He was scratching away at the cat scratching post when I was leaving the house.

Mr.Gray was sleeping next to Lorenzo this morning. They were touching each others heads as they slept. Mr. Gray followed me through the house as I put out more cat food and fresh water. I picked him up and carried him through the house as he purred away. He was sitting on a catnip bench as I walked back through the house. He was sitting on the bench with his legs crossed like a person  would  do while sitting down. He is a well mannered and well behaved kitten. He was playing with a toy catnip mouse as I locked the door.



I had a wonderful can of cat food this morning that I shared with my other cat friends. I let my owner pat me on my head this morning. I purred and purred away with delight at all of the attention that I was getting from my mistress this morning. My mistress shook out my bedding  and I hopped back in bed the moment she had it in place again. I love to scratch away at my Catit bench from Chewy.Com. I played with my Mother’s long tail this morning. She hissed at me a little bit as if to tell me you are getting too old for this type of behavior.

Mr. Gray acts like a teenager now. He will almost let me catch him and then he takes a run for it. Once I catch him he purrs away while I hold him. He loves to eat all of the wonderful cat treats that I get for review from Chewy.Com. He is half grown already. He loves to wrestle with his two brothers everyday. Mr. Gray likes to play with a catnip toy mouse or bird each and every day. God Bless Mr. Gray with a long and happy life.

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