In Memory of my Cat Lizzie

Lizzie was given to me by a friend. She lived outside in a building that had a heated cat bed.  Lizzie was a gray and white cat. Lizzie was always quite shy. She had the most beautiful sparkling green colored eyes. Lizzie would sleep in an old chicken nest that I had in the building with straw in it in the summer.

I had Lizzie for about one year when she became pregnant. A cat that I named Mr. Poodle was the Father of Lizzie’s kittens. When Mr. Poodle first came to my farm he had a hair cut exactly like a poodle and that is the story of how he got his name. Mr. Poodle is a stylish looking long haired black cat now. Mr. Poodle is at my neighbors farm at this moment in time.

Lizzie gave birth to four kittens. One of the gray kittens died shortly after birth. I named her surviving kittens Peter, Conrad and Nicole. Conrad is one of my black colored house cats. He is sleek and lean and looks like an early Egyptian cat. Nicole looks just like Conrad except she is a Russian blue colored cat. Peter is a beautiful bi – colored long haired black and white cat. All of Lizzie’s kittens turned out to be very shy like her. Conrad likes to lay on my lap now and then and lick my hand or toes.


Lizzie was an excellent huntress. She kept the mouse population under control. She also thinned out some of the pigeons that live in one of my old grain bins. I would always look for her in the morning when I fed my cats. I found that she had died in the night. She was curled up in a ball. I think she must have died from a heart attack. I buried her this morning. I will always remember the fine cat that she was. She was an outstanding and very caring Mother cat. She lives on through  Conrad, Peter and Nicole.

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