Conrad was born on my farm. His Mother Lizzie was adopted by me. His Father a long haired black Tom cat took up residence on my farm. Lizzie had four kittens. She had a long haired black and white kitten that I named Peter, a short haired kitten that died, a short haired black kitten that I named Conrad, and a Russian Blue looking kitten that I named Nicole. Conrad is long and sleek. He looks like an early Egyptian cat. He loves to play with catnip toys for cats. He loves to wrestle with Garfunkel. He sleeps on a rocking chair in my bedroom at night. He loves to watch TV.


Lizzie died recently. Conrad seems to know that his Mother died. Conrad has been sitting on my lap quite a bit lately. Peter seems much more protective of his kittens after his Mother died. Nicole has been helping watch over Peter’s kittens more then usual. It seems they have some kind of sixth sense in knowing that their Mother is gone. Conrad has been talking to me a lot lately with his vocal meows. Conrad watched Master Chef one evening. They were fixing foods that had crab meat  as the main ingredient. I suppose he was hoping I would fix some fish for him. He does get tuna that has been canned in water now and then. Conrad has become very affectionate towards me lately.

Conrad cuddled up next to Garfunkel this morning.  Garfunkel cleaned Conrad’s entire face and ears for him.  Conrad played with an empty spool of thread for about 30 minutes. He would bat the spool around and then retrieve it out from under the couch and then he would repeat the entire process again. Conrad then played with a gray toy mouse. He tossed the mouse up in the air several times. Later on he played with a toy dragon that I got for my cats in Scotland. He then finished off the day playing with a a blue plastic toy bunny rabbit.  This evening Conrad set in my lap and purred away contentedly. He watched a blue jay and several squirrels eating away at my bird food in my hanging bird feeders which are by the picture window.

Yesterday Conrad sat on the ledge of my picture window batting away at any bugs that happened to land on the outside of the window. He also played with his cricket catnip toy. He managed to get Kohl and Garfunkel to groom him. They both licked his face and back clean for him. He watched a rabbit eating the bird food that had landed on the ground. He meowed softly and then he jumped on my lap for awhile. He purred away contentedly as I patted him on his head. I also gave Conrad a neck massage.  Conrad had a wrestling match with Kohl and Kohl won the match. He had a wonderful exciting fun filled day.

Conrad discovered that a toy rabbit that Hallmark had made would move if you pulled its tail out. Conrad held the toy rabbit down with both of his feet and pulled the tail out of the rabbit with his teeth. The rabbit commenced to jiggle and wobble. I was shocked to see the rabbit move as I was not aware that it did move. I watched Conrad pull out its tail again. I was amazed that Conrad learned that the rabbit would move. He has discovered how to remove the fringe from the end of my oriental rug unfortunately. I suppose he thinks he is doing me a favor by removing what he thinks is hair mats or matted fur. He has not worked on the rug for two days. I hope he never works on it again.

It was Garfunkel’s birthday on July 26, 2015. I had a tuna party for all of my house cats. Garfunkel, Kohl and Conrad had tuna canned in water to eat. I had an open face tuna sandwich to eat. Conrad licked Garfunkel’s face clean after the cat birthday party.

Conrad played with a blue plastic rabbit that lights up and a foam practice yellow golf ball this morning. Everyday he plays with his daisy cat toy that is  stuffed with catnip. If he wants to jump on my lap he always meows first as if to ask permission to jump on my lap.

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