Addy’s Kittens

Addy’s five little kittens are the Felines of the Month. We are lucky little kittens to have such a sweet and caring mother. Our mother takes care of all of our needs and wants. We are five plump and very healthy little kittens. When our mommy calls us we come running to her with our little tails straight up in the air. We play with Mommy’s tail  but she does not seem to get to upset with this. We were born the day after Easter. There are four boys and one girl in our little family.


The five little kittens are just starting to eat dry cat food. They are also starting to drink water. They first touch their little noses to the water and then they take a drink of fresh water. All of them use a kitten litter box. A kitten litter box is smaller and not as high up as an ordinary cat litter box. The little girl kitten is slightly smaller then her four brothers are. They run all over the house now and are very fun to watch. A few of them have started to play with a catnip toy for cats. Russ and Lorenzo my two neutered Tom’s love to help Addy take care of and watch and guard her kittens.

Addy’s kittens are growing up fast. They wrestle with each other and play with each others tails. The little gray and white female kitten loves to play tether ball. The ball is attached to the bottom of a hammock that they sleep in. She bats the ball around while she stands on her hind legs. The red tabby and cream colored kittens are held loving in the arms of Lorenzo and Russ now and then. The male kittens love to play with their catnip toys.

All five of Addy’s kittens eat dry cat food and cat treats. They are plump and very healthy playful kittens. The gray kitten was wrestling with his little Red Tabby brother this morning. The female kitten was taking a cat nap this morning. The cream colored and gray stripped kitten had fun playing with a snail catnip toy. They love to chase each other throughout the house. Lorenzo was holding the Red Tabby kitten in his arms as I left the house this morning.

Addy’s kittens are plump and very healthy. I have given away three of Addy’s five kittens. I am keeping Hilford the cream colored kitten. They will pick the kittens up when they are eight weeks old. I still have a gray and white male kitten to give away. I do charge for the price of the distemper shot only. They love to play with bright colored balls and bright colored catnip mice and other pet friendly objects they find in the house. They run through the house and explore their surroundings. They love to sleep in a hammock scratching post bed combination unit. They are a joy to watch. They use full size litter boxes now. They each have their own individual personality. They learn something new each and everyday.

The kittens are starting to find new hiding places. I just put out some canned cat food and they come out of hiding ASAP to eat the canned cat food. They like canned food with Turkey or Tuna in it. The little gray kitten was batting a ball around this morning that is attached to the hammock scratching post combination unit. The gray and white male kitten was wrestling with Hilford. The little gray kitten was playing with his Mother’s tail when I left the house for the morning.

More on Addy’s kittens to come.

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