Lorenzo was born on my farm. I adopted his Mother Nola and his Father Basil. They had three kittens. One died at about 9 months old. I gave one of their kittens to my cousin. I decided to keep Lorenzo. Lorenzo is a very friendly and loving cat. He always licks my hand after I clean out the litter boxes. Lorenzo loves to play with his catnip toys from LoopiesToys.Com. Lorenzo loves any snack that I  will give to him. He likes any and all cat treats. My other cats have to eat their cat treats quickly with Lorenzo in the house.

Lorenzo greeted me at the door this morning. He later played with a white colored catnip mouse. Yesterday he was sitting on a cat window ledge next to my cat Nicole. They were watching the various birds in the trees. Lorenzo likes to wrestle with Russ. Lorenzo likes to have  a belly rub now and then. Lorenzo looks exactly like his Father did. Lorenzo is a very active and outgoing cat. When I left this morning he was sleeping on his favorite gray stripped towel.

Lorenzo still looks at Addy’s kittens in total amazement. He watches them sleeping and also while they are nursing their mother. Addy does not seem to mind his constant curiosity where her kittens are concerned. Lorenzo likes to have a belly rub everyday.  One of Addy’s kittens looks like Lorenzo. Lorenzo is not the Father of her kittens Peter is. Lorenzo played with his snail catnip toy today.

Lorenzo licked my hand after I cleaned out the litter boxes. Russ and Lorenzo chased each other around the house. Lorenzo got up on his hind legs and looked at Addy’s kittens that were sleeping in a heated cat bed. Lorenzo jumped up on a shelf later and bird watched. I gave him some Greenie’s flavored catnip treats that he devoured in a manner of seconds.

Lorenzo was happy to see me this morning. He purred away while I patted him on his head. He watched me fill the cats food dishes. He and Russ watched Addy’s kittens trying to get out of their cat bed. My little female kitten almost climbed out but then she slide back in with her brothers. Lorenzo rolled over on his back. I gave him a belly rub. Lorenzo has a very loving personality.


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