Russ is a very outgoing and energetic cat. He likes to be held a lot and he gets along fine with all of my other cats. I got Russ from a friend at my church. Russ always greets me at the door in the morning. He loves to sun himself on a padded window ledge for cats. He loves to rest on top of a bookcase and watch my other cats.

Russ was busy eating his cat snacks this morning. He also loves to play with the wonderful catnip toys from: He will toss them up in the air and catch them. Their wonderful catnip toys will stand up to whatever your cat might do to the toy. Russ was hugging the catnip toy this morning. Later on he sat on top of a shelf and looked at me kindly.

Russ greeted me at the door this morning. He ate some tasty cat treats that I had bought from Chewy.Com. He loved the Greenie’s catnip flavor treats for cats. He followed me around the house as I was filling the food dishes and giving him fresh water to drink. I patted him on the head  as he sat in a hammock in a sunny window. He is getting spring fever and tried to sneak out my door this morning. He is such a wonderful and kind cat.

Russ was sleeping in his heated bed this morning. I held him and patted him on his head. He purred away happily. He ate a few cat treats. Lorenzo and Russ wrested for a little while. He played with a large brown catnip mouse this morning. He jumped on a shelf and relaxed there for a time. Later on he played with Cali. They chased each other around the house.

Russ was extra friendly this morning. He laid in his hammock bed while I patted him on the head. He purred away very loudly for a long time. He came to the back room to drink some fresh water. I held him and patted him some more. He played with his catnip snail toy for a while. He also likes to play with a toy that you hang on a door knob. The toy has a detachable ball attached to a board.He loves to detach the ball and play with it.

Russ wrested with Lorenzo this morning. Lorenzo was the victor. Lorenzo ate most of my  cats snacks this morning. Russ did manage to eat a few cat snacks. He played with his catnip snail and his brown catnip mouse this morning. Russ loves to be held by anyone that comes to visit him. I found him and Ally sleeping in the same bed this morning. He and Cali are always the first cats to greet me in the morning. I held him in my lap for a long time yesterday while he purred away joyfully.


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