I adopted Cali when she was five years old. She is a pretty part Siamese and Calico cat. She is an indoor and outdoor cat. She loves to go outdoors whenever she can. She loves to hide under a bush and watch the birds that land on top of the bush.

When I first got her she would hide on top of a kitchen cupboard. She is now a very outgoing cat and loves to socialize with humans and the other cats.

She loves to play with toy mice that have catnip in them. She also loves to play with bright colored balls.

Cali loves to jump on my back when I clean the litter boxes. She wants to make sure I am doing a good job. We all like a clean bathroom whether we are a human or a cat. She always loves to get attention. As soon as I have cleaned out the litter boxes in the morning she inspects them.  She then chooses the cleanest one and does her business for the morning.

Cali greeted me at the door this morning. She is always the first cat to greet me in the morning. She sat on a high shelf in the back room and watched me fill the  water dish with fresh water. I patted her on her head and she purred away with content. When I was leaving she sat by the door, as if to say come back soon and give me more of  your attention.

Cali let me hold her this morning and she purred away with contentment. She soon went back to her heated cat bed. She got out again for a little while and ate some cat food and drank some fresh water. She spotted one of her catnip toys and tossed it up in the air and played with it for a while. She decided to stay in her cat bed after that.

Cali sneaked out of the door yesterday and rolled around in the snow. She then ran behind a bush and around the house before I finally caught her. She ate some Greenies catnip flavored dental treats yesterday. She ate all she could of these wonderful treats that I got from Chewy.Com. I held her for a while and she purred away contentedly.  She then went into her heated cat bed.

Cali likes to sleep up on a high shelf or a window bench cat bed. She loves to eat canned cat food that has all natural ingredients. She is very talkative since she is part Siamese. Yesterday she was sleeping on one of the window cat beds. She loves to soak up all the sun that she possibly can. Cali greeted me at the door this morning. I combed out a lot of loose hair from her coat this morning. She looked at me as I left the house.

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