I have been around cats since I was  2 years old. I have helped them with different health issues throughout the years. My goal is to help you have a happy and healthy cat that lives to a ripe old age. Good grooming and annual vet check ups will keep your cat healthy.

I live in the country and I have had as many as twenty cats at one time. I have three house cats in my house.  I have helped cats deliver their kittens that were having complications giving birth. I have bottle fed little kittens that the mother had abandoned. Growing up in the country I have been around cats all of my life.

I will write a post once a week to help you have a happy and healthy cat. I will offer advice and tips to help you with all of your cats health needs. If you are in doubt of how to care for your cat always make sure you take your cat to a veterinarian.

My grandfather found my first cat Flossie as a kitten in the field. I developed a deep love for cats by knowing her. When I would swing on my swing set or wait for the school bus she would always be there. Flossie was a gray and white cat. Flossie had many kittens throughout the years. She lived to be at least 12 years old. She died out in the field where my father was working. He buried her out in the field.

Flossie had a beautiful calico cat that I named Blacknose. She was like her mother and followed me everywhere. She had an odd hunting skill she would kill garter snakes and bring them up to the house and eat them. She lived to be at least twelve years old. I have had many memorable cats throughout the years. I will name a few more.

I had Blackie, Milford, Wilford, Freska, Sprite, Champagne, Red, Sugar,Sebastian, Slyvester, Philmoor, and Ginger and many many more. My one house cat Ginger a  Siamese lived to be eighteen years old. My outdoor cat named Trisha a tortoise shell calico lived to be eighteen. She had heat in an outdoor building in the winter months.

All of my cats have either been raised on my farm or adopted.  I have gotten several cats from restaurants. Several of my cats have come from answering ads in the local newspaper.

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